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Chapter 831 - Strange Changes

"An existence wishes for eternal life." The Void Sky Divine Vine told him. These words crashed down like thunder!

"This… what is going on?" Heaven overflowing waves surged within Shi Hao's heart. He looked at those engravement fragments, and then he looked at the Void Sky Vine, finding it difficult to calm down. 

The Void Sky Divine Vine was a stalk of divine medicine that had lived for endless years, so it had naturally seen many strange things. It had witnessed the most outstanding people walk on the path of undying.

"There is someone… who can live forever in this world without dying?" Shi Hao's voice was trembling. 

Based on what he knew, regardless of whether it was the War Emperor or the Six Great Celestials, none of them were able to tread on that path. Even Fiend Island's unsurpassed Demonic Sovereign failed. 

"You can look at it carefully yourself." The Void Sky Divine Vine shone. The way it communicated with Shi Hao was extremely special, not through words or divine will, but only through a type of light.

After the endless passage of time, it had seen too many things. As a divine medicine, those that possessed it were naturally all unmatched heroes. They left behind a few imprints that would not fade. 

The scenes were fragmented, not linked up at all. A person appeared, his gaze, and his style made one feel admiration from the heart. It was difficult to describe.

This was a black clothed person that gazed high into the sky. Around this individual, lightning surged in tens of thousands of streaks, as if great rivers were overflowing. However, he was without fear. He opened his mouth, and with one breath, the sea of lightning entered his mouth.

"Heavenly tribulation!" Shi Hao was sure that this was not an ordinary lightning dao secret method, but true lightning tribulation. It was divine judgment sent down from the heavens. 


Even more ferocious thunder and lightning descended, forming a vast body of water. The entire great earth was unexpectedly covered, the heavens itself crushing down. 

This left Shi Hao shaken. How great of a heavenly calamity was this? It was simply like the destruction of the world! 

The black clothed male's hair flew about. He looked around thirty years of age, his eyes deep, carrying a profoundness of great time, as well as a lofty aura of overlooking the world, as if he was the sovereign of all. 

This was clearly an unmatched figure! 

When faced with this great disaster that covers heaven and earth, he pointed towards the heavens. As a result, the void began to collapse, and the endless lightning completely disappeared, cleanly erased!

These types of methods, this type of might, it was simply unimaginable. 

Even though these were imprint fragments, that type of oppressive might and aura seemed to have transmitted from the ancient past. It was deeply engraved within Shi Hao's heart, leaving him shaken. 

This person was too strong. Even heavenly tribulation was stopped with a single finger. 

Then, chaotic energy surged. The lightning that descended from the heavens changed. It was accompanied by chaotic light, crashing down as if a great river was pouring downwards. 

That black clad male had a graceful bearing and exuded confidence. His eyes were profound and unfathomable, defying the heavens and rushing upwards, directly charging towards the stars in outer space, pushing back all of the lightning tribulation.

"Is he crossing a tribulation to become an immortal being?" Shi Hao asked.

"He stands at the very peak of divine dao. After passing the heavenly tribulation, then he would no longer have to worry about death." The Void Sky Divine Vine said. 

Shi Hao paid close attention, carefully studying those imprint fragments, feeling more and more shaken. Within the deep and remote starry sky, endless chaotic lightning radiance poured outwards, drowning that place.

This black clothed individual quickly enlarged, the sun, moon, and stars revolving behind him. He became incomparably large, meeting this heavenly calamity head on.

The lightning released a final flying immortal radiance, one that was world shaking. How often would one see this since the ancient times? That black clothed individual was finally wounded, hacked until he was covered with blood, bones broken and tendons snapped, his body scorched black. 

However, he was still alive. He watched as the lightning radiance disappeared, finally passing this final trial. 

However, right at this moment, the heavens in the world beyond split apart, releasing strand after strand of gray mists that surrounded that place. Then, that black clothed individual roared towards the heavens.

Then, it was as if something appeared, fighting an intense battle against him. 

One could vaguely see a black colored claw descend. Then, with bloody radiance, that place erupted.

When everything became peaceful, a corner of black clothes remained that was covered with blood. The lightning tribulation did not destroy it, nor did the gray mists corrode it, thus proving the existence of an unmatched expert. 

Aside from this, there was still a tattered cauldron that was now already covered in cracks. It carried a bit of remains and was drenched in red blood. It rushed towards the higher realms, bringing back news of death to Leaf Clan. 

"He... failed." Shi Hao sighed softly. This was definitely an unmatched hero. 

The starry domain became dim, because those great stars withered one after another, bringing about ruin. It became a place of death. This was a terrifying conclusion, a miserable end. 

