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Chapter 843 - Hand Bone

Outside world, border of uninhabited region. 

There were people carving characters. Names appeared on the flower petals one after another, yet none of them showed any reaction. 

They were all hidden by the heavens, not allowed the people here to see what was going on. Those individuals were all extremely special, carrying out the deepest level of transformation. Outsiders could not see them. 

"Yi, there's was a reaction. Ning Chuan has appeared. Did he come out of isolation?" Someone cried out in shock.

A group of sect masters raised their eyebrows, all of them looking forward. 

As for the group of heavenly deities and true deities, they were all shocked. Their eyes flickered with radiance as they stared at the glossy and enormous stone monument, the figure that was gradually becoming clear.

Sure enough, Ning Chuan appeared, standing there. Chaotic mists pervaded the air, exceptionally mysterious. 

That was an ancient cave, and there were chaotic irregular sculptures there. One could see just how shocking this precious land was. 

"There will be another life and death trial again soon. I can definitely pass it, only, half divine fruits and holy medicines aren't enough. This time, after harmonizing everything, I should pay the outside world a visit." Ning Chuan said to himself. 

He walked out from the ancient cave, walking slowly by himself as if he was adjusting his state of mind. He had clearly emerged from isolation for a few days now, adjusting himself to an optimum state this entire time. 

Soon afterwards, he returned to the ancient cave, sat down, and then the chaotic mist surrounded him. 

"What is that?" In the outside world, everyone's minds trembled. Even with Immortal Ancient separating them, they still felt a bit shaken up. Through the stone walls, they felt a mysterious type of aura.

Even sect master level figures were startled. They knew that Ning Chuan obtained something heaven defying.

Sure enough, someone recognized that ancient wooden case. A great figure cried out in alarm. 

"World Tree! It is actually a precious case carved from a portion of the World Tree's core! How extravagant!"

This type of thing could allow one to comprehend the dao. By keeping it at one's side, it would be greatly beneficial for their cultivation. All of the sects were greatly shaken.

One has to understand that this type of thing was already impossible to find in this world. The World Tree had long been cut down, no longer in existence. It contained traces of  the heavenly great dao. 

Finally, the wooden case opened. A wisp of the great pressure actually seeped out from the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, making everyone shiver inwardly.

"That is… a person's hand bone?" 

Everyone became stunned. They never expected that what was sealed within Ning Chuan's World Tree precious case was a bone that seemed extremely simple and ancient, not much luster to be seen. 

That type of white looked like it had gone through the great changes of time, losing its sparkling luster, only having an ordinary whiteness.

"It can't be an ordinary person's bone." An old heavenly deity said. 

Everyone knew that Six Crown King Ning Chuan was extraordinary, unmatched from past to present. How could the bone he stored in the World Tree precious case be ordinary?

"I reckon that it is most likely an immortal bone!" An old sect master said. 

True immortal hand bone, when this speculation emerged, it triggered a great commotion. Everyone's expressions changed.

This was definitely a rare precious item. It had already become a legend, no longer appearing in this world, already lost in Immortal Ancient Era. In the current great era where bone texts were king, the value of that hand bone was unfathomable. 

Ning Chuan bit his own finger, and then a few drops of blood dripped downwards, scattering on that dull hand bone. That hand bone immediately underwent shocking changes.

It immediately became spotlessly white and sparkling, and it contained a type of vitality. The bone texts on it interweaved, symbols covering it densely, releasing shocking fluctuations. 

"Heavens, this bone is formidable. Who knows, that immortal's natural luck might all be in those bone texts. This is inconceivable. Such a thing is actually intact!" 

Everyone widened their eyes, feeling incomparably shocked. Ning Chuan's natural luck was unimaginable, shockingly great.

Hand bone, an artifact of battle! 

This kind of bone was actually left behind, making it hard for everyone to calm down. 

Ning Chuan was extremely calm. He seemed to understand this bone deeply, keeping it by his side for who knew how many years. He then fiercely tore open his own left hand, merging this bone inside.

