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Chapter 826 - Underworld Clan

Not far out, black mists surged. A few creatures quickly approached, surrounding this place. 

They had already discovered Shi Hao a long time ago, but they didn't end up directly taking action, instead surrounding him and waiting for the other Underworld Clansmen to catch up. 

"Hurry up and take action already. So many of them came. Underworld Clan lacks so many things, just not corpses, so we should take advantage of this and break out." Hong Huang said softly. She still felt lingering fears.

This was a group of creatures with heavy yin energy. All of them were cold and exuding chilliness, lacking yang energy and warmth. They were like dead remains that had been dug up from the ground.

Among them, there were humanoids, divine birds, roaming beasts, and even cuttlefish from the sea and other types of creatures. 

Shi Hao wasn't worried, instead smiling, because the ones in the lead, aside from a few humanoid creatures, were all different types of creatures. They were all unordinary. 

There was a large black tortoise in this group that was the size of a small mountain. Its shell carried golden patterns, on its head a pair of horns. It had already become a deity for more than a few months.

There was also a massive ocean beast that was also like a small mountain. It looked like an eel, yet it had an enormous clamshell. It looked coldly in this direction.


The ones in the lead were all enormous beasts, standing there like mountains as they overlooked Shi Hao and Hong Huang.

"You… get lost!" 

On the other side, among the most powerful Underworld Clan leaders, a humanoid creature pointed at Shi Hao, telling him to get away from Hong Huang. Black colored yin energy roiled heavily there. 

Shi Hao gave him a glance and said, "Get lost? Why don't you demonstrate it for me?!"

"I originally still wanted to let you live a bit longer, but now, you should just die first!" That humanoid creature brandished his hand, immediately causing underworld mists to spread outwards. An Underworld Clan expert that had just become a deity took action.

A cuttlefish that carried a decaying aura brandished its eight tentacles. Like enormous hammers, they smashed downwards with the power to destroy mountain peaks, lashing out at Shi Hao.


The ground immediately began to tremble, shaking along with its attack.

"Careful, that cuttlefish is extremely formidable, not much weaker than those leaders." Hong Huang warned from the back, her expression serious. After being separated for so many years, she didn't know how strong Shi Hao was now. 

However, as soon as her words came out, everything became still, freezing in place.


Shi Hao stood where he was, his entire body shining. Lightning radiance flowed out like rivers, surging from his pores and shining with incomparable brilliance. They all landed on that cuttlefish's body. 

This was especially the case with one streak of lighting, which turned into a sharp spear. Golden light shone resplendently as it condensed. It flew through the air, and hacked into the cuttlefish's body, penetrating through its primordial spirit. 

It immediately became still, then exploded, collapsing on the ground and splitting the great earth under its weight. Large amounts of smoke and dust rushed into the air. 

This place became quiet. The leading creatures were shocked, especially that humanoid creature whose eyes became cold. He opened his mouth, spitting out a bone banner. 

"Friend, we came from Underworld Clan…" That humanoid creatures' tone became clearly softer. He was now a bit worried. However, before his words finished, he was interrupted by Shi Hao. "What do you amount to? Looks like a human but not a human, like a ghost but not a ghost, you all even dare to call me a friend?"

"Didn't you tell him to get lost just now? Why is your face changing now?" Hong Huang mocked from the rear. She was inwardly shaken. Shi Hao only released a single strike, yet he eliminated a powerful expert. He was now even more 'savage' than before!

"Showing you politeness is a mutual show of face. Do not cross the line." The humanoid creature spoke, his eyes cold. 

"Underworld Clan is talking about face with me? You are joking, right?!" Shi Hao said.

With a qiang sound, a precious sword appeared in his hands that curled with lightning and shone with great brilliance. It was condensed from lightning.

"Kill him!" The humanoid creature spoke. He felt quite some restraining fear towards Shi Hao, because the other party grasped lightning. For Underworld Clan, it was a natural counter. 

Immediately, more than ten underworld beings stepped out, taking action within. Black mists curled about, underworld energy roiled. This world seemed to be dyed in ink, and it became incomparably chilly as well. 

Even though they became deities, there was still yin energy that wouldn't disperse. In addition, there were underworld flames that pulsated about every single one of them. 

This type of dark flame mutually revolved between cold and heat, not like a normal flame. Sometimes, it could freeze over a great earth, an extremely sinister type of fire. 


Over ten people took action, rushing over with great speed.

Shi Hao released a roar. Around him, lightning radiance interweaved, shining resplendently like a sun. This was, without a doubt, the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, full of yang might and tyrannical, perfect for suppressing ghost matter full of yin energy.


Almost in a split second, the lightning he released killed seven or eight underworld beings that rushed over, turning them into charred coke.

This was simply a massacre! 

After Shi Hao became a deity, his fighting strength and other aspects all advanced. The power of his lightning precious technique naturally shot up as well, becoming more overbearing than before. It was now like heavenly judgment. 


At the same time, Shi Hao shot out like a feathered arrow, his speed just too fast, pressing towards that humanoid creature. With a flash of the lightning sword, it pierced through the underworld light protecting his body. 


