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Chapter 837 - Plundering Immortal Palace. 

"You dare?!" Immortal Palace's youth screamed. His cheeks were red and swollen. Even though he used bone texts to protect his entire face, he still felt fiery pain. 

Shi Hao gave him another great slap, the sound shaking the heavens. It was just too sharp and clear, making him spin a circle in place. Blood flowed from the corners of his lips. 

"Why wouldn't I dare?" 

Shi Hao lifted him up, asking him just like that. 

This shocked everyone here, because the series of movements were fast to an inconceivable level. They couldn't take action even if they wanted to, simply unable to rescue this person.

"I am going to kill you! Challenging my Immortal Palace, you won't have a good end!" This youth's hair was a mess, golden light shining from his eyes. He was angered to the extreme as he roared outwards.

Moreover, bone texts interweaved around his entire body, surging outwards. He operated all of his precious techniques, the most powerful secret methods. 

Unfortunately, in front of Shi Hao's face, this Divine Flame Realm cultivator who could already be considered quite powerful didn't possess the slightest advantage. Just like a little chicken, he was sent flying once again by a kick from Shi Hao. 

"Immortal Palace my ass, always saying it over and over and over. I want to let you all understand that the mouth I am striking is precisely your Immortal Palace's!" 

Shi Hao brandished his palm, fiercely beating down. This time, the youngster's bone texts completely scattered. The slaps were loud and clear.


In an instant, blood splashed outwards, his mouth of teeth falling off. He was slapped silly, his eyes seeing stars, mouth crooked eyes slanted, completely reduced to a sorry state.

Pa pa pa pa…

Then, slaps to the face continuously sounded, all of them releasing the same sound. His face completely distorted, no longer looking like that of a human's. 

"Take action! Kill him!" When the youth slightly regained his senses, he hollered outwards.

From the side, the group of people complained continuously. They already took action, but all of their precious techniques were stopped. There was a barrier of light that was impenetrable. 


Shi Hao gave him another beating, and then he directly flung him onto the ground, making the surface of the earth split apart. It was unknown just how many bones in this youngster's body were broken.

However, Shi Hao didn't take his life, instead leaving him alive so he could ask him more questions. 

"Do you know where those two are?" His foot remained on this person's chest as he asked indifferently. 

"Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you! Wait until my Immortal Palace great one comes out! He'll crush you with a single hand!" The youngster was gnashing his teeth, his eyes filled with resentment. 


Shi Hao's foot crushed down, making his chest cave in. His mouth coughed out blood, his eyes filled with terror. He discovered that this devil king really was going to kill him. 

"You… cannot act like this! There are rules in the city! If you take action like this, all of the great powers will surround and attack you! You will incur the wrath of everyone here!" 

"Didn't you want others to use Space Shattering Symbols to bring me away and then kill me? Why do you only feel like the rules are violated now?" Shi Hao had a slight smile on his face. 

While speaking, he grinded his foot downwards forcefully. The sounds of bones breaking rang out again. All four of his limbs were broken, causing miserable screams to resound through this place. 

"Attack together, break the barrier and kill him!" Those outside shouted, attacking again. If this continued, Immortal Palace Inheritor's trusted aide was going to be done for. 

Unfortunately, this person was too powerful. A pair of golden wings appeared behind him. With a light tremble, multicolored clouds pervaded the air. All of those people coughed out blood, forced back in retreat. 

Lu Yi had long become dumbstruck when he saw this. This fella was just too powerful, running to Immortal Palace to act crazily, lifting up an important figure and slapping his face crazily, forcing back everyone with a single move, it was too domineering and powerful. 

"Don't kill me…" Finally, the youth on the ground was scared. Half of his entire body's bones were broken, and he was now already deformed beyond recognition. His face was full of fear. This was the first time he met someone who was going to kill in the city, moreover in front of their Immortal Palace's entrance.

This left him in disbelief. How many people dared to do this? Not even those ancient freaks would behave so ostentatiously once they emerged, right?

Shi Hao raised him up again. Without saying another word, he first gave him another beating, directly beating him silly. This individual directly cried out, taking the initiative to compromise. 

"En, this is enough, I've vented out a bit of my frustrations. Now, it's your turn to take action." Shi Hao said, telling him to bring out all types of treasures from Immortal Palace.

In the outside world, the border of the uninhabited region.

A sect master carved Huang's name, producing his whereabouts on the flower petals and displaying its scene on the monuments. Everyone saw the scene that played out just now. 

The crowd was immediately petrified.

After not seeing him for several months, the first scene they saw after writing his name was this. 

"He is plugging up Immortal Palace's entrance, about to rob them?" Someone said with a soft voice. 

