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Chapter 828 - An Exceptional Talent Deity

"Those that have spoken to me like that are all dead." The silver-robed youngster said.

His stature wasn't all that tall, but he had a heroic air around him. His expression was calm, not showing any fear. He didn't seem to attach much importance to the opponent in front of him. 

"His name is Luo Dao, originating from Scarlet Province. He has a Sparrow Bone bone Sword that is rumored to be his exceptional expert bone as well. When the sword radiance is released, there is nothing it can't stop. He has killed deities before even while in the Supreme Expert Realm." Hong Huang secretly said to Shi Hao to remind him. 

An exceptional talent, moreover one with such great battle successes, one who overlooked several provinces and now already become a deity. This was definitely one of the most dangerous creatures within the current Immortal Ancient. 

Exceptional talents were heaven warping and unmatched to begin with. Even if a group of people surrounded them and tried to defeat them with numbers, they would all still just be sending themselves to death, let alone an exceptional talent that had now become a deity. This individual was definitely terrifying. 

Shi Hao looked towards the silver robed youngster and said, "Who do you think you are? Just an exceptional talent, yet still dare to act so overbearing. Do you feel like you can overlook everyone under the heavens already?"

"From a certain perspective, towards people like you, I can definitely show contempt." The silver robed youngster Luo Dao said calmly.

"Same rules. Kill him, and then the two of us will split everything fifty fifty." In the rear, a blue clothed youth walked over, and even his eyes were blue. There was a hazy blue aura around his body as well. 

His blood and energy were like a sea. Along with his steps, this entire world seemed to be moving in response, rumbling about. This heaven and earth seemed to harmonize with his existence, releasing dao sounds. 

This was definitely a result of his dao being profound, magical force purified, and embodiment of his aptitude strengthening. As he walked over, his footsteps merged with heaven and earth. There was a vague feeling of oneness with heaven and humanity. 

This type of person was definitely an outstanding talent of a clan, one of the most powerful individuals. In the future, he would rule over a clan. 

"And who are you?" Shi Hao's eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"Lan Yichen." The youth said, his eyes carrying ridicule as he looked at Shi Hao. He walked over calmly, about to obtain a stalk of divine medicine just like that, making a brilliant smile appear on his face. 

It was because the formation here was extremely formidable, difficult to break through, yet someone helped them break it. 

This type of waiting in the rear, stepping out at the crucial moment, and then easily picking the peach left him with an extremely good feeling.

"He… is actually Lan Yichen." Hong Huang was shocked. She quickly told Shi Hao about this person's history.

This clan was extremely unordinary, originating from Blue Gold Mountain Range, a small clan that was formed after a type of essence gold developed a spirit. Even though their clan didn't have many members, every single person that walked out was exceptionally terrifying. 

Meanwhile, this Lan Yichen was precisely the clan's most well-known youth who had been unstoppable in his region, defeating all experts in his path. When he was a supreme expert, he was known as the most powerful of a province. 

In the distance, there were a few other experts that had turned into deities, arriving after hearing the disturbance. Right now, some people recognized them, and they couldn't help but back up.

One exceptional talent was enough to overlook the crowd and rule over a region, definitely someone who was powerful and unmatched. Even if many experts at the same cultivation realm came, it still wouldn't do anything. 

Yet now, two of them were joining hands like this, so how were they supposed to even fight? There wasn't even half a percent chance of success!

None of them expected that two great experts would come together like this. They would definitely sweep through everything around them, with no enemies who could match them.

Hong Huang's expression had long changed. She tugged on a corner of Shi Hao's clothes, telling him that if he couldn't do it, then he should hurry and escape. Otherwise, it would be extremely dangerous. 

"Then this means that today, I've encountered two experts that rank at least in the top ten thousand." Shi Hao said. He was still extremely calm, not showing any fear.

When Lan Yichen heard this, his smile immediately became cold. He had been the most powerful supreme expert of a province, and there were only three thousand provinces, yet he was actually being ranked as someone in the top ten thousand. 

"The higher realms are so large, geniuses numbering so many. Don't act so self-confident." Shi Hao said. 

"Interesting. Already beyond dead, yet you still don't realize it." Lan Yichen revealed a faint smile, and then he looked towards the silver robed youth. "This time, you should take action first." 

The silver robed youngster Luo Dao walked forward step by step. He looked at Shi Hao and said, "I'll give you two a chance. If you bow down and serve me, I'll spare your lives." 

"Are you going to keep them just to burden us?" Lan Yichen curled his lips. 

"Leave them alive to break formations. We'll have a use for them in the future." The silver-robed youngster Luo Dao said. 

Formation masters normally speaking didn't have cultivation levels too great, but in Immortal Ancient, they might display tremendous use, because there were definitely more than just these historical remains. 

"Youngster, are you looking for death?" The Divine Striking Stone clamored. It had long become fed up with these two, feeling incredibly angry. 

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely submit to this humiliation. Even the young outstanding talent of a clan would likely have to endure it. It was because there were two great young kings here. 

However, regardless of whether it was the Divine Striking Stone or Shi Hao, they were full of explosive tempers here. How could they allow the enemy to suppress them like this?

"Leave behind that weird stone monster, kill the male." Lan Yichen spoke, his face becoming cold. 

The silver robed youngster nodded. He was extremely indifferent. Then, he gave Hong Huang a look, saying, "I recognize you, Blood Phoenix's descendent, the noble lady of a region. You can follow behind me."

The two before them, one was an exceptional talent, while the other had a similar level of combat strength. They were confident in their strength, which was why they acted so domineeringly, picking up peaches halfway. They truly had enough power to back their confidence. 

Shi Hao looked at them with a calm expression, not looking down on them, but not showing fear either, just treating them with an ordinary expression. He walked forward step by step to meet his enemy head on!

This invasion of others was all within their expectations. It was because the night before, him and Hong Huang stirred up the formation, causing sword energy to overflow into the heavens. This would inevitably startle many people. 

However, he was without fear. He already become a deity, and as such, had the confidence to defeat all enemies. 

"All of you, get out of here. Don't be an irksome presence here." Lan Yicheng shouted coldly to those behind him. After witnessing a display of intimidation, many experts were shocked into retreating, not daring to stay too close. 

Even though the divine vine was tempting, they still needed to be alive to reap its benefits. With two exceptional talents joining hands, stopping them there, who would carelessly rush forward? That was just courting death.

"Do you two want to come up together, or do you want to take turns?" Shi Hao said indifferently.

When these words sounded, not only were those in the distance shocked, even the two great exceptional talents were stupefied. Their eyes then became deep. 

"Even a formation master has this type of confidence. Could it be that you believe you can quickly arrange a killing formation here? Lan Yichen said coldly.

The silver robed youth Luo Dao's pupils released brilliant light as he looked at Shi Hao, sensing an unordinary blood energy within him. However, he also sensed that his divine flame baptism wasn't complete, with a few portions brilliant and a few other places dim. 

This was because Shi Hao had been burned by a hundred and eight types of great dao flames that scattered to a hundred and eight different locations. He could be considered to have become a deity, but it was indeed not perfect. A few areas hadn't undergone the baptism yet. 

"Someone whose divine transformation can't even be considered complete still dares to talk to me with that type of attitude? Are the ways of the world truly changing?" The silver robed youngster said. 

He had long noticed the state of Shi Hao's body from afar, so he wasn't worried. These types of people were just too easy to kill.

"Hurry up and take action already. Picking the divine medicine is a pressing matter. I want to find a place to refine it soon. Our cultivation will be increased, and we can obtain great natural luck." Lan Yichen urged from the rear. 

The silver robed youth Luo Dao erupted with terrifying energy. A layer of symbol armor appeared over his body, a reflection of his great power after becoming a deity. Bone texts interweaved, protecting his body. 

He stared at Shi Hao, his words ruthless. "Surrender or die. Choose!" 

"Get lost!" Shi Hao only had these words. He then raised his fist, slamming it over murderously. 

"En?" From behind, Lan Yichen was shocked. He discovered that this youth whose divinity was not complete, his body still having some areas where the light was dim suddenly erupted with heaven overflowing blood energy. 

This result even made him shocked. The spiritual essence was too exuberant, divine force berserk. This was definitely an exceptional talent who wasn't weaker than them. They had made an error in judgment.

Shi Hao didn't use the magical immunity ability. Now, he could control it even better, choosing whether he wanted to activate it or not. He wanted to clash head on with his enemies to defeat them. 


This place erupted, magical force surging. The silver robed youth released a long roar, doing everything he could to stir up his battle energy and fight Shi Hao.

Peng peng…

This was a collision of symbols, as well as a confrontation of magical force. It was as if fireworks blossomed in the void one after another, shining with incredible brilliance. 

In that instant, the two of their precious techniques clashed several dozen times. It was incomparably ferocious. In the end, the silver robed youth backed up, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his expression pale.

In the distance, the crowd was stunned. How could this youth who looked completely harmless be so powerful? He forced back an exceptional talent!

Lan Yicheng saw what had happened clearly. His face fell greatly. He truly made an error in judgment this time, believing that a formation master wouldn't be all that powerful. In the end, he was actually this vicious. He wasn't in a rush to join in the battle and provide assistance, instead still observing the battle from the rear. 

Luo Dao's eyes were deep, producing two streaks of light as they stared at Shi Hao. He knew that things would be extremely troublesome this time. He didn't encounter an ordinary person, but an exceptional talent.


Luo Dao moved. His right arm shone, becoming incomparably brilliant. Then, from his palm, a short point appeared that was sparkling like a blood diamond. 

This was a sword that was less than a meter in length. It was bright red and glistening, as if it was carved from blood jade, incredibly holy. However, it was extremely sharp as well.

"Exceptional talent precious technique, Sparrow Bone Sword!" Someone cried out in alarm.

Luo Dao had the bloodline of the Vermilion Bird within him, and this Sparrow Bone Sword was rumored to be innately born. It was terrifying and unmatched, able to kill deities even when he was at the Supreme Expert Realm!


Luo Dao shot over like an arrow that left a bowstring, rapidly rushing over with the Sparrow Bone Sword in his hands. Streak after, streaks of scarlet radiance were released that shone with dazzling brilliance. He clashed with Shi Hao again.

In addition, indistinct blood colored wings appeared behind him, increasing his speed to the extreme. He attacked while moving around Shi Hao, piercing over with the sword again and again. 

Shi Hao frowned slightly. He didn't feel fear, but rather a rather strange feeling. That sword was extremely special, to the extent where he really couldn't lightly make contact with it. He felt like even a true deity would die if they were pierced by it.

In the blink of an eye, the two individuals' figures continuously swapped positions. Luo Dao released over a hundred strikes, but still wasn't able to hit Shi Hao with any of them.

"Accept death!"

Suddenly, Luo Dao's aura changed greatly. The power of the sword became mountainous, and its speed slowed. It was as if the entire world was crushing down onto Shi Hao.

He thrusted down again and again. Even though it wasn't fast, scarlet radiance shocked the heavens!


When the two of them clashed again, he erupted with the most ferocious sword energy to fight to the death. 


Shi Hao's eyes became cold, no longer observing that sword. He erupted with divine might, also starting his offense.


Heaven and earth trembled. This sword hacked apart all of Shi Hao's magical force symbols, brushing past his body as it moved, almost landing. 

Luo Dao felt rather regretful. This sword would prove fatal even if it were to cut the skin of a true deity, it was strange and sinister, but it didn't hit his target, missing the opportunity.

However, right now, the moment the two intersected, his hair suddenly shone, becoming blood red and erupting with power. They immediately wrapped towards Shi Hao, symbols rushing into the heavens. 

This was too sudden. No one expected his hair to be so terrifying, the symbol light it erupted with making even many individuals who became deities tremble with fear. 

"This is… the exceptional talent precious technique!" Even Lan Yichen in the rear was shocked.

Shi Hao quickly moved to the side, but his arm was still wrapped around. This hair was exceptionally terrifying. After binding around his flesh, there were a few areas that began to bleed.

"Turns out it is like this!" He knew that this Luo Dao was extremely sinister. In the outside world, the rumor was that he had an innate Sparrow Bone Sword, but that was only done intentionally to mislead others from the truth. That was a powerful secret treasure his master bestowed onto him, while his true innate divine ability rested in his hair. 

Luo Dao roared loudly. his entire body shone, and his hair especially erupted with radiance, shining even more brilliant than a sun. The symbols were so resplendent it made others tremble inwardly. 

The hair wrapped crazily around Shi Hao, sucking away at Shi Hao's divine force as it reigned in his flesh. 

In addition, he brandished that Sparrow Bone Sword, about to hack apart Shi Hao who was wrapped within the hair. Scarlet radiance erupted, its edge incredibly sharp. 

"This is the result of you seeking your own death." Shi Hao said softly. He didn't feel fear. His entire body shone, and then the Reincarnation Technique was used, moving through the other party's hair, all of it landing on the other party's body.

If it was an intense battle, when he used this precious technique, the other party could still evade. However now, he couldn't retreat even if he wanted to. 

This was a battle of exceptional experts' precious techniques, the most intense collision.


Immediately afterwards, Luo Dao raised his head towards the heavens and screamed. The changes were too fast! The radiance in his hair became dim, the symbols withering away. It was as if he immediately aged ten thousand years.

White hair covered his head, his life force declining to the extreme. His face was covered in wrinkles; it was as if he had reached the end of his life, becoming completely powerless. His arms hung down at his sides, unable to even raise his head. 

Luo Dao fell onto the ground, the hair separating itself from Shi Hao's arm.

This scene left everyone shocked!

Shi Hao walked forward, closing in on him step by step. He stepped on his body, and then he looked down before saying, "Surrender or death. Choose!"

Then, he raised his head to look towards Lan Yichen, saying, "I am lacking two servants. You, choose from these two options as well."

This place became dead silent. Even someone as powerful as an exceptional talent was trampled under his foot. How could this not make one tremble with fear?

In the outside world, the cultivators of all sects were stupefied. This was his supreme being precious technique? It carried the power of time, able to seize the life force of another. It was just too terrifying!

Everyone became alarmed. This was the first time they saw him use the Reincarnation Technique in the higher realms!

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