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Chapter 832 - Ominous

In the void, a few abnormal things happened. There was a strange fluctuation that was like a ripple, but also like an ominous wind. It made the three thousand bluestone paths a bit dark and cold. 

"What are you saying?" The Divine Striking Stone was alarmed. It was together with the Emperor Butterfly and Void Sky Divine Vine, protecting Shi Hao from the distance. Right now, it also sensed something. 

"Please let me go, I truly do not wish to face this type of scene again…" The Void Sky Divine Vine was trembling all over. From the most powerful Ye Qianyu from the Archaic Era, then to the later generation Five Crown King, it had witnessed these ominous happenings more than once. 

The divine medicine could live for endless years, its life rather hard to extinguish. As such, it had seen many things that left it with a deep impression. 

"Hurry and wake up!" The Divine Striking Stone and Void Sky Divine Vine screamed loudly, trying to wake Shi Hao up from his state of dao comprehension, not wishing for him to burn away his true self. 

A type of danger had arrived, one that might decide life and death!

The three thousand bluestone paths had over a thousand streaks of fiery light converge. Symbols jumped about, mysterious like creatures. They flickered with a metallic luster and flowed with the aura of great dao, forming a sea of flames made of natural dao. 

Fiery light surged, burning heaven and earth!

Shi Hao continued to sit there, submerged under the terrifying flames. It was who knew how many times more dangerous than in the past. The heaven and earth furnace was already burnt until it was warped, about to collapse. 

In reality, Shi Hao already sensed something, feeling the irregularity. Ever since he learned of those past matters from the Void Sky Divine Vine, he already started to remain vigilant.

Only, he never expected it to arrive so quickly! 

It came without any omen. Close to a thousand streaks of fiery lights retreated. The large amount of symbols scattered, entering the bluestone paths. Peace was returned to this place. 

Meanwhile, this time, even though he was injured, it was unlikely for him to die, because there was a piece of Void Sky Divine Vine already held in his mouth. This was to avoid provoking some strange events before entering a withered state. 

"What is that?" Shi Hao descended onto the ground. His entire body was scorched black. There was no danger to his life, but his injuries weren't light either. He looked into the distance. 

Strand after strand of gray mists surged over. Even from far away, one would have a bad premonition, feeling a cold, sinister darkness approaching. 

It was extremely blurry in that direction with no shadows to be seen. However, a wave of chilliness that made one's blood run cold was spreading, surrounding this ancient place. 

The Divine Striking Stone broke out into a cold shiver. It had never encountered something like this before. It didn't have a flesh body, yet it still felt like it had goosebumps all over its body. 

"These types of things are happening again…" The Void Sky Divine Vine was the most sensitive, as it had witnessed tragedies one after another. It was the one in most fear.

On the bluestone path, the stalks of spiritual medicines Shi Hao lowered earlier silently turned ash gray, and then disappeared into dust, thus disappearing without a trace. 

This was all because of a single gust of chill wind. There were no creatures, no intense fluctuations, yet it created such a sinister scene. 

"What kind of thing are you? Come out!" Shi Hao held the Void Sky Divine Vine in his mouth, using it to recover his foundational energy. His body released multicolored light, and his flesh began to expand, no longer dried up.

"Careful…" The Void Sky Divine Vine was trembling.

"All of you, back up." Shi Hao had them stay a bit further away and not get close to him. A serious expression appeared on his face as he stared forward. 

The unknown was the most terrifying. Even now, they didn't know who the enemy was. Meanwhile, a few exceptional individuals since the ancient times had died because of it. It truly made one's heart go cold. 

The gray mists drifted over, approaching Shi Hao, carrying with them an endless gloomy coldness. At this moment, Shi Hao's fine hairs couldn't help but stand on end. He almost felt like a pincushion. 

There was no need for anyone to describe it in great detail. This was definitely an indescribably terrifying atmosphere. 

After being burned so viciously just now, over a thousand streaks of dao flames burning his flesh, now, it was as if he had fallen into an icehouse. These were two completely different extremities.

This was only the start. When the wisps of mist thickened and the gray fog gradually became more concentrated, this type of chilliness reached the extreme. 


