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Chapter 827 - Void Sky Divine Vine

What was that? Where did this woman and turtle come from? How could there be such a rich medicinal fragrance?

Shi Hao took a deep breath. His injuries seemed to have become a bit better. It was as if a wave of warmth entered his body, making him feel extremely comfortable, as if he was going to float into the air and ascend. 

Under the blood moon, the remains were cold and cheerless. However, the woman and turtle were too eye catching, snow white and sparkling. 

"So small. What kind of race is this?" Hong Huang cried out in amazement. 

That tortoise could still be considered normal. It was the size of a palm, snow white and sparkling. Its tortoiseshell was covered in vein lines, as if it was produced from natural dao laws. Meanwhile, the being on its back was also only palm sized, fine and petite, sparkling with brilliance. 

The woman was extremely small, clad in white clothes. Silver hair covered her head, but she was clearly an adult, because her body was undulating with curves. If she was enlarged, she would definitely be an exceptional beauty. 

A singing voice could be heard, seemingly sung by that woman. The voice was gentle and melodious, pleasant to the ear. It was like an immortal voice from the nine heavens that sprinkled down into the hearts of man. 

"Why is there medicinal fragrance around them?" Shi Hao said softly, his eyes flickering with radiance.

Hong Huang frowned, and then she widened her beautiful eyes, becoming incredibly moved. "This… could this be the legendary unmatched divine precious medicine?"

She was extremely excited, her fine face becoming rosy due to the great emotions she was feeling. Her large eyes were brilliant as she grabbed Shi Hao's hand, saying, "We're rich! We obtained a heaven defying natural luck!"

The bone books had similar things recorded. There were some divine medicines, which when they were old enough, would develop intelligence, turning into various small creatures that could move through mountains and rivers. 

This was an unmatched great medicine that transcended holy medicines! 

"Don't be so agitated and calm yourself down." Shi Hao felt like something wasn't right, because he could vaguely sense a bit of enticement within that voice that drew one closer. 

Was this the manifestation of a stalk of medicine?

He had seen the first spiritual root of the higher realms that was planted in the lower realms. That stalk had indeed formed a small figure, extremely mysterious, rumored to be something that had been brought out from the uninhabited region.

Only, how could they discover something of the same level so easily?

Shi Hao wasn't too convinced. 

He widened his eyes, and then indistinct symbols appeared in his pupils. This was the initial step of the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, about to open. It greatly increased his sight prowess.

In that instant, what he saw changed. The snow white tortoise and the moving, exquisite woman disappeared. Even the medicinal fragrance became a bit more faint. 

"It shouldn't be fake. I remembered that there were people who dug up some records from Immortal Ancient ruins, stating that there was a stalk of medicine that could turn into a white tortoise and mysterious woman." Hong Huang said. She felt even happier and more excited. 

Shi Hao didn't reply, becoming a bit more serious. He then brought out the dual pupil to inspect it carefully. Sure enough, that woman and tortoise both disappeared.

Then, he walked around the ruins to observe this place. 

"En, there are great formations protecting this place. It can't be seen from other angles, a corner of it only visible here." Shi Hao frowned.

Suddenly, he seized a bit of silver radiance under some plants that was releasing warm radiance. That was also the source of the sweet scent. 

Shi Hao looked pensively, the indistinct symbols in his pupils condensing, carefully observing that area. He also used the dual-pupil to observe that place. 

"It's this thing that is creating an illusion, drawing people to break the formation, a stalk of divine medicine!" Shi Hao was sure that there was something good inside. That was a stalk of world shocking precious medicine. 

However, it couldn't truly take form, only able to create this mirage. 

"What are you talking about?" Hong Huang was confused. 

Shi Hao spoke about what he saw, leaving her stunned. Her eyes were actually deceived? However, soon after, she became excited again, saying, "That might be the Void Sky Divine Vine."

It was definitely a stalk of divine medicine. It was clearly recorded in bone books that it was known to be able to treat any types of injuries, no matter how severe they were, how close one was to death, and it could even advance one's dao. 

At the same time, it could produce a scene of fantasy to tempt others into picking it. 

The reason its name carried the character 'Void' was precisely because of this. There was a sinister type of power. 

