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Chapter 816 - Immortal Dao Flower Blossoms

It was an enormous creature that stretched unendingly like a mountain ridge. It moved between heaven and earth, swimming through the void in a magnificent manner, bringing with it heavenly overflowing heavenly deity splendor.

The void split because of it, splitting to two sides. It was as if a great sea was surging. 

"A True Dragon!"

Within the restricted land, several tens of millions of supreme experts became petrified. They stood in place, staring at the sky in a stupor. How could this type of creature appear?

One of the vicious ten, who didn't know this in the world?

However, didn't it disappear? Even if there were one or two this species left, it shouldn't be in the three thousand provinces, right?

Correct, everyone woke up. This was the vast and boundless uninhabited region. Perhaps there was a True Dragon egg left behind by the Immortal Ancient that hatched. After all, there were people from past generations who had seen it before, unfortunately unable to bring it out. 

"Heavens, this is a dragon!" Everyone widened their eyes. This was a legend, a truly legendary creature!

The sky became unstable. This dragon was too long and incomparably thick. It passed over mountain ridges, its body stretching outwards as it arrived. The aura it released made all of them tremble with fear. 

On its head were a pair of forked horns, sparkling and dazzling, tearing through the void as it flew over. Its eyes were like suns, the radiance they released blinding and penetrating. On the enormous body, scales glistened, flickering with gorgeous splendor, as if they were made of immortal gold. The dragon's claws were sharp, its arms thick. If this creature released an attack with those claws, a great hole might even appear between heaven and earth!

This triggered a huge uproar!

An expert like this appeared, leaving everyone shocked. 


Great winds stirred about, uprooting plants and snapping trees. This creature passed over many mountain ranges heading towards the Immortal Dao Flower Bud. The blossoming of this Immortal Flower was the main reason for its appearance. It came for Immortal Ancient. 

A bit of gentle radiance rippled outwards, eventually becoming like an ocean wave, stopping this creature and pushing it out.

Holy radiance surged in this place. One could vaguely make out blood dripping down. Even though it was not much, it still shocked many people. Even this type of creature was injured?

Immediately afterwards, everyone's eyes burned, releasing radiance like torches. They stared at that region, all of them feeling a powerful urge to rush over. 

"Dragon blood, heavens! A bit of True Dragon blood dropped down!" A supreme expert released a low shout. He clenched his fist, truly wanting to immediately rush over.

Unfortunately, this place was divided into a total of three thousand regions, and there was a transparent realm wall separating each region. Even if their eyes were burning with desire, they still couldn't go there, let alone the fact that there were definitely going to be the most powerful individuals there. Normal supreme experts would just be throwing their lives away. 

"It truly is a place of great natural luck, making one go mad!"

A few exceptional talents roared. Even those as aloof as themselves couldn't sit still, all of them rising up to penetrate the realm wall between regions to fight over it. 

Shi Hao sighed. He was too unlucky, because the distance to that place was definitely not close, with several regions between them. By the time he got there, it would already be too late. 

Only those nearby were excited and stirred up. They had a chance of seizing it!

"Hahaha…" In the region where dragon blood dropped, someone laughed loudly, his behavior brash and incomparably carefree.

This was a male with blue hair and a handsome face that was bewitching and unusual. He was extremely strong. The aura he released made the supreme experts of this province tremble, not daring to approach. 

"Natural luck dropped down from the sky, Dragon Blood belongs to me, Heavenly Evil Ge Qian, who dares to compete against me over it?"

His stature was tall and sturdy, his skin snow white like jade. Sinister energy shocked the heavens, his blue hair surging violently like ocean waves, releasing a wave of power that even made mountains tremble.

Heavenly Evil, Heavenly Ruler… in the Supreme Expert Realm, creatures who dared to give themselves the 'heaven' character were all outstanding talents among young supreme beings, invincible among their peers. 

It was clear that this person was extremely terrifying. When he spoke, all sides were silent. 

He quickly rushed towards the mountain ridge where the dragon blood fell, his eyes erupting with dazzling blue radiance, directly blasting through many mountain rocks. They weren't able to hinder his advance. 

However, his excitement didn't last long before draconic cries sounded. The enormous monster that was originally flying way unexpectedly returned, circling around this place and accumulating divine force. It was going to attack that Immortal Dao Flower Bud again. 

His expression immediately changed. The shadow cast down from the heavens already drowned him out. This was especially the case when the colossus gave him a cold glance. 

