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Chapter 842 - Plundering

The scorpion was peeled, revealing the sparkling white flesh inside. It even gave one the illusion that they were looking at shrimp or crab meat. 

Eating this type of thing was definitely risky, a single mishap of putting the Flame Scorpion's poison inside the cauldron and the results would be too horrible to contemplate. 

It was because the Flame Scorpion's poison was too powerful, able to poison a true deity to death. It could corrode the primordial spirit and destroy one's dao. 

"Delicacy. This Flame Scorpion meat even beats the golden beef." Shi Hao sighed. When the others saw him eat it without problems, they all relaxed and tried it as well.

Sure enough, the jadelike scorpion meat even made Luo Dao release a great sigh of amazement. This thing looked terrifying, but when it entered his mouth, it immediately turned into precious meat. It was juicy and fragrant. 

"I say, Lan Yichen, aren't you a metal man? Why are you fighting over the food too?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I am blessed by natural luck, can interchange between flesh and metal. I am able to absorb this precious flesh medicine." He didn't want to miss out on this chance either. One has to understand that what was being cooked were exceptional talents. These were great mending medicines. 

"Come, try out this fragrant meat." Lu Yi no longer worried about anything, bringing the silver mastiff over. He removed several large pieces of meat and placed it inside the cauldron. 

"Dog meat is the most fragrant. It definitely will taste good." Shi Hao opened several jars of fine wine, drinking while eating. They were all quite carefree. 

"Hey, metal man, can you teach me how to change between stone and flesh?" The Divine Striking Stone couldn't watch any longer, wanting to join in as well. 

"Sorry, this is an innate divine ability. It's not something I can teach." Lan Yichen said. 

The Divine Striking Stone was upset.

"Put in a stalk of holy medicine to adjust the taste." Shi Hao said. A shining old medicine was tossed inside the cauldron. Large amounts of light immediately scattered outwards, the fragrance travelling several li outwards.

Thus, their appetites became even greater. 

"Purple Golden Swan, this is a rarely seen species. This is going to be my first time trying it." Shi Hao cut off a large piece and put it inside the cauldron. Then, when he had a taste, he was incredibly satisfied, saying, "As expected, it really is second only to phoenix type divine birds, a rare fine meat." 

The purple golden flesh was extremely tender and full of fragrance, spreading into the outside world through the great formation.

"What is this smell? So fragrant?" There were many people guarding outside. They couldn't enter the central region, but they were all curious. 

None of them would ever expect that their leaders, the most powerful exceptional talents, were being cooked right now and gorged on. 

If they knew, they might vomit blood and be horrified, immediately fleeing.

"This Dragon Sparrow, I feel like roasting it is better than boiling it in the cauldron." Shi Hao said. In the end, he ate a Dragon Sparrow wing that was roasted golden, as well as a Dragon Sparrow leg. 

As for everyone else, they truly couldn't eat any more.

Shi Hao was the only one that continued to put a part of every meat inside the cauldron, eating it all to the end. In the end, he laid on the ground in satisfaction.

He burned all of the beast skin, bird feathers clean, and he then put all of the meat away, saving them to be slowly eaten on the bluestone paths. 

Of course, the Purple Golden Crane and Dragon Sparrow's true primordial feathers were left behind, stored in his heaven and earth pouch to refine the Five Bird Fan.

In the lower realm, he had previously gathered five types of divine feathers, and he already refined them. He lacked materials, most of them being supreme expert feathers, only two of them being divine feathers, yet the result was still a Divine Flame Realm magical artifact, and its power was great.

Moreover, the most peculiar thing was that even without using magical force, just waving it slightly, the Five Bird Fan could produce powerful divine might, because there was a small word formed within it that could move the world and seize its divine force. 

The Five Bird Fan was worthy of being one of the Ancient Era's most powerful magical artifacts, worth refining.

As such, whenever Shi Hao saw suitable divine feathers, he would always gather them. This type of thing would display their power when needed. If there truly was a time when his divine force was dried up, then it might become a life saving trump card.

"This is the Octadic Treasure Unicorn."

Lan Yichen opened a jade case, and when it was opened, it was purple and sparkling. It was a plant a foot in length. It looked like a purple Qilin[1], which was also where its name came from. 