"He is picking a fight. Do you all see? He is slapping Immortal Palace's face again and again!" 

The outside world could not calm down. Soon after, it became noisy. This scene triggered a huge commotion, drawing everyone's attention. 

It was because that was Immortal Palace, one of the most ancient and terrifying inheritances, a power many great sects didn't even dare provoke. They all felt incomparable restraining fear towards them. 

But now, a youth brandished his palm just like that, slapping their face. This really was a bit shocking, leaving others with a strange type of feeling. 

At the edge of the uninhabited region, within that copper palace, someone released a heavy cold snort. That individual was clearly angry. This type of provocation, beating the trusted aide of Immortal Palace Inheritor like this, was the same as losing the face of everyone in their inheritance. 

Radiant City, in front of Immortal Palace. 

The youngster had a lifeless look in his eyes. "You are going to rob us here?"

"What nonsense. It is you all who are making an offering to me, how did it become me robbing you?" Shi Hao corrected him.

"Where are my Immortal Palace's Immortal Generals? Why are they all missing? Hurry up and take action!" In the distance, someone clenched their fists. 

"They should be coming back soon. They've already been called, and news have been sent out for them to come back and deal with this person." Someone said softly. 

Shi Hao didn't care too much about this. He dragged the youngster formed Golden Crane, barging directly into the ancient palace at the center of the bronze ancient palace, about to take all types of divine objects.

"We already gave it all away, there's not much stuff left." The Golden Crane said with a trembling voice. This was simply a nightmare. Who dared to provoke them like this in Radiant City? Yet today, he was beaten up by someone and Immortal Palace was looted!

Who would believe him once news of this got out? This was like a story out of a fantasy!

"Nonsense. I already smell holy medicines. Hurry and bring them out, or else I'll wipe out all of you." Shi Hao said. 

He was delicate and pretty, with a pair of large intelligent eyes, sparkling and translucent skin, scattering hair, it made him look elegant and otherworldly. There was an immortal dao aura that made him look like an immortal. 

Only, this type of aura, this type of style, was impatiently saying these words of plunder. It really was a bit strange, leaving this group of people speechless. 

As for Lu Yi, he was a bit numb already. This fella continuously gave him 'pleasant surprises', terrifying him until he fell down again and again. There was no way to appraise him with normal reasoning.

"I... " The Golden Crane was about to cry. Being robbed like this was just too stupid and cowardly. 


Without saying another word, he directly added another slap, urging him to hurry up and present it respectfully, or else he'll unleash a massacre here. 

Finally, the treasury was opened. A wave of medicinal fragrance wafted outwards.

There were even some divine materials, piling up into a small heap.

"How fragrant!" Shi Hao was infatuated. He suddenly felt like there was no point in picking medicines anymore. If he stole from his enemies like this, didn't it feel much better? It was faster and more efficient as well.

There were eight stalks of holy medicine just like that, all of them sealed together, rich with medicinal fragrance. They scattered resplendent holy radiance, illuminating the entire treasury. 

Aside from this, there were two jade cauldrons. When he opened them, he found two fruits, their fragrance even thicker, permeating into the bones. It was as if he was going to ascend. 

One fruit was silver, burning like flames. It was even more resplendent than holy medicines. 

The other fruit had purple radiance curling about it, as well as a faint mists surrounding it. It was also astonishing. 

"Half Divine Fruit!" Lu Yi was shocked. 

The so-called Half Divine Fruit wasn't as great as divine medicine, but it was a bit stronger than holy medicines. They were shockingly valuable, containing powerful divine characteristics. If a dying creature ingested it, they would immediately rise from the brink of death. 

"The rewards are great this time!" Shi Hao was extremely satisfied. 

However, when he thought about how there were definitely even more shocking sacred great medicines sent to Immortal Palace's place of isolation, he felt a bit regretful. 

"You… cannot bring them away! If the great one is angered, there will be blood flowing everywhere and endless corpses!" The Golden Crane said with a trembling voice, feeling a bit anxious. 

"Then let him come look for me." Shi Hao laughed coldly. The two of them were enemies, and a battle between them was inevitable. Stealing these things left him feeling quite well. 

Then, Shi Hao swept through another pile of materials, discovering a divine object that was quite unordinary. It was curling with mists and flowing with blazing metallic luster. This was a rare divine material. 

"This is Cloud Marked Copper, something that can be used to forge heavenly deity magical artifacts, and if refined, can even be turned into a top grade sect master level weapon!" Lu Yi was shocked. 

"Since it's not bad, then I'll just take it as well." Shi Hao said.

He began to pick and choose, gloriously calling it a treasure hunt. It left the Golden Crane so angry he began to tremble all over, yet he didn't dare say a word. 

