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Chapter 835 - Radiance City

The mysterious Immortal Ancient medicine garden was full of all types of divine herbs. There was even a long life medicine! 

Shi Hao's eyes immediately lit up like two little suns. He was now looking forward to this greatly! 

However, the Void Sky Divine Vine's next words immediately left him dispirited, telling him that the ancient garden was extremely difficult to find, that it was floating in the sky. In addition, even if he saw it, he wouldn't be able to enter. 

It was because even if a heavenly deity entered, they would still die!

Shi Hao sighed. Right now, he needed immortal medicines extremely badly, or else his road ahead was going to be extremely difficult. If he continued along this path, his body would die and his dao would be extinguished. There was no good result. 

It seemed like he still had to increase his strength first. In his opinion, since he was going to be in Immortal Ancient for a long time, he was going to get an opportunity sooner or later. 

At the same time, he thought of something else. "Are there many heavenly deities here?"

"There are some special regions where they do exist. In the areas where you all move about, normally speaking, you shouldn't run into any." The Void Sky Divine Vine said. 

Immortal Ancient was vast and boundless, difficult to explore through its entirety.

"How long has it been since we entered?" Shi Hao asked the Divine Striking Stone. He had been cultivating all this time, to the extent where he even lost track of time. He didn't experience the passage of time.

"A year and a half." The Divine Striking Stone said, telling him the exact amount of time that had passed. 

"Not too bad, a lot shorter than what I had imagined. I thought several years had already passed." Shi Hao said. He looked at the Emperor Butterfly, discovering that it had turned into a golden cocoon.

After eating that red coral holy medicine, the Emperor Butterfly formed a cocoon and entered a dormant state, not awakening this entire time. 

It was still just a larva, yet it directly devoured a stalk of holy medicine. This was extremely shocking. There was no way other legendary divine beasts could be so full of life right after being born. 

"When it emerges out from the cocoon, it should become a butterfly, displaying its true form, right?" Shi Hao was quite expectant. 

Before, even though the Emperor Butterfly had wings, that was just a crystallization of divine force and not true butterfly wings. Meanwhile, it was always a fleshy golden bug that was a bit like a cocoon.

"Let's go, we're going to make a trip around those small words and see how our old friends are doing." Shi Hao's mood was quite good. After reaching the mid stage of the Divine Flame Realm, his strength had improved greatly. There was a type of feeling like he had energy to waste. 

They arrived at the site where they first saw the Void Sky Divine Vine. Shi Hao had previously agreed with Lan Yichen and Luo Dao to meet here, only due to his isolation cultivation, the agreed date had long passed.

There was a line of text in a hidden corner. A location was written -- Radiant City. 

This was clearly inside of a different small world, presumably a rather well known location. Otherwise, they wouldn't have only left behind such a simple line of text. 

The bubbles were misty, the small worlds numerous. They were all interconnected, forming a vast and boundless Immortal Ancient. 

Shi Hao entered a small world, and soon after, he ran into a few creatures. They all came from the higher realms who had now become deities. He inquired about Radiant City from them.

These individuals all carried vigilance out of fear of being attacked, and as such, they only conversed with him from far away. It was because even though they all came from the higher realms, there would still be fights from time to time. 

"That city is quite well known, located in Radiant Realm. Many Divine Flame Realm experts have headed there to exchange various heavenly treasures." 

When Shi Hao heard this, he nodded and expressed his thanks. Using the coordinates he received from them, he once again headed for another small world.

A year and a half had already passed. Most of the geniuses that entered Immortal Ancient ignited their divine flames, all of them searching for their own natural luck after becoming powerful. 

There were many spiritual medicines in this place, and even picking holy medicines wasn't a rare event. If one's luck was good enough, even picking up the Heavenly Deity Fruit recorded in bone books and achieving instant success wasn't completely impossible. 

Several hundred cultivators had entered, many of them interacting with each other. From time to time, they would even exchange various magical artifacts, medicinal herbs, and other things as needed. It was to the extent where they would even exchange a bit of secret information.

