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Chapter 829 - Success


A streak of blue light rushed through the sky, wishing to escape.

However, Shi Hao was even faster. He first trampled his foot down, making the silver robed exceptional talent Luo Dao cough out large amounts of blood and stopping him from moving, and then he rushed afterwards in pursuit.


A flash of light streaked across the air. The Kun Peng's extreme speed, together with the Earth to Inches great precious technique, allowed him to leap across, cutting off Lan Yichen. He looked at this individual coldly. 

"Surrender or death." His voice wasn't great, but in everyone's ears, it sounded like thunder. He was going to turn two exceptional talents into servants! What kind of domineeringness was this?

Below, the Divine Striking Stone shone, immediately becoming larger, crushing down on the silver robed exceptional talent's body like a great mountain, deathly nailing him to the ground.

In the sky, Lan Yichen's face was overcast. How could a glorious exceptional talent surrender? However, he felt like he was likely not this individual's opponent. If they fought head on like this, he might die.


Shi Hao didn't give him time to think. He directly took action, erupting with tyrannical power. Holy radiance flooded outwards, making the void cave in.

Not surrendering meant death. He didn't hesitate and attacked with full power!

Lan Yichen's face fell. He activated his precious technique to face this attack head on. There was no way he would just stand there and be resigned to his fate. A streak of blue gold light flew out, turning into divine swords one after another, hacking towards Shi Hao. 

He was formed from essence gold, and as such, his body possessed a metal killing aura, able to transform as he wished, producing countless weapons.

Dang dang…

However, what made Lan Yichen's face fall was that all of the powerful divine swords were broken by Shi Hao's palm. Sparks flew everywhere. 

Lan Yichen retreated backwards, and then opened his mouth, releasing a roar. Scorching metal liquid appeared. He summoned the metal within the mountains and rivers, causing it all to rush out from the surface of the earth. 

This type of scene was extremely shocking. Blood red magma turned into all types of weapons, and while accompanied in symbols, they covered heaven and earth, endless like a heaven overflowing sea. 

Everyone became horrified. This type of attack method was terrifying after all. The world's metal element seemed to obey his command, all of them producing bone texts, turning into weapons that slaughtered towards the enemy. 

It was a seemingly inexhaustible supply. The world was his blade army. There was endless metal everywhere, killing energy overflowing into the heavens. 

Shi Hao was stunned. He watched everything carefully. When one grapsed an element to this state, there were actually these types of methods. He was amazed. 

However, he didn't feel fear. Each time his fist was released, metal liquid would splash in all directions. However, the scorching liquid wasn't able to burn his body. He looked incomparably heroic, just like a war immortal that had descended into this world. 


Waves rushed into the skies, scarlet like blood. It was as if the magma underneath the earth completely erupted, rushing into the skies from volcanoes. 

In reality, this was all metal liquid, but they had powerful symbols within them, turning them into a great sea that engulfed the world, surrounding Shi Hao. 

During this process, Lan Yichen merged with the metal liquid, hiding himself and taking action in secret. He felt like even though he was no match, he could still run. 

Everyone's eyes dazzled as they watched these two fight viciously.

"You only have this much skill?" Shi Hao said. From his body, electric radiance erupted, cackling with pi pa sounds. Then, endless lightning descended from the heavens.

In that instant, it was as if starry streams descended from the ninth heaven. All types of electrical arcs danced about, entering the metallic liquid, making this place explode!

The lightning erupted within the sea of metal, flourishing with power.

Lan Yichen released a groan, immediately blasted flying as a result. The expression on his face was not good. This type of unmatched lightning dao precious technique rigidly suppressed him, completely dealing with his essence metal attribute.

The world became calm. He no longer urged on metal, instead directly rushing at Shi Hao to carry out a close combat struggle. 

Even though he knew that he was likely not a match, he still wasn't willing to resign himself to this fate. Instead, he used his most powerful characteristics, using his metal body to fight in close combat.


It was as if metal was being forged between heaven and earth, as if divine thunder roared downwards. It was absolutely deafening, just too loud. 

