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Chapter 819 - Returning to True Self

The third time! 

He unexpectedly appeared a third time!

Everyone became stupefied, their expressions becoming rigid. They were truly seeing ghosts!

The most irritating part of it was that smiling face, each time more brilliant than the last, so dazzling not even the moon and stars could compare. He took the initiative to face everyone, smiling just like that while standing there.

"I'm seeing a ghost. Why is it him again?!" Finally, someone screamed with a voice an octave higher. This was too strange!

Over and over again, were they testing everyone's nerves? He had two great identities, and now a third one, it truly challenged the limits of what everyone could handle. A large group of people were stunned.

That kind of expression truly was like a flower bud, sparkling and brilliant, bright and resplendent as he stared towards everyone. He was in need of a spanking!

"Impossible, definitely impossible!" Some couldn't take this type of shock and cried out. They understood some inner details and knew who Shi Hao was. 

"He died in the lower realm, and it was long verified! How can he jump back out? There is definitely some kind of problem, moreover an extremely great one!" An expert shouted loudly.

This scene was just too strange. Once or twice was one thing, but he unexpectedly appeared a third time, tormenting everyone's nerves, leaving even a group of sect masters speechless.

This was especially the case for those who had come into contact with Huang or Sin and had grudges. They felt like they had been humiliated!

This was definitely done on purpose! This youth purposely ridiculed them, using different identities again and again. It was clear from that smile alone that this brat was rotten from head to toe!

"I don't believe it is him! How can someone who many sides had already proven and many great sects personally saw die revive, moreover leaping and frisking about in the higher realms? There is some kind of conspiracy going on!"

This place could not calm down. Noise erupted, and it was unknown how many people rushed in front of this monument. They stared at the youth, discussing this loudly. 

In an instant, it was as if a flood swept through this place. Rumbling sounds rang through the air. Too many people were in an uproar, all of them discussing this.

This was simply unbelievable!

"Everyone, I believe that this is definitely a conspiracy. It is all fake!" Someone refused to acknowledge this and said. 

Immortal Ancient, on the bluestone path.

Shi Hao's divine senses were extraordinary, so he naturally had a feeling that someone wrote his name three times, using the Immortal Dao Flower's petals to observe his current situation.

That was why he was extremely cooperative, smiling happily and doing his best to raise his chest, lift his chin up towards the sky. His smile was pure and true. He blinked his eyes.

Apart from this, he even waved his hands in a practiced manner, as if he was greeting everyone. 

In the outside world, a group of people vomited blood. This brat's face was truly thick! Was he purposely angering others?

"Sigh, I finally entered Immortal Ancient, don't have to be worried about those old shameless fellas anymore. I can return to being myself. Just wait for what I have in plan for you all when I come back."

Shi Hao said softly. Those of the outside world naturally couldn't hear him, but they saw how his mouth moved. What kind of people were these? There were many deities, so they naturally understood his intent. 

A group of people's faces immediately darkened, finding it difficult to suppress their emotions. 

This was especially the case for Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, and others, These inheritances were the easiest to anger. Just now, they finally knew who their enemy was, ascertaining his identity, yet soon after, they discovered that this still wasn't his real identity.

At this moment, they finally understood who that fella was. They were truly humiliated and indignant. A group of true deities' eyes surged with flame, truly wishing to devour him on the spot. 

Even a few heavenly deities couldn't take it. As they watched him smile happily, everyone felt as if they were slapped in the face in an extremely loud and clear manner.

"From here on out, I will return to being me, returning to my true self!"

Shi Hao said. He rubbed his face, and then his body unfolded as well. His four limbs and white bones cracked like fried beans. His body immediately relaxed. 

His appearance changed. His eyes were still clear and bright, but his appearance became much more handsome, the pretty exterior and delicateness carrying an aura of otherworldliness, able to be called divine like jade, extraordinary and transcendent. 

Now, he had already grown up. Compared to his previous tender and immature appearance, he had undoubtedly grown up. He was handsome and extraordinary, giving off an immortal dao aura.

