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Chapter 817 - Immortal Ancient

"Wuwu…" The bugle horn sounded, long, drawn out, and muffled, making the entire world resonate in response. It was as if it sounded from the ancient past, sounding all the way to the present world. 

This was the bugle horn of the higher realms, rumored to be a dragon horn. A few ancient sects wielded it in turn. With a single blow, it would resound through all three thousand provinces, only sounding during the greatest events. 

Today was clearly a day that would be recorded in history. The Immortal Dao Flower Bud was blossoming for the last time, bringing this era to a close!

Within ancient lands, heavens above, three thousand flower petals bloomed, shining with incomparable brilliance. They were so beautiful that it left everyone's eyes dazzled. Everyone stared in that direction in a stupefied manner. 

This was the evolution of the dao. The flower petals had a type of dao planted within them that, since the ancient times until now, continuously blossomed. There were two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine flower petals that had been seen by everyone before.

Today, the three thousandth flower petal would appear for the first time, dazzling and astonishing, bright colors misty.

Forget about experts at the Divine Flame or True Self Realm, even the giants that had lived for millions of years narrowed their eyes, watching this scene carefully. 

If they could comprehend through it, who knows, they might even obtain a type of rebirth!

This flower was extremely massive. Every single flower petal supported a passageway, and currently, it truly appeared, wrapping around millions of cultivators, sending them into the flower petals and bringing them through their respective immortal gates. 

Everyone's expression was serious. They silently proceeded, continuously analyzing their surroundings. It was quite easy to comprehend the dao here. If they were able to gain something, they would reap its benefits for the rest of their lives. 

A rain of light scattered down, each speck shining and sparkling. The radiance was brightly colored and misty; this was the rain and dew of dao!

Someone couldn't hold it in anymore, crying out loudly from shock. It was because they unexpectedly gained enlightenment here, breaking through the Supreme Expert Realm and lit a divine flame, ignited from the crown of the head down to the souls of the feet.


As a result, more than a hundred thousand people were swept out from the path formed from holy radiance, leaving this place and falling down onto the great earth below.

"No!" These people cried out, feeling incomparably upset and full of unwillingness. They were so close to the immortal gate, about to enter Immortal Ancient, yet in the end, they were swept out due to breaking through.

This woke a few people up, reminding them that they had to be careful. 

"What a pity!" In the distance, a few big names sighed lightly. There were even some of them whose faces fell when they saw their own disciples falling out, missing out on this tremendous opportunity. 

The Immortal Flower bloomed, every petal able to send roughly a thousand people. One could imagine how enormous it was. 

Meanwhile, on every single sparkling petal, there was a gate of light formed from the great dao suffused with a rain of light. These gates connected to an ancient secret earth. 

There were a few who were luckier. As soon as they wanted to ignite a divine flame, they directly cried out and threw themselves into the gate, continuing their comprehension after entering inside. 

"Hurry and go, don't waste time here. There is a great dao inside to comprehend as well, possibly even more complete." Someone said softly, telling his companions.

The three thousand flower petals were slender and brilliant, as if they were stellar streams. When they converged like this, not only did they give off a sense of beauty, there was a type of simple and perfect great dao.

They made this place even more dazzling. All types of radiance danced about, and divine rainbows descended like waterfalls. This was especially the case with the stamen, which poured out with even more divine radiance. The scene was extremely shocking. 

Everyone hurried inside, and now, only a few people were left. 

Shi Hao was included among them. He looked left and right, actually trying to head towards the stamen. In the end, he discovered that there was no door there, so he could only give up. 

Later on, he focused his attention on the three thousandth flower petal, as well as the one that bloomed last. He suddenly leapt up, actually about to rush over. 

Regretfully, an enormous force swept out, almost flipping him over. It brought him back, returning him to his original location.

"The newly blossomed petal should be more in harmony with this world. It is worth comprehending. I have to go over!"

Shi Hao's entire body shone, trying once again, erupting with shocking potential to cross the void. In the end, he failed, sent falling back by another wave of great dao energy. 

After trying several times, he could only give up. He wanted to take a look around the other paths, but it seemed like it wouldn't work. He had no choice but to continue forward.

Many people saw this scene, and they all became speechless. What inheritance was this disciple from? He was always looking for trouble. Others were worried about not being able to enter, while he was bouncing about outside.

When Shi Hao entered, the three thousand gates all closed, thus disappearing. 

He was, without a doubt, the last person to enter. 

"This one… should be the one with the lowest amount of potential, right?" Outside, a few people spoke softly.

It was because this process was paid close attention to. The hundred thousand that entered first generally included all heavenly talents. Even if there were exceptions, they wouldn't be behind those hundred thousand places. 

The remaining people were the ones with inferior talent, entering later. 