Radiant City began to flourish precisely because of this reason. 

This was actually an ancient city that had existed for a long time. Rumor has it that each time Immortal Ancient was opened up, this place would be extremely bustling. It would always become an important open market. 

It was to the extent where even a few geniuses with comparatively weaker cultivations who didn't want to take risks took residence here, not going out to look for natural luck but instead calmly running business here, becoming businessmen. 

As such, the amount of treasures they obtained might not necessarily be lower than those roaming about outside. 

"Radiant Realm really is large…' Shi Hao sighed and said. They had already entered this realm for several days, and only now did they finally see a city at the limits of the horizon. 

From the distance, the city walls weren't all that tall, but the amount of space it occupied was great. There were countless waves of blood energy vaguely seeping out from the city, a reflection of a gathering of experts.

"There are a hundred similar cities, each distributed in different small worlds. They are all important gathering places used by cultivators to exchange 'natural luck'. However, Radiant City should be one of the largest ten ancient cities."

There were people who were travelling in the same direction around them. All of them were heading for the enormous city up ahead, wishing to exchange the wondrous medicines, techniques, divine precious materials, and other things they had. 

"Not too long ago, someone brought out three divine fruits, stirring up quite a commotion." Along the way, quite a few people were discussing amongst themselves. 

Shi Hao was interested, asking them for more information. 

"I believe they were silver fruits produced by an Evil Dragon Tree. If one eats one, they don't have to cultivate and will directly break through into the True Self Realm." Someone said. 

"It's that miraculous?!" Shi Hao was shocked. A fruit that could immediately promote one to a true deity, this was extremely heaven defying.

"Naturally, there are things even more formidable than this, only, no one would exchange those items." Someone said.

"Who purchased those Evil Dragon Fruits?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Brother, I advise you not to set your eyes on those. No matter what price you pay, you won't be able to buy them, and will instead only throw away all of the precious goods you have on you." Someone warned with a soft voice.

"Why is that?" Shi Hao was confused. 

"Those things… rather than saying it was exchanged, it might be better to say that they were forced to had them over and then gifted them to those ancient freaks. Will you be able to buy it from those people?" 

When Shi Hao heard this, he frowned. Did all of the ancient freaks emerge?

He then learned the answer to this question. They didn't emerge, instead, the more powerful those legendary individuals were, the slower they were to come out. There were many who were still cultivating, wishing to exceed the limits of legends. 

"How can they exceed the limits of the realm?" Shi Hao was moved. 

"A few ancient freaks, for example, the glorious Six Crown King and others that have dazzled past and present, do you think they will enter the Divine Flame Realm just like us? They wish to become deities through irregular means, walking different paths. Once they emerge, a single one of them will be enough to slaughter all of us, becoming unmatched under the heavens!"

"Isn't that boasting too much?" Shi Hao curled his lips. 

"Don't be so quick to refute this. Those people have already accumulated several eras of experience and goods. The reason why they did this? It is because they have always been testing things out, looking for ways to advance, only obtaining the confidence to take that step in this era." 

When Shi Hao heard this, his mind was shaken. He nodded. After exploring for several generations, one truly would obtain great rewards. They most likely found the unmatched path that was most suited for themselves. 

This group of people didn't come out, but they had a group of subordinates, as well as a few powerful followers that would gather all types of treasures for them. 

It was because they wished to travel different paths. The amount of divine and holy medicines they needed was greater and greater, but they didn't have time to pick them themselves, instead having others do it for them. 

It could be said that the greatest powers in the city were all related to those ancient freaks. 

"Of course, Immortal Palace Inheritor, Divine Dark Child and a few other present world young supreme beings aren't weaker, similarly having a group of powerful followers that are gathering treasures for them."

This was the current situation. Those mentioned couldn't be provoked. 

Finally, they were getting close to Radiant City. They could already see its ancient city gate, the entire city built out of a type of golden stone, radiant and brilliant. 

This was also where its name originated from. 

Before approaching the city, Shi Hao asked the those that were travelling in the same direction about things that he had to watch out for. 