Those cold pupils weren't much smaller than mountain peaks, leaving him so horrified that his entire body went cold, immediately stopping his steps and not daring to get any closer. 

He clenched his teeth, in the end resolutely backing off, unexpectedly giving up on the dragon blood! He wasn't even that far off!

"There are things one can go for, and things one cannot. One has to understand when to advance and retreat, knowing what is fortune and what is disaster. This is the true fundamental qualities of a supreme heavenly talent." He consoled himself like this. 

It was clear that this was an unordinary individual. He not only stopped himself under this kind of situation, he also directly blasted through the realm wall and left, not even turning his head around to wait for another opportunity. 

It was because he had a feeling that it was still best to leave.


A draconic cry sounded, shaking mountains and rivers. That enormous creature that was larger than a mountain ridge began to swoop down again to close in on that Immortal Dao Flower Bud. Even though it suffered a great restriction and was heavily injured, it still didn't give up. 

When it left, many figures appeared in that region. The nearby experts slaughtered their way over, some of them heaven warping experts that broke through realm walls!

They were exceptional talents, these peak level figures were going to fight over the dragon blood!

"This is a natural luck that I had encountered. Are you all in that much of a rush to be reincarnated? You all can go fight over it then." Heavenly Evil Ge Qian turned around and gave that area a look, but he still didn't go back.

He moved quickly, continuously passing through several realm walls before descending.

"Are there exceptional talents here? If you all rely on me, and are powerful enough, I'll bring you into Immortal Ancient." Ge Qian shouted. 

Shi Hao was speechless. The two of them weren't that far from each other. Could it be that the first battle was about to start?

It was because this individual's sinister energy surged into the heavens, clearly an individual with great self-confidence. Meanwhile, Shi Hao was definitely not someone who would bow his head to another. 

Heavenly Evil Ge Qian could naturally sense that Shi Hao was powerful, his divine senses extraordinary. He wanted to take on a few subordinates with powerful strength so that it would be easier to survive after entering Immortal Ancient. 

In reality, in the region he came in from, several of the most powerful individuals had already been convinced.


Heavenly evil energy overflowed into the heavens, angry winds swept towards the clouds. Ge Qian stared at Shi Hao, the light shining from his deep blue pupils flying several li. He walked over step by step, incomparably sinister as he said, "I am someone extremely easy to associate with, so just follow me."

Shi Hao didn't display contempt. Even though he had never heard of this individual before, he was definitely powerful, definitely the young supreme being of a few provinces. He might be greater than all of his opponents!

"I am Heavenly Evil. Following me is your glory." The blue haired youth spoke rather self-importantly.

Shi Hao was moved. Heavenly Evil, Heavenly Ruler… these were definitely the greatest titles. Those that dared to call themselves like this in the Supreme Expert Realm definitely exceeded one's imagination.


Suddenly, a dragon cried out miserably, draconic blood splashing out again. It was no match for the flower bud of three thousand great dao, once again sent flying outwards. 

"Immortal Ancient, I will enter it!"

This was a boundless divine will. It roared angrily, but it didn't attack viciously, because it suffered quite a great injury. It left towards the distance. 

In addition, at its body's sides, a pair of wings unexpectedly appeared that shone with brilliance, covering the sky and sun. When they moved, the sky began to split apart. 

"This is not one of the vicious ten!"

Everyone was sure of it, because the True Dragon didn't have wings. It didn't have this type of form. 

Everyone knew that it suffered tremendous injuries, unexpectedly needing to rely on the wings at its side to leave. One could imagine just how severe its injuries were.

The moment it ultimately left, it released a roar. Wherever it passed, all of the cultivators in its path were targeted. It was releasing draconic might, as well as releasing energy, imprisoning heaven and earth.

It was venting its anger!

Even someone as powerful as Heavenly Evil Ge Qian couldn't move, revealing a look of shock. He cursed his bad luck inwardly. He ended up suffering even after hiding all the way here.

However, the most inconceivable thing happened. A large black expanse appeared in the sky; something was going to fall down. 

"What is falling down? Dragon scales? No, large amounts of dragon blood?!"

In the distance, many people were envious, shouting because they couldn't see too clearly since they were far away. Meanwhile, the experts of all regions began to cross realm borders, rushing over with great speed.

Only the creatures that were adjacent to these regions were stupefied. That was… a fucking dragon turd!

