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Chapter 825 - Food is Everything

Shi Hao was the only one standing in the mountain region. Behind him, an enormous pair of golden wings moved about. It was adorned with some pitch-black patterns, like clouds that covered the skies! 

On the ground laid a group of corpses, full of blood. The one in the lead was an enormous Flood Dragon, its head on the ground, the space between its brows split apart, primordial spirit wiped out.

This scene left everyone shocked. 

Shi Hao was like a demonic mountain, towering there, Everything around him was silent. 

A single youth stood on this place mottled with blood. This was an extremely terrifying scene. Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were completely wiped out, with Shi Hao being the only one left. He was like a devil king that had descended into this world .

"This is the Kun Peng technique all of you wanted." Shi Hao stared at the void, revealing a smile. His face was delicate and pretty, extremely brilliant, but no one dared to look down on him. This type of military success, who would treat him like a naive youth now?

"How could it be like this?!"

Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were about to go crazy. This result made their blood rush with fury. They couldn't accept this result, all of their eyes becoming suffused with redness. The exceptional talent of a clan fell just like that.

Without a doubt. Yao Yi was an outstanding member of their sect, one that was destined for greatness, an individual who would release the most brilliant fiery light. As an exceptional talent, he would shine for tens of thousands of years to come. 

In the end, as soon as he became a deity, he was killed. It was done so mercilessly, those divine wings moved over, and then his head tumbled onto the ground, the striking blood piercing the eyes of everyone from that clan. 

"My body was withered, lacking vitality, and now I even killed a flood dragon. I have to properly recuperate now." With a putong sound, Shi Hao threw himself into that spring.

The viscous liquid was like sweet dew, extremely fragrant. He sat down, starting to refine the precious liquid, replenishing his body's needs. 

This spring was extremely pure and holy, light mist pervading the air and shining resplendently. It was a precious place within this small world. It was precisely this place Yao Yi used to become a deity, obtaining great natural luck.

"How unfortunate, there's not much precious liquid left.

Shi Hao sighed. However, for him, this was more or less enough. His entire body shone, the divine matter continuously pouring into his body. 

On the bluestone path, he had been burned by dao flames. His blood vessels, flesh, and bones had all received intense damage. His injuries weren't light.

However, this was precisely what allowed him to ignite a hundred and eight spheres of light around his body. He could now be considered to be a deity as well, his combat strength now advancing by leaps and bounds. 

However, he still hadn't reached the end of this path. He still needed to continue. This was just a temporary period of rest, allowing his body to recover. Otherwise, if he continued like this, his foundational energy would be completely exhausted. 

If that happened, then there was a danger of him dying from exhaustion. 

One day and night later, the brilliant mists completely surged, surrounding this place!

Shi Hao's process of divinity's exhaustion was tremendous, and as such, this entire pool of precious liquid's divine essence was absorbed, causing this place to undulate intensely with energy. 

At this time, his body swelled, becoming full, no longer appearing dry and withered. There was no longer any black scorchedness, his skin white and translucent like fine jade. 

His hair regrew as well, hanging to his waist, pitch black and thick. His entire body exuded life force, flourishing with vitality.

The wounds on his body had already closed, but the hundred and eight dao lights could still be seen, shining through his flesh brilliantly. 

These injuries weren't life threatening, but he needed some time to recover from them. After all, they were all burned by a hundred and eight different types of flames, so now, there was still some remaining power that was surging.

This spring was the accumulation of endless years. It had just accumulated this pool of precious liquid, but Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people used up a lot, and the remaining amount was completely refined by Shi Hao. 

Thus, it became close to completely dried up. 

Shi Hao walked out from the precious pool and carried that Flood Dragon over. He began to skin it, his movements skilled and practiced. What left him regretful was that the dragon tendon had long broken, its symbols wiped out. 

"How did Six Crown King do it, gathering their primordial symbol bones and other things…" Shi Hao said to himself.

Yao Yi's innate precious technique no longer existed in this world. It was destroyed along with the destruction of the Flood Dragon tendon. He couldn't obtain it. 