The bone banner rose, releasing bitter baleful energy. All types of ghost creatures bared their fangs and brandished their claws over, as if it had devoured over ten million souls. They now rushed towards Shi Hao. 

This Underworld Clan's leader was not ordinary, far more powerful than an ordinary supreme expert. He activated this precious artifact to face Shi Hao.


Where Shi Hao stood, lightning poured down like a waterfall, extending in all directions, immediately blasting apart all of the yin spirits that rushed over.

Ga beng!

The bone banner cracked apart, snapped between Shi Hao's fingers.

Precious techniques interweaved, underworld mists surged. This humanoid creature put up a fierce struggle, using all of his secret techniques, roaring out loudly.

He held on for forty-four attacks, but in the end, his head was hacked off by a streak of resplendent sword radiance, falling onto the ground, separating from his body. 

This individual really was the expert of an area. Cultivators who could receive more than ten moves from Shi Hao without dying truly weren't that many in number.

"You…" Within the head that tumbled out, an underworld flame throbbed. He was full of shock, as well as fear. 

"You are a humanoid, so keeping you alive is pointless." Shi Hao said. Then, with a trample downwards, a ka cha sounded. The skull split apart, and the underworld divine light was completely extinguished, truly ending his life. 

All of this took place in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. The surrounding people couldn't help even if they wanted to. 

"What happened? From the rear, a figured hurried over while leading an underworld Three-Headed Hound. 

"Why is that girl not dead yet? There's another human now? Kill them both. We cannot let them leak out any information." This underworld individual wore blood-colored armor and carried deathly energy. His pupils were silvery white. 

In addition, the Three-Headed Hound he lead was enormous, exuding a rotting aura. Its three heads were all extremely sinister. 

"Great one Qi Bing, this person is extremely formidable. We are no match." Underworld Clan's people bowed respectfully. Even that enormous turtle and ocean beast were no exceptions. 

"I've already decided to blacklist everyone from Underworld Clan. Obtaining life after death, but there is still a decaying aura, really spoils one's appetite…" Shi Hao said. 

Even someone with as daring as him, known to dare eat anything, right now, still held his nose, feeling like it was a bit unbearable. When he thought about roasting or steaming this type of ghost creature, he felt a bit like vomiting.

In the rear, when Hong Huang heard this, she released a hidden giggle.


That underworld Three-Headed Hound roared, its three heads releasing different colored radiance. It rushed at Shi Hao, crossing several tens of zhang with a single leap, pouncing down towards Shi Hao from the air. 

"A dog reflects its owner. Kill!" Shi Hao released a low shout.

A foot kicked outwards, erupting with Kun Peng strength. With a hong sound, this underworld hound that had just turned into a deity exploded. This scene left all underworld beings in shock. 

On the other side, the eyes of that male who wore blood-colored armor became cold. 

"Careful, that's someone under Dark Divine Child, quite formidable." Hong Huang said. 

"Never heard of this Dark Divine Child. Is he stronger than Underworld Child? But even he was killed by me." Shi Hao said. 

"What? You are Huang?" Everyone here became shocked. Underworld Clan's exceptional talent was killed in Origin Sky Secret Realm, something everyone from this clan knew.

"Underworld Earth is boundless, filled with endless corpses. Rumor has it that there are a few that were buried since the opening of the world. Dark Divine Child was one of these, an extremely terrifying person." Hong Huang explained, telling him that that person was definitely much stronger than Underworld Child. 

"If he really comes, I'll kill him just like everyone else." Shi Hao said. 

"Too arrogant! Once Lord Dark Divine Child descends, what would you amount to? You'll definitely be crushed to death." The one who wore blood-colored armor said, his eyes carrying a fanatical expression.


Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter, murdering these underworld beings until they were absolutely horrified. They weren't his match at all. Once lightning emerged, their underworld energy would be directly scattered, blasted until their bodies were completely charred black. For them, this was simply a heavenly calamity. 

It was because the Lightning Emperor's precious technique possessed boundless lightning might. 

"Dao brother, please show us mercy, our Underworld Clan is not willing to make you our enemy!" The remaining people were truly scared bad, their hearts trembling greatly. After receiving life after death, and developing a spiritual awareness, some of them began to treasure life even more. 

"Lord Dark Divine Child will definitely personally descend to take all of your lives!" The male that wore blood-colored clothes turned around to leave. He opened up a scroll, about to break through the sky and leave.

This was something similar to a Space Shattering Symbol, able to move through the void, bringing him out from this place. 


Shi Hao held a great halberd in his hands. Like a reincarnated great vicious beast, he rushed over while bringing with him heaven overflowing energy, immediately hacking apart the void. With a pu sound, he was hacked through vertically, falling downwards. 

This was the Void Halberd, able to cut apart the void, so it could naturally cut off his escape.

"Did you really think you could escape when I've already decided to kill you?!" 

"You..." This underworld being's life force was quite powerful. Before death, he used the bone mirror to shine it towards Shi Hao, reflecting his figure. With an incomparably weak voice, he said, "I already engraved your soul, so Lord Dark Divine Child already knows about your existence. Sooner or later, he will look for you and extract your soul!"