Suddenly, gray mists surged frantically, pouring over from the distance, cutting off what laid before him. It immediately made this place hazy. 

Changes quickly took place between heaven and earth, the coldness reaching the extreme. Even Shi Hao's powerful body felt like it was being frozen, all of his fine hairs standing on end, and a layer of goosebumps covering his skin.

At this moment, there was a great fear!

The gate to the underworld seemed to have opened up, and it was gradually closing in on the human world. It appeared before Shi Hao, about to seize him and bring him away.

His eyes were resplendent. Symbols appeared, turning into beams of light as he stared there. The Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, even though it still hadn't truly formed, was still quite unordinary. 

However, aside from the gray fog, Shi Hao couldn't see anything. There were no creatures, no sinister things. He couldn't lock onto this strange enemy. 

He stood there calmly without moving, steadily facing these great changes. 

The great fog surrounded him, and then it began to contract, about to submerge him within.

"Be careful, you definitely cannot let the fog approach your body, not even a wisp!" This was the Void Sky Divine Vine's final warning. Then, it hid behind the Divine Striking Stone, no longer daring to come out. 


The gray mist suddenly began to move, forming strand after strand. Like strange tentacles, they rushed at Shi Hao, the fluctuations they released extremely intense. 


Shi Hao was unmoving like a mountain. However, his only heavenly passage opened. A resplendent screen of light appeared around his body, shining like a great sun on the bluestone path to protect his body. 

These gray fog strands didn't break through this obstruction, instead they suddenly changed. Those 'tentacles' became perfectly straight and incomparably sharp like spears of death, piercing towards the only heavenly passage. 


This was clearly a gray fog, yet when they smashed into the only heavenly passage, there were actually metal sounds! The power was incredibly great! 

This place erupted with chaos. The gray fog surged, forming streaks one after another, attacking Shi Hao from all sides to penetrate the screen of light.

Shi Hao stared at the fog. Even after all this time, he didn't see any creatures, only this fog that attacked him continuously. His eyes became cold.


He erupted with power. The 'master' of this fog didn't even appear, yet it wanted to deal with him?

In reality, this type of fog was enough to crush a group of experts that had just become deities. Normal people couldn't defend against it at all. Only this type of 'heavenly passage' of his would display such shocking defensive power. 

Shi Hao took the initiative to take action. Streak after streak of lightning erupted from around him, hacking towards the mist to blast apart this strange matter. 

Electrical arcs interweaved, forming snow-white like blades as they engulfed his surroundings. This was the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. Lightning descended streak after streak, all of them hacking at this fog. 

Something shocking happened. It didn't retreat, instead turning red. It became like blood, carrying a fishy smell. It faced the lightning and rushed at Shi Hao. 

One could vaguely see a few indistinct claws within this blood red fog, reaching outwards murderously, as if they wished to kill Shi Hao through the void. 

This strange thing made the Divine Striking Stone and others in the distance stunned. They shivered in fear. What exactly was this? 

They knew that this was definitely not something ordinary, or else how could it have existed for endless eras, lasting from the ancient times till now, destroying the dao foundations of so many heroes?

The void trembled. The mists condensed. This time, it took form!

"En?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

This blood like fog gathered into a sphere, turning into an eye like shape. It was extremely sinister. It trembled slightly, and then it suddenly opened!


A streak of blood radiance shot out from that washbowl sized bloody eye, the beam of light dark red and incomparably cold. 


Shi Hao took action, the lightning long blade in his hands hacking over. When the two collided, sparks flew everywhere. Then, the lightning blade in his hands suddenly became scarlet red, the blood colored radiance spreading along the blade's shaft. 

Shi Hao flung out the lightning blade to prevent the blood covered object from reaching his hands. With a bang sound, the lightning blade exploded before his eyes. 

The scarlet pupil closed, but it wasn't destroyed.

"What kind of thing is this? Is it a fog or living body?" Shi Hao frowned. 

The bloody eye opened again. Streak after streak of radiance flew over, now even more terrifying.

"Get lost!"

Shi Hao erupted with power. Lightning poured out like a sea, completely descending. He displayed this precious technique's most powerful offensive strength. 

