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Chapter 833 - Strange Existence

That figure approached from the distance, its steps carrying an indescribable type of rhythm, as if a divine drum was sounding, its beat ringing within others' hearts!

If it was an ordinary individual who had recently become a deity here, when faced with these types of footsteps, they would have coughed out blood and flew outwards a long time ago. This individual seemed to have merged with heaven and earth, a terrifying might exuding from his being. 

Shi Hao's expression became grave, treating this with incomparable seriousness. He knew that he had encountered a terrifying opponent!

Gray colored mists pervaded the air, as if hell was approaching this world. It was incomparably dark and cold. It was close, a humanoid existence who didn't walk too quickly, but using the Earth to Inches Technique, now only a hundred zhang away.

This person stopped moving. The gray fog surrounded that place, so his true appearance couldn't be seen. Only a pair of pupils peered through the gray mists, releasing a chilly radiance. No pupils could be seen, only an expanse of silvery whiteness. 

The gray fog scattered. Shi Hao produced the dual pupil, but even then, he couldn't see through it. 

This creature's eyes didn't look like they contained pupils, but instead shot out like blades. There were no human emotions, nor were there any mood fluctuations. Its entire being was ice cold like stone.

If not for him seeing that existence standing there, even if one used their divine senses to perceive it, one would overlook it. It was because it didn't display the characteristics of life, unable to feel a hint of blood energy from him. 

"Who are you?" Shi Hao asked. He didn't understand these strange changes. Even though he felt some apprehension, he still wanted to understand what exactly was going on. 

"Be careful, he is the monster that will destroy you dao foundation! It's over… another tragedy has happened, this trial cannot be passed…" The Void Sky Divine Vine said with a trembling voice, its body shaking all over. 

"What kind of nonsense are you spouting!" The Divine Striking Stone berated. 

Gray mists pervaded the air. This person seemed like a demonic god from the underworld, standing there like a mountain. The pressure was so great it was hard for one to even breathe. 

He didn't say anything, nor did he display any reaction. The only thing that changed was that its eyes became more terrifying, staring at Shi Hao. It was like an ice cold boulder, as well as like a wild beast. 

"Five Crown King passed the first ominous event, don't tell me that I can't even do that?" Shi Hao said. He gave the Divine Striking Stone, and Void Sky Divine Vine a look, reassuring them.

"It's different, this time, it's extremely dangerous, a monster with a true form…" The Void Sky Divine Vine wanted to flee and leave this place, never to look back after doing so. 

There were no sounds, no breathing. The humanoid figure in the gray mist was incomparably apathetic, no fluctuation of life could be sensed from it. However, there was still an intimidating pressure. 


It moved. The instant its right arm moved, a portion of the gray mists were scattered, revealing its weapon. It was an ancient spear that carried mottled green copper rust. It was filled with the aura of time. 

Shi Hao stared at that spear, his mind shaken. This was definitely an ancient weapon. It seemed to have existed far longer than any artifact he had seen before, as if it had existed forever since the ancient times.


That person's arm moved. The bronze spear released a metallic sound, as if it rang over from when the heavens were opened, as if the river of time was agitated. 

In that instant, Shi Hao's entire body went rigid, his fine hairs standing on end. This was a reaction towards great danger, as well as a vigilance against the most powerful enemies. This creature was extremely strange.

The void trembled. A hundred zhang out, that creature held the bronze spear in one hand, pointing it at Shi Hao. In that instant, this world seemed to be trembling. 

"Careful!" The divine stone reminded. 

"As long as it is a living creature, then it will definitely die!" Shi Hao said with a cold voice. With a qiang sound, the Void Halberd appeared in his hands. Its shining snow-white blade aimed forward. 

However, when he raised his head to look towards that lamp in the sky, his eyes still blinked. This lamp was formed from natural laws and pointed at this place, setting it as a coordinate.

It was also precisely the reason for this creature's arrival. Could everything that was happening now really be explained with normal reasoning? Was the terrifying expert that came a living being?

Regardless, there was no point in thinking further. There was only a battle from here on out!

Shi Hao, ever since he made his first public appearance, experienced many life and death battles, to the extent where he even died once, being buried in the earth, so what else was there to be scared of? This was true even if he was facing a 'strange change'. 


That creature moved, taking a step outwards. The hundred zhang distance was immediately covered. The bronze spear pierced towards the space between Shi Hao's brows, vicious and accurate.

This left Shi Hao greatly shaken up. The other party was too fast, unexpectedly matching his speed, tearing through the sky like a streak of lightning, immediately arriving before him!


He brandished the great halberd. The shining snow-white halberd's blade was like a comet covered the sky, illuminating heaven and earth. It hacked down on that spearpoint, clashing together. Earsplitting metalic sounds were released. 