The two individuals' fists collided. Shi Hao's palms and fingers were unharmed, shining with precious splendor that was shocking to the extreme.

Lan Yichen's body trembled greatly, his face full of disbelief. How powerful was this youth's flesh? It even made his metal attribute divine body deform and feel great pain.

"Kill!" He roared angrily, fighting a great battle against Shi Hao. He refused to believe that the other party's flesh was more formidable than himself as a being of metal. 

Dang, dang...

Metallic sounds rang through the air again and again, penetrating metal and splitting stones, making everyone feel as if their eardrums were going to burst. It was terrifying and astonishing. As the two fought in the air, ripples were blasted out again and again.

Those ripples spread outwards, the fluctuations reaching the distant mountain peaks, directly hacking off the peaks of mountains, and then causing them to explode. 

One could imagine just how great their power was!

Everyone felt dumbstruck, indescribably shaken.

Lan Yichen's palm had now completely distorted. Meanwhile, his arms, shoulders, chest, and other places had even more so caved in from the attacks, becoming deformed.


When the their two legs collided, Lan Yichen completely abandoned this type of attack method, because his entire right leg that was originally perfectly straight was now completely crooked, with many areas bent out of place.

"This…" His mind trembled with coldness. He was no match for the other party in his strongest suit, being defeated thoroughly.

He believed that if he was a flesh bodied creature, he would have long exploded, turning into blood and bone. Meanwhile, his metal attribute body already distorted, about to break apart. 

If they were comparing precious techniques, he was even more lacking. That lightning dao divine ability completely restricted him.

He released a long sigh. He was originally someone who could contend against exceptional talents, only being stronger and not weaker than Luo Dao, yet he felt so powerless before this youth.


A thick streak of lightning hacked over, almost blasting through him. Lan Yichen slammed into the ground, laying right next to that Luo Dao. 

"I'm going to ask you one last time. Surrender or death? Have you made your decisions?" Shi Hao lowered his head to look at them.

He felt that these two were quite strong. If they helped him look for holy medicines and other things while he was in isolation cultivation, helping him cultivate, that would save him a large amount of time.

In the distance, the group of experts all shivered inwardly, backing up one after another. This person was too vicious! Those were two exceptional talents, any one of them enough to sweep through a region, yet they were going to be taken as servants.

In the outside world, the cultivators of all sects were greatly shaken, all of their expressions changing greatly.

Exceptional talents represented a type of transcendence above the masses, yet they were defeated so easily by Shi Hao, not his opponents at all and about to be turned into servants!

"How savage!" Everyone couldn't help but sigh.

Of course, the ones that were troubled the most were Blue Gold Mountain Range, as well as Scarlet Province's Luo Family. That was the most powerful expert of their younger generation, exceptional talents, yet they were captured just like that.

Surrender, or death? In the outside world, these two families' expressions became unpleasant. Their hearts were pushed up to their throats. 

They naturally didn't wish for their clan's most powerful inheritors to become Shi Hao's servants, but they didn't want them to die either. That kind of loss would be too great.

They immediately felt greatly conflicted, their faces becoming as ugly as ugly could be. 

"This murderous disaster!" The two clans were both in fear. As long as Shi Hao released a fist, then their clan's most outstanding heroes would be done for. 

At that moment, they suddenly felt that even if they surrendered, it was fine. As long as they lived, there was still hope in the future.

"Don't be rash, bear it. You must survive." A few people were in great fear. They couldn't help but say to themselves. In the end, they drew the attention of other sects' cultivators.

Immortal Ancient, within the little world. 

"Can you tell me who you are?" Lan Yichen spoke.

"Huang, sinner's blood descendent, Shi Hao." Shi Hao spoke out the three identities at the same time. 

Lan Yichen's body was immediately shaken, looking at him with complete shock. He muttered, "I knew it… ended up kicking a metal plate." Without saying anything else, just the Huang identity was enough to make him sigh. When the Lightning Emperor precious technique was displayed, it would completely suppress him. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything further out of fear of destroying his inner confidence.

