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Chapter 799 - Kings Emerge In Great Numbers

Shi Hao didn't feel any fear. His forehead shone, the sinner's blood thick. He only killed the disciple of Sword Valley, an enemy of the descendants who had sinner's blood, so it wasn't that big of a deal. 

"Brother, hurry and leave, or else Gu Jianyun might return!" Someone warned.

"Condense the character 'Sin' from the forehead, illuminating the heavens, killing her like this, isn't it quite suitable for my identity?" Shi Hao said. He scanned his eyes over the crowd, as if he was a devil king ruling over this place. 

Many people trembled. The mysterious symbols and irregular scene his forehead produced were truly rare, truly someone with 'unpardonable sin'. 

If this was the ancient era, then this would be a world shocking great vicous being!

"Be careful! No one can match Gu Jianyun!" Cultivators that also had the blood of sinners within them secretly reminded in an urgent voice. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything, his expression calm. The symbol on his forehead instead became even more resplendent.

Everyone was shaken. This descent of sinner blood, this type of powerful appearance seemed to be making a type of declaration. Was he going to be the ambassador for the sinner's bloodline?

"This is not sin, it is glory and brilliance, the glorious imprint of the past!"

Sure enough, that youth spoke these words, his voice resounding through the air, deafening as it fell onto everyone's ears. This was a type of proclamation, even more so a declaration to the entire world.

"This is not a type of shame, but an accumulation of the past blood and flames. In another world, this symbol represents the brilliant glory and accomplishments!"

Shi Hao spoke, overlooking everyone. 

Many people from different sects lowered their heads, not willing to look straight at him.

"Those that call us the descendents of sinner's blood, do you truly understand what you all are doing?" Shi Hao's voice became overcast, and then he said coldly, "Anyone who wishes to put guilt on my head, dares to pass judgment, feel free to come at me!"

This was definitely a challenge. He did not fear the order those great sects issued!

In the eyes of supreme experts from different sects, this was a great omen of danger. A terrifying youth emerged from the descendants of sinners, one who was going to challenge the new order!

Moonlight shone down, pure and bright. That youth stood on the cliff alone, the corners of his clothes fluttering about, the light released from his forehead piercing into the heavens. There was a heaven overflowing domineeringness.

Gu Jianyun didn't return, fighting intensely against Chang Gongyan. They disappeared like that, stirring up bewilderment and speculation within the crowd.

Shi Hao didn't remain here either, thus disappearing. 

In this unmanned place, he hacked open the void with the halberd, disappearing from Fire City.

Sure enough, not long after he left, heavenly deities descended. They were incredibly shocked. How much time had passed? Yet that 'Sin' character that scattered the clouds appeared a second time. 

A few sects of Sin Province were looking forward to seeing this individual, while the other province's experts from great sects had extremely gloomy expressions.

"We were a step too late again!" A heavenly deity sighed softly.

This person must be found! The 'Sin' character rushed into the sky, only a few examples of this happening in history. It could even be said that it was rarely seen in near ancient history; it was just too shocking. 

That night, no one could remain calm. 

Gu Jianyun fought a great battle against Chang Gongyan, shaking the higher realms. Many ancient inheritances' sect masters personally inquired about it, wanting to know about the circumstances and results of these two individuals. 

Neither of those two belonged to this world. Meanwhile, they directly tore open the void, disappearing from this place. It was just too shocking!

Of course, there were those who believed that the main reason was because of the unmatched sword core made of Immortal Gold. With this type of great killing weapon, there wasn't much that couldn't be done.

Everyone was watching carefully, but no news of victory or defeat could be heard. No one personally witnessed the result.

Only when early morning arrived did news sound. Sword Valley's inheritor practiced the sword while facing the golden multicolored clouds of morning, stirring up heaven overflowing radiance, resonating with the mountains, rivers, and all things, leaving Sin Province shaken!