"Nine Heavens Calamity Light!" Shi Hao shouted. 

In the sky, resplendent lightning appeared. These were not just streaks of lightning, instead thick blasts of radiance that looked like divine judgment. 

The Lightning Emperor's precious technique's offensive methods was displayed to the extreme. This was an extremely powerful secret method!

Nine streaks of light descended simultaneously, pushing the Lightning Emperor's precious technique to the extreme. It was as if a great dao flower bud was erupting, immediately lighting up the heavens above and earth below. 


The blood colored pupil was pierced through. In the end, it gave Shi Hao one last look before breaking apart, turning into a gray fog and scattering away, disappearing from the three thousand ancient bluestone paths. 

Peace was restored to this place, as if nothing had happened at all. That dark chilliness that seemed to have originated from the depths of hell completely disappeared.

Shi Hao remained silent. Even though he had fought a battle, he had no idea what he had even been fighting. It gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. This was clearly just a probing and not the true fight to the death.

"Hurry and leave, don't continue any further…" The Void Sky Divine Vine was truly terrified. It had experienced this type of thing more than once, leaving an unforgettable shadow over its mind. 

"I want to see exactly what kind of thing it is. There is no way my path, my dao will end here just because of its appearance!" Shi Hao's voice was firm, his eyes steady.

The last great era, Immortal Ancient, had been wiped out, and this place was related to that great era, so it was the easiest place for ominous things to happen. Would they be able to hide even if they wanted to?

Moreover, there was no way he could run either. He wouldn't stop his own pursuit of the dao. 

Shi Hao took some time to adjust his breathing, and after calming down, he drew over one thousand one hundred types of fiery light, continuing the path he was just on. It was because just now, he had been interrupted.

Nothing unexpected happened, nor did any irregularities appear. 

After ingesting a piece of the Void Sky Divine Vine, he began to push at the limit again. He was going to tread on his own path, make himself even stronger. 

At this time, he could only rely on himself. Only by becoming stronger could he face all types of strange shocking changes.

When a thousand and two hundred streaks of fiery light were added to his body, everything was still calm. Even when his body was burned to a withered state, covered in great dao symbols and there was danger to his life, there still weren't any abnormalities.

He silently recovered. A few days later, he drew over a thousand three hundred streaks of fiery light. A long time passed, and everything was still peaceful. In the end, his dried and withered body dropped down from the sky, his mouth breathing heavily. He took some divine medicine. 

After a few days of rest, Shi Hao felt that he had become even stronger. His eyes were calm. If he continued like this, it would be beneficial for him. It would make it easier to deal with those strange changes. 

However, the Void Sky Divine Vine became more and more pessimistic. Based on what it said, the more peaceful it was, the more vicious the following disturbance would be. It would definitely destroy his dao foundation.

Shi Hao made ample preparations. He began to push against the limit again, guiding a thousand and four hundred streaks of fiery light. The bluestone paths lit up one after another, making the atmosphere here unordinary. 

Meanwhile, it was also precisely at this time that the strange changes happened again!

In the void, several symbols appeared. Then, they merged together. With a hong sound, it was as if the void was ignited, making this place erupt with energy!

Then, they became calm again, piecing together into an ancient lamp. It suspended itself in the void, its fiery light faint, not all that resplendent, but enough to light up this place. 

This was especially the case when it suspended a hundred zhang away from Shi Hao's head, as if it was some type of guide towards a coordinate. 

Strange, sinister… and indescribable type of aura was swirling about.

At this moment, the world became quiet to the extreme. Even a pin drop could be heard. The three thousand bluestone paths entered a state of extreme deathly stillness. 

Shi Hao stared into the distance. He felt a type of danger that was extremely powerful, one that was ten times that of before!

Ta, ta…

Footsteps sounded in the spacious and empty bluestone path. It was extremely clear, but also horrifying as it echoed through this place.

At the the ends of the horizon, a figure appeared, walking over step by step, as if these steps had remained constant through ancient times. The rhythm was unchanging, possessing a mysterious power that made one feel suffocated.

"Has the main enemy himself arrived?" Shi Hao stared towards the limits of the bluestone path. 

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