"A plant?!" Shi Hao was stunned.

He thought that the Archaic Octadic Treasures were all birds or beasts, never expecting that the one ranked the highest was a plant. 

"Even though this is a plant, its texture is not much different from meat." Lan Yichen said. 

This plant stalk had strange leaves. They were like Qilin horns, sparkling and shining. It only had two leaves, and they grew in forked manners. The root was shaped like a Qilin. It looked quite strange, but as soon as it made contact with the ground, it would run, escaping into the depths of the earth. It was quite hard to catch.

Lan Yichen could merge with the metal mountain. When it entered isolation cultivation, it accidentally went underground and he just happened to see it, luckily capturing it. Otherwise, normally speaking, forget about picking it, one wouldn't even be able to see it. 

"What a sweet scent!" Shi Hao exclaimed in admiration.

This plant's fragrance wasn't that strong, but the faint sweet scent made one's mind feel open and clear, allowing them to quickly calm down. For cultivators, it was a divine object.

"No wonder it could make holy medicines, and divine medicines' effects increase several times. This is not an ordinary object…" 

Shi Hao didn't act too politely. He put away the Octadic Treasure Unicorn. It was all for the sake of breaking through. He wanted to forge a bridge on the broken path, pass the heavenly moat and establish his own unmatched path, exceeding all those before him.

As for all the holy medicines Lan Yichen and Luo Dao gathered, Shi Hao didn't ask them for any of it, having them use it for their own cultivation.

Apart from this, he brought out the Cloud Marked Copper, gifting it to Lan Yichen and Luo Dao. This was a divine material he plundered from Immortal Palace, something that could be forged into an extremely powerful magical artifact. 

In Radiant City, Immortal Palace had been plundered clean. This was definitely a major event. Even though they tried to conceal it, there were still some who learned that someone had barged in.

Even though they didn't know about the losses, they knew that there was a huge problem. 

Soon after, a few great powers received the report that someone broke into Silver Polish Mountain to rescue Lan Yichen and were now trapped within the formation. 

"Go, let's provide assistance and see what happened. Is there really someone this brave?" Many people didn't believe this. Unless the most powerful Divine Flame Realm expert took action, how could that person fight so many exceptional talents?

However, when they rushed over, the place was completely deserted. Apart from a bit of meat fragrance within Silver Polish Mountain, there wasn't anything else. Everything had been burned clean by Shi Hao. 

"Truly rubbish. Even with all of you standing guard, none of you paid attention to what exactly happened inside?" 

The group of people that descended were furious, making those experts guarding Silver Polish Mountain feel helpless. It was because the formation was too strong, to the point where they couldn't enter at all.

In the outside world, the uninhabited region's borders. 

Many people released a breath of air, because they discovered that Shi Hao had left. The people who rushed over didn't run into him, making many people in the outside world feel a sense of relief. 

After calming their hearts, everyone discovered that they were now a bit fearful of Huang. They were scared of their sects' disciples running into him, fearing that they would step on a path of death. 

"Truly… unimaginable. A youth that came from the lower realm actually makes us feel so worried, fearing that our descendants would encounter him. This really is… lamentable!" An old heavenly deity said with a sigh, feeling extremely helpless. 

In reality, now, aside from inheritances like Sword Valley, Dragon Palace, Divine Temple, and other inheritances with ancient freaks, who else didn't fear Huang? 

Aside from them, perhaps only Immortal Palace, Divine Dark Child, and inheritor of the great Heaven Burning Art wouldn't feel fear.

"Not good. He is heading for Radiant City!" 

In the outside world, many people's expressions changed. They discovered that Shi Hao was bringing a few people into Radiant City.

Right now, many people were afraid of him, because this fella never acted according to convention, not doing things how one would normally expect. He definitely didn't care about the rules great powers set. 

Right now, Divine Dark Child, Six Crown King, Gu Jianyun, Ancient Holy Child and others hadn't emerged from their isolation yet, so who could stop him? He was definitely unmatched! 

If he just flattened everything in his way, slaughtering Radiant City clean, that… would simply be unimaginable!