"No fierce battles are allowed in the city. If there are any grudges, then they must be resolved outside the city, or else the anger of everyone will be provoked and they will target you."

This was a type of restriction that was set out of fear that Radiant City would be destroyed. All cultivators had to comply with this to ensure its peace, allowing for a smooth exchange of divine materials." 

"Do not provoke the natives of Immortal Ancient." Someone else warned.

Shi Hao didn't have time to roam about too many of these small worlds, and as such, what he understood was extremely limited. He earnestly listened to their advice, and what he learned left him quite shocked. 

The natives were divided into two types. One type couldn't be approached, residing in mysterious areas and extremely dangerous. These were Immortal Ancient's most ancient creatures. 

There was another type of so-called natives who were the descendants of geniuses from the higher realms, who, due to unforeseen events, weren't able to leave Immortal Ancient. These natives were powerful as well, but they maintained a principle of not bothering others who didn't bother them. 

Those natives came to Radiant City to exchange treasures as well. 

"Those old fellas among the natives, how strong are they?" Shi Hao asked. 

"The first types of natives I don't know too much about. The second type are extremely strong, but it wouldn't be too heaven defying, because I heard that even though outsiders like them have taken residence here, once they reach a certain cultivation realm, they would all mysteriously die or go crazy."

This information left Shi Hao surprised. 

"Someone had said that this was something the primordial Immortal Ancient creatures did." Someone said softly. 

"It might not be true. Those primordial creatures are all hiding without coming out." 

They entered the city, all of them separately exchanging for what they needed. 

This city was extremely large, and a faint golden luster that was divine and auspicious was released from it. There was a simple and unadorned dao aura. 

Each time Immortal Ancient was opened, these ancient cities would be revived with activity, becoming extremely lively.

"Dragon Blood Grass, fifty thousand years medicinal age. Don't miss out on this opportunity!"

"Holy medicine, rare treasure here. I am willing to exchange them for a satisfactory precious technique."

They could sense how bustling this place was as soon as they entered the city. There were street stalls everywhere, as well as all types of large stores. There were even auction halls that were as tall as palaces. 

"Phoenix Feather Silver Essence, can be used to forge heavenly deity magical artifacts, only a single piece. Selling to the highest bidder." 

"I discovered an ancient cave that is suspected to be the remains of immortals. If someone pays high enough of a price, I am willing to share the details." 

The ones that were shouting their wares were all Divine Flame Realm cultivators, yet in this place, they were like ordinary people, doing everything themselves. It was because everyone had this type of strength. 

"Aiya, Divine Dark Child's subordinates put away a Three-Footed Golden Toad. That is a rare medicinal primer…" 

"Good stuff came from that direction as well! An ancient freak's follower found a stalk of Soul Guiding Lotus. That is something that can allow a shattered primordial spirit to reform!"

"I really want to seize it from them!"

"You're crazy. They can steal things from others outside the city, but if you dare take action, you'll undoubtedly die."

Shi Hao heard all of this before even walking that far into the city. He immediately understood a bit about Radiant City.

"Has anyone seen Lan Yichen or Luo Dao?" Shi Hao asked around casually, looking rather carefree.

From the side, there were immediately people who shot him a look, revealing strange looks. 

On the side, the eyes of a Divine Flame Realm expert who had a stall set up shone. "You know them?"

"I'm their big bro. Have you seen them?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Do you want to know? If you walk out of the city gates right now, there might be news of them." This Divine Flame Realm cultivator chuckled. 

"Is that so? Then I'll go take a look." Shi Hao nodded, turning around and walking towards the city gate. He knew that something unexpected might have happened to those two. 

Moreover, the disturbance those two stirred up didn't seem to be small, as quite a few people knew about it. 

Even though that Divine Flame Realm cultivator's character was lacking, now that Shi Hao walked out of the city gates like this, if anyone else was looking for those two, then they would definitely surround him. 

It was because the city didn't allow for fighting, while outside the city, all grudges could be settled.

"Purely seeking death." The cultivator that put up the stall laughed coldly. As he watched Shi Hao's back, he didn't feel any sympathy, but rather a type of joy in calamity. 

