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Chapter 836 - Devil King Sets Out

After speaking those three words, Shi Hao spat out a piece of golden 'bird bone'. It landed on the carpet.

The vendor had just managed to stand up, but as soon as he saw this, he directly sat back down onto the ground. He was truly scared bad. He was now sure that this leg bone was that of the Golden Luan after it had been roasted through, only now, it looked like a chicken bone. Without inspecting it closely, one wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.

"Great one, this doesn't have anything to do with me!" Cold sweat poured down along his temples, and his body trembled uncontrollably. He definitely encountered a devil incarnate. 

"Where are those people? Why don't you show me around." Shi Hao said. 

The vendor felt a bit troubled. Those great powers, any one of them were enough to crush groups of Divine Flame Realm cultivators like himself. There was simply no way to resist, a difference of heaven and earth. 

"Great one, please spare me… once news gets out, there won't be any place in all of Immortal Ancient for me to hide. I'll undoubtedly die!" His face was deathly pale, carrying extreme fear. 

Moreover, he told Shi Hao that even if he paid them a visit now, those leading figures still couldn't be found, because there were normally only ordinary experts overseeing those places. The true exceptional talents wouldn't just sit around, all of them out looking for opportunities, only coming back every so often. 

As for the ancient freaks, there was even less of a need to think about them. They hadn't appeared all this time, all of them having strong followers who gathered precious treasures and dealt with these matters.

"What are you scared of? If you follow me, who will dare touch you? Don't tell me that those great powers made others feel reverence from birth? All of it was obtained through fighting right?" Shi Hao said. 

"Great one, what… are you trying to say?" The vendor Lu Yi asked, his heart worried. 

"Once you become the member of a great power, in the future, who will dare kill you? You'll be just like them." Shi Hao said with a slight smile. 

Lu Yi was shocked. He looked towards Shi Hao, and after making sure he didn't hear incorrectly, great waves stirred within his heart. Was this devil king also going to overlook Radiant City and form a power?

"Let's go, guide me around. Let's see where those disgraceful things are staying." Shi Hao began to walk.

Lu Yi hurriedly followed, feeling a bit moved, but even more apprehension and uneasiness. He urged, "Great one, you cannot act randomly! The city's rules cannot be broken, or else you will be surrounded by all different powers! If someone like Divine Dark Child or an ancient freak is provoked, then no one will be able to stop them…"

Shi Hao nodded and said, "I know, just want to look around." 

Then, he added, "Trying to steal my Octadic Treasure Unicorn, I'll make sure all of you face the consequences!" 

This type of thing was incredibly precious, something that could be stumbled upon but not wished for. From a certain perspective, it was comparable to the greatest divine ancient medicine, because it could increase medicinal effects several fold. 

Forget about normal people, even if giants of the higher realms learned of its existence, they would still fight bloody battles over it. One could just imagine how great the medicinal effects would be if one slowly refined it together with a stalk of divine medicine! It would increase its value several times. 

"I never ate an Octadic Treasure Chicken, leaving it behind in Stone Village. However, I definitely cannot let this Octadic Treasure Unicorn escape." Shi Hao's stomach rumbled. He still felt a strong desire to eat the Archaic Octadic Treasures. 

However, until now, he had only eaten the Octadic Treasure Dragon Carp, a rare creature that was raised in Stone Country Imperial Capital City's lake. There were only a few of them in total. 

When he was an emperor in the lower realm, Shi Hao was absolutely shameless, sneakily eating one. That type of taste left him intoxicated even when he thought back to it now. 

"The Octadic Treasure Unicorn is at the very top of the eight treasures, truly rare, something no one dares to eat. Once caught, they would always be sacrificed to existences like ancestors, and only used to refine medicines at the crucial time." Lu Yi said.

While chatting, they already entered the center of Radiant City. When they walked into a street, there was no more radiance. Darkness approached, and this place was extremely gloomy. There weren't many people on this path.

"So this is Divine Dark Palace?" Shi Hao carried his arms behind his back as he sized up this enormous mansion. It occupied a large half of the street, and dark mists curled about. It was a dark, cold, and gloomy place. 

The sun was high up in the air, yet this place was so cold, as if one arrived in the ghost realm. 

At the entrance of the mansion stood a few Underworld Clan members, guarding this place. They were all like corpses, lacking the life force of normal people, their gaze indistinct. 

"I hate this clan the most. Having a corpse stench, ice cold, can't even eat them, no value to their existence at all. Absolute trash." Shi Hao commented randomly. 

The vendor Lu Yi almost fell from fright. Speaking these types of words outside Divine Dark Palace, if they heard him, wasn't this the same as courting death?

