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Chapter 820 - Brightly Colored Ancient World

Within Immortal Ancient, on a stone staircase accompanied by chaotic energy.

Shi Hao's back faced the remaining individuals, his figure exuding the imposing attitude of a devil king. 

"Let's leave!"

The group of creatures no longer dared to provoke him, hurriedly leaving, fleeing towards the brightly colored world at the end of the bluestone path.

That youth who had his back towards them, a pair of wings that reached the clouds was releasing a heaven overflowing pressure that made every single creature tremble with fear. 

Just the slight movement of those wings was enough to make a group of powerful experts shatter, blood and bones appear. Just how powerful was he exactly?

"Someone broke through, entering Immortal Ancient's secret earth!"

In the outside world, a few true deities cried out in shock as they stared at several monuments that were as smooth as a mirror. Scenes of Immortal Ancient were currently being displayed there. 

Even heavenly deities were shocked. A monument reflected the scenery around a creature. Then, several monuments changed, becoming brilliant and multicolored, divine light overflowing into the heavens.

At that moment, their attention finally shifted from Huang, from Sin, from Shi Hao to a few ancient freaks. 


Like a divine arrow that opened the sky, with great dao energy and brilliant divine multicolored light, the void distorted. Someone stepped out from the bluestone staircase, entering another heaven and earth.

As if at the same time, a few others also stepped out from their paths!

The three thousand bluestone paths trembled, shaking greatly. It was accompanied by multicolored wisps, sprinkling out a resplendent rain of light. A great dao rumbling sound rang through the air. 

"Just the ninth day, yet there were some who already made it through into  Immortal Ancient. This is a day faster than anyone in all of history!"

Even the heavenly deities were shocked, all of them staring at the smooth monuments, seeing those various scenes of Immortal Ancient.

"Those individuals have become stronger, all of them surpassing their previous selves. That is why they were able to reach this place a day earlier!" A sect master sighed and said. 

It was precisely because these individuals walked out from the bluestone path that this entire ancient road changed. The pressure decreased, and the others' movements became quite a bit faster as well.

In the outside world, the bronze palace floating in the void swayed. Someone pushed aside the beast bone beaded curtain and looked towards the three thousand great dao petals, staring at the scene inside Immortal Ancient.

Two streaks of purple radiance shot out from a purple golden war chariot that seemed to have existed before the opening of the world. This was the carriage of a present world Emperor Clan, and those two streaks of radiance pierced open the void, landing on the Immortal Dao Flower's petals. 

All great figures were moved, watching this closely!

On a few monuments, brilliant shadows could be seen. It was quite illusory, as if it was a world of dreams. 

"Is that the scene inside Immortal Ancient?" This was the first time many Divine Flame, True Self Realm cultivators saw this. Their breathing was rapid as they watched nervously. 

'Bubbles' appeared one after another, their appearances a mixture of different colors. Chaotic energy wrapped around them, and there was a vague but terrifying aura seeping out from them, as if they possessed undying power. 

Each 'bubble' represented a region!

There was an area for interaction between these bubbles, which meant that different regions could be connected. 

That place is extremely miraculous. Immortal Ancient would sometimes become resplendent, sometimes dim. Many of the regions were surrounded by illusions, so it was difficult to differentiate the different territories. 

"It looks like it is quite small, but in reality, every region is large to an unbounded degree. A few places are divine and auspicious, while some ancient earths are full of enormous dangers."

There were many 'bubbles',  just like little worlds. They all gave off ancient feelings, containing an aura of passed time, accumulating secrets from the ancient to present. 

Someone took action. With a great halberd in hand, this individual continuously clashed with another. Some people recognized that this was Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

"How ferocious!"

Everyone became moved. The radiance that erupted from this battle was enough to make Divine Flame and True Self Realm cultivator's faces lose color. 

His opponent was a red haired youth that was extremely sinister looking. He gave off a domineeringness, the corners of his lips carrying a cold and cruel smile as he fought against Immortal Palace's inheritor. His divine bravery was unmatched. 

