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Chapter 798 - Slaughter of Sinner's Blood

The bright moon rested in the air, shining and brilliant. 

There were many cultivators in front of the cliff, and at this moment, they were all shocked, staring over, every single one of them stupefied. Their hearts were beating fiercely, their souls even trembling. 

That youth was too shocking, condensing a symbol on his forehead, resplendent and blazing like a heavenly sun. It rose up and illuminated the heavens. 

"Sinner's blood? What sin exactly? Who was the one that decided this, you?!" Shi Hao spoke, his eyes cold. There wasn't any emotion to speak of within them.

Many people were terrified. This level of sinner's blood was definitely comparable to the ancient great vicious existences, right? They had never seen it before, and even in legends, it did not surpass this.

"You… what exactly are you?" On the cliff, the golden clad woman asked with a trembling voice. This type of scene was one of a kind. Sinner's blood patterns formed, illuminating the night sky. It was unimaginable. 

She came from Sword Valley, one of the clan's most powerful young experts, as well as someone under the direct line of descent. 

Sword Valley, the number one sect of Sword Province. Even if one looked through all three thousand provinces, they would still be the number one inheritance! Otherwise, how could they nurture an unmatched hero, sweeping through all of the higher realms' young heroes since the ancient times, claiming the title of number one under the heavens?

Shi Hao didn't say anything, only staring coldly at her. He hated that kind of saying. What right did they have to give them this vile title 'descendents with sinner's blood'?

It was one thing if there really was a sin, but these symbols had clearly represented a type of glory and honor in the past!

Shi Hao was calm. The holy light on his forehead surged, illuminating the heavens, forming a 'Sin' character and engraving itself in the void. It scattered the clouds, shining brilliantly.

This type of scene left not only the golden clad woman in fear; even the other cultivators were horrified. It was likely that the heavenly deities of all sides would be shocked as well, rarely seen since the ancient times. 

Only the people of Sin Province became stupefied. Whose bloodline did this person belong to? How could someone display such powerful sinner's blood patterns in the present era? It was inconceivable!

Shi Hao's aura surged, exuding a powerful pressure. He walked forward step by step, pressing towards Sword Valley's woman.

"Sinner's bloodline, your ancestors were great vicious beings, so how is my way of address inappropriate? It has already been accepted by many great sects." The golden-clad woman spoke. Even though she was inwardly shocked, she still displayed confidence, staring at that youth. 

She didn't believe that this youth would take action, because the clan's unmatched hero had just appeared to fight Chang Gongyan.

"You are saying that within our bodies flow the blood of sinners, bringing disaster onto the world under the heavens? Please tell me what era it was that our ancestors stirred up chaos in." Shi Hao said. 

He truly wanted this golden clad woman to speak about some hidden information so he could understand some more, understand the truth. 

"The entire world knows about it, a few powerful inheritances had long acknowledged this!" The golden clad woman spoke, her eyes releasing divine radiance. She raised the bone mirror in her hands and aimed it at Shi Hao, saying, "Even this can recognize you, sensing that your sinner's blood is thick. All sects have this type of precious object."

"Turns out there wasn't much proof, just some guilt a few ancient inheritances decided on." Shi Hao was quite disappointed. Sword Valley's woman didn't have any secrets to divulge. 

"As a descendent with sinner's blood, you really have kept a low-profile these past few years." The golden clad woman said. She had a weird feeling from the bone mirror, but right now, she no longer dared to act overbearingly, because she felt that this youth in front of her was too dangerous. 

Even though she felt that she had been quite tactful, Shi Hao didn't think this, feeling that it sounded especially ear-piercing. His eyes became more cold, making the temperature here plummet.

"Do you think we are acting highly now? It is you who is looking down on the descendants with sinners blood, using the bone mirror to shine on us, wishing to seek out every one of us. What do you treat us all as?" 

Shi Hao closed in on the cliff, staring at the woman. 

"You... what are you trying to do? Acting in such a forceful manner!" The golden clan woman spoke, her face unpleasant. She was one of the most powerful young experts of this generation, yet she was being forced like this. 