However, he didn't think too much about it. Even though that was the precious technique of an exceptional talent, it couldn't compare to his. He would only be biting off more than he could chew, so that was why he decided not to think about it any longer.

"I've been too tired recently. I should take some time to recover my body." Shi Hao smiled extremely happily. 

He found a clear spring, washed the Flood Dragon carcass, and then the broken Flood Dragon tendon pieces, as well as the sparkling Flood Dragon heart and other parts were placed into a purple bone cauldron to be stewed. 

In the outside world, everyone became speechless.

When Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people saw this scene, everything before their eyes darkened, their lungs about to explode from anger, simply about to faint. 

"That evildoer, actually daring to do this!"

Not even the sect's heavenly deities could take it, their hair standing up in anger. They truly wanted to fly into Immortal Ancient and turn Shi Hao into a bloody paste with a single slap. None of them were able to restrain their anger. 

This was the exceptional talent of a clan. Normally speaking, they wouldn't die in battle and would be protected by the entire clan, let alone be eaten by another.

This scene before them was truly a type of humiliation!

Phantom Drake Dao Gate, an inheritance that had an illustrious name and overlooked a part of the higher realms, right now, felt as if they were having their faces slapped again and again, clear and resounding, struck until they saw stars. 

Their exceptional talent actually became 'rations' for another. This was too difficult to imagine. How could it be endured?!

"It's about done. It's piping hot, how fragrant!" Within the thousand world, a youth was watching a bone cauldron while gulping down his saliva. 

An entire Flood Dragon was chopped up and thrown into the sparkling cauldron. Spiritual spring was added, and dao flame was stirred on, continuously stewing it. 

As time went on, the Flood Dragon meat in the cauldron became sparkling, the flesh already stewed soft, becoming fully cooked. The soup was pure white like sweet dew, releasing a delicious fragrance. 

Fortunately, his cultivation was profound enough, his dao flame outstanding, or else he wouldn't have been able to cook this properly. 

"Dragon meat in heaven, donkey meat on earth, this thing is a Flood Dragon, which can be considered a small dragon. Its taste will definitely be quite good." Shi Hao's saliva was about to drool out.

He brought out several bottles of old wine from his heaven and earth pouch, starting to gorge himself on this meal.

In the outside world, Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were about to die from anger. They had never encountered this type of enemy before. It made them vomit blood, truly wishing to trample him to death with a single stomp. 

Even the people of other sects looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to say.

During the past nine months, they had seen too many young exceptional talents, yet they never met one so savage. After killing his opponent, he even ate it!

This fella looked quite well-mannered and elegant, yet in the end, he didn't seem to follow natural common sense at all!

Phantom Drake Dao Gate's true deities roared out angrily, truly unable to stand this. However, they couldn't stop themselves from looking at this scene, and as a result, they were all so angry their stomachs, livers, and lungs were in pain, all seven orifices spouting smoke!

Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, Underworld Earth, and Demonic Sunflower Garden's cultivators wiped at their sweat, inwardly feeling relieved that their sects' disciples didn't encounter this fella.

However, good things didn't last forget. That devil king like youth ate the Flood Dragon meat while spitting out bones. He pointed at a corpse on the ground and said, "You should get up, I know you aren't dead and purposely left you with your life. I have something to ask you. Where is Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley and the others? I feel like a single Flood Dragon isn't enough to eat."

The creature that was laying on the ground was so scared it began to shake uncontrollably, and the cultivators of those two inheritances in the outside world trembled as well, their expressions changing greatly.

A Flood Dragon wasn't enough? How big is your appetite?!

"I… don't know…" The Divine Flame Realm expert felt its body cramping up as he looked at this monster. He was trembling with fear, truly scared badly. What kind of joke was this? Even the clan's exceptional talent was cooked and eaten! Even if he had ten lives, it wouldn't be enough!

"Hurry up and tell me, or else I'm going to eat you too!" Shi Hao threatened. 

In the outside world, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley's people were beyond angry, but at the same time, they felt extremely worried, truly fearing that the Flood Dragon would confess everything, bringing a great disaster onto their disciples.