In the outside world, a group of people felt anxious, worried for their disciples. It was hard for their hearts to calm down. The elders and others who were directly related to these youths inside Radiant City felt even more fear.

This was unimaginable. Ever since the opening of Immortal Ancient, no single person had ever caused so many faces to fall, their hearts shaking so greatly with worry. 

Radiant City exuded a faint golden luster. Together with the flickering of bone texts, it was like an enormous golden city. 

"Yi, isn't that Luo Dao? How come he came back? He actually dares enter Radiant City!" Someone recognized Luo Dao, immediately becoming shocked.

"Lan Yichen came back as well, actually breaking free. Those powers weren't able to capture him. Did he offer up the Octadic Treasure Unicorn?" 

Many people revealed looks of shock when they saw them. This was a bit unexpected.

However, no one dared to take action rashly, because they were exceptional talents. Few people quickly left, those belonging to Divine Temple, Immortal Palace, Divine Dark Palace and other powers, to deliver messages.

Soon after, everyone discovered with shock that those people headed directly for Divine Dark Palace, paying them a visit. 

"Who is it? Halt!"

"It's you? How come you came again?" Someone recognized Shi Hao, his expression immediately changing, feeling incomparable fear.

"You… what do you want to do?" Underworld Clan's people felt a great headache. Not long ago, this person entered their great formation, and in the end, all of their experts were swept through. When those behind hurried over, they only saw a ground covered with corpses. 

"Plundering." Shi Hao said lazily.

"You…" Underworld Clan was shocked and furious. He actually walked up to their doors just like this.

Those who saw this from the side were all stupefied. These words… could even come out of someone's mouth? He was going to rob Divine Dark Palace! 

"Not good, Radiant City's experts had all left for Silver Polish Mountain. This is clearly the tiger away from the domain. They are using this chance to rob them!" Someone came to this conclusion. 

Shi Hao didn't feel like responding to this. He came today to sweep through all of these great powers' treasuries. 

"Those who dare steal my Octadic Treasure Unicorn, right now, I've come to collect interest." 

Without another word, Shi Hao released a slap. The massive Divine Dark Palace entrance and courtyard were flattened, and several individuals rushed inside. 

"You dare!" Someone stood in their way.

Lan Yichen and Luo Dao directly took action. They were exceptional talent level experts, dealing with the remaining people was easy enough. 


The black treasury's entrance was blasted open by Shi Hao's palm. Those watching were all stupefied. This was a door formed from divine materials, and not even exceptional talents could easily break through.

"So poor, only these holy medicines? That bastard Divine Dark Child is too miserly. How does he even cultivate normally?" Shi Hao was discontent.

Underworld Clan dared to feel anger but didn't dare to act out on it. They had been slaughtered to a helpless state. 

"Did you all hide it? Forget about divine medicine, you all don't even have half divine fruits." Shi Hao berated. 

Underworld Clan's people were truly speechless. Who could pick divine medicines? How many of those were even dug up? Half divine fruits were things that could be stumbled upon but not begged for.

"We did have half divine fruits, but they were all taken away a month ago. These are the holy medicines we gathered recently." Someone explained with sullen faces. 

"Speak, where is Divine Dark Child cultivating in isolation?" Shi Hao shouted. He wanted to pay his nest a visit. 

"I don't know, each time, it is always the divine child who personally returns to bring away the precious medicine. No one knows where he is cultivating." Underworld Clan's people replied with lowered heads. 

"Go, to the next house." After looking around with the dual-pupil and making sure there wasn't anything they overlooked, he headed to the next power. 

Soon after, he plundered another sect. This time, his rewards weren't bad, much better than those from Divine Dark Palace. 

"Not good, I just received news that Six Crown King Ning Chuan  is going to come back!" After plundering from two places, Luo Dao spoke next to Shi Hao's ears.

This was definitely shocking news. Once Six Crown King appeared, who could compete against him? He would be unmatched under heaven. 

"Is that so? He has a power in this city too? Then we'll just go there!" Shi Hao said. 

1. Qi also means male unicorn, and Lin means female unicorn. Only the character Qi was used, which was why I named it Octadic Treasure Unicorn, but it might be more correct to just leave it at Octadic Treasure Qi

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