"This is… he gained insights from the battle and is going to improve a step further?" Everyone was shocked. 

Even the heavenly deities were speechless. They were all shocked. Brilliant sword light illuminated the world, harmonizing with all things between heaven and earth, becoming one. This truly was shocking.

He was still so young, yet he already had this type of comprehension?!

They had a feeling that once Gu Jianyun became a deity, then that would be extremely terrifying. His battle prowess would be world shaking! 

Chang Gongyan also appeared, looking quite calm, as if nothing happened at all. He looked at the morning sun, observed the setting sun, and then departed. 

"Deities with mysterious backgrounds are targeting him, wishing to harm him!" Someone released this type of news.

Something that left everyone stupefied happened. Chang Gongyan returned to his natural state, walking along the great earth. He couldn't feel anything at first, but later on, those nefarious deities were all watching helplessly as he lost them. 

"A few powerful deities wanted to take action, but they could only watch helplessly as he left to the distance, merging into heaven and earth!"

This naturally left all sides shocked, triggering a huge storm. There were sect masters that sighed deeply. Once this person grew up, he would definitely be at the top of this world!

The one that spoke this was not an ordinary sect master, but rather one of the higher realms' greatest inheritances, Western Sect's leader. This would undoubtedly create a huge commotion. 

Chang Gongyan, and Gu Jianyun's appearance made others truly aware of how terrifying the unmatched ancient heroes were. They had previously reigned undefeated in past generations, having their own accomplishments to justify their power!

Only at this moment did people feel that kind of pressure, that type of powerlessness. The appearance of a single one of these individuals would perhaps suppress all the young heroes of this world!

Once Immortal Palace's inheritor merged through the most powerful method, he might be unmatched as well, right?

However, of the snow covered freaks, any one of them could pierce through the heavens. They were all the very best, perhaps being even more powerful!

The great dao inheritances had many young geniuses, but right now, they all felt a type of formless pressure. This was just too hard to resist. 

Once this night passed and the morning sunlight shone brilliantly, there were rumors spreading everywhere. It was hard for the world to calm down. 

Of course, apart from Gu Jianyun and Chang Gongyan, there was another reason for such restlessness. 

The descendant with sinner's blood, forehead condensing symbols, 'Sin' character collapsing the clouds, illuminating the heavens, shaking all directions, these were news just as shocking as the emergence of two ancient heroes.

Many people were speculating who that person was. There was no way he could have remained silent all this time. 

"There were people at the scene who saw him, feeling that his temperament is similar to Huang's. It might be him!"

Of course, this was just a speculation and impossible to verify. Only a few people held this opinion.

However, everyone knew that once they entered the 'Immortal Ancient', these would no longer be secrets. Because of various reasons, no one could conceal their true self. Everything would be exposed. 

"Regardless of who he is, he will have to reveal his true body."

"I even feel like Huang has another identity. Regardless of who he really is, we'll find out later on."


That day, news traveled in all directions. Not all of the young geniuses felt powerless. Some of them were excited and greatly stirred up, their fighting spirits surging.


In front of a purple mountain, a youth with blood colored hair, an individual who was quite wild struggled free from his shackles, rigidly breaking out. 

Not far out, an old servant was horrified. Those were divine chains made of top level precious materials, and there were natural laws infused within them as well. Not even true deities could do anything about them, yet the young male broke through. 

"The old man feared that I would cause chaos, locking me up, but he still can't trap me. Let's go, it's time for a massacre, Great Heaven Burning Art has already be refined to the ancient predecessor's level, so how can its brilliance not be displayed to the world?!"

"Immortal Palace inheritor is hiding in that tattered copper palace, merging into a true body, not willing to come out, so I can't kill him. I guess I have to go to Sin Province. Two of those of ancient frozen fellas have appeared at the same time! It really is something to look forward to, a meal for me to devour!"

"You must not!" The old servant on the side advised.