Luo Dao's expression was complicated as well. He never expected to encounter this type of devil king. His vicious name was too well known, shaking the higher realms. Even Immortal Palace Inheritor's second body had been killed. If they knew it was him, how could they dare to pick up this peach halfway, stealing his divine medicine?

As for the people in the distance, all of them felt their scalps turn numb. Regardless of whether it was Huang or sinner's blood descendant, neither of those was someone normal people could provoke. They all dispersed in confusion, running away. 

The name Huang in this generation had a great reputation. He had already made exceptional talents suffer a while ago in Origin Sky Secret Realm, let alone the later battle against the Celestial Clan. 

If they weren't an exceptional talent or supreme being, who would dare provoke him? As such, this group of people were all terrified, all of them running.

"You… are Huang?" From the side, Hong Huang's voice was stammering. Only now did she find out that Shi Hao had this type of identity. Turns out he had already arrived in the higher realms a long time ago, creating such a great reputation. 

On the ground, the two exceptional talents both bowed their heads. Lan Yichen said with a low voice, "You won't enslave us for a lifetime right? Otherwise, I would rather accept death!"

Shi Hao knew that after these two found out about his identity, a large part of their arrogance had been shaved off. Their will naturally weakened a bit as well.

"Once we leave Immortal Ancient, we will each walk our own path, no one owing anyone anything. In this place, I won't necessarily enslave you, only asking you two for help. When searching for your own natural luck, help me find a few holy medicines, immortal divine springs and other things. I need it quite badly." Shi Hao said. 

The two of them were speechless. It sounded too good, not even treating them like underlings and still leaving them with some benefits.

"I only speak the truth. None of you are servants, but my dao friends. I won't seize your natural luck, only needing medicinal herbs and other things with great vitality." Shi Hao said with a smile.

The two of them cursed silently. Was there this type of damn dao friend in this world? Their bodies were about to be torn apart! What kind of dao friends are made while being stepped on? All of their bones were about to be broken. 

In the end, the two of them were released. They both lowered their heads, agreeing to his 'mutual cooperation' relationship.

In the distance, when the cultivators that didn't completely leave saw this scene, they were both shocked. Two great exceptional talents truly surrendered? This was definitely shocking news!

"Someone subdued exceptional talents! This is a major event!" They were greatly shaken up. This would definitely stir up great waves. 

In the outside world, the cultivators of every sect were shocked, their eyelids jumping. 

Blue Gold Mountain Range and Scarlet Province Luo Family's people both secretly released a breath of air. Even though their clans' heroes were subdued, becoming servants, they still kept their lives in the end.

"In the end, they are still exceptional talents, so how can I not be worried?" Shi Hao said softly. 

"Use the 'Seed Formation Technique' then." The Divine Striking Stone said.

This was a mysterious formation that was like planting a seed within one's body. It would grow roots and control their life and death.

When the two exceptional talents heard this, their expressions changed greatly.

"Alright!" When Shi Hao understood this, he nodded.

"You…" Luo Dao and Lan Yichen both couldn't help but take steps backwards, their expressions becoming extremely ugly.

"After all, we are still not familiar with each other. In the beginning, I can only wrong you two. In the future when we know each other better, I will definitely help you guys get rid of it." Shi Hao smiled.

In reality, he had been targeting these two the entire time.

Unfortunately, one was a metal person, unable to be cooked and eaten, and even though the other had some Vermilion Bird blood within him, he was still a human form creature, which meant he didn't want to eat this person either.

"If I kill them, I can't eat them either. It's too much of a waste."

If others knew what he was thinking, they would definitely be stupefied. This was just too… strange, right? Meanwhile, if Lan Yichen and Luo Dao knew what he was thinking, they would definitely be so angry they would cough out blood.

"The formation has already been broken. I must ask you two to help me out." Shi Hao said, asking those two to enter from that gap and pick the Void Sky Divine Vine. 