"I vow that from here on forth, I will be myself. No one can make things difficult for me any longer!" Shi Hao seriously vowed. He was going to become strong in Immortal Ancient, strengthening himself, increase his power drastically. He was the ruler of his own path, no need to change into other bodies. 

"It's him… it really is him!"

In the outside world, some people cried out strangely. They completely recognized him now. This was definitely the youth from back then. He was a head taller than before, more extraordinary in appearance than in the past. 

His tall body, thick black hair, fine facial features, long eyelashes, intelligent large eyes, together with his jade-like sparkling skin, formed a body that flowed with precious splendor. There was an indescribable type of style to his appearance. 

"How can it be him?!" At this moment, Underworld Earth's people exploded.

"A dead person unexpectedly appeared! It was he who ruined our great plan!" A cold and cruel voice sounded from the blood dripping war chariot. It carried endless hatred. 

Seven deities went down into the lower realm, yet they were all stopped by a single youth, completely slaughtered. It was precisely done by this person. He was actually still alive, moreover arriving in the higher realms. 


A heart tearing lung splitting cry sounded from Qin Clan. 

Tears had long covered Qin Yining's eyes. She simply couldn't believe that figure was real. How many times had she woken up from this type of dream, only to drench her pillows in tears?

How many times had she thought back, how many times had she reminisced about the past? She was always thinking about that child from the lower realm, believing that they would never meet again, that he would never appear in this world again. 

Yet today, in this place, in Immortal Ancient, that youth was alive and lively, unexpectedly smiling so brilliantly towards her. That type of liveliness, he… was still alive!

Those around her were shocked, looking over. This was Shi Hao's mother? A young supreme being's mother!

Qin Clan's people were stupefied. The never expected there would be this type of scene. That youth was living so healthily, to the extent where it could be said that he was more durable than a True Dragon!

He had stirred up too many 'major events', which one of them wasn't enough to shock all directions, shooting through the sky? In the end, he was still perfectly fine.

"The heavens finally opened their eyes, returning my child back to me…" Qin Yining was crying, but also smiling, her emotions all over the place. She stared at the monument, towards that youth.

Shi Ziling's breathing was hurried. He clenched his fists tightly, his blood surging. His eldest child was still in this world, making him feel as if the entire world became more colorful. 

"Good, Hao'er, you are much, much stronger than us, relying on yourself to survive, moreover arriving in the higher realms!" Shi Ziling released a low roar. His tiger eyes were also blurry, tears sliding down.

At this moment, as the husband and wife were pleasantly surprised, they also felt endless shame and guilt. They felt like they hadn't taken good care of Shi Hao, making him suffer since childhood, endure too much bitterness.

Moreover, at the final moments, they even watched him pass away, the two of them helpless in the face of such a crisis. 

What left them the most pained, what made them blame themselves the most was that before death Shi Hao unexpectedly removed his own supreme being bone, giving it to his only younger brother.

That day, they felt as if their souls left them, the entire world becoming dull. They originally wanted to see if they could use the immortal bone in Qin Hao's body to save their eldest child, yet after a moment of hesitation, they missed the opportunity. In the end, the eldest son actually removed his own bone and gave it to their second son.

Every time they thought of this, they wanted to weep greatly for Shi Hao, feeling that he was pitiful, too pitiful. He had never been properly cared for since he was young, and he even suffered that kind of wrong. He experienced endless torment, yet in the end, he was going to lay in the ice cold grave alone in the lower realm. They weren't even able to accompany him afterwards.

"This Shi Hao, Little Stone whose name shook the lower realm really is something. We all thought you were dead, yet you fumbled your way up yourself." Someone spoke, understanding the inner details.

"How could it be him? How did he manage to survive?!" Demonic Sunflower Garden's master said coldly, his voice carrying killing intent. It was to the extent where he even swept a glance over towards the Qin Clan. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity's face was calm, not paying this any attention.