That bone mirror became dim, turning into a streak of dark light before disappearing.

"What Divine Dark Child? If he dares to come, then I'll suppress and kill him in one move." Shi Hao said. 

All of the underworld creatures were killed without any suspense.

Hong Huang looked towards Shi Hao with a worried expression. "Divine Dark Child is an ancient corpse that had existed since the opening of the world. He might be a creature from a previous era, planted in Underworld Earth, later on developing a spiritual awareness after an entire generation. He is freakishly terrifying, rumored to have quite a few innate divine abilities."

When Shi Hao heard this, he couldn't help but stare blankly. 

Based on what Hong Huang said, that Divine Dark Child's flesh was unbreakable like diamond, existing with the world. After awakening, it possessed innate divine abilities, all originating from the flesh itself. 

"In that case, in the previous era, he possessed tremendous skill. Even though he died, his flesh still had a type of instinctive power, able to display the divine abilities it previously had…" Shi Hao frowned. 

His top priority was increasing his strength. As long as he reached the perfect state, then even if the most dazzling figures from the past appeared, he still wouldn't be worried.

Shi Hao looked around the battlefield. He stared at that enormous tortoise, as well as a divine bird. He was full of reluctance. "This is a but a creature that became a deity. Is it truly not edible?"

In the end, he tried roasting it, insisting on giving it a try, but giving up halfway in the end. It was because he smelled a bit of corpse stench. 

Hong Huang threw up. She continuously grumbled. 

Shi Hao's expression wasn't all that pleasant either. He looked to the void and said, "Your Underworld Clan is so useless, can't even serve as food. Just a bunch of waste material!"

In the outside world, the crowd was petrified. 

Meanwhile, when Underworld Clan heard this, they felt as if their lungs were going to explode from anger.

The cultivators of all sects, the experts from all sides all felt sweat running down their backs. This youngster was too much of a monster. 

Everyone couldn't help but look towards Underworld Clan. 

In the void suspended a bone mountain that curled with dark mists. Underworld Lord's complexion was pale white, as if it never received sunlight all year round. There was an abnormal sense of sinister beauty. However, his eyes were terrifying to the extreme.

Underneath the bone mountain, all of Underworld Clan's people's faces became overcast. They stared at the youth displayed on that monument. Through his mouth's movements, they naturally knew what he was saying. 

"Holy medicine!" 

In the small world, Shi Hao was joyous. 

He swept through the battlefield, and then he couldn't help but notice Hong Huang's stalk of holy medicine, as well as two additional stalks. This truly left him unexpectedly happy.

What did he lack the most right now? Obviously this type of natural treasure that contained divine matter. 

After acquiring the three stalks of holy medicines, the entire world became brilliant, shining with brilliance. A sweet fragrance wafted through the air. They contained rich foundational essence. 

"Could it be that that place is an ancient medicinal field, and they wanted to kill us to keep this a secret?" Hong Huang accepted the stalk of holy medicine Shi Hao handed over to her, and then she muttered to herself, coming to this conclusion.

"We can go take a look." In Shi Hao's hands, a dense mist of light spread. 

One stalk of scarlet red like red coral, overflowing with scarlet multicolored light. Each time he took a deep breath, his injuries would become a bit better. Only, he didn't know the name of this medicine. 

There was another stalk of medicine that swirled with dark light. All of its leaves were in the shape of mastiffs, flickering in the wind, unexpectedly releasing waves of hound cries, producing a rather astonishing sight. This was a vine that was only half a meter long, but dark light flourished around it like a black sun. The medicinal fragrance was so rich it seemed like it wouldn't scatter.

"I never expected that even a Hound Leaf Vine was able to become a holy medicine." Shi Hao was quite shocked. He had seen this before in the lower realm, but back then, it was only a spiritual medicine. 

He felt like with these two medicines, if he ate one stalk, then his injuries would be able to heal, allowing him to go into isolation cultivation again. 

However, before leaving, he felt like he should first explore those ruins with Hong Huang, see if there really was an ancient medicinal field. 

The moon was round in the night sky, the shadows of trees swaying about. 

This was an expanse of ruins, however, there weren't any buildings, only some rubble and a few enormous trees. They appeared rather sinister under the blood colored moonlight.

Immortal Ancient World didn't have a silver moon, but rather a blood moon. It made this place seem extremely dismal and bleak. 

Someone had said that in the past, there was a battle so great that when immortal blood splashed outwards, it dyed the moonlight red. 

"Yi, there really is something special about this place." Hong Huang stared forward. 

At the heart of the ruins, strands of immortal light surged one after another, illuminating this heaven and earth with illusory radiance. One could vaguely even hear a singing voice.

"En, what is that?" Shi Hao was shocked, unexpectedly seeing a strange sight.

There was a pure white turtle that carried a beautiful, perfect white clothed woman, moving about in the ruins. There was also a rich medicinal fragrance pervading the air. 

At this moment, regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Hong Huang, they were both shocked. It was as if they grew wings, filled with a feeling of ascension. 

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