It was because this fella was too savage, even eating Yao Yi. Who wouldn't feel worried for their disciples?

"I really don't know!" That Flood Dragon was about to fall weak onto the ground. It didn't know these details, and it really was scared that Shi Hao would cook him. 

Shi Hao gorged himself on the food. At first, he spat out a few Flood Dragon bones, but in the end, he crushed all of them in his teeth, creating ga beng ga beng sounds, frightening this Phantom Drake Dao Gate creature until his face turned green. Was this the legendary 'eating people without spitting out their bones[1]'? He ended up running into this today!

In reality, as an exceptional talent, Yao Yi's Flood Dragon tendons and bones all contained the most basic divine essence. For Shi Hao who currently had a few injuries, it was a great mending food. 

That was why he didn't spit them out.

An hour later, the entire Flood Dragon was eaten by him, and even the soup was completely drank.

He then sat on the ground, his entire body shining, refining the precious flesh medicine, replenishing his body, wishing to quickly heal those injuries so that he could continue his cultivation. 

His entire body surged with spiritual essence, every inch of his skin releasing multicolored light, mending his injured body. He was wrapped around by a layer of light, appearing extremely divine. 

Only after most of the day had passed did he open his eyes. That Flood Dragon clan expert didn't dare move this entire time, standing there this entire time without running.

"Seeing how you are still of the honest sort, I'll give you another chance. If you know where Heavenly Country, Underworld Earth, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Beast Sea, Celestial Clan or the other inheritances' disciples are, bring me there, and then I can consider leaving you with a path of life."

In the outside world, the cultivators of the great sects that were mentioned all felt their minds tremble. This fella was extremely dangerous. Whichever sect he ended up targeting, it would most likely end in disaster for them.

Unless it was the most powerful exceptional talents or ancient freaks, there was no way an ordinary person was his opponent. 

"I… seemed to have seen Underworld Earth's people. They entered a small world full of vitality." Phantom Drake Dao Gate's disciple spoke while stammering. 

"Wu, not bad, lead the way." Shi Hao nodded.

In the outside world, Underworld Earth's people's faces became unpleasant. Not only did they feel hatred towards Shi Hao, they even more so looked towards Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people, their expressions unkind.

"This evil monster!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were furious, feeling extremely uneasy. 

"Come look here!" Someone pointed at a monument, telling everyone to look at that savage youth.

"This…" A group of people wiped their sweat. 

This fella truly was incurable, savage to no end. He used a technique to shrink the Flood Dragon corpses on the ground to half a meter in length, brought out a Flood Dragon tendon, and then strung them all up. 

The dozen or so half meter long Flood Dragons shone with divine splendor. They were strung up, and then hung from his body. This type of scene was indescribably strange!

"Angering me to death!" A heavenly deity from Phantom Drake Dao Gate cried out loudly, his chest filled with resentment. Everything before his eyes turned dark, and his body swayed.

This was a small world filled with vitality, the mountain peaks beautiful and plant life shining. Clouds of multicolored light surged, spiritual essence filling this place. From time to time, spiritual medicines, strange fruits, and other things could be seen. Sweet fragrance wafted through the air. 

"Are you sure that Underworld Earth's disciples entered here? Don't they like lifeless places?" Shi Hao asked. 

"They are reborn from death, corpses that irradiate vitality, developing spiritual intelligence, so they like things that are full of life the most. This place is full of medicines, so they might very well be searching for holy medicines, divine medicines, and other things." Phantom Drake Dao Gate's disciple explained. 

In the outside world, Underworld Earth's people's faces looked more and more unpleasant. 

"I really am looking forward to it. I've eaten almost everything, just not ghosts. This time, I definitely have to give it a try." Shi Hao had a hopeful look on his face.

Phantom Drake Dao Gate's disciple immediately staggered, almost falling flat on the ground from shock.

The people of those sects in the outside world all became stupefied, their expressions petrified. 

As for Underworld Earth's people, all of their faces were dark. Many of them were furious.