"This… he purposely delayed it, or else he might not have entered last. However, whether he could enter the ranks of heavenly talents, that is hard to say."

"Definitely a disciple from some small inheritance who only barely succeeded to go up. Otherwise, how could he not know that he has to strive to be the first?" Someone shook their head. 

Even though he was the last one, Shi Hao still drew the attention of quite a few people, becoming the topic of some discussions. However, they weren't words of praise. 

"Fellow dao friends, please work together to produce the scene within the three thousand petals." A sect master spoke.

There was no way they could activate it every day, because the consumption would be too great. However, they had to see the action of the first day, whether there were any unforeseen events.

After all, this was the last time 'Immortal Ancient' would open. No one could say for sure if some issues might arise.


In the distant horizon, a group of sect masters activated their magic power. Heaven and earth immediately seemed to have been ignited. Resplendent light surged, pouring into the restricted area like a sea. 

The three thousand flower petals immediately flickered, absorbing the divine force. It first became brilliant, and then they illuminated with brilliance like mirrors, reflecting all types of scenes.

Within Immortal Ancient, the starting ground. 

There were paths made of stone steps, every one of them filled with wisps of chaotic energy. The stone road continued to extend forward, reaching outwards, as if they were climbing a tall slope. 

Without a doubt, these were still the three thousand stone step paths. 

Right now, every single path had many people, all of them arduously advancing, walking forward. 

Close to five million supreme experts were climbing the stone steps, none of them speaking. They all wanted to be the first ones to rush up that tall slope.

"There's no abnormalities. It is still like in the past. These three thousand stone step paths carry different great dao. While walking on them, one will be under tremendous pressure." A sect master spoke.

This path did not change since the ancient past. 

Then, many sect masters worked together, operating it again to reflect the scenery at the ends of the stone stairs. 

That area was brilliant, like a world of fantasy. Only, it was too blurry, and if supreme experts didn't enter, it would be difficult for them to probe around.

"When people start entering this gorgeous world, their names would immediately be written on the flower petals. Then, we can observe those people, as well as their surroundings."

The sect masters of the higher realms weren't in a rush, because they were all experienced. There might not be anyone who will make it through within ten days, because the stone stairs were hard to cross.

However, this path wouldn't cause trouble for the supreme experts. Everyone will be allowed to pass. Of course, this meant that there were those that would arrive earlier, so this was something to be paid close attention to.

"What is that fella doing?"

A flower petal reflected the scene of one of the stone paths. A supreme expert unexpectedly sat down, propped up his chin, observing everyone from the back.

"The youth that went in last." Someone said. 

Even though there was chaotic energy swirling about, only able to see his back, they still wouldn't mistake him for someone else. This drew quite a few people's attention. 

"He stood up. No, sat down again. He is… digging up the bluestone staircase!" A group of people were stupefied.

"Does that fella think there are some treasures there or something? What kind of joke is this?!"

Inside Immortal Ancient, on the bluestone staircase. 

Mists pervaded the air here. Great dao aura was thick, and at the same time, there was a tremendous pressure. The further one went, the more difficult it would become. 

Shi Hao tapped and struck here and there, squatting at the back. He was studying this blue stone, seeing if there was anything special about them, whether there were any great dao patterns. 

Unfortunately, he was disappointed, unable to see any clear patterns. However, if he comprehended here, he would still touch upon some natural law fragments. 

He stood up, looked at the wide bluestone staircase, and then he looked at the numerous figures. He then frowned. 

"Will I be able to get onto other bluestone staircases this time?"

After silently thinking here for a moment, he decided he wanted to give it a try, see if the other paths had any clear difference. 

Of course, the main thing was that he was still thinking about the immortal gate that opened on the final flower petal, as well as the final bluestone stair path. 


He took action, about to penetrate the realm walls of different paths. This time, he succeeded, because the  power separating these staircases wasn't that powerful. 

Shi Hao was quite satisfied. He stepped onto another path. After stopping for a bit here, he broke another realm wall, heading towards the path that was connected to the last flower petal.

Just like that, he continuously crossed over. He finally arrived.

"What is he doing?"

In the outside world, many people were suspicious. This fella was calmly doing pointless things. Why was he even bothering?

Unfortunately, chaotic energy surged. Even those as powerful as them could only see a blurry outline, unable to see his true appearance. 

"If we can find out his name, we could write it on the flower petal and see the truth."

"Forget it, these bluestone paths have been the same since the ancient times. There's nothing special about them. It isn't worth it to waste so much energy on observing him." Someone shook their head. 

If one wanted to observe a single person, they needed to expend a large amount of magical force to write their name on the flower petal. Only then would a clear image appear. However, the exhaustion would be tremendous.

As a result, until now, no one even wrote down Six Crown King Ning Chuan, Immortal Palace inheritor, or other ancient freaks' names, waiting until they entered that brightly colored world. 