"Who is he?" Shi Hao asked.

"Ye Qianyu." The Void Sky Divine Vine released a deep sigh. 

"En? This name seems a bit familiar, I seem to have heard it before." Shi Hao thought to himself, and then he was alarmed. He suddenly raised his head and said, "Someone from the Ye Emperor Clan in the Archaic Era?" 

"Correct, the Ye Family's most powerful expert, their most powerful existence -- Ye Qianyu." Void Sky Divine Vine said. 

It had previously witnessed this with its own eyes, because it was precisely in that cauldron. As a divine medicine, it still couldn't rescue that exceptional individual's life, because it was never even given the chance to do so. 

"You… weren't you born in Immortal Ancient?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"I was brought into this place by someone." The Void Sky Divine Vine said calmly. 

"These imprint fragments…" Shi Hao frowned. The Void Sky Divine Vine had a few other imprints within its body. There were a set of imprints that were extremely shocking. 

A white clad male with sharp eyebrows that reached to his temples could be seen. Every action he displayed released a domineering aura that moved heaven and earth, overlooking ten thousand eras. 

It was still a scene of tragedy. This hero that dominated an era also entered the depths of the universe, surrounded by starry streams, overlooking the nine heavens and tenth earth. He opened his mouth and roared. Starry streams moved about, and great stars exploded. 

He was hacked until he was covered in bloody injuries, but he persevered until the end, succeeding. When the lightning radiance retreated, his primordial spirit leapt out, wishing to use the remaining lightning radiance as a baptism. 

However, it was right at this moment that a shadow drifted over, surrounding that region.

One could vaguely hear an unmatched hero roar out with reluctance.

When everything calmed down, that person was no longer there. Only, that primordial spirit went from being resplendent to as black as ink. It then entered his head, and with incomparable difficulty, he took… one step. 

After one step, the pagoda that he cultivated with his life split apart. The fragments quickly rushed towards the three thousands provinces.

In the skies, this person's pupils were as black as his primordial spirit, giving the higher realms one last stupefied look. Then, later generations never saw him again.

"Who is this person?"

"Ancient Era Emperor Clan's Mo Wudao." Void Sky Divine Vine said. 

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. As expected, it was another great figure. He had heard of this person, read about his existence from the bone books Qi Daolin gave him. He was known as one of the Ancient Era's most powerful existences. 

What was going on? This type of person reached the peak of divine dao and was about to achieve immortality, so why did these sudden changes happen? 

When he thought back to the scene from just now, Shi Hao felt a chill run down his back. He always felt like there was something ominous, a type of extremely horrifying feeling. Was that an accident?"

"I did not personally witness it this time." The Void Sky Divine Vine said.

When it recovered its freedom, it discovered a fragment of Mo Wudao's divine pagoda within some mountains and rivers. After taking root there, it seized a few fragmented scenes. 

Shi Hao had always been contemplating this problem. There were people from Immortal Ancient who became immortals, existing forever with the world, not dying, not being extinguished. However, no one in this era was able to do so. 

He had previously obtained many answers, but not of them were complete.

There were all types of sayings from bone book recordings. 

Some said that this era had a few problems. Without heavenly tribulations, one couldn't become complete, unable to take the final step. 

There were others that said that with each era, things change, that this era no longer had those conditions. 

There were others that said that it was proven by the most stunning individuals that once one took that step, there would be something extremely terrifying, something unimaginable that would happen. 

Now, the final saying was even more horrifying, because the Void Sky Divine Vine had a few imprint fragments within it that pointed in this direction. There really were some 'strange changes'. 

Soon after, he thought about Fiend Island's Demonic Sovereign, who also ended up like this.

In this era, it wasn't that no one could achieve immortality, but because there were strange unforeseen events! 

"What exactly is it?!" Shi Hao frowned. His heart shivered. This world truly was strange, with too many things unknown. It made him uneasy.

He then thought of Willow Deity, recalling the words that it had spoken before. Once one took that step, it would be unimaginable. The most terrifying things would happen. 

"Did Willow Deity experience it before as well?" Shi Hao was shaken. He had heard the conversation between Willow Deity and the Little Pagoda before, but back then, he didn't pay too much attention to it. Now that he thought back to it, he found it difficult to calm down. 

The Little Pagoda had vaguely said before that the Willow Deity might be the only existence that survived after experiencing 'that'!

"If you comply with your promise, then I will tell you an even more useful piece of information." The Void Sky Divine Vine said anxiously. It truly was a bit uneasy, fearing that Shi Hao would completely eat it.

"I am a man of my word. You don't have to be scared." Shi Hao said. 