This was especially the case when Heavenly Evil Ge Qian raised his head to look outwards. When he saw what it was, his face went pale, but it was hard for his body to move right now. 

This entire region was restricted by the dragon's energy.

Even Shi Hao was becoming nervous. From the sky… dragon feces were falling, dropping right at them!

"Motherfucking…" Many cultivators couldn't help but curse outwards. 

A vicious dragon like this was like an unmatched expert in their eyes, yet before leaving, it did something like this, it really did whatever it wished…

"Don't!" Heavenly Evil Ge Qian cried out miserably.

"Save me!" This was the first time Shi Hao felt so terrified as well. In the end, he managed to move his fingers with difficulty, bringing out the void halberd. His face was covered with sweat as he sliced open the void. 

This was the case for Heavenly Devil as well. He moved his fingers, but the weapon he wanted to produce didn't appear in his palm. He looked at Shi Hao anxiously, eyes full of tears and excitement, hoping that he would bring him out from this place.

"I'll discuss who is going to accept who when I come back." Without even turning around, Shi Hao ran.

"No!" Ge Qian screamed miserably, his sinister but handsome face full of despair and incomparable misery. He felt extremely helpless. 

This dragon dung was the size of a small mountain. It smashed into the forest, filling up a large area. Many cultivators screamed miserably, many supreme experts buried underneath.

In the distance, the various sect masters' expressions were grave. That wasn't a True Dragon, but it wasn't far from it. It was definitely powerful to a heaven defying level.

"Winged Dragon!" Sky Severing Sect Master said. 

However, none of them expected such a powerful creature to do such an absurd thing. 

"It doesn't seem right. Did this dragon do this deliberately to leave behind a mark on a few people's bodies, using them in the future as coordinates to enter Immortal Ancient?"

Within the restricted region, the Winged Dragon left into the distance. A group of people rushed out from this mountain of dragon poop, the one in the lead precisely Heavenly Evil. 

"Ah ah ah…" He cried out endlessly.

Shi Hao came back and looked at him, saying, "You want me to be in your care?" 

"In my care my ass! With how I look now, being looked at by all of you like this day after day, what kind of face would I have left? None of you saw me here! If you say anything, I'll kill you all!" Heavenly Evil Ge Qian ran away. He was simply going mad, immediately diving into a lake.

The exceptional young supreme beings that broke through realm walls to hurry over were stupefied. They originally thought that it was some type of great natural luck, yet in the end, they saw this type of scene. 

"You know, there is no need to wash it away. This dragon feces is a type of great medicine that can be refined into precious pills." A supreme expert that had just rushed over was smiling as he said to the people that were freeing themselves. 

This was a medicinal master, as well as an exceptional talent!

The others were stupefied, while those that had just freed themselves were about to go mad.

"Don't force me to kill you!" Heavenly Evil released vicious words from the distance. He directly ran, not wanting others to see him.


The most resplendent light erupted from the horizon. Auspicious multicolored light overflowed into the heavens. In the end, the expanse of flower petals finally opened, the Immortal Dao Flower Bud finally fully blooming. 

In that instant, fragrance surged into the sky. Three thousand golden streaks of light poured over, leading to three thousand regions. All of the supreme experts went mad, all of them rushing up.

Unfortunately, many geniuses were blasted flying as soon as they got closer, unable to ascend. 

With a shua sound, a divine rainbow tore through the sky. Someone stepped on the golden light great dao, the first one to be surrounded by immortal mist and absorbed into the gate on the flower petal. 

"It's the one that was covered in dragon poop, that Heavenly Evil!"

Many supreme experts were upset. 

At this moment, everyone's expressions changed. This was true for those ancient freaks as well, their faces extremely gloomy. It was because the one that rushed over first would definitely have the greatest opportunities. 


In the end, roughly five million cultivators were surrounded by golden light, rushing towards the immortal dao flower, successfully entering and approaching Immortal Ancient."

"Six Crown King, Immortal Palace's inheritor, Gu Jianyun, Jun Dao… I saw them. They were among the first ones that entered!"

In the distance, cultivators shouted loudly.

A few sect masters' eyes flickered. They were all carefully watching everything!

Apart from this, there was a Winged Dragon whose eyes were deep, watching the flower bud nearby in the uninhabited region. Meanwhile, at his side was a large group of terrifying creatures. 

"Who is going to reign supreme? The battle of three thousand province's geniuses has started!" Someone shouted loudly. 

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