Soon after, the day was about to end. Everyone, despite working together, felt like they couldn't take it any longer. They no longer sent out magical force, and as a result, the three thousand flower petals grew dim.

In fact, no one would be infusing magical force for the next six or seven days. It was because they all knew that these supreme experts were all walking along the bluestone paths. In history, even the fastest used up ten days before walking out. 

During this period of time, outside the uninhabited region, three thousand enormous jade monuments were erected. They were sparkling and translucent, glossy like a mirror. 

It was clear that every single monument corresponded to a flower petal.

It was because only powerful figures could use magical force to reveal some circumstances from a flower petal. The other comparatively weaker cultivators without enough cultivation couldn't see it. 

When the stone monument towered here, the sect masters and others could transfer the scenes from the flower petals over, reflecting them onto the monuments so everyone could see as well. 

On the ninth day, the sect masters activated magical force again, turning the flower petals into mirrors, reflecting the situation within Immortal Ancient. 

"Yi, how fast, someone already reached the end, about to enter the brightly colored world, a day faster than in the past!"

Apart from this, they saw a great battle as well. At the ends of a few bluestone paths, divine light surged, and an intense great battle was being carried out. Killing methods were released unendingly. 

"That can't be Six Crown King Ning Chuan right? Look, that is a bracelet that turned into a dragon, fighting intensely with someone. How fierce!" Everyone sighed with astonishment.; 

"Correct, it's him!"

"Hurry, write his name on the flower petal so we can see what exactly is going on!"

A sect master took action, concentrating in meditation, using magical force to carve two characters across the endless void onto the flower petal.

Then, that flower petal clearly reflected the scene there. Sure enough, it was him!

Outside the restricted area, the enormous stone monument shone. The scenes the sect masters saw were engraved there, so everyone could see them. 

"Ning Chuan is fighting a great battle against a male, but I don't recognize him at all!"

"No, that person has a name, another ancient freak named Li Fanming. Even though he only came out once before sealing himself again, rumor has it that he killed a Four Crown King in another era."

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but gasp. 

Then, sect masters wrote down Immortal Palace inheritor's name on a flower petal. To their surprise, he was also fighting a great battle, moreover an extremely intense one.

"What kind of person is that?" Many people cried out in shock. They stared at the scenery on the sparkling stone monument, revealing a look of great surprise.

Immortal Palace inheritor's opponent was a male with heaven overflowing flames. In his hands was a corner of a divine disk. It erupted with terrifying divine might!

"Reincarnation disk… a corner of it!" A few sect masters were even shocked until they widened their eyes.

"Impossible! Even though this kind of supreme treasure is damaged, it still cannot be brought inside!" Someone shook their head, not believing this. 

"That disk is a bit strange, unable to display the supreme treasure's power. Is that why it was brought inside?"

This stone monument triggered a commotion. Many people surrounded it to watch the battle.

"Where is Ten Crown King, the one known as the most powerful supreme expert? Hurry and write his name!" Someone urged. 

Soon after, a figure appeared. Only that place was extremely calm, not fighting a great battle against anyone. He continued heading forward, about to enter the brightly colored world. 

"Right, wasn't there an ancient freak that had never ignited a divine flame, using the cultivation of supreme expert to miraculously obtain the first rank? Let's see how things are going on for him."

Soon after, a creature appeared on an enormous monument. This scene was quite calm as well, no one competing against him. It was clear that no other creatures of similar level were on his path. 

"Who is that? It seems to be the Celestial Clan's methods!"

Everyone was suspicious. The Celestial Clan's exceptional talent You Yu was nowhere near this powerful. This person also had world shocking divine abilities, powerful to a ridiculous level, leaving others with a feeling of disbelief. 

"Don't tell me that he was the long lost Three Stone Heavenly Ruler!" A sect master spoke. 

"Hurry and write down Three Stone Heavenly Ruler's name, give it a try!" As a result, as soon as the name was finished, it reflected this individual. 

It was clear to see that this was the Three Stone Heavenly Ruler that had been lost in the river of history. He unexpectedly didn't die!

At this moment, he was fighting five young supreme beings alone, every one of them extremely terrifying. However, they were all suppressed by him!

"How formidable! Worthy of being a legendary character."

The people here wrote down names that had dazzled the past and present one after another, revealing their current situation. After seeing them, there was none who weren't shaken, their hearts rising and falling greatly.

"What about Huang? Where is he? What is going on with him?"

"Wu, there is that sinner's blood descendent as well. Let's see where he has ended up and what he is doing." 

A few sect masters spoke like this.

At the same time, from Immortal Heavenly Deity Qin Changsheng's side, someone said softly, "Old ancestor, should we try and see if that youth of the lower realm is still alive? Recently, I heard a few secret rumors."

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