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Chapter 818 - Identity Revealed

Sin, where was he, what was he doing? A group of deities cared a lot about this. They stood together, their expressions unkind.

"He unleashed a great slaughter in Spirit Realm, massacred my sect's disciples, killed our followers. His hand is dyed with blood. I hope he doesn't immediately die in Immortal Ancient, instead experience repeated defeats before finally being suppressed and killed!"

Someone said. When the others heard this, they all nodded, carrying bitterness.

They came from Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley and other sects. They personally experienced the battle of Spirit Realm. The sinner's blood descendent unleashed a bloodbath, leaving them humiliated and resentful. 

It had already been many days since that battle, but they could still feel that type of domineeringness. True deities being killed, heavenly deities encountering disaster. That youth was like a devil king as he unleashed an absolute massacre in Spirit Realm. 

When some of them thought back to that day, they couldn't help but break out into a cold shiver. The impression that youth left them with was too great! It was like a nightmare!

Fire Cloud Cavern's master was a red haired elder. His stature was small, not all that imposing, but his eyes were quite bright. They were like two bloody moons as they released radiance. 

He walked out from a burning war chariot, carrying chaotic energy with him. With each step that descended, fire dao symbols would appear in his surroundings, the great dao aura world shocking. 


He faced the uninhabited region, activating divine force, using his hand to carve a word in the void. That sparkling flower petal became resplendent, producing great dao patterns that illuminated the heavens. 

"Yi, what a resplendent name, actually harmonizing with the dao!" Someone cried out with shock. A few sect masters looked over.

At the same time, many deities and others looked towards the same monument. The images of the Immortal Dao Flower's petals were reflected here. They all revealed looks of shock. 

This name was indeed a bit strange. After engraving it, the flower petal became especially brilliant. Dazzling symbols interweaved, becoming as resplendent as a sun, flourishing with radiance. 

It was clear that it was more sparkling and translucent than a normal flower petal. It was extremely divine and holy.

"What is going on? Could it be that this name harmonizes with the great dao?" Many deities were stupefied. They stared at that enormous monument. 

"It's the character Sin!" Apart from Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley and other sects' cultivators, even a few great sects that were not related looked over.

"How could this character be like this?" Many people frowned, a bit confused.

One had to keep in mind that this was an impure character in the higher realms. It represented blood and guiltiness, now basically pointing at the creatures of Sin Province.

"The one that appeared is.. him."

Many people were stunned.

The monument was like a river, reflecting the true scene of Immortal Ancient. They saw a youth that was rather unhurried and calm. No one was fighting against him. 

It was because he was at the very back, not moving forward, instead crossing realms.

"The one that lagged in the back!"

Quite a few people knew that this was the one that entered the immortal gate and stepped on the bluestone stairs last, the youth who even wanted to pluck out a few pieces of stone. 

He was quite different from the others, his arms on his back, continuously going from one realm wall to the next. He would cross over to another realm, and after stopping and taking some time to comprehend the dao there, he would then break through another realm wall.

Other people were moving forward, while he was moving horizontally.

"Sinner's blood descendent!"

Many people clenched their teeth. Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people displayed the most vicious expressions. This youth's actions were tyrannical, killing many from their sect, and even a heavenly deity was ruined. He was struck by a Soul Shattering Needle, encountering an absolute disaster. 

At this point, he was basically a living corpse. Even with Phantom Drake Dao Master's personal treatment, he hadn't woken up.

Of course, this was also a disaster they brought onto themselves. If they didn't refine those demonic needles to be so vicious, then later on having them seized by the youth and have them thrown right back, how could this have happened?

"What is he doing?"

This fella was too strange, unexpectedly not in a hurry to move forward, instead, roaming about at the back, analyzing things step by step and silently comprehending. Could it be that he truly wanted to comprehend the three thousand stone paths?

Suddenly, that youth grinned towards everyone, releasing a smile that was especially radiant. His teeth were pure white, his eyes clear. He was like the boy next door. 

"Hateful, repulsive, disgraceful!"

Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Luofu True Valley's people couldn't help but shout outwards. This little monster's hands were dyed with blood, yet he was smiling so brilliantly.

"That youth is too sharp, his divine senses unimaginably powerful, not weaker than those ancient freaks." A sect master spoke. 

When Immortal Ancient was observed through the flower petals, the most talented geniuses would sense something. It was because the light the Immortal Dao Flower's petals displayed, although weak, could still be captured by their senses. 

Was this a silent provocation.

Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm. In the distance, a monument released heaven reaching light. That was biting cold sword intent, as if chaotic light was erupting. It was clearly inside Immortal Ancient, yet it was as if it seeped out from the monument and shone over here. 