"The path you are taking right now will most likely result in danger, possibly producing a 'strange change'." Void Sky Divine Vine unexpectedly spoke these words, immediately making Shi Hao dumbstruck.

"Talk about it in more detail."

In the past, the Void Sky Divine Vine originally recovered its freedom, but later on, it entered the uninhabited region. As a divine medicine, its earth escape technique was astonishing. 

Unfortunately, it was unlucky. At that time, 'Immortal Ancient' had just opened, the Immortal Dao Flower Bud blooming. There were supreme experts everywhere. He was caught by someone and brought into Immortal Ancient. 

"I've had several owners in the past, followed a Five Crown King, accompanied a great formation master."

When Shi Hao heard this, he couldn't help but become shocked. 

"What I am saying is that there were those like you in the past who wished to become deities through offbeat methods. They were all heaven defying, but in the end, strange changes happened."

The Void Sky Divine Vine had followed Five Crown King, a heavenly talent that shook the past and present. He wanted to use the five elements' source to become a deity, and as such, he searched throughout the entire world, appearing five times.

He gathered anything related to the five elements, piling them up like a mountain. Any types of chaotic earth, primordial water, every single item was extremely heaven defying. 

The most shocking thing was that he had still even obtained certain origin matter from before the world was opened. If one merged with this, using it to ignite the self, it would have definitely been completely shocking.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was extremely shocked. Using the source of five elements as a baptism to carry out a transformation, this was naturally shocking.

Five elements, this included everything!

It was clear that this Five Crown King was formidable, a figure that was above thousands of past generations. 

"That time, something unexpected happened when he only merged 'two elements'. It was originally just a test, but in the end, he had to wait all the way until this final era before the five elements would all link up."

Something unexpected happened when he was just testing things out, leading to something like this happening. 

"What kind of accident?" Shi Hao asked. 

"A strange change happened." The Void Sky Divine Vine said. It had personally witnessed this.

The first time, that Five Crown King faced a comparatively smaller strange change. He stopped then, feeling quite shocked. Then, he continued to test things out, proceeding down that path, still succeeding. 

However, after this happened several times, his eyes began to lose luster, becoming a deathly gray. Then, this person departed, disappearing. 

The Void God Divine Vine didn't speak about it in great detail, because it was too scared at that time. It escaped into a far away formation, as if it had experienced Ye Qianyu's archaic disaster again. It felt incomparably fearful. 

"You are saying that achieving divinity through unconventional paths will bring about disasters, and some ominous things might happen?" Shi Hao frowned. 

"Exceptional existences who wish to surpass ancient experts, these types of things might happen to them." The Void Sky Divine Vine said. This was the conclusion it came to after seeing the changes that happened to Five Crown King two or three times. 

When Shi Hao heard this, great waves stirred within his heart.

"In the past, exceptional individuals, due to walking unconventional paths, ended up crippled or dead. Could it be related to these strange changes?" He frowned, thinking to himself. 

"This place is called Immortal Ancient, and the reason for this name is because it is related to a previous destroyed era. This is also why it is more common for irregular events to happen here." Void Sky Divine Vine said.

It was clear that it knew quite a few things.

The previous great era was called Immortal Ancient. It already no longer existed, buried in the past. 

Rumors had it that this place was related to the destroyed Immortal Ancient. 

As such, this place was given the name "Immortal Ancient', using the name of a past great era. 

"It is easy for strange chances to take place here, while the path you are taking is different. Even though it isn't enough to shock the world right now, if you continue, there might be some problems." The Void Sky Divine Vine reminded. 

"There was actually this type of saying…" Shi Hao was stunned. He silently thought for a long time, and then he raised his head, saying, "I want to see exactly what it will be!" 

After nurturing his injuries, he continued breaking through.

This time, he gathered over a thousand streaks of fiery light, burning his flesh and setting his primordial spirit aflame. This entire world immediately became more terrifying, devoured by divine light.


At this moment, those watching him from the outside world were shocked. Shi Hao could no longer be seen, disappearing from the Immortal Dao Flower's petals. He no longer appeared on the monument.

"Formidable after all!"

Everyone knew that the path he walked was extremely unordinary. The Immortal Dao Flower's petals covered everything, making it so that everyone couldn't see him. 

When the thousandth fiery light was extinguished, Shi Hao seemed already half dead. Only after taking some divine medicine did he pick up some life. However, nothing unusual happened.

He preserved and nurtured his spirit, attacking at the thousand and one divine streak of fiery light, burning his true self. However, it was at this moment that the Void Sky Divine Vine who was with the Divine Striking Stone felt great fear, releasing fluctuations and crying out loudly.

"They... have come again after all! The strange changes are about to happen again!"

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