"I finally found you. I've refined my Great Heaven Burning Art to a level no predecessor has ever reached. I will first kill the strongest of this world, and then I'll wipe out those ancient freaks, starting with you."

The red haired youth supported an expanse of black fiery light that was like a world in itself. With every movement, it trembled the void until it became blurry. It could burn the nine heavens! 

In the outside world, everyone's expressions changed.

This individual was actually going to kill Immortal Palace's inheritor! How domineering and brash was this?!

However, when they heard him say the Great Heaven Burning Art, everyone sighed, knowing that he was this type of freak. That was a heavenly art comparable to the Six Dao Reincarnations. 

This bloodline might not even appear after tens of thousands of years. However, if a single person appeared, that individual would definitely be terrifying to the point of leaving others in despair. 


Magical force surged. After these two's final strike, a large crack was hacked open in the void within this mottled ancient land.

"How powerful!" Everyone's expressions changed. These were likely the world's most powerful supreme experts. 

Towards Immortal Palace Inheritor, none of them were too shocked. After merging with his second body, he would definitely illuminate the past and present. There were already no opponents for him in the present world at the Supreme Expert Realm. 

Meanwhile, this was the inheritor of the Great Heaven Burning Art. This also made others tremble inwardly. 

Many people recalled that not too long after he appeared in the world, he already killed many of the most powerful supreme experts of several different provinces. His murderous nature was extremely strong.


In another direction, Chang Gongyan, Gu Jianyun, and a few other ancient unmatched heroes fought. The void between them cracked, becoming distorted. This left the outside world shaken. 

They were fighting over the ancient land!

The other figures that rushed out were also looking around, from time to time clashing. Meanwhile, everyone was carefully looking around, searching for their own target. 

In the end, they all moved, quickly splitting up. Like lightning, they rushed into a few brightly colored secret lands, most of their paths different. 

"Even though there will be a few differences each time Immortal Ancient is opened, there are a few ancient lands that are unchanged. They went to seek their own heavenly opportunities."

A few heavenly deities sighed, filled with envy, as well as even more melancholy. There was definitely glory waiting there, but it was unfortunately unrelated to them.

This wasn't the first great battle those ancient freaks participated in, not the first time they entered Immortal Ancient to seek natural luck. As such, they understood much more, all of them having clear objectives. 

"They are going to go break through. Who knows, someone might even undergo rebirth in the phoenix blood pool."

"It is the last time one can enter this ancient land. It wouldn't be too surprising if someone is able to find the egg of a True Dragon."

Even the higher realms' most powerful sect masters revealed looks of shock, their eyes burning fiercely, hopeful and expectant. Unfortunately, they couldn't enter themselves. 

It was clear that the most powerful freaks of the ancient era all headed for the ancient realm they had long decided on before entering this place. They were going to break through there, ignite their divine flame, and then obtain even greater natural luck.

There were people who already broke through while on the bluestone stairs, but they weren't unmatched exceptional talents, nor were they the people hidden under snow. They were just ordinary supreme experts. Those at the very peak all selected their own holy land to undergo a perfect transformation. 

Those that entered Immortal Ancient for the first time definitely wouldn't know about those places. Only Six Crown King Ning Chuan, Sword Calley's Gu Jianyun, and other terrifying individuals know about a few places. 

In the outside world, even though there was some information about these things, there was no way they would know about the exact coordinates.

This was unless they were an inheritance like Immortal Palace whose sect had previous members who entered to refine themselves. They knew about a few miraculous precious places and clearly passed the knowledge down to their inheritor. 

In that instant, the first group of people disappeared without a trace, heading towards their respective areas.

When one or two of these figures disappeared, the others would hurry and leave too. Otherwise, if someone achieved the perfect Divine Flame Realm first and came back to kill them, that would make things much more complicated.