From Underworld Clan, a white bone mountain appeared. Black mists curled about, and there was an enormous shadow towering above it. This was precisely Underworld Lord. His face lacked color, extremely pale. His eyes were intimidating to the extreme. He roared out, underworld energy overflowing into the skies and deathly aura pervading the air.

In the past, Underworld Earth, Beast Sea, Immortal Palace, Heavenly Country, Demonic Sunflower Garden, and more than ten great powers exhausted great amounts of resources and paid a tremendous price to challenge the heaven's will, and only then did they send down a group of people. 

One has to understand that back then, Underworld Earth used up a supreme being level void beast skeleton, an unmatched treasure.

Apart from this, Heavenly Country also used a void furnace that had Void Immortal Gold mixed in.

"Just a trifling ant, yet he dares to meddle in our plans, even crawling to the higher realms. When you come out, your blood will definitely be offered as sacrifice to the demon blade!" Within the blood-colored war chariot, Heavenly Country's lord said coldly. 

Everyone became stupefied. These were terrifying leaders of the higher realms who hadn't taken action for too many years. They were actually going to go so far for a youth!

"Killed my Immortal Palace's servant, there is no way this can be allowed to pass." Immortal Palace also had people who spoke.


This was a great storm. Everyone became certain that this was Shi Hao, the youth who came from the lower realm. There was no mistake. 

Heaven overflowing waves were stirred up. Sin, Huang, Shi Hao, three identities, any one of them enough to form a legend. He had done too many shocking things.

Now, all three merged into one, fully exposed. This triggered a huge uproar. All of the great sects felt that this was inconceivable.

Inside Immortal Ancient, on the stone stairs.

Shi Hao raised his head towards the void. "I reckon that many people are looking at me right?"

He was right, but there was no way he would have imagined just how many people it was. All of the cultivators of the higher realms that were able to come were pretty much staring at him right now. 'Attention of ten thousand eyes' was far from being enough to describe this. 

"A few old things are probably going mad right about now huh, venting out their hatred against me. However, what's the use? Heavenly Country's old turtle is the most vicious. Do you want to assassinate me? Don't worry. Wait for me to come out, and then I'll chop you up to get revenge for Ghost Grandpa. Also, you seem to have sent disciples in, right? Aren't you guys known to be killing dao cultivators, your assassination methods unmatched? I definitely won't fear death when I return and call you all out on your sneaky, skill-less hidden vicious methods."

Everyone couldn't hear him, but from how his lips were moving, they knew his intentions. They were all stupefied, and a few people almost laughed out loudly. He unexpectedly dared to ridicule Heavenly Country's lord. 

Of course, there were those who wanted to cough out blood as well, for example, those killing dao deities. They all narrowed their eyes, their pupils flickering with cold radiance. Their finger joints were becoming pale from their clenched fists.

"The number of people who want to deal with me aren't few right? Underworld Earth's bunch definitely aren't good things either. Half man half ghosts, when the time comes, I'll settle things with you all as well. Right, I never ate creatures from the Underworld Clan. When the time comes, I'll roast some non humanoid Underworld Clan experts to see what kind of flavor ghosts have."

When these words were spoken, many people almost bit their own tongues, and others watched helplessly. There were even a few who wanted to laugh. Did this youngster really dare to eat anything?

"I am not joking you know?" Shi Hao muttered, then he said, "Immortal Palace is too hypocritical. Back then, they actually beat up my supreme being inheritance. Now that I am in Immortal Ancient, I am going to beat your inheritor until he splits into eight parts! Right, every time that Immortal Palace inheritor comes out, he always acts so cocky with old slaves following him, showing such a 'grand' style. He can't be the bastard child of that old fart sleeping in Immortal Palace, right?"

Everyone became speechless. This brat's mouth really was vicious. This was undisguised slandering. 

At the same time, everyone felt the ancient copper palace that floated in the void tremble slightly. It was clear that the one inside was not just angered lightly!

