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Chapter 846 - Divine Fruit Forest

Nest Realm, the mysterious regions around the vicious ten nest. 

The mountain forest was lush with life, the road rugged. It was difficult to fly through this place, as there were restriction on space. 

A decaying aura transmitted over from extremely far away, with the smell of rotting wild fruits, as well as decomposing thick leaves. This was even more so caused by the corpses of some beasts. 

Only, after continuing forward, the faces of Shi Hao's party changed. The rotting smell changed, now smelling extremely foul. This was definitely much worse than that of when only one or two vicious birds or beasts died. 

Soon after, a dark redness appeared on the ground. Corpses rested in sixes and sevens all over the mountain ground, numbering not less than a hundred in total. They had long died, who knew how many days ago. 

Normally, after becoming a deity, only rarely would one's vitality be harmed. Even when they passed away, their flesh should be preserved for a long time. However, here, normal reasoning was broken. There was blood everywhere, and divine corpses were rotting. 

The stench made one wish to vomit. It was difficult to endure. 

"What happened? Why did so many die all at once? Even if they were robbed, they should've ran in all directions and not be piled up together like this." 

While carrying doubt, they continued forward. Soon after, those people were horrified, because in the mountain forest, there were corpses everywhere. They found more just by walking a bit further. 

"Corpses piled up like mountains… there are just too many! Did some kind of problem occur?!" Lu Yi's face was deathly white. This was just too terrifying. It was quiet without sound, because all of these creatures were dead. 

They only traveled for a few li, yet they already discovered over a thousand skeletal remains. It was now more than half of what they saw in the last few days. 

The most important thing  was that they were all concentrated in the same area, as if it was an entrance into the underworld. There was a wave of austereness, and even more a type of cold gloominess.

The blood suns hung in the air, the ancient trees towering below. Rotting divine corpses could be seen everywhere within the thistles and thorns. This scene was just too terrifying. There were no sounds apart from their footsteps. 

Even Luo Dao and Lan Yichen's faces weren't pleasant. Both of them were clenching their fists, their finger joints long turned white. It was clear that their minds were taut as well. 

"This is a dangerous area. We cannot proceed any further, or else we'll follow in these people's footsteps. We haven't seen another living person after arriving in this ancient place." 

They haven't seen even a bandit here. There were only divine corpses, as there was no way supreme expert bodies could exist. The rotting stench was extremely strong. 

They climbed over a steep cliff. There were many corpses here, piled up like a small mountain. There were no lack of exceptional talents among these corpses. It was extremely shocking! 

The cliff was scarlet, a color produced by blood. It had long dried up, and even now, the pungent bloody odor could still be smelled. 

"There are even true deities here?!"

Everyone was shocked. They discovered a few unique bodies that had all already broken through into the True Self Realm, but they still died here. One could see just how dangerous it was. 

Those individuals weren't exceptional talents, their bones not that outstanding. They clearly had some secret methods. They likely didn't enter Immortal Ancient hoping for anything heaven defying, only wishing for wondrous medicines to increase their cultivation realms. They came here to pick holy medicines and bring them back for their sects. 

Unfortunately, they were still buried here, becoming rotting divine corpses. 

The cliffs transformed, white bones everywhere, it was just too terrifying, dazzling like white snow. In addition, baleful energy overflowed into the heavens, the coldness penetrating down to the bones.

What kind of place was this? It made one's scalp a bit numb and their backs produce cold energy.

They counted them all up. From the start until now, this region had more than twenty thousand corpses already. This was definitely a demonic earth. So many deities died at once! 

"I feel like it is still best to withdraw. There is no need for us to put ourselves in so much danger. I never expected there to be this type of dangerous place, with even true deities and exceptional talents' corpses everywhere." Lan Yichen said. There was a dark cloud over his heart. He felt quite uneasy. 

"You all should return. I'll go and take a look up ahead." Shi Hao said. He couldn't resist the urge to investigate further. The main reason was that he had his own methods, so he could escape if there was danger. 

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen gave each other a look. They clenched their teeth and decisively proceeded. People were heading here wave after wave, dying here as a result, so who knew, there might truly be some kind of natural luck.

Unfortunately, they weren't familiar with this place, never hearing about it before.

Lu Yi shivered inwardly. He wanted to withdraw, but when he saw the three others advance, he didn't dare return by himself. With a sullen face, he could only follow along.

"This is…" 

Beyond the bone covered earth was another expanse of snowy whiteness, most of it a white colored powder. From time to time, a few broken bones could also be seen. 

In addition, when they stepped foot into this place, the chilliness those individuals felt became heavier, as of they entered a world of malevolent spirits, the most terrifying slaughtering field. Their bodies felt as if there were blades hacking down on them.

This was all produced by the erosion of bones, all turning into powder. 

These were definitely not bones of the present world, but rather an accumulation after endless years of time. They were all piled here, forming a world of white powder. Yin energy overflowed, the icy chilliness penetratingly cold.

Every single one of them felt uncomfortable while walking through this place. The sinister energy was too heavy, as if they were walking in the underworld. 

"There is a strange natural law here that can slowly erase one's flesh. No wonder the further we walk in here, the less flesh and more bones we see." 

"We've reached the end. If there are any abnormalities, it will be just up ahead."

At the end of the bone field, the void distorted, becoming slightly indistinct. Sinister light was released from that place, clearly a mysterious and strange region. There were formations protecting this place. 

"Save… me!"

Suddenly, a weak voice could be heard from up ahead in this eerie and deathly still danger spot, calling out to them.

Those individuals rushed forward. Sure enough, it was an exceptional talent, and Lan Yichen even recognized him. They had previously met. 

When he saw them, he opened his mouth with difficulty. Those lips were already starting to rot, and in the end, he couldn't speak another word. His eyes grew dim, and then the final strand of primordial spirit scattered. 

"Why did he suddenly die?" Lu Yi took a few steps backwards while staring at that corpse on the ground. 

Those individuals' expressions all became grave. An extremely powerful exceptional talent even died here! This place was not ordinary after all. It was a demonic earth with great dangers. 

According to Lan Yichen, this exceptional talent was already at the great circle of the Divine Flame Realm! 

His flesh rotted, and the most vital areas, for example, the heart, throat, space between the brows, were all scorched black. There were bloody holes as well, previously pierced through by lightning.

His flesh was already mushy, his forehead pierced through as well. The only reason he could still transmit sound was due to his final strand of will persisting. 

"Back up!" Shi Hao suddenly said. His finger then became like a sword, releasing sword radiance. With a pu sound, this person's head was blasted open. Rotting liquid splashed outwards, its smell incomparably pungent. 


A small black point released the sound of fluttering wings. It quickly rushed at Shi Hao's left eye with incomparably viciousness. It had a sharp metallic point, about to pierce into his head!

Duo! Shi Hao released lightning from his mouth, firing out an expanse of golden symbols. They landed on that black speck, making its body tremble greatly before falling onto the ground. 

It was a sinister bug, jet black like ink, only the size of a fingernail. Its body was now in pieces. It had a pair of transparent wings, its appearance savage like a fiend's. 

"It was this that killed an exceptional talent?" Lan Yichen frowned. Just now, he felt something hiding in that exceptional talent's head. It was precisely this creature that wiped out the exceptional talent's final will. Only, they never expected it to be this type of pitch black vicious bug. 

"A single bug is definitely not an exceptional talent's match." Shi Hao said. 

The void became indistinct, slightly distorting. Sure enough, there was an extremely ancient formation protecting this place. It was a secret earth.

However, there was an area that had an opening they could enter from. If they weren't mistaken, all of the ominous and horrifying things originated from within.

"Wake up, help us look at this formation's changes so that we don't lose our dao because of it." Shi Hao woke up the Divine Striking Stone. 

"With this master here, where wouldn't you be able to go under the heavens?" The Divine Striking Stone said cockily. 

At the limits of the eerie white bone field, the great formation stretched into the sky, cutting off the road ahead. Strand after strand of radiance seeped out from the opening. Their group walked inside.

Immediately, the world changed greatly, becoming vastly different. 

Those individuals stared blankly. It was completely different from what they had imagined! They originally thought that it would be dark, gloomy, and terrifying to the extreme, never expecting that the world would become so divine and peaceful. Auspicious energy descended from the void strand after strand. 

This was a brilliant and radiant world. All things were bathed in holy light, and auspicious multicolored light flowed about. It was like an an ancient immortal world out of a fantasy. 

"Heavens, divine fruit tree, there are so many of them there!" 

After being momentarily dumbstruck, Lu Yi widened his eyes with shock. He stared at the ancient earth ahead. There were several dozen ancient trees with shining leaves and branches like jade. They were surging with vitality. There were unexpectedly divine trees!

"This place… I've seen it before!" 

Shi Hao was shocked. Before entering, he saw a few sacred regions, and one of them had this divine tree forest. He even wanted to enter that place, but he didn't have a choice, transported into an ancient earth by a small silver path. Turns out it was precisely where he wanted to go! 

"We're rich! So many divine fruit trees! Heavens! I have never seen such a thing in my entire life! Today, my eyes have truly been opened!" Lu Yi's voice was trembling. 

Forget about him, none of the others had seen such a thing either. There were several dozen of them, growing together, auspicious radiance flowing about. It was too resplendent and peaceful. 

"Great natural luck! Is my dao confirmed now?" Even Shi Hao's voice was trembling. He was still worried about a lack of great medicines, that there was no way of saving himself later, unable to enter isolation cultivation.

Now, with this divine tree forest before him, his entire body felt relieved. If he could pick divine fruits, then there will most likely be enough for him to use.

Only, while feeling excitement, he didn't lower his vigilance. It was because the scenes he had seen along the way had just been too terrifying. Corpses were everywhere, and all of them died after arriving here. 

"All of you, stand by my side!" Shi Hao said, walking forward. 

The holy aura became stronger and stronger. Watching from the distance was one thing, experiencing it up close was a whole different story. 

These trees were all extremely tall and incomparably ancient. Their tree trunks were spotlessly white like jade, and even the cracked bark was like this. The sparkling whiteness shone, and the leaves were lush green, releasing auspicious multicolored light. 

Those multicolored lights linked up together, scattering downwards like rainbows, but also like starry streams. It was divine and astonishing.

This place contained shocking vitality, with a single breath of the air here making all of one's pores expand, the spiritual essence pouring into their bodies.

"Those fruits are so special!"

They saw the fruits between the divine trees' branches. They were like little shining suns. A sweet fragrance wafted outwards, seeping out from the screens of light. 

The ancient trees were shining, forming a resplendent curtain of light to prevent the fragrance from leaking out. However, a bit could still be smelled, and the strands of fragrance that wafted outwards was actually enough to make one feel intoxicated.

These fruits were the size of an infant's fist, extremely small. However, they were incomparably divine, sparkling and replete with moisture. Their colors were different, but their shapes were the same. They actually had human form. 

They looked like little people, sparkling and translucent. Some were a clear golden, others scarlet red like sunrise clouds, some snow white like jade, and there were even those that flickered with purple light. 

"What amazing divine fruits! The auspicious lights are endless!" Even though Lu Yi was fearful, he still couldn't help but exclaim with astonishment. 

Shi Hao's expression became incomparably grave. He put away his smiling expression, because even after approaching so close, there still weren't any dangers. What kind of terrifying thing was hiding here exactly?

"We'll pick the fruits first!" 

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