The little world, even though it wasn't vast, it was still several tens of thousands of li. Even after wandering about for two days, he didn't see Underworld Earth's people, but he picked a pile of precious medicines. 

Meanwhile, during this period, his injuries also improved a step further, his body gradually recovering. 

On the third day, in the distance, black mists overflowed into the heavens, and there was fiery light as well. One could vaguely hear the cry of a phoenix. 

"It's Underworld Earth's people!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's disciple said, sure that the black mist was underworld energy. 

Shi Hao brought him with him, urged lightning, and then immediately moved through the air. Soon after, they reached their destination, discovering that people who should belong to Underworld Clan were chasing a girl. 

"En?" He seemed to have recognized that girl.

That girl wore scarlet battle clothes, her figure tall and her legs long. Her waist was small, her chest full. Her neck was snow white, and she had a beautiful face, to the point where it could be said to be moving. She was currently fighting while running.

Shi Hao recognized this person. He had met her before in the lower realm, interacting with her before. They could be considered old acquaintances. 

She was Hong Huang, someone who had previously entered the lower realm with Lan Yu, Shui Yue, Ying Ying and a few other beauties, all noble ladies of the higher realms. Her relationship with Shi Hao wasn't bad. 

Soon after, Hong Huang's impressive and sexy body rushed over. The moment she saw Shi Hao, she was first stupefied, and then her face went pale, screaming, "Ghost!"

Shi Hao immediately felt regret. His figure moved, arriving before her. 

"I'm seeing a ghost! Something's wrong with my eyes! Why am I seeing a dead person?! Right, you became a member of Underworld Clan as well, a living corpse!" Hong Huang screamed.

"Girl, what you screaming noisily for? Have you ever seen such a handsome ghost? Come, feel my warmth and manliness!" Shi Hao laughed, pulling over her pure white arm and placing it against his body.

Hong Huang was shocked. The other party was too fast, like lightning. She unexpectedly couldn't escape. She cried out with shock, "You damn beast… dare to take advantage of me?!"

"It's you who is taking advantage of me, okay? You are the one touching me. Look, this is me taking advantage of you." Shi Hao demonstrated, his arm supporting her sparkling white chin, and then his other hand rested on her shoulder as he said with a smile.

"You are… Shi Hao, you are still alive?!" At this moment, Hong Huang carefully sensed it, and after determining that there was no mistaking this aura, she was immediately stupefied, forgetting that her sparkling white chin was being supported. 

"Heavens, you are still alive! Everyone thought that you had died, and even the sect masters of the higher realms believed this. You actually… jumped out again." Hong Huang jumped and cried out, her beautiful face full of agitation. She now encountered someone that she had thought to be dead for many years, making it hard for her mind to calm down.

"The ones chasing you are Underworld Clan's people?" Shi Hao asked.

"Right, they are too hateful. They seized a stalk of holy medicine from me, and are still pursuing me!" Hong Huang was resentful. 

"This is perfect! I was just looking for them! In a bit, I'll invite you to eat some ghosts." Shi Hao smiled.

"What? Eat ghosts? Are you a person or a ghost?" Hong Huang's beautiful eyes widened, her impressive chest rising and falling as she looked at the youth in front of her. 

"Of course I'm a person. I am saying that I'll roast some ghosts. Right, are there any who aren't humans among them?" Shi Hao asked. 

"There are!" Hong Huang felt dizzy. She was first chased, and then she saw a living ghost, and now she was hearing him speak nonsense. She really did feel a bit of a headache. 

"Then there's no problem. In a bit, I'll fry it in oil, broil, roast, and steam those things. We can have a taste of what ghosts taste like." Shi Hao said. 

Hong Huang's eyes blinked, using her hands to hold her chest. She finally understood a few things. As she looked at his back, her heart rose and fell greatly. She unexpectedly ran into him here, yet he was still just as savage as before, going to eat ghosts. 

However, she also felt relieved, feeling that when she was standing behind Shi Hao's back, she didn't have anything to be scared of anymore. It was because this youth had a type of unmatched self-confidence. 

1. This can also be an idiom for being ruthless, vicious, and greedy

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