"Who is that little fatty? He killed Earth Demon Sect's number one young expert with a single move!"

Earth Demon Sect originally wanted to see how their own clan's hero was doing, yet in the end, he saw this kind of scene. The others naturally saw it as well, as a result calling out like this.

On that path was a chubby youth. He looked rather simple and honest, however, his body suddenly erupted with hundreds of streaks of sword energy, shocking everyone here. 

"He took action again!"

Everyone discovered with shock that Earth Demon Sect wasn't the only youth that took action. There were several well known heroic experts that were there as well, but under the following sword light, heads tumbled on the ground.

"This youngster is too formidable, that's… the higher realms' Third Killing Formation!" Someone's expression changed. 

Third Killing Formation! Many ancient inheritances' eyes became red. This killing formation was too well known, shocking past and present. It was unexpectedly carved within the body of that youngster! 

One has to understand that the First Killing Formation had never appeared, while the Second Killing Formation was pretty much lost in inheritance. The Third Killing Formation's power was ridiculously powerful, and once it was arranged, it could kill a sect master.

It was rumored that it was a killing formation from primal chaos, one that was born when the sky first opened. 

"His name is Cao Yusheng, he previously made an appearance in Origin Sky Secret Realm. He has traveled quite closely with Huang." Someone spoke, speaking his name.


Another streak of dazzling light flew out. Those that fought against Cao Yusheng were all wiped out, and no one else dared to take action against him. That stone staircase became 'peaceful'. He walked forward alone. 

"Hurry up and see where Huang is!"

When they saw how, even though this little fatty looked harmless, his methods were so vicious, displaying his might here, they naturally wanted to know how Huang, who had previously joined hands with him was doing. 

This time, it wasn't a single sect master that took action. It was because Huang had stirred up too much chaos.


Underworld Earth's master took action. A truly terrifying figure began to carve a name in the void. In his surroundings were endless white bones as well as black mist. 

"Yi, something's wrong. Did you write the wrong name? Why is it still him?" Everyone was stupefied, feeling shocked.

When the name Huang appeared on the flower petal, it displayed the true scene. The monuments displayed the same scene. A youth appeared, smiling like a flower as he faced everyone. 

He clearly sensed something, realizing that he was being inspected, so he took the initiative to looked towards the void towards everyone. 

Dark lines appeared on a few people's faces. Even though other freaks might feel something, they would definitely ignore it. This fella was too irritating. 

"Isn't that the sinner's blood descendant? Why did he appear on the scene?"

"Right, previously, he had slaughtered Fire Cloud Cavern and Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people. Rumor has it that he even killed a heavenly deity."

Someone uncovered this scar, making the faces of a few great sects' people fall, their hearts leak blood.

"Don't tell me that Sin is Huang, Huang is Sin!" Someone said. 

After a momentary silence, discussions arose everywhere. Everyone seemed to have realized that this should be the case. He had two great identities!

"Heavens! Huang is Sin, Sin is Huang! No wonder I always felt like he came out from nowhere. He actually turned into two people!"

When the truth came out, this place could not calm down again, triggering a huge uproar. The cultivators of all sects were shocked.


Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley and other sects were seething with anger, their faces ashen. Only now did they know the true identity of their enemy.

"It truly is preposterous!" A few heavenly deities couldn't sit still, truly wishing to immediately enter Immortal Ancient to kill him.

This was especially the case when they saw that youth's brilliant smile. It was almost like a type of mockery towards them, making the root of their teeth sore!

Correct, that was definitely mockery. It was done deliberately, facing the entire crowd.

"Angering me to death!" Someone roared with fury.

Huang, Supreme Being Dao Rite's disciple, sinner's blood descendent, any one of these identities was enough to shake ten provinces. He had done too many ridiculous things, his name shaking every sect. 

These… were unexpectedly all the same person!

Celestial Clan, Underworld Clan, Immortal Palace, Fire Cloud Cavern… there were too many people who couldn't calm down. This youth had two identities, both of them extremely sinister. 

This place couldn't calm down for a long time. Everyone stared at that monument, wanting to see him to the end. 

Only after a while had passed did a cry of surprise sound from a stone monument. Only then was this strange atmosphere dispelled. 

"A powerful expert, ridiculously powerful, he… has dual-pupils!"

"What? Where?!" 

Many experts swarmed over to stare at that monument. They were all shaken. That youth was too powerful, his eyes releasing two beams of light, sweeping through his enemies. 

That was a heroic youth, eyes more resplendent than a sun. He didn't take action at all, only using his eyes to kill all enemies.