At this moment, even the ancient bluestone paths were shaking. Space began to distort here, with many cracks forming. 

Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. His arm felt numb, and his ears were ringing with noise. This strike contained too much power, to the point where it was about to break his arm and make his blood energy surge. 

If this was anyone else, needless to say, their arms would all be blasted apart. This type of power was impossible to endure, exceeding the limits of this cultivation realm.


After a brief moment of great pain, Shi Hao brandished the Void Halberd, taking the initiative to attack, hacking it at the other party. The snow-white halberd blade tore across the sky, leaving behind an enormous crevice. 

This was a precious halberd crafted from the bones of a Void Beast. It's power was boundless! 

The enemy's reaction speed was extremely fast, its ability to adapt great. Its hands moved the bronze spear horizontally, intending to face it head on and fend off this attack. 


This was the most intense strike, using up both of these individuals' greatest strength. It was ferocious and tyrannical to the extreme!

An ear splitting sound tore through the air. The most dazzling radiance erupted, shaking the skies. This type of power was enough to make other deities tremble in fear. 

Shi Hao's arm was in intense pain, feeling as if it was broken. The area between his thumb and forefinger split apart. This was a contest of physical strength, the most powerful collision, yet in the end, blood trickled between his fingers. 

The other party's strength was too ferocious!

He raised his head, seeing that the other figure was also backing up, a pool of black blood on the ground. It carried a gloomy and cold aura, as well as a corrosive type of power.

He knew that the space between the other party's thumb and forefinger had split apart as well, with blood flowing from it. However, he never expected it to be black-colored blood. This was quite strange. 

It was clear that their physical prowess were equal. 

"Strange changes, towards creatures of different cultivation realms, would send out beings of different strength?" Shi Hao slightly narrowed his eyes.


Immediately afterwards, this creature moved, rushing over like an unstoppable flood. It charged over with the bronze spear, its speed extremely great. Each time it stabbed out, the void would be penetrated. It was terrifying to an unimaginable degree. 

The spearpoint never left Shi Hao's vital parts, aiming from the space between his brows down to his throat, then to his heart. That green copper spear covered in rust drew out a streak of afterimages, moving like lightning. It was domineering to the extreme. 

They fought viciously at close range, both of them moving about like lightning, fast to the point where outsiders couldn't see their figures. Only the two weapons' collisions could be heard, their clashes erupting with resplendent symbols. 

Moreover, this type of metalic ringing already linked up together, no longer separating, no delay between their clashes again. One could imagine just how great their speeds were.


Finally, following another strike, the two separated, a hundred zhang opening up between them, each side occupying their area. 

"You… are okay, right?" The Divine Striking Stone was fearful.

It was because where Shi Hao stood, the ground was covered in red blood. All of it flowed out from his hands. His arms were shaking uncontrollably, the space between his fingers split apart and dripping with blood.

"It's no bother!" Shi Hao said. 

How could he be fine? These types of collisions made his flesh feel a tremendous amount of pressure. If the strength was just a bit greater, he might have completely collapsed.

This was the most terrifying, evenly matched opponent he had ever encountered in a combat of physical prowess.

On the other side, gray mists surged. The ground was covered in blood as well, but it was black. It was rather horrifying, making one shiver inwardly upon seeing it.


Shi Hao released a roar. His body surged with golden radiance and lightning rumbled. He completely erupted with power, using his most powerful strength to take action.

He held the Void Halberd in one hand, and together with the lightning dao precious technique, he pushed his strength to the limit. His flesh and supreme secret method merged as he slaughtered his way forward to kill that existence.

The gray fog surged. That person's aura changed, becoming like a black hole, devouring everything. The fog turned a black color as if dyed by ink, making one's heart tremble. It was as if the gate to hell had been opened. 

The halberd in Shi Hao's hand was stopped by the bronze spear, while the endless lightning released by through the Lightning Emperor's precious technique slammed into the fog. This place became completely chaotic. 

Something terrifying happened. All of the lightning, the endless sea of electricity disappeared into the black fog with no hope of returning, thus disappearing. 

"What is going on?" Shi Hao was shocked. He had never encountered such a terrifying opponent before.

One had to understand that this was the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, known as one of the worlds' most powerful offensive divine abilities. Who at the same level could take it head on? Even if they did block it, how could all of the lightning be erased?


The black fog surged. It wasn't that the other creature suffered no losses. In the end, his entire being flew outwards, smashing into the other end of the bluestone path. 

However, the lightning mysteriously disappeared, not blasting through him. This was the most terrifying and sinister part.

"How could it be like this?" Shi Hao's pupils shone incomparably brilliantly. He sensed the seriousness of the situation.