This stalk of divine medicine was comparable to Goddess Academy's Tribulation Crossing Divine Lotus, rarely seen in the world, precious enough to make heavenly deities go mad and sect masters to take great action. It could decide the fate of a sect for thousands of eras to come. 

"We definitely have to pick it." Hong Huang said excitedly. There were so many great sects in the higher realms, yet how many of them had this type of heaven defying great medicine?

She never expected to see one in these Immortal Ancient ruins!

"We naturally can't leave it here, and who knows, it might have seen that ancient divine medicine that could produce a white tortoise and fairy." Shi Hao said. 

Since the Void Sky Divine Vine produced the snow white clothed woman and tortoise, then that meant it might have seen it, thus producing this type of void scene. 

"No wonder those people were pursuing me, set on killing me. Turns out there are these types of strange things here, with an unmatched stalk of divine medicine here!" Hong Huang pouted, feeling rather angry.

At the same time, she warned Shi Hao to be careful. This place had a few ruined formations, and she herself almost encountered danger when she was picking that holy medicine. 

Shi Hao nodded. He naturally noticed that the center of the ruins was extremely dangerous, protected by a great formation. Normal people definitely couldn't enter. 

The blood moon hung in the sky, the earth below extremely hazy. 

The two were extremely careful as they walked towards the ruins. As soon as they approached, the surrounding scenery immediately changed. This place became quite a bit larger, and an abandoned courtyard came into view. 

As for the building, it had long collapsed. Even the rubble was about to break down into nothingness. 

Hong Huang told him that it was precisely here where she picked the holy medicine. Sure enough, there was still a shallow hole there, the soil moist. 

"Yi, this place is divided into several regions."

When they continued forward, the space around them changed again, and they smelled a medicinal fragrance. There were a few spiritual medicines here, taking root on these ruins. 

"Their holy medicines… were plucked from here." Hong Huang pointed at two holes in the earth that were dug up not too long ago. 

Meanwhile, there were over ten corpses here, all of them belonging to Underworld Clan.

They proceeded carefully, entering the third region. There were unexpectedly a few broken wall remains, the buildings not completely disappearing. There was even a palace left.

Of course, it had long cracked apart, no longer having its former glory. In addition, the inside of the palace was completely vacant without anything inside. 

"Holy medicine!"

Shi Hao's eyes shone, unexpectedly finding a stalk growing within a damaged formation. It was incomparably brilliant, surging with golden multicolored radiance that looked like clouds. 

"Truly a great natural luck." Shi Hao's body moved, crossing over the formation and picking a stalk of golden grass that had turned into into a holy medicine. His body was even dyed a golden color. 

Suddenly, symbol light shone, and heaven reaching sword radiance hacked outwards. Shi Hao hurriedly shifted outwards, using lightning to block it as well.

Despite this being the case, a streak of blood still appeared on his shoulder, his head almost removed in this process. It was extremely, extremely dangerous.

Hong Huang's face turned pale, crying out. 

Shi Hao also broke out with cold sweat. He originally thought that he had avoided this damaged formation, but he never expected that the moment he picked the holy medicine, he would still make contact with the formation, almost dying here.

"This power is enough to kill a heavenly deity!" Shi Hao's expression became ugly. He made it out by a fluke. Just now, he was already extremely careful, yet he still almost threw his life away. 

Things weren't looking too good. The further in one headed, the more dangerous it became. If they wanted to pick that legendary Void Sky Divine Vine, then the difficulty really would be high. 

"Let's go, we need to be careful." 

The fourth region was even more spacious, however, there weren't many buildings, and not even rubble could be seen. There was only sand everywhere, golden and dazzling. Not a blade of grass grew here.

"There is a fragrance, the fragrance of a holy medicine!"

Shi Hao's nose was extremely sharp, immediately catching this scent. He knew that if not for a damaged formation sealing it, the fragrance would definitely soar into the heavens, travelling several tens of li outwards. 

"Desert Silver!"

Desert Silver would normally only appear in deserts, the main reason being that it was too good at absorbing spiritual essence, able to turn fertile spiritual earth into desolate areas, and then ultimately into a desert.

This time, Shi Hao directly produced a spiritual body to pick the medicine. As a result, he once again encountered a disaster, but once again narrowly avoided the attack. It was getting more and more dangerous. 

After walking through this place, they finally reached the fifth, as well as the final region. There were stone pillars, stone tables, jade spades, and ruined jade baskets. 

This was a medicinal field after all. The soil was covered in a layer of faint gold, releasing precious radiance. Even through endless years had passed, it still possessed spirituality, able to support the growth of precious medicines.

Hong Huang seemed to have lost herself. She couldn't help but want to step out, but she was pulled back by Shi Hao. 

"You are just offering yourself as a blood sacrifice to these formations!" Shi Hao said seriously. 

Hong Huang woke up. She accepted the dual pupil from Shi Hao's hands and carefully looked around. All of the illusions disappeared, and the divine medicine she saw just now disappeared.

"The Void Sky Divine Vine is formidable as expected!" She felt some restraining fear. If not for Shi Hao, just now, she would have most likely died to a stalk of divine medicine.

Sure enough, it was like how the legends recorded. The strange abilities of this rare divine medicine could confuse powerful cultivators. 

They carefully looked around here, and then they finally found a vine hidden in the corner of a medicinal field. It was only a meter long, the size of a thumb, but it was exceptionally snow-white, sparkling with beauty. It was like a masterpiece of the heavens. 

It looked like a horned dragon as it wound about the ground, only, this horned dragon lookalike had a few extra snow white leaves. A wave of fragrance wafted over.

It was clear that this divine medicine had a spirit, purposely hiding here. 

Meanwhile, at this moment, it sensed that it didn't fool these two, so it no longer hid itself, extending its vine stem. It immediately erupted with resplendent silver radiance, becoming like a snow white sun. A horned dragon coiled within. 

This type of scene was extremely shocking. The medicinal fragrance immediately became richer as well, making one's pores relax, their bodies feeling as if they were going to float upwards. 

"It has been trapped here for many years, hoping that someone would die to these formations so that it could escape." Hong Huang said. 

Divine medicines like these, if they weren't sealed, they might not be capable of flight, but its ability to escape through the earth would definitely be excellent. It would free itself from this place, and from then on, it would be extremely difficult to capture.

Shi Hao carefully gave it a try, and then immediately, a terrifying streak of radiance shot out, brushing past their scalps as it flew over, flattening an expanse of mountain peaks in the distance. 

This made the two of them gasp, both of their expressions changing. This was definitely powerful enough to kill heavenly deities!

In addition, the formation here was preserved comparatively well, the damage not too severe. This made it difficult for them to do anything. 

"We'll retreat for now. There is nothing we can do about this stalk of medicine. The formation is too powerful." Shi Hao said. Even though divine matter was precious, one had to keep their life to enjoy it.

"Truly a pity." Hong Huang looked at it, feeling great reluctance. One has to understand that not even the great sects whose names shook the three thousand realms had this type of divine medicine.

Inheritances like Goddess Academy who had a Tribulation Crossing Divine Lotus were truly rare. If this stalk of medicine appeared in the outside world, it would definitely trigger a shocking battle. Many sect masters would fight over it.

Right now, in the outside world.

It wasn't just the eyes of the disciples from various sects that were red, their mouths breathing rapidly, even those giants' eyes became brilliant, staring endlessly in that direction. 

This truly was a great natural luck. Unfortunately, they couldn't go inside, unable to seize it.

"It's going to be given up on just like that?" When they left, Hong Huang asked. 

"I'll go look for helpers to break the formation." Shi Hao said. He needed this Void Sky Divine Vine quite badly. His unique path, whether he might be able to continue walking it, might rest entirely on if he could obtain this unmatched divine medicine or not. 

It was because when he ignited the hundred and eight flames on the bluestone paths, he already almost burned himself to ruin, obtaining life from near death. If all three thousand paths were ignited, then how terrifying would that be? The chances of him dying right there, turning into ashes was really high. 

He needed an exceptional divine medicine as a life replenisher. That way, he might not necessarily die a miserable death while refining himself with the great dao on the three thousand ancient paths. 

"You have helpers?" Hong Huang was shocked. 

"En, you should go into hiding and not expose yourself. There might be others who will rush over after seeing the disturbance just now." Shi Hao said.

Then, they separated. 

Shi Hao disappeared as fast as lightning to look for helpers. 

He turned into a hazy streak of afterimages, avoiding everyone, silently returning to the three thousand bluestone paths. Hidden deeply in a corner, he woke up the Divine Striking Stone.

There was also the Emperor Butterfly. 