The two sighed. There was nothing else to say. One couldn't raise their head under a roof. Living was always better than being killed on the spot. 

When the two of them entered, a sharp sword energy erupted, cutting Lan Yichen into two. The great formation rumbled, erupting with power.

"You dare scheme against me?!" The Divine Striking Stone was furious.

It was clear that changes took place to the great formation. The Void Sky Divine Vine tricked everyone into offering themselves as blood sacrifices, making the great formation change a bit. Right now, it had been stirred up. 

The Divine Striking Stone had long came to the conclusion that once the blood sacrifices were carried out, the great formation might quickly break apart, or it might display some abnormalities, becoming even stronger. Right now, it was clearly the latter that happened.

Lan Yichen rolled out. Luo Dao's face became miserably pale as well.

"What is going on?!" They roared out angrily. This was just like sending themselves to death. 

"A bit of unexpected things came up. It'll be fixed soon." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Lan Yichen's body was quickly pieced back together again, the broken parts merging into metal liquid, and then cooling. It wouldn't be long before he would be as good as before.

This type of ability made even Shi Hao shocked. It was quite strange, almost like an undying body. As an exceptional level expert, he had unordinary methods and abilities after all. 

"This exhausts foundation energy quite greatly." Lan Yichen saw his shining eyes and felt worried, fearing that Shi Hao might make him explore the formation with his life, forcefully entering to pick the medicine. 

Shi Hao nodded, not saying much. He used the dual pupil to look around. If Lan Yichen's primordial spirit was destroyed, he would still die, the undying body losing its effectiveness.


The great formation shone, continuously flickered with all types of symbols and releasing terrifying energy. 

This made these people shocked. This divine medicine really had developed a spirit after all, actually knowing how to use the formation and guide the power of those blood sacrifices. 

"Playing with me? You are still too young. In a bit, I'll break your roots and eat your dumb vine. Let's see how you'll create a disturbance then!" The Divine Striking Stone threatened fiercely. 

In the medicinal field, the stalk of divine medicine continuously 'crawled' about within the shining medicinal field. 

It was over a meter in length and the thickness of a thumb, snow white, sparkling, and carrying a flourishing aura of life. The medicinal fragrance was so thick it seemed like it wouldn't scatter. Silver splendor shone brilliantly. It was like a little dragon that sprouted leaves, vivid and lifelike. 

Right now, it was actually shaking its leaves, displaying fear and alarm. 

"Stop fighting back already. You can't escape. If you stop causing trouble, I promise I'll leave you with your divine root and allow you to live." Shi Hao said. Towards this type of priceless divine medicine that could only be encountered and not sought after, he didn't want to kill it either. Obtaining its medicinal stem was enough.

What was shocking was that that snow white Void Sky Divine Vine was unexpectedly nodding, its vine body swaying as if it was agreeing. 

Then, sure enough, the Divine Striking Stone smoothly eliminated the final obstacles. 

"Come out yourself." Shi Hao and the others guarded outside. 

The Void Sky Divine Vine's root was pure white, almost transparent. The radiance was gentle to an almost dreamlike state. Its roots were pulled up, and like a moving dragon, it quickly moved over along the ground.

It was extremely obedient, unexpectedly coming out from the hole in the great formation, crawling towards Shi Hao. 


Suddenly, the Void Sky Divine Vine entered the ground, about to escape through the earth.

This type of divine vine was still a bit lacking in maturity to fly through the sky, but its earth escape ability was definitely rarely seen in the world. It was inconceivably fast, disappearing in an instant. 

"What a pity!" 

At this moment, even Lan Yichen and Luo Dao felt incomparably regretful. This divine medicine disappeared before their eyes just like that! It would make anyone feel a great sense of loss.

Even those in the outside world that had grudges against Shi Hao sighed. This type of divine medicine escaped, making one's heart feel great pain and regret.

Of course, quite a few people took delight in his disaster. After all, this was still the loss of a divine medicine for Shi Hao, and not them. 


