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Chapter 796 - Fire City

City of Heaven, within a palace hall. 

The people here were all fretful, and even the heavenly deities were extremely anxious, because the dao protector was close to death, showing signs that he was about to leave this world. 

"How could it be like this? Dao protector great one's life is in danger, my clan is about to lose one of its most powerful experts!" Heavenly deity Mo Luo looked extremely worried. This result was too terrible. 

"It's all because of that little bastard. My clan's recent disasters are all related to him!" Another heavenly deity's face fell, exuding killing intent. 

They all felt uneasy. The dao protector didn't have much life left to being with, and now that he attempted a divination, wishing to capture Shi Hao who was countless distance away and eliminate this disaster. However, the results were too terrible. 

Those that were not naturally in tune with the spiritual, normally speaking, would not dare to rashly attempt it even if they were powerful themselves, or else they would suffer the 'wrath of heaven'. 

"Just a trifling supreme expert, yet stirring up such great chaos in our clan. This is definitely unforgivable!" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo roared with a low voice. 

"Cough…" The dao protector coughed out blood, his face ashen. He was lacking life force, his old body's condition becoming worse and worse. He probably wouldn't last much longer.

"I am truly unwilling to accept this… not even able to find a young supreme expert!" His eyes were ice cold. At this moment, he felt endless hatred. 

At the same time, he felt a great fear inside, because that divinatory scene was too terrifying, leaving others feeling incredibly uneasy!

In reality, the others' hearts were also trembling. Even someone as powerful as the dao protector, because of a youth, cut his own life short. 

"He is in Sin Province. He must be killed!" Heavenly deity Mo Luo roared. 

"Think of a way to preserve dao protector great one's life. We cannot allow him to fall!" Someone said with great worry. 

It was because the Old Celestial left, entering the boundless restricted area to fulfill the archaic contract, unknown if he would ever return again, so this clan needed a powerful expert overseeing it. 

"Dao protector great one wasn't able to divinate where that little monster was, and as a result couldn't bring him back. This means that he shouldn't have suffered the wrath of heaven, so perhaps… he can still be saved!"

They began to use all types of methods, all for the sake of preserving the dao protector's life. 

A dark shadow covered the City of Heaven. A great pressure weighed down, making many people feel nervous and uneasy.

Sin Province, a place with sparse spiritual essence. 

Shi Hao was not aware that a terrifying expert that had risen up in the archaic era almost lost his life from trying to capture him. If he knew about this, he would have definitely roared with laughter. 

It was because the dao protector had no one to blame but himself!

"Is this Fire Country?"

Shi Hao had traveled quite some distance, approaching an ancient country. This place was established by Fire Clan and had existed for an extremely long time. Today, it was a power that could not be ignored. 

At the very least, in Sin Province, Fire Country played a crucial role. It was an inheritance that couldn't be considered small. There were heavenly deities overseeing this place, to the extent where there were one or two sect master level figures. 

Of course, compared to the truly great powers of the higher realms, they were still somewhat weaker. 

Flame phoenix trees towered into the clouds. These trees were incomparably large, and ten of these were resting side by side. All of them were releasing brilliant scarlet multicolored radiance. They towered within Fire Country capