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Chapter 797 - Matchless Heroes

The medicine fields were extremely large. The five-colored earth inside shone, ensuring enough nutrients for these holy medicines' growth. 

Hound leaf vine, a plant entirely black, leaves looking like mastiffs, flowing with dark light. Scarlet orchid, shining like blood diamonds, entire body sparkling and surging with scarlet radiance. Golden grass, moving about like a sun, golden light surging.


This place was truly dazzling, drawing many eyes. More than ten stalks of holy medicines were displayed together, producing a scene that was rare to see even within a secret realm. 

Every single stalk of holy medicine was enough to make exceptional talents' eyes go red, because they were just too rare. There were usually planted alone and grew within a dangerous spot, rarely did so many of them rest side by side like this.

"Why was this the case?" Someone asked, feeling that this was inconceivable. They were all originally spiritual medicines, yet in the end, they all transformed into holy medicines. 

"It is because the lower realm's natural laws are incomplete. When they were brought up, after being irrigated with heaven and earth dao, most of them couldn't endure the pressure and withered up. These were the only dozen or so stalks that were different, sticking through and undergoing a transformation."

Everyone became stupefied. They were unexpectedly like creatures! When cultivators came from small worlds and refined their bodies, able to pass the trials, their fundamental characteristics would improve substantially. 

Of course, this was too difficult for most people. 

Shi Hao asked earnestly for guidance, wishing to see just who it was exactly that brought these up from the lower realm. In the end, he learned that it was a father and daughter pair!

He was now sure that it was Fire Emperor and Huo Ling'er. Only, when he wanted to learn more about this and inquire further, the experts that tended to this medicinal field didn't know. 

His mood became much better, but then, Shi Hao's face suddenly changed. He released a miserable scream.

This gave those around him a fright. Someone was howling so miserably next to such an auspicious medicinal field, making others' eardrums about to split.

"Are you okay?" A young lady asked out of concern. A few others looked over. 

"Apologies, I've been possessed by the devil. I'll be fine after screaming a few more times." Shi Hao scowled miserably and said. 

Many people rolled their eyes!

Shi Hao left on his own, found a corner where there weren't any others and then cried out a few more times miserably. He grieved and lamented, truly regretting things. 

It was because he thought about how when he arrived in the higher realms, he had also brought several hundred stalks of spiritual medicines, but he immediately used them, eating them all. 

How could he have known that if he had properly taken care of them, some of them would turn into holy medicines? This truly was… a severe loss. 

"Ao…" Shi Hao wailed in pain. 

Then, a silver divine wolf leapt over. When it saw him, it cursed outwards, originally thinking that it was its own clansmen. In the end, it was an idiot human.

Soon after, Shi Hao returned to that brilliant place and entered the crowd to listen to everyone's discussions. 

In a distinguished meeting on this type of scale, the ones that came were all experts, coming from great clans. That was why they brought a lot of valuable and shocking information. 

"What kind of background does Huang have exactly? So formidable, even defeating Immortal Palace inheritor. When I heard this, I didn't even dare believe it!"

Some people mentioned Shi Hao, triggering a heated debate.

"He is someone from Supreme Being Dao Rite, so he was destined to stand against Immortal Palace. However, his situation isn't looking good. The one he defeated was Immortal Palace inheritor's second body. If the true body came, that would be unimaginable!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor unexpectedly divided himself into two. Recently, news has been going around everywhere that he was going to become one again. When that time came, he would be unmatched under the heavens, having no opponents among his peers.

This gave all sects headaches. This was a terrifying figure that blocked the paths of exceptional talents from all clans. 

"I support Huang, believe that he can win over Immortal Palace's person!" A girl who wore purple clothes said. She was young and pretty, and on her forehead were some black patterns. 

This didn't ruin her beauty, but instead added a bit of bewitching style, mysterious and beautiful. 

Shi Hao was shocked. When he heard her voice, he knew that this was the girl that was acting ostentatiously within that purple golden carriage before, speeding along and making other supreme experts move out of the way. 

"Who is she? She was acting so brash, what kind of background does she have exactly?" Someone asked softly, feeling quite curious about her identity.

"Hellbrand Clan's pearl, their clan's most powerful young genius at present, named Tian Yao. The unmatched young expert that will appear is related to her."

Everyone became shocked. Hellbrand Clan was definitely a well known great clan. They specialized in symbols, engraving all types of patterns on their bodies. Their magical techniques were world shocking. There were many legendary individuals who emerged from this clan. 

"Young miss Tian Yao, are you that sure that Huang will win? But from our perspective, he doesn't even have a ten percent chance of winning!" There were those who shook their heads. 

"It was just a passing thought, because I think Immortal Palace is unsightly, always thinking themselves as the rulers of the world. Everyone knows that there are quite a few inheritances that can suppress them in this world, let alone back then when Supreme Hall was still in this world. Did they dare act arrogant back then?" Hellbrand Clan's Tian Yao said. 

Many people became speechless. There were some who felt the urge to ask this bossy young lady why she doesn't give Immortal Palace's inheritor a try. 

"Even though Huang will be defeated, there are still others who can kill Immortal Palace's inheritor. I am sure that this time, he will suffer a great disaster!" Hellbrand Clan's Tian Yao flourished with vigor as she daringly spoke.

"Young miss Tian Yao, don't tell me that you are going to persuade that unmatched hero to take action?" Someone asked probingly. 

When these words were spoken, it was difficult for this place to calm down again. Many people's hearts jumped fiercely. 

"Even if there are unmatched heroes who take action, they still might not be able to deal with Immortal Palace's inheritor. Once he completes his merging, in the Supreme Expert Realm, how many people could have faced him since the ancient times?"

"He will definitely be defeated!" Tian Yao said.

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock, because this woman from the purple golden carriage was too arrogant and domineering, insufferably arrogant. However, it now looked like apart from her ostentatious behavior, she wasn't all that bad. 

This place naturally became lively. Many people discussed who the top ten experts of the present world's younger generation were.

"Young miss Tian Yao, will that unmatched hero really come?"

"Yes!" Hellbrand Clan's young lady replied, her expression serious, no longer frivolous. 

"Chang Gongyan is going to appear again...." Someone said with a low voice.

Everyone's expression trembled. This name seemed to possess a strange magical power that made others tremble. Many of their expressions became grave, their hearts feeling fear. 

"He should appear in these next few days, or maybe even tonight." Tian Yao raised her head and looked towards the moon. It was already full. 


Suddenly, a great cry sounded, originating from the distance, shaking the world. The skies began to tremble.

At this moment, forget about the others, even Shi Hao was shaken. The blood energy within his body was incited until it was about to surge, as if it was stimulated.

As for the others, they were all quaking in fear. Many people trembled, as if a hundred beasts met their overlord, seeing the king of ten thousand beasts. They couldn't help but bow down to kowtow. 

This was a type of instinct. Quite a few people were trembling.

"He… really came!" Tian Yao was moved, the first one to fly out into the night sky towards a certain direction.

Everyone's expressions changed, feeling incomparably shocked.

"That person… really came?!"

The people within the manor were all experts who came from different clans, inheritors of great ancient sects, but right now, even these arrogant supreme experts were trembling. They took to the sky, following after her.

The gathering of geniuses was thus cut short. Everyone rushed towards that direction.

They had reason to believe that this so-called gathering wouldn't just be a pretense, but only because they really foresaw the reappearance of that person and were just waiting for him. 

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock, following alone. It was because he knew that this person was ridiculously powerful, definitely transcending into sainthood, a formidable figure.

Several tens of li out, in front of a cliff, a male stood alone, his expression sorrowful. He was muttering to himself, as if he was offering sacrifices and prayers. 

Occasionally, he would release a great cry, the sound so great many supreme experts couldn't take it, unable to approach. They could only watch from the distance. Every single person had a look of horror on their face. 

A few people, because they got too close, directly fell onto the ground, going unconscious. 

"This is Chang Gongyan?!" Everyone trembled. How powerful was he exactly? They were all at the Supreme Expert Realm, yet just the emotions he released alone made a few supreme experts faint, this… was too terrifying. 

"Correct, he is the legendary Chang Gongyan!"

This name possessed a strange power, making some of the people here tremble with fear. There were some that revealed passionate expressions as well, staring in that direction.

"Chang Gongyan had appeared in this world four times, each time coming first in the battle of three thousand geniuses, seizing the number one place under the heavens!" Someone said. 

When these words were spoken, even those that didn't understand things too clearly were shocked, feeling great waves stirring within their hearts. They were incomparably shocked. 

Under the bright moon, that man was broken hearted. He wore black clothes, his body not all that strong or muscular, instead a bit frail. He could still be considered handsome, but his eyes were very clear, carrying tears. 