He rushed over again. Lightning erupted endlessly. He urged on endless lightning, sending them hacking down on that creature again, not believing that it could still erase them completely.

Another unexpected event happened. 

On the other side,the creature was just like him, releasing lightning, but it was a black colored lightning. Its power was boundless, terrifying to the extreme. It was similar to his precious technique!

The two types of lightning clashed together, divine light surging outwards. The world was in chaos.

"How could this be?!" From the distance, even the Divine Striking Stone trembled. How could this type of opponent appear, actually stopping the Lightning Emperor's precious technique!

One side used resplendent lightning, while the other had black lightning. Both sides opposed each other with equal harshness, their powers similarly great, to the extent where even their methods of releasing their attacks were similar. 

This entire place was in disorder from the intense battle. The bluestone path was shaking, lightning roiling like seas between the two, terrifying to the extreme.

Shi Hao found it difficult to calm down. He firmly believed that the other party possessed the Lightning Emperor's precious technique just like him, proficient in this ancient forbidden secret method!

What kind of background did this existence have, to unexpectedly understand an unmatched forbidden precious technique?!


Another great collision happened. Thunder radiance erupted between the two, finally scattering a large half of the black mist. Shi Hao hurriedly glanced over, and then he revealed a look of great shock.

He could vaguely see a short spear inserted through that individual's skull. It was less than two feet in length, entering from the space between the brows and exiting from the back of the head. The spearpoint carried green rust stains, as well as a great aura of time.

"This…" His heart rose and fell greatly. How could this be? There should be no way one could survive after this type of injury! Even the primordial spirit was pierced through!

"Kill!" Shi Hao roared. He didn't cared about these sinister things anymore. He believed in his own strength, and was going to fight a decisive battle to the end.

A hong sounded. The Kun Peng's wings spread, reaching into the clouds. They swept towards the other party, erupting with unmatched power.

Following a peng sound, the creature within the black fog was blasted flying by the Kun Peng wings, smashing against the ancient path. However, he quickly crawled up again. A pair of grayish-black wings appeared, and then he slaughtered his way over with extreme speed. 

"What?!" Shi Hao's pupils rapidly shrunk, because he sensed a familiar aura. That seemed to be the Kun Peng technique, only, the Kun Peng wings carried a bit of decaying aura. 

Why was this? His heart was beating crazily.

The other party grasping the ancient Lightning Emperor precious technique might be passable as a coincidence, because this person looked extremely ancient, and it might even be the case that he was related to the Lightning Emperor. 

However, why did the Kun Peng technique appear as well?

As such, he no longer used any other precious techniques, instead using these two forbidden divine abilities to fight a great battle. Soon after, they exchanged two thousand moves. His body was dripping with blood, his body weary and strength exhausted. 

Shi Hao was now caught up in a bitter struggle of life and death. His mind was shaken, finding it hard to calm down. 

Now, he was sure that the other party grasped the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, as well as the Kun Peng technique, and its proficiency in them wasn't any bit weaker than his!

"I have to change how the way things are going!" Shi Hao's eyes became firm. He knew that he had to change things up, or else there was going to be a huge problem. 

"If I use different techniques, are you going to become proficient in all of them?" Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao moved, his entire body igniting. Bone texts interweaved, shining with great brilliance. 

Every single precious technique he had ever studied appeared, all of them released at this moment. They swept outwards, slaughtering towards this person.

When the Reincarnation technique appeared, a wave of decaying aura spread from the other party's body. Then, the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, Kun Peng technique, Nine Heavens Calamity Light, and others were all displayed… 


This time, the creature in the black fog was blasted flying, his flesh cracking apart after taking on this unfathomable attack.


Shi Hao rushed over with the Void Halberd in hand, delivering a follow up attack!

During this process, he was horrified, because he discovered that the Reincarnation technique's symbols unexpectedly appeared on the other party's body as well. This was simply unimaginable. 

"Accept death!" 

His actions were fast. The lightning wings, Kun Peng wings, Earth to Inches great divine ability, all three combined together. This was a speed that transcended the limit!



The dazzling sharp halberd blade hacked down the moment the other party's bone texts lit up, piercing through that person's chest, nailing him to the ground. 

At the same time, the black fog was scattered. Shi Hao saw his true appearance.

In that instant, his eyes widened, his body trembling. His eyes released blazing radiance, as if they were burning. Even his heart was trembling. He was shaken too badly. 

This person's appearance was too similar to his, only, his hair was ash-colored, a bit aged, like his own self in the future. 

"How could it be like this?!" Shi Hao roared.

The clothes this person wore were similar to the Immortal Ancient clothing the bone books recorded. Meanwhile, the short spear that pierced through his brows was too ancient, covered in rust. 

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