One has to understand that Divine Dark Child was too terrifying, previously emerging himself once, unleashing bloodbaths in several small worlds. Corpses and bones were piled up into heaps, leaving others terrified to the extreme. 

This battle alone already established his unmatched divine might. Afterwards, he went into isolation cultivation, no longer appearing.

"Forget about the Divine Dark Child, just the few exceptional talents under him, the ones known as the Six Underworld Generals, are all extraordinary. They almost killed Luo Dao and Lan Yichen, making them flee while covered in blood."

"Is that so? When I get the chance, I'm going to slaughter them all!" Shi Hao said coldly. 

He couldn't forgive this. Someone actually wanted to fight over the Octadic Treasure Unicorn, forcing Luo Dao and Lan Yichen to run, and even chasing them until they were covered in blood. He was going to demand an explanation from them. 

"And who are you? Don't loiter around here." 

"If you have rare treasures, you can come back here to exchange them." 

There were some who spoke, their voices ice cold. There was a ghostly energy wafting over that made others feel extremely uncomfortable.

"I want to ask, do either of you know where Lan Yichen and Luo Dao are." Shi Hao asked indifferently.

From the side, Lu Yi began to tremble, his entire body going cold. This fella truly wasn't easy to deal with. He was clearly about to stir up a huge disaster, making him both scared but also excited. Could it be that this truly was a monster, someone comparable to the ancient freaks?

"Haha, you really asked the right people now. I do know where they are. They are right outside the city." An elder said with a smile.

An Underworld Clan expert appeared, looking in this direction.

"Why don't I show you the way?" The old underworld being chuckled, his eyes swirling with dark light. 

"Sure." Shi Hao noded.

When the elder heard this, a cold light flashed through his eyes. He stared at Shi Hao, feeling that he should have encountered a problem that wasn't too weak. Otherwise, how could he have this type of confidence?

"Why don't we use the Divine Dark Palace's transport formation? We'll reach that place quite quickly." He tested Shi Hao. 

"No problem." Shi Hao nodded.

Lu Yi's face immediately paled. He tugged at the corners of Shi Hao's clothes, telling him that he must not do such a thing, because that was definitely a tiger's den. 

"No matter." Shi Hao didn't seem to mind. 

"Those that aren't vicious dragons won't cross the river…" The old underworld being shivered. They all knew that this was not some good intentions, but the other party still dared to proceed like this, leaving him with no choice but to become serious.

He invited Shi Hao into the manor. There was a transport formation in the very first floor's courtyard. A group of underworld beings stepped on it.

"Great one, don't do it! There will likely be arrangements made at the other end of the transport formations! It might very well be where those exceptional talents are cultivating in isolation!" Lu Yi secretly transmitted, feeling incomparably anxious. He didn't really do this out of loyalty, but instead out of fear that he would be throwing his own life in as well. 

"Isn't it just some underworld generals? What do they count as? I actually want us to be directly sent into Divine Dark Child's place of isolation, saving me quite a bit of trouble." Shi Hao secretly replied.

"Youngster, be sure to stand well and not fall off. Sometimes, when one falls, they might never stand up again." The old underworld being said in a dark and indistinct voice.

"Lead the way!" Shi Hao only had these words. He secretly nodded. Not even a great power like Divine Dark Palace dared to break the rules of the city, going to take action when they left the city. 

It seemed like the various agreements made within the city were still quite effective.

Dark light flashed. The group of people left this place, appearing inside an enormous mountain valley.

"Not good, this is Underworld Clan's slaughtering field! There was always news about its creation, but who would have expected that it had already been completed?!" Lu Yi cried out in alarm.

"Dare to enter my Divine Dark Palace and provoke us? Neither one of you can think about leaving. Both of you will be slaughtered clean." The Underworld Clan elder said. 

Those underworld beings disappeared. Meanwhile, black colored fog surged endlessly from all directions. This was a great formation. Killing energy overflowed into the heavens, covering this place in a black expanse that stretched as far as the eye could see.

"Where are Luo Dao and Lan Yichen?" In the darkness, Shi Hao asked. 

"Running like stray dogs. They'll be caught sooner or later. You are the one behind them, right? If you are killed and hung in front of Radiant City like a wild dog, I believe they will definitely have a clearer view of things." The elder spoke in a cold manner.

"Is that so?" Shi Hao replied indifferently, standing right behind him.

"You…" The elder quickly escaped, running within the formation. However, he discovered with shock that the youth behind him followed him like his shadow, practically sticking right to his body. 

It was clear that the other party had locked onto him, and that he couldn't escape. The path he had walked was no secret, narrowly being turned into a passage out. 

Shi Hao didn't have the Divine Striking Stone with him to break the formation. He could solve this issue with his great speed alone.

"Ask Underworld General to take action!" The elder shouted. 