This was a weak, almost young and inexperienced looking male. He was incomparably emotional, offering sacrifices alone under the moonlight.

"This is Chang Gongyan, the male who is undefeated in the Supreme Expert Realm?"

"Old ancestor aunt has long entered eternal sleep, you… do not need to feel too broken hearted. She also wishes for you to be happy and properly continue living." Tian Yao spoke, walking forward, her face carrying a gentle expression. It was quite different from her previous ostentatious behavior. 

A few people knew why Chang Gongyan came here. It was because a woman had been buried here.

This woman had half Hellbrand Clan bloodline, as well as half sinner's blood. Back then, she was a close friend of Chang Gongyan, but due to an unexpected event, they were now forever separated. 

"Rumor has it that the reason why Chang Gongyan froze himself under the mountains, entering 'Immortal Ancient' for a second time was because he wanted to find the phoenix blood pond to revive that woman."

It was clear to see that Chang Gongyan failed, unable to find it then.

As a result, he went a third time, still unmatched this time, becoming number one under the heavens. However, he still wasn't able to obtain anything. 

However, in that era, what was most difficult for him to accept was that the woman's corpse had been sealed for too long, no longer even having a chance to be revived.

In the end, he could only carry that woman here to bury her where they first met. That was previously a night of full moon.

Some people discussed this matter. Quite a few girls felt sorrowful, sympathizing with Chang Gongyan, as well as feeling gratitude towards him as well, their eyes completely red. 

This was clearest with Tian Yao. She was a bit nervous, her voice gentle as she advised, "You… don't need to feel broken hearted. If old ancestor aunt knew about this, she will definitely wish for you to smile and not be like this."

Chang Gongyan gazed towards the moon, feeling incomparably lonely. Tears tumbled down, his true feelings pouring outwards.

Just these natural weeping sounds made many supreme expert tremble uncontrollably. 

"You are called Tian Yao, right? Do not behave ostentatiously because of my existence." Chang Gongyan calmed down and spoke. It was clear that he had been here for a period of time already, witnessing Tian Yao's behavior. 

"That not the case, it's just that my nature is too lively, in the future… I definitely won't be like this!" Tian Yao stammered, her face completely red. 

Suddenly, a person appeared above the cliff, one that wore golden clothes that shone with dazzling brilliance. It was as if the sun in the sky had descended. 

"It is good that it is you. Come and fight!" The golden clothed male spoke. A sharp sword appeared in his hands, pointing forward. Sword energy surged, shaking the heavens. 

Everyone trembled. What was this person? To dare take action against Chang Gongyan even though his age didn't seem that great?


Chang Gongyan raised a finger, colliding with the sword radiance. This place erupted, and cracks appeared in the void one after another.

"Sword core made from Immortal Gold!"

"Actually fighting a decisive battle against Chang Gongyan, is it… another ancient freak?!" Everyone became stupefied. 

Resplendent multicolored light flickered about. These two disappeared into thin air, immediately vanishing.

Only Shi Hao saw that they left through a void crack, selecting a place to fight.

"Haha, it's been four generations already, still shedding tears for a woman who has sinner's blood running through her veins. Chang Gongyan has so many emotions, it'll be difficult for you to become unmatched!"

Another person appeared on the cliff, a woman who also wore golden clothes.

"Someone from Sword Valley?" Tian Yao's eyes revealed a strange light. Then, she was greatly shaken up, realizing who that golden clad male was.

At the same time, the others were shocked as well, understanding that this was an ancient unmatched hero that came from Sword Valley!

"So what if we have sinner's blood, did we do anything to offend you?" There was someone who was discontent, secretly speaking up. This was clearly someone from Sin Province, feeling quite dissatisfied with this young lady from Sword Valley. 

"Heh, I precisely can't stand you sinner's blood descendants. What? Let me see how many there are, who it is that is speaking in secret!" This woman said coldly.

She raised a precious mirror and shone it downwards. 


Suddenly, a streak of thunder sounded. A symbols condensed on a youth's forehead, holy light surging into the sky, illuminating the mountains and rivers.

"What?" Everyone began to tremble inwardly, crying out loudly.

The golden clothed woman on the cliff was shocked and in disbelief. With a trembling voice, she said, "The one who engraved the 'Sin' character in the heavens, illuminating the heavens, that person was you?!"

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