"Did Celestial Clan come? Those scoundrels who kick their benefactors in the teeth, you all should have known about my identity a long time ago, but didn't say anything about it all this time, wishing to steal my Kun Peng technique and other things. Truly worthless pieces of shit." Shi Hao said.

When these words were spoken, everyone from Celestial Clan's expression changed. This brat was too vicious, needing to be punished. He was speaking this in front of all of the sects, exposing the Celestial Clan's secrets. 

"We didn't know before either! He is speaking nonsense!" Celestial Clan's people hurriedly spoke up, hurriedly refuting his words. 

"I believe with their nature, they would definitely do everything they can to refute it. They always showed different outwards appearances than what they truly felt, forget favors and violate justice." Shi Hai said.

In the outside world, Celestial Clan felt huge hatred. This… was cutting off the end of the road, what else could they say?

The other inheritances looked at them, their expressions all peculiar. 

"Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley and others, all of you inheritances, rumored to be eternal in the world, always oppressing Sin Province, truly people without any sense of shame or virtue. My ancestors have guarded the desolate border, yet you all slander their descendents, treating them like prisoners."

When these words were spoken, all sects of the higher realms were shaken up.

"I remember that you all threatened me that your clan has exceptional talents, have ancient freaks. I am looking forward to meeting them! They will definitely be completely slaughtered in Immortal Ancient!"

In the outside worlds Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and other others were about to go mad.

This wasn't only true for them. All of the inheritances that had their names mentioned, their faces all darkened, their hearts suppressing a wave of fury.

"Right, I have another identity. Back then, when I was in the Lower Realm, I already arrived into Spirit Realm through the Void God Realm, chasing a group of people for several hundred li. The one named Haotian is also me."

When Shi Hao spoke up to here, he revealed another brilliant smile. He took the initiative to reveal this fourth insignificant identity.

This… was definitely done on purpose. This kind of smile, this type of brilliance, for many inheritances, was an undisguised mockery, a type of humiliation.

"You will definitely die in Immortal Ancient!" Someone cursed. 

"I believe all those related should be gnashing their teeth in anger right?" Shi Hao said calmly, still looking towards the void. "Not even the heavens could deal with me, allowing me to crawl out from the grave and live healthily. All of you can just start praying for your disciples!"

When he spoke up to here, Shi Hao suddenly raised his head, the aura of his entire being immediately surged, becoming like a devil king!

"Those people better not provoke me, or else I'll slaughter all those that I should slaughter, eat all those I should eat, make all those that should warm the bed accompany me." He spoke ostentatiously while laughing loudly. 

A few great sects, while feeling great anger, also shivered inwardly. They thought about too many things. 

This youth originally had two supreme being bones, yet in the end, he lost one during childhood, then removed the other after growing up, giving it to his younger brother before his death.

Based on normal reasoning, he should have definitely died, yet he lived each time, moreover not crippled and becoming even stronger.

He relied on himself to arrive in the Higher Realm, turning into Huang and Sin, establishing a brilliant reputation. Recently, he never even used his most powerful precious techniques, so just how powerful was he exactly?

Everyone shivered inwardly. This youth… was formidable. Without a supreme being bone, he still had an unmatched manner. Immortal Ancient would most likely be thrown into chaos because of him!

"I can finally put my all into fighting, no longer having to suppress myself. I can use all of my precious techniques!" Shi Hao spoke. At the same time, a large pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, as if they reached the clouds. They were accompanied by overflowing divine light. 

It was clear that that kind of aura was too intense, shocking many creatures behind him. There were some who were shocked, secretly taking action.

Then, his wings shook slightly. Behind him, a loud hong sounded. All of the creatures that took action shattered, turning into bloody mists and crushed bones!

The attitude of a devil king was fully displayed!

This made everyone in the higher realms feel greatly shocked. He was going to put his all into the fight, becoming even more powerful than Huang or Sin. It really was unknown what kind of great storm was going to be raised!

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