The so-called Underworld Generals were exceptional talents and not truly Underworld Clansmen, individuals who allied with Divine Dark Child or powerful experts who were defeated by him. 


Right at this moment, the old underworld being was kicked, the power so great it made him scream out miserably. His waist snapped, and his entire body broke into two pieces. 

He was shocked, completely horrified. One has to understand that this slaughtering field could kill exceptional talents, so why was it now ineffective?!

"Ah…" Following this miserable cry, he completely lost consciousness. His head was crushed by a stamp of that youth's feet.

This slaughtering field's killing energy expanded. Miserable sounds rose and fell. Only a single resplendent figure could be seen moving through this place, sweeping in all directions, unleashing a great massacre. 

"Why isn't there an Underworld General overseeing this place? How could they all be gone?" Underworld Clan's people fell into despair.

Soon after, this place entered a deathly stillness. Black mists curled about. Shi Hao brought Lu Yi out. He voiced his regret, how none of these corpses could be eaten.

Lu Yi was stunned. This fella really was ridiculously powerful, making his heart alarmed and body trembling. 

They returned to Radiant City. Lu Yi acted extremely carefully, enthusiastically introducing along the way, guiding him.

"This is Dragon Palace, the ancient freak Dragon Girl's manor. However, she had never appeared before, only her followers handling the normal affairs and collecting precious medicines." 

When Shi Hao heard this, he nodded. This crystal blue manor released a soft radiance. 

"Whether or not Dragon Palace's people have pursued those two individual, it is difficult to ascertain." 

"Wu, then let's just switch to another clan." Shi Hao said. 

Along the way, Shi Hao understood a bit more about the city's circumstances. Sword Valley, Dragon Palace, Divine Temple and other powers all had ancient freaks behind them. 

"That place seems to be quite lofty and grand. Which clan does it belong to?" Shi Hao asked. 

There was a palace before them that was tall and majestic. The main palace was made of bronze, the aura it released vast and boundless. 

"Immortal Palace." Lu Yi replied. 

"It looks like they really are planning to take root in Immortal Ancient, planning to cultivate for hundreds to thousands of years." Shi Hao said.

"That isn't all. Radiant City has existed since the ancient times, and the successive generations of various sects would come here. Most of these structures were left behind since the ancient times." Lu Yi explained. 

"En, then let's just pay Immortal Palace a visit." Shi Hao said. 

In the outside world, the edge of the uninhabited region.

A year and a half had already passed. Quite a few people had left, but there were quite a few who had hurried over as well. Generally speaking, the numbers were increasing.

It was because everyone were waiting in expectation. They wanted to see how powerful those ancient freaks would be once they emerged, what kind of paths they took. 

Only, recently, things had been quite dull and uninteresting. The sect masters from various sects used great magical force to carve characters on the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, but many of them never appeared, being covered in mist.

It was clear that the great dao was covering them. These individuals were all exceptional, hidden from the view of outsiders while undergoing isolation cultivation.

"I wonder if that Huang emerged yet. We haven't written his name for several months. We should give it a try again." Someone said. 

Radiant City, in front of Immortal Palace. 

"By asking about those two in front of us, are you provoking us?" A youngster walked out with his arms behind his back. His eyes were releasing golden light. 

Shi Hao saw through his original form. This was a Golden Crane. He immediately thought of the great battle of seven deities in the lower realm. The old servant who came from Immortal Palace was precisely a Golden Crane, the one that ultimately inflicted that curse on him. Only by splitting his own supreme being bone, offering himself as a blood sacrifice, risking it all did he defeat the other party. By doing this, he already dug his own grave. 

"I am their big bro. I heard that Immortal Palace forced them, demanding the Octadic Treasure Unicorn, which is why I came to ask about it, so how did this turn into a provocation? It was clearly you all who chased after my old friends." Shi Hao said. 

"You think you are that strong? Just because you are an exceptional talent, you can challenge my Immortal Palace's dignity?" The youngster berated. Following a cold laugh, he called over a group of experts. 

It was clear that this violated the city's regulations. However, Immortal Palace acted domineeringly, wishing to slaughter him without leaving behind any trails. This way, no one would learn about this. 

"Are you all… looking to die?" Shi Hao said calmly.

"What do you count as, yet you dare to speak these words. My Immortal Palace's great one is about to come out of isolation. After merging with immortal blood, achieving the dao through a different path, killing you will be like slaughtering a chicken. Coming here to provoke us is purely seeking death!" The youngster's pupils shone with specks of golden light. With his hands behind his back, his head was raised as he looked at Shi Hao. 

Without saying another word, Shi Hao grabbed him, dragged him over, and then began to slap his mouth. The sounds were ear-splitting.

The surrounding people were shocked. This speed was too great! They didn't have any time to react at all!

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