Suddenly, there was a flash of white light. The Void Sky Divine Vine appeared again, rushing out from the great earth, fleeing towards the great formation. 

With a peng sound, it smashed into a barrier of light, unable to go back in.

"Little bastard, I knew you wouldn't be willing to surrender. Regardless of whether it is the earth or the original route, I already covered them in formations. You can't run!" The Divine Striking Stone was immensely proud of itself. 

This was something Shi Hao specially warned it about after understanding the specialties of this type of divine medicine, having it secretly put down a formation.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao reached out his hand, fast to the extreme, grabbing this divine vine. Its entire body was perfect, spotlessly white and translucent like fine jade. Radiance sprinkled about, the rich medicinal fragrance making Shi Hao feel as if he was going to float into the air, as if he was going to sprout wings and ascend to immortality. 

Every single pore on his body was absorbing the rain of light. This was divine substance. It made his entire body feel relaxed and free of worry. The medicinal characteristics of this divine medicine was shocking beyond imagination. 

Only now did Shi Hao release a breath of relief. He never expected this stalk of medicine to be so crafty. Fortunately, he didn't act too carelessly, or else it really might have escaped.

"It… was caught?!" Luo Dao couldn't help but swallow his saliva. An unmatched divine medicine landed in someone's hands just like that before his very eyes.

One has to understand that not many great sects had this type of rare divine treasure in all three thousand provinces of the higher realms. There were only a few 'fake divine medicines'. Once the Void Sky Divine Vine emerged in the world, it would be enough for those ancient inheritances to go mad. 

The outside world even more so became like a boiling pot. Forget about true deities or heavenly deities, even a few sect masters' eyes changed, becoming incomparably deep. The auras they released were shocking.

If not for the fact that they couldn't enter, there would definitely be a great battle over it!

"Is this… true? Actually obtained a stalk of unmatched divine medicine!" Hong Huang's beautiful eyes released brilliance, feeling a bit dizzy, as if this wasn't real. 

This stalk of divine medicine that could make the cultivators of all three thousand provinces go mad landed in Shi Hao's hands just like that. It made Hong Huang feel as if she was dreaming.

This Void Sky Divine Vine that was more than a meter in length wrapped around Shi Hao's arm, a brilliant snow white, its divine splendor dazzling like a white colored great sun. It was at the very center of this sun, like a hibernating True Dragon. 

"I can now comprehend the dao!" Shi Hao was greatly moved, feeling incomparably excited. This was an unimaginably great harvest. 

He produced a bone cauldron, collecting the medicinal field's precious earth inside. Then, he placed the Void Sky Divine Vine inside the cauldron and put it away. He wouldn't act too politely to Hong Huang over this. He had to bring this stalk of medicine away and use it for his isolation cultivation. 

"I'm going to look for Lan Yu, Ying Ying and the others." Hong Huang then bid him farewell. 

Then, Shi Hao learned a bit about Immortal Ancient's circumstances from Lan Yichen and Luo Dao, using this to judge the current situation. 

"Divine Dark Child, Immortal Palace's inheritor, and a few others entered a few small words at the very depths of Immortal Ancient, haven't emerged since. Meanwhile, those ancient freaks haven't stirred up too much activity either."

"Someone discovered a nest that is suspected to belong to one of the vicious ten. Many people have headed in that direction."

These were the two most important pieces of information Shi Hao obtained. He nodded, not saying too much. 

Then, Lan Yichen and Luo Dao left.

Shi Hao set a certain time to meet again with them. As long as they sent over a stalk of holy medicine every so often, they could keep all of the remainder for themselves. 

"Time to leave." Shi Hao brought the Divine Striking Stone, Emperor Butterfly with him, leaving from this place, avoiding everyone with extreme speed. After making one last trip around this place, he silently returned to the bluestone paths. 

"Heaven and earth as the furnace, ten thousand dao as the flame to burn the self, ignite the divine spirit, forge the true self." Shi Hao said softly. He sat there, deciding to enter isolation cultivation to increase his own strength. 

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