However, she truly felt a bit lacking in confidence, because this youth's sinner's blood was too rich. Forget about never appearing before in the ancient times, at the very least, it hadn't been seen for many years. 

"Take back all of those words you said. What sin? Even someone like you can shout such absurd opinions?!" Shi Hao berated. 

His body shone, his forehead becoming resplendent. The sin character took to the sky, filling the sky with a mysterious aura. Fluctuations rose and fell.

"Your ancestors were great vicious beings, acting fierce under the heavens. You all don't know how to properly behave, even acting out like this. Do you really think there is no law in this world? The golden clad woman spoke. She believed firmly that descendents with sinner's blood needed to be punished.

"You don't understand shit!" Shi Hao berated. He had previously visited Stone Country's remains, discovering a portion of the truth. His ancestors were still using blood and lives to fight at the very forefront, unable to return now. They could not be blasphemed against.

"You… what are you saying?" The golden clad woman's expression changed. Regardless, she couldn't accept the berating of another. This person didn't treat her with any respect. 

One has to understand that she was the disciple of the one of the higher realms' greatest inheritances, and she was ranked within the most powerful few. No matter where she went, no one dared to show her contempt.

Moreover, with their clan's previously dormant most powerful hero reappearing in this word, appearing here just now, who dared to show any disrespect among this generation of people? 

"What I am saying is that you are completely insignificant, actually daring to speak such nonsense." Shi Hao said calmly. 

"You… are challenging my Sword Valley's dignity?" The golden clad woman said. She looked at Shi Hao, reminding him that Sword Valley was one of the higher realms' most ancient inheritances. No one could provoke it.

This place trembled violently, because Shi Hao flung out a fist, smashing outwards like a mountain peak. Great winds stirred about, making the void tremble.

"You…" The golden clothed woman's eyes widened with anger. This was clearly to deal with her, not fearing Sword Valley. She took action with everything she had, her entire body roiling with sword energy, forming golden light. It condensed in her right hand to face that great sleeve.

Shi Hao's great sleeve smashed over, incomparably ferocious, blasting this girl until she flew backwards, blood flowing from the corners of her mouth.

There were many cultivators here, all well-known figures of their clans. When they saw this scene, there wasn't a single one who didn't reveal shock. One of Sword Valleys' most powerful geniuses was unexpectedly blasted until she coughed out blood.

At the same time, everyone trembled. This person was extremely wild and vicious, not even giving Sword Valley face, taking action when he should. He was extremely dangerous. 

"You… as a descendent with sinners blood, are you going to challenge the order established by great sects? The sects had long come to an agreement that they couldn't tolerate the chaos you all bring!" The golden clad woman said.

"Is that so? So what if I challenge it?!" Shi Hao said, his entire body shining, becoming quite a bit more powerful.

For some reason, when the sin character appeared in the sky, his forehead producing holy light, whenever he used magical force, the 'sinner's blood' within him would become even more rich, releasing tens of thousands of streaks of radiance. 

It was as if a type of glory was manifesting, shocking even himself. 

The 'Sin' character on his forehead contained a mysterious power that could support the body!

Shi Hao pressed forward, revealing a look of disdain and a cold smile. The order established by the so-called great sects, in his opinion, must be destroyed. Those were shackles directed at them. 

"You dare act viciously here?" The golden clothed woman stepped backwards. As the pearl of Sword Valley, she naturally had her arrogance, always being looked up to by others. She had never experienced this type of situation, not knowing how to lower her head and compromise with others.

"What vicious? This is to teach you a lesson." Shi Hao said.

"My clan's Gu Jianyun already appeared in this world. Do not act rashly!" The golden clad woman said. 

When the three characters Gu Jianyun were spoken, this place became completely still. No one uttered a word. He was like a taboo, weighing suffocatingly down on everyone. 

Sword Valley, Gu Jianyun, this was a legend. In the ancient era, his name shook all three thousand provinces, ruling over the 'Immortal Ancient' and overlooking all of his peers. The slaughter he unleashed left exceptional talents shaking. With his sword in hand, there were no others who could contend against him under the heavens. 

A sword core had appeared in his body since he was young, the brilliant sword radiance overlooking all others, known as someone who killed all of his enemies!