The creatures that surrounding him numbered over ten, among them including powerful experts from great provinces. They were recognized by others. 

"Golden Giant, Three-Headed Underworld Hound, Ifrit, Hidden Cloud Clan's holy lady…"

When these clans were named, everyone became shaken up.


An enormous sound rang through the air. Dual-pupils opened up heaven and earth. Those people all fell into the void, crushed to pieces. They were completely erased!

A group of experts were killed. This was incomparably shocking!

"Too powerful. Who is he?"

"If I am not mistaken, he should be the dual-pupil user from Heavenfall Academy. Rumor has it that he came from the lower realm!"

Soon after, the dual-pupiled user's identity was revealed, shocking a group of people. Not even the great sects could remain calm, because the dual-pupil had a great reputation since the ancient past, rumored to be an undefeated legend!

"Dual-pupils are indeed ridiculously powerful. He was personally guided by Heavenfall Province's old monster, passing down everything he knew. However, rumor has it that he was defeated once before."

"What? Who did he lose to?" Many people's expressions changed. They all wanted to know. 

"In the lower realm, to a youth name Shi Hao. The two carried out a world shocking great confrontation. The dual-pupils was defeated. This was also his only defeat."

This made it difficult for many people to calm down. Such powerful dual-pupils, this individual was definitely one of the most powerful young supreme beings, one that would definitely shine brilliantly in Immortal Ancient, yet he had been defeated before!

"Shi Hao, that youth…" When this name was mentioned, some people knew what he had done before in the lower realm.

"Hao'er, if you were still alive, your name would definitely shake the world under heaven, right? Shining brilliantly here…" By Qin Clan's area, Shi Hao's mother had tears in her eyes.

Shi Ziling clenched his teeth, not saying anything. He stared towards Immortal Palace. 

"Let's take a look at my descendant." Immortal Heavenly Deity Qin Changsheng took action, carving down a name on the flower petal. 

Qin Hao, these two words shone brilliantly, releasing brilliant radiance. Then, a youth appeared, reflecting on the monument.

"His chest…"

As soon as Qin Hao appeared, it triggered large cries of shock. At his chest, immortal light pervaded the air, nourishing his entire body. It was simply impervious to all methods!

In his surroundings, experts were swept flying one after another, not able to get closer to him at all.

"Isn't that Yan Province's most powerful expert? He was killed by Qin Hao!"

"Thousand Feather Race's divine child was also defeated, penetrated by a streak of light from his chest. Too powerful! What kind of precious technique is that?"

Everyone cried out with shock. 

Many Divine Flame, True Self Realm experts were moved.

Even a few sect masters revealed looks of surprise. This youth was too extraordinary. 

"His name is Qin Hao, Immortal Heavenly Deity's descendant, rumored to have two supreme being bones. Now, he has indeed grown up, becoming not simple at all." Even a giant praised like this, so others were naturally even more shocked. 

Everyone from Qin Clan revealed smiled. Qin Hao's performance was too dazzling. 

Even Qin Yining, even though her eyes carried tears, she was still quite grateful, gradually revealing a smile.

"How could he have two supreme being bones?" The higher realms were boundless, so not everyone knew the inner details, not knowing the truth.

"Should be related to his brother. One bone was bestowed onto him before his death."

When these words were spoken, everyone became stupefied, their minds shaken. A pair of supreme beings? How unfortunate, his older brother died, only able to pass down his bone.

Even those that knew the inner details revealed looks of shock. They recalled the events of the past. 

"That Shi Hao is not simple. The dual-pupiled user is related to him. Even though he died, he still created such a formidable younger brother." Quite a few people exclaimed in admiration. 

"It was granted by the heavens!" There were some people from Immortal Mountain who corrected. They did not like hearing this type of saying.

"Wu, is anyone willing to carve down the name Shi Hao?" Someone asked. 

Everyone became puzzled. Why did they have to carve the name of a dead person? He didn't even come to the higher realms. 

"Celestial Clan might know something." 

When Celestial Clan heard this, they couldn't help but be shocked. They immediately understood that their clan's secret was leaked out, being known by some people from the higher realms. 

Right at this moment, a large hand reached out from a bronze ancient palace that was surrounded by chaotic energy. It swiped out a few times in the void, writing the two characters Shi Hao. 

This was someone from Immortal Palace! He took action!

The flower petals shone. The monuments produced the image, and in the end, a youth's figure appeared, still smiling as brilliantly as before.

Everyone became stupefied. This was the third time he appeared, leaving everyone petrified, all of them dumbstruck!

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