Right now, even though some people were fighting life and death battles, they could still only give up for now, hurriedly leaving to break through. 

In the rear, a few individuals were confused. They stood in front of these bubbles, staring at the chaotic light, listening to the vague great dao aura. They didn't know which region they should head towards. 

"Try them one by one. I'll definitely be able to find some divine land. Either way, there's time." Someone moved.

"Immortal Ancient, a place vast and boundless. Rumor has it that someone reached its limit. There are definitely endless precious lands. Even those ancient freaks could only have explored a corner of this place. There is no need to be jealous of their targets. We can just explore ourselves."

Of course, normally speaking, they would avoid all of the areas those people entered. They didn't want to run into those ancient freaks.

On the bluestone stairs, there were people who came out one after another, and then continuously entered the different 'bubbles', heading towards those different worlds. 

Since the ancient times until the present, as long as one left the bluestone path, the pressure of three thousand ancient dao would suddenly decrease. Those in the rear would be freed from the burden and be able to rush out. 

As such, large amounts of people appeared at the ends of the road.

In just a few days, everyone else would come out, stepping into the mottled ancient world. 

At this moment, those in the uninhabited region were startled. Shi Hao unexpectedly appeared on the first day, leaving a group of people shocked. Regardless of whether they had any enmity against him or not, they all couldn't help but sigh. This youth was formidable!

It was because he had been travelling horizontally this entire time, continuously crossing realm walls, walking many different paths.

In this process, even though he would at times walk up a bit, after all, he normally walked horizontally much more often. Based on normal reasoning, he should have been the last to come out.

However, he appeared before the absolute majority. 

"Are these the Immortal Ancient depths?" Shi Hao looked forward at those 'bubbles' that contained indistinct regions. 


An exception talent moved, rushing into a 'bubble' that was relatively larger. The moment the mirage was torn open, those behind him could clearly see a corner of that world. It was a boundless great earth lush with forests. An enormous pitch-black city rested at the limits of the horizon, one that housed many creatures!

"En, there are cities and mysterious races?!" Shi Hao frowned.

"Ao…" A roar sounded. Not far out, a Dragon Mastiff surged with silver light, burning like raging flames. It also rushed into a 'bubble'. 

Everyone hurriedly observed what was inside. The world within was a desert, and at the limit, water vapors were pure and holy as it rose into the air. There was even a spring of life that made all sect masters' eyes red!

Quite a few people were shocked, following him inside.

There were others that remained calm, standing outside while looking pensive. 

"Within a desert, mirages are the most commonly seen things. One might not be able to obtain anything by entering."

There were many bubbles, all of them like little worlds. They were connected, so one could move between them. 

Shi Hao turned around and looked outwards. The three thousand bluestone paths, for him, possessed unordinary meaning. He wanted to form a perfect divine flame, borrowing these dao.

As a result, he wasn't in a rush to hurry along, not in the first group to leave the bluestone paths. 

The bubbles were illusory, the small worlds numerous, forming a mottled expanse. They all had different great opportunities, making it a difficult choice. 

Suddenly, the void split apart. Several bubbles swayed, and then tore apart. Someone rushed out from within, displaying many little worlds. 

"Who is this, continuously breaking the realm walls and appearing in different ancient lands, now coming back?"

An individual flew out, as if there were feathers floating down from his body. Holy light shone resplendently. In his hand was a great halberd, his attitude divine and ferocious. While rushing out, the energy waves he released sent supreme experts flying out, making them cough out large mouthfuls of blood.

It was precisely Immortal Palace Inheritor. He wore immortal feather armor, in his hands a precious halberd. It was unknown why he returned.

"En?" He saw Shi Hao with a single look. Within his eyes, his pupils formed two silver symbols. He immediately slaughtered his way over. 

"It's you, what good timing!" Shi Hao was even more straightforward, bringing out the Void Halberd, holding it in his hands. He released a loud shout, and then he hacked it forward!

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