"That golden clad male from just now, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Exactly!" Sword Valley's girl raised her head, revealing an arrogant expression. This was their Sword Valley's heaven warping geniuses. How many people could face him since the ancient times?

Regardless of whether it was the past or present, as long as the name Gu Jianyun was spoken, all would retreat, the heroes from all sides lowering their heads, not daring to clash with him!

This was also the reason why Sword Valley's disciples dared to throw their weight around. Just like she said, their clan's unmatched hero has arrived. These words were too shocking; no cultivators were willing to provoke them.

However, tonight, they encountered trouble. Shi Hao didn't care about this at all. When he heard these words, his aura instead surged further, decisively taking action.

"You… are bringing a disaster onto your clan master, your inheritance, bringing a bloody disaster onto your clansmen!" The golden clad woman threatened while quickly backing up.


Shi Hao displayed his might, fast to the point where she couldn't fight normally, only able to fight intensely.

The golden clad woman was extremely arrogant. As one of the clan's most powerful inheritors, how could she be willing to be suppressed by another and even looked down upon like this? In that instant, sword radiance weaved through the air, hacking downwards. 

This place was covered by bone texts, filled with sword energy. It was dazzling.


However, soon after, a light sound rang through the air. Half a broken sword flew out, separating from the battlefield, landing on the moonlit great earth.

That was Sword Valley's divine magical sword. How much time had passed, yet that youth already broke it?

Everyone's faces went pale. This youth was formidable, actually this powerful, blasting apart the other party's divine magical artifact. His cultivation was deep and immeasurable. 

"Who is he? When did this type of young expert appear? Most importantly, the sinner's blood within him is so dense, it's simply unimaginable!"

These were the questions everyone was wondering. They stared in that direction.

"Ah…" The golden clad woman cried out, frantically taking action there. She produced all types of precious artifacts to stop Shi Hao. 

In that instant, her hair was already disheveled, her body covered with blood stains and in a sorry state. Compared to how she was insufferably arrogant with an attitude of looking over all clans, showing contempt to descendents with sinner's blood just now, it was too different. 

"Stay your hand! If you continue, you clan will be wiped out, no one will be able to survive!" The golden clad woman screamed. She was now truly scared. Who was this person? He was ridiculously powerful! There was no way she could win against him!

She was always arrogant and willful. When death now truly approached, only now did she understand fear, but it was already too late. 

Shi Hao loathed being threatened by others the most, and now that he followed a solitary path, if others truly tried to seek him out, they had to face Qi Daolin. 


Shi Hao's body shone. He turned into a divine sword. This was the method he comprehended in the Spiritual Transformation Realm, forming swords, cauldrons, paths, pagodas… all things. 

Sword light illuminated everything, the night sky becoming as bright as day. Shi Hao turned into a sword before rushing over. Scarlet blood splashed outwards in all directions.

The golden clad woman's eyes were widened greatly, not daring to believe this result. Blood flowed from the space between her brows. 

"En?" Everyone was shocked. They saw that Shi Hao seemed to have passed through Sword Valley's most powerful female disciple's body, all of their hearts beating frantically. 

"Not harming any other region, only the space between the brows bleeding?" Everyone became doubtful, because they didn't see any other injuries on her body.

However, soon after, they discovered that the golden clad woman's eyes lost luster. Then with a pu sound, she began to split apart starting from the space between her brows all the way downwards.

Large amounts of blood scattered down. She was divided into two, long hacked apart by the blade radiance!

Shi Hao changed his body into a sword, killing her in the instant they passed by each other. Only, because the speed was too fast, only now did everyone notice what had happened.

"Truly too formidable, decisively killing Sword Valley's inheritor!" Hellbrand Clan's Tian Yao clapped, applauding and cheering loudly. 

As for the other cultivators, many of them had faces full of shock. Killing Sword Valley's disciple like this, decisive and calm, what a powerful youth!

"A descendant with sinner's blood killed Sword Valley's inheritor! This will definitely raise a huge storm!"

The supreme experts that came from all different provinces were stupefied. The so-called unmatched legend Gu Jianyun might very well still be close by, yet this youth still took action. The consequences of this would be tremendous!

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