After the Divine Striking Stone devoured the Heaven's Mandate Stone and Origin Stone, it had always been sleeping, because it was doing its utmost to digest those things. 

As for the Emperor Butterfly, if there was nothing important to tend to, it would just sleep.

When Shi Hao was comprehending the dao, he placed them in this innermost corner to avoid bringing harm to them.

Entering Immortal Ancient wasn't that difficult for them. Unless the weapons that were brought in were too formidable, exceeding the limit, a pet, a small creature or other things weren't problems. They could enter. 

"What? There is a divine medicine within historical remains?" The Divine Striking Stone was shocked, and then it said, "What does that have to do with me? It's not like I can eat medicine."

When Shi Hao heard this, without uttering another word, he began to give it a vicious beating. 

"Aiyou… don't hit me anymore, I'm going to break! Breaking a formation for you isn't a problem at all, as long as you give all of the remaining Origin Stones to me." Even though it had eaten more than it could handle, it was still extremely greedy. 

Soon after, Shi Hao brought the Divine Striking Stone and the Emperor Butterfly back, entering that small world.

"I have to obtain it!" Shi Hao said. This was related to whether he could travel on his own path, transcending those before him.

"Leave it to me. Normal formations are just trifling things for me, not even a big deal." The Divine Striking Stone boasted. 

When he came back, Shi Hao met Hong Huang again. She told him rather urgently that there were quite a few people that rushed over after all, among them great formation masters. All of them had rushed in.

Shi Hao's mind jumped. As expected, there were many people inside, and there were still more hurrying over from the distance. 

The main reason was because they had stirred up the formation just now, causing multicolored divine light to rush into the heavens, creating quite a disturbance. 

"It's fine. This type of formation won't break so quickly. Let them send themselves to death." The Divine Striking Stone said.

Hong Huang was stunned. She looked at this talking stone, inwardly cursing. This was Shi Hao's helper? It was a bit unreasonable.

The Divine Striking Stone was calm, appearing rather confident. 

They entered, directly reaching the fifth region.

As a result, as soon as they entered, they smelled a pungent reeking of blood. Several dozen people already died miserably, and a few others were pacing around the formation, their faces pale.

In the end, they released a loud cry. One of them turned around to leave, departing from this place. There are others who entered the formation and ended up being chopped into bloody paste. 

It was clear that just now, someone successfully broke through the illusion, thus escaping. The remaining people threw themselves at it like moths to a flame, thus offering themselves as blood sacrifices to the formation.

"Can you break it?" Shi Hao's expression was grave. 

"I've seen this type of formation diagram before. It is a bit difficult, but I can give it a try. Only, that stalk of medicine inside is quite strange, continuously drawing people over as blood sacrifices. This might make the formation stronger, or it might cause it to collapse, an unknown variable."

"Then it's better to give it a try sooner rather than later." Shi Hao said. He didn't want anything unexpected to happen. He had to obtain that Void Sky Divine Vine.

"Alright. After I succeed, give me all of the Origin Stone!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"No problem!" Shi Hao nodded in agreement. 

Just like that, the Divine Striking Stone began to break the formation. After thinking for a bit, it would then take some action, continuously clearing up the hindrances before them, continuing their way forward like that. 

When the blood moon rose, the Divine Striking Stone was still slowly progressing, breaking the formation with difficulty. There were a few accidents in the beginning, and if not for the Origin Stone it ate being sturdy enough, it would have been blasted apart.

Shi Hao was quite worried, following behind it in protection. 

This continued all the way until noon then next day. The Divine Striking Stone released a breath of air and said, "It's about done, finally broke through the patterns. Should be able to enter now."

"Good!" Shi Hao was extremely happy.

"Since that is the case, you all can get lost!" Right at this time, a cold voice sounded from behind them. 

A silver robed youngster stood behind them, his expression calm as he looked at them. His body was swirling with holy radiance, sharp eyebrows and bright eyes resting on his face. He possessed extraordinary divine heroicness!

Shi Hao turned around to look at him. His face fell, saying, "You want to pick peaches halfway, steal my dao fruit? You won't be able to get lost even if you want to now!"

"He is an exceptional talent!" Hong Huang reminded, her expression a bit unpleasant. She clearly recognized this person, knowing that his magical force was world shocking, possessing heaven warping aptitude.

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