Shi Hao walked rather casually, completely carefree, leaving the city just like that. 

Sure enough, there were creatures that followed, moreover the number that did wasn't small, numbering over ten. 

Soon after, Shi Hao returned, still asking where Lan Yichen and Luo Dao were.

It was still the same place. That vendor raised his head, and then he was greatly shocked. He couldn't help but cry out. "Didn't you leave just now? How could you have… returned."

From his perspective, leaving the city like that would undoubtedly result in death.

Shi Hao laughed and said, "Those dozen or so people told me that those two obtained a rare divine treasure that was quite formidable, but they were forced by others, having no choice but to run. Do you know where they went?" 

"I don't know. If you… leave the city again, there might be people who will know." The vendor said. 

Shi Hao nodded, and then said, "That makes sense." 

He left again. This time, more than twenty followed him out, because more people paid attention to this situation. 

"With Immortal Palace Inheritor's subordinates, Divine Dark Child's followers, and ancient freaks' people following you, will you be able to live?" The Divine Flame Realm cultivator who ran that stall sneered. 

An hour later, he rubbed his eyes and looked towards the city gate. He was immediately stupefied. 

That youth appeared again. He released a great belch. There was even a golden drumstick in his hands that he chewed on. 

"I fucking swear!" He was scared so badly he almost fell onto the ground. 

That was definitely not some chicken leg, clearly belonging to a Golden Luan who was rather strong that had followed him out. It was… eaten by him just like that?

The vendor shivered inwardly. He stared at that entrance, but not a single one of those who left before returned. His fine hairs all stood on end. Could it be… that they were all eaten by him?

When he saw Shi Hao belch and waddle over, the vendor was now truly scared. 

"Spare my life! I didn't do it on purpose!" He was sweating buckets, sitting straight onto the ground. He felt like he definitely ran into some monster, or else how could he dare eat a creature from such great powers just like that? 

Shi Hao didn't seem to mind that much. He picked up a stalk of holy medicine on the vendor's stall and said, "Rare great medicine. You were actually able to pick one."

"Just a coincidence. Gift… gift for you." The vendor said with a trembling voice. 

"Then I'll have to give you my thanks. Can you tell me where those two went?" Shi Hao asked.

"I… really don't know. Many people are looking for them. However, I know that they obtained some kind of treasure that drew the jealousy of many great powers." The vendor said. 

"What kind of thing is it exactly?"

"An Octadic Treasure Unicorn." The vendor said.

"What? The number one precious meat under heaven, what is known as the most delicious thing in this world?!" Shi Hao immediately became angry. 

The vendor was stupefied. He always felt like something was wrong. Why did the reason for this person's anger seem a bit off?

Octadic Treasure Unicorn was at the top of the Archaic Octadic Treasures. Even though it was known as the number one meat dish under heaven, the greatest value was not on its deliciousness, but its shocking medicinal value.

Regardless of whether it was holy medicine or divine medicine, if it was slow cooked together with it, it would increase the medicinal effects several times. It could be said to be priceless!

"Who? Who dares to scheme against my precious food? Are they courting death?!" Shi Hao was furious. 

The vendor was speechless. He was now sure that he didn't hear wrongly. Why did this person seem like a foodie? He didn't feel regret over its medicinal value, but rather felt angry and a sense of loss over its deliciousness.

"There are quite a few great powers that took action, including Divine Dark Child's people, Immortal Palace's people, as well as those under the ancient freaks. 

"Those people are looking for death!" Shi Hao said. 

Those two have said that the Octadic Treasure Unicorn already has an owner, and soon after, that person will come looking for it. Only, those people from a few great powers threatened them…"

"What were they threatening them with?" Shi Hao asked. 

"They threatened that as long as those behind them came, that individual's head would be smashed into dog brains…" The vendor said extremely carefully. 

"I am hungry!" Shi Hao spoke these three words. 

The vendor didn't understand at first, but after staring blankly for a bit, he came to realization. His fine hairs all stood on end. 

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