However, this time, this youth couldn't be stopped. A streak of fiery light flashed, and then this blood haired youth disappeared from this place. A great void crack appeared in his original location. 

"This is bad!" The old servant felt nervous, but it was useless.

 That day, Green Province was shaken up. Four inheritors from an ancient inheritance in this sect fought together against someone, but they were all blasted apart!

Then, the adjacent province was stirred up, the Gray Flood Dragon Race's number one expert had his flood dragon tendons ripped out to use as a belt. 

Then, Bright Province that bordered that place had an exceptional talent killed, burned to ashes. 


This triggered a huge disturbance, because it was all caused by a single person. He crossed several provinces like a great calamity, killing many young experts along the way. They were all the most powerful experts of a clan.

"Great Heaven Burning Art has appeared, refined to the limit, but there is still room for methods of improving its power. It has completely unmatched power. It unexpectedly appeared in this world again!"

When these news were released, it triggered a huge commotion. 

In addition, everyone heard that this blood haired male was looking for ancient unmatched heroes, the frozen experts. He truly was a war loving demon.

He just moved like this, slaughtering his way into Sin Province, triggering a huge commotion.

"My name is Zi Yanfei. People of this present age, who dares to fight against me?!" The scarlet haired male was extremely wild, arrogant and untamed, slaughtering his way into Sin Province and issuing challenges in all directions. 

There were older generation figures whose eyes were ice cold, wishing to get rid of him, but even though this person easily got into fights and was incredibly wild, he was not careless. He continuously moved about.

Moreover, he had a secret treasure on him that could split open heaven and earth, allowing him to immediately flee. He took the initiative to seek out enemies and would not remain at one place. 

The Great Heaven Burning Art shook the old and new. Now that the inheritor of this ancient inheritance appeared, it left the higher realms greatly shaken. All of the ancient sects had no choice but to pay attention to this!

Unfortunately, Gu Jianyun, and Chang Gongyan had long left Sin Province, so he threw himself at empty air, no one to fight a great battle against him. He could only depart.

"Somewhat interesting."

This was still Sin Province. A white clad person appeared, even the shoes and socks white, untainted by a speck of dust. His silver hair scattered down, shining with bright light. His face was handsome to an almost unrealistic level, more beautiful than many females. 

"Six Crown King, Ning Chuan has appeared!"

It was unknown where these news came from, but it shook the world. The ancient freak -- Ning Chuan, had appeared six times in the past, sealing the world. His divine valiance was unmatched!

He appeared in Sin Province, startling everyone. This was Six Crown King, one of the most powerful freaks from past to present. Since his birth, his dao path had been consummate, everything perfect. 

"I came for the sinner's bloodline. The descendent whose forehead released holy light, sin character scattering the clouds is my prey. The great dao needs to be protected and cannot be blasphemed against."

This was what Ning Chuan, Six Crown King said. He was going to kill the powerful sinner's blood descendant that had recently appeared. 

However, he was left disappointed, because Shi Hao wasn't aware of these changes. He had long entered the most primitive mountain range. 

"It's going to rain, this is a great rain that will engulf tens of thousands of li. Lightning will pour down in torrents, and this is also a great chance. I should enter the consummate level." Shi Hao said softly.

This was what he had planned long in advance. He was going to guide the lightning storm's electricity to cross the heavenly tribulation that had only existed in the Immortal Ancient, refining his primordial spirit and flesh shell.

He studied the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, so it was perfect to use now, allowing all parts of his body to transform, entering the great circle of the Supreme Expert Realm. 

It was because Shi Hao felt a great pressure. Powerful individuals were emerging in large numbers, the kings of different eras all returning. He had to do what he could to push his strength to the absolute limit!

"Lightning is extremely mysterious, including even an immortal pool that contains mysterious precious liquid. I am going to seize this pool!"

Only, the greater one's strength was, the more terrifying the lightning tribulation one would face. He would have to walk on the brink of life and death. 

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