"Right, where is Immortal Palace Inheritor cultivating in isolation anyway?" Shi Hao suddenly asked. He felt like it might be better just to directly slaughter his way over, barging straight into their nest. 

"I do not know. Each time, great one would have a spiritual body come pick up precious medicines." The Golden Crane said with a trembling voice. This devil king was too vicious, actually wishing to go against Immortal Palace's great one.

"Who dares to act unbridled in Immortal Palace?!" Someone shouted, his voice like thunder. 

"Good, you guys returned! Capture and kill him!" The Golden Crane quickly retreated, and then shouted loudly. His eyes revealed pleasant surprise. When he looked at Shi Hao, he was full of hatred, but also fear. 

Immortal Palace's men immediately released a breath of relief. Two Immortal Generals returned at the same time, that is, two powerful exceptional talents. It was enough to suppress all enemies. 

"A few powers have sensed something in the city. We'll bring him out of the city and kill him there." An exceptional talent said coldly, releasing terrifying fluctuations from their bodies. Their blood energy overflowed into the heavens. 

The Space Shattering Symbol was activated. In an instant, the two exceptional talents brought Shi Hao and Lu Yi from this place. More than ten other experts followed them as well.

"I want to see him die with my own eyes. All of you, defend this place!" The Golden Crane said resentfully. He activated a Space Shattering Symbol and disappeared as well.

Outside Immortal Palace, quite a few people stopped. They all look towards this place, because they received news that something happened here. 

"Just a small matter. All of you can leave. Someone stirred up trouble, but was chased way." Someone came out and said. He believed that Shi Hao would be captured, that no one could go against Immortal Palace. 

However, after waiting left and right, no Immortal Generals returned.

"Not good, that savage youngster returned, but our Immortal Generals are nowhere to be seen!" An hour later, someone ran into Immortal Palace with alarm, shouting loudly. 

The ones that stayed behind to watch this place were all horrified. The two great Immortal Generals didn't return, but that other person appeared?

Someone ran out to take a look, and sure enough, that savage youngster was there, walking while belching, as if there was still a bit of indigestion.

"Let's go to that battlefield and see what happened, why those two Immortal Generals haven't returned."

Soon after, a group of people arrived in a mountain region through a transport formation. They saw that the mountain peaks here were broken, the great earth caved in. Their hearts immediately sank.

A great battle had clearly happened here. Now that the youngster returned, it was enough to prove everything.

"Over there, found someone!" One of them had sharp eyes, discovering the Golden Crane. 

Only, right now, his hair was dishevelled, his eyes lifeless, as if he didn't have a soul.

"What happened to the two Immortal Generals?" Someone asked loudly.

However, after asking several times, the Golden Crane didn't show any reaction, just sitting there with a blank look, his mind already collapsed. 

"What happened?!" Someone roared outwards. 

Finally, the Golden Crane showed some reaction. As if he was talking in his sleep, he spoke a line of horrifying words. "Dead, all dead, and then all cooked and eaten by him…" 


"Something major has happened! Two exceptional talents have died! Find a way to inform the great one, have him hunt down this person!" Someone released a low roar. They had to ask Immortal Palace Inheritor to take action now. 

In the outside world the cultivators of all sects saw the scene clearly. They were all stupefied. It was too savage. Those were two exceptional talents, as well as more than ten other experts, yet they were all swept through by Shi Hao, killed in one sweep. 

This battle established Shi Hao's divine might, leaving everyone in the outside world incredibly shocked. However, there was no way to inform the disciples inside Immortal Ancient, unable to give them warnings!

Shi Hao brought Lu Yi back. He wanted to pay Divine Dark Palace a visit, looking to clean them out as well.

Lu Yi followed behind him, his knees a bit soft and his mind a bit dizzy. What he had just seen was like something out of a legend. Two exceptional talents whose names shook several provinces, both of them abnormally powerful, in the end… they were killed by this devil king, and then roasted and eaten. 

"It really is you?"

At the end of the street, a figure appeared. Luo Dao was a bit thin and pallid. He rushed out.

"Yi, turns out you were in the city. I was looking for ways to find you guys." Shi Hao spoke, revealing a look of pleasant surprise. 

"I was hiding in the city, and no one knew. However, Lan Yichen is in danger. He brought the Octadic Treasure Unicorn with him and is now stuck within a metal ore vein, his exit blocked by others. He can't come out and might lose his life at any moment." Luo Dao was anxious, asking Shi Hao to take action and hurry over to his rescue.

"They are courting death! Lead the way!" Shi Hao said, bringing him and Lu Yi into the sky, immediately using the Kun Peng wings, roaring into the distance. 

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