This was an extremely strange process. That hand bone unexpectedly merged with Ning Chuan's bones, releasing a gentle radiance. It was incomparably holy. 

His flesh in that area began to move about, the injuries quickly closing. 

"What is he trying to do?" Everyone became shocked. 

Soon after, that hand shone. Bone texts interweaved, and then they extended along his arm, releasing holy radiance that surrounded that place. 

Immediately afterwards, no one could see anything anymore. Ning Chuan's figure disappeared from the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, no longer appearing on the monument. 

"Why do I feel like he is doing something he is familiar with, as if he had done this a long time ago, that this isn't his first time? Did he completely comprehend those immortal dao symbols?"

"Formidable. Is a heaven defying figure really going to emerge from this world? Even the hand bone of an immortal exists, the bone and symbols still alive!"

"I feel like he might be able to come out after just a few more days." 

It was hard for the outside world to calm down. Everyone was shocked.

Radiant City. Shi Hao brought some people directly into Six Crown King's official residence. There wasn't much to be said. They directly barged in. 

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Someone shouted. 

"This old one came to demand repayment. Surrounding us and attacking us from all sides feels good huh? Today, we are going to smash apart your residence, see how smug all of you act then." Lan Yichen said. 

"What about the Octadic Treasure Unicorn?" An elder appeared like a ghost, blocking their path.

"A puppet, True Deity Realm?" Luo Dao was shocked. 

There were no exceptional talents here, as all of them were out in the world looking for their own natural luck. Normally speaking, if there wasn't anything unexpected, they would only come back every so often.

Apart from this, there were two experts who already headed for Silver Polish Mountain.

"I have arrived!" Shi Hao spoke, walking forward indifferently. The Kun Peng wings behind him moved, sending golden multicolored clouds and mist to overflow into the heavens, shocking all of Radiant City. 

"And who are you?"

"The sinner's blood descendant in your eyes." Shi Hao said coldly. 


He brandished his fist, slaughtering his way over. This place erupted, divine force surging boundlessly. 

The elder wasn't a living creature, but he wasn't much different. He was controlled by another, but was still capable of speech and movement. He was at the true deity level, and right now, it activated precious techniques and attacked at Shi Hao. 



Loud sounds rang out incessantly in this place. Bone texts interweaved. They clashed intensely.

Under everyone's shocked eyes, Shi Hao's fist reached flesh, and his palms reached bone, blasting this true deity puppet until it split apart, and then exploded!

In the surroundings, everyone became stupefied, all of them sucking in cold breaths of air. Who was this? This was just too terrifying, a Divine Flame Realm expert destroying a true deity! 

This triggered a huge commotion!

"Sinner's blood descendant has come! Is it that person from Sin Province?! How powerful!" 

Shi Hao released his Kun Peng wings, blasting all those who blocked the way until they coughed out large amounts of blood and flew outwards. Six Crown King's people couldn't stop his footsteps. 

"This treasury isn't ordinary, having quite a few good things." Before he even opened it, Shi Hao smelled medicinal fragrance.


He destroyed the entrance and directly charged in. A rain of dazzling light immediately surrounded him. Six Crown King's treasury was astonishing after all, with spiritual medicines in piles, holy medicines in rows, and four or five resplendent fruits.

"Eleven holy medicines, five half divine fruits, how astonishing!" Even Luo Dao couldn't help but cry out in alarm. 

Holy medicines were still understandable, since one could find them if one earnestly looked through Immortal Ancient, but half divine fruits weren't that easy to find. They were all in dangerous places, difficult to acquire. 

"Rather than going through all that trouble to pick medicines, it's better just stealing them." said Shi Hao. 

What could those people say? Who dared to plunder like this? He was the only one who dared to touch Six Crown King's stuff! This person wasn't scared of anything! 

"When is Ning Chuan coming out?" Shi Hao asked. 

"My king might appear in a few days!" An expert spoke loudly, his eyes carrying chilly radiance. 


Shi Hao directly sent him flying with a palm. "Look at how fanatical you look. When the time comes and I chop him up like vegetables, I wonder what kind of expression you'll have then."

He swaggered off with his people behind him, heading to their next destination.

He even dared to steal Six Crown King's things. This triggered a huge uproar. 

"Dao friend, please stop for a bit." On the street, someone shouted from behind him, taking the initiative to ask Shi Hao to stop. This drew quite a bit of attention.

News already spread that the sinner's blood descendant arrived, wantonly stealing from Six Crown King, and Divine Dark Child's palace. Who dared to provoke these people normally?

"Who are you?" 

"I am someone from Fallen Deity Ridge's people. My clan's great one is Fallen Divine Child." This middle aged person spoke.

When the surrounding people heard this, all of their expressions changed. This was an extremely terrifying sect. Fallen deities were demons, one of the demonic dao's four great ancestral halls, the most terrifying type of place.

Fallen Divine Child was an ancient freak. Even though he only appeared once, seizing the number one ranking of that time, he killed a Three Crown King, intimidating all three thousand provinces. 

"En, the one that participated several thousand years ago in the great battle of three thousand provinces?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Correct, he only participated once, but he killed a Three Crown King and a Two Crown King." The middle-aged man replied. 

It could be said that Fallen Divine Child was extremely terrifying. Even though he only appeared once, he was well known among ancient freaks. One has to understand that he entered as a newcomer, yet he killed an ancient king. How shocking was this?! 

From this, one could tell that great waves were stirring. Those that remained were all heavenly talents, all of them the most powerful experts. The slightly weaker freaks have all encountered disaster!

The remaining people would only be stronger! 

Shi Hao's eyes became cold, because he thought about his two martial brothers who were humiliated by the one who was humiliated in the last 'number one under heaven', chased away from Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

"It seems like you don't understand much about me or Fallen Divine Child." Shi Hao said rather meaningfully.

"My clan's great one likes meeting heroes. We believe that an alliance can be reached." The middle-aged man spoke.

"Where is your great one's manor? Let's go take a look." Shi Hao said. 

"I have only just arrived in Radiant City, so a mansion has not been raised for great one yet. In the past, we were situated in a different city." The middle-aged man said.

"Then come look for me when you've finished building it and gathered enough good stuff." Shi Hao turned around to leave.

"Huh?" The middle-aged man was speechless. 

"Run! A devil king came! The sinner's blood descendent came, the one suspected to be Huang is coming to steal from the treasures of every clan!" 

Radiant City was in chaos. Everyone was running out of fear that Shi Hao would pay them a visit. 

This made him feel depressed. The disturbance was just too great! He was just robbing a few clans, yet it ended up shocking the entire city. When he paid others a visit, he discovered that many of their manors were already empty. 

"Don't panic, I am settling things with those who fought over my Octadic Treasure Unicorn." Shi Hao transmitted. In the end, a great rumbling sounded, and even more people ran. 

He was speechless. He turned around to look at Luo Dao and Lan Yichen.

Luo Dao shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "Back then, during the great chaos, the entire city surrounded us." 

"These holy medicines, half divine fruits aren't enough. I am going to set out on an unprecedented route and need divine medicines. 

Shi Hao frowned. He asked Lan Yichen and the others which places produced rare precious medicines in the past few months. He was going to look around.

"There is one place that is quite special, rumored to be the nest of one of the vicious ten. Many people flocked over, and quite a few people smelled a divine medicine, but couldn't find it. Countless people have died already."

"What kind of nest?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Seems like an ant nest, but it isn't one. It is suspected to be the isolation ground of the most powerful of the Archaic Vicious Ten. That creature might be the existence with the greatest unmatched strength from the past to present." 

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately interested. "Go, let's take a look to see if this expert really left behind any divine medicines. Who knows, it might even be a long life medicine." 

"Six Crown King is about to appear." Lan Yichen carried a worried expression on his face.

"Who cares if he comes? I'll chop him up!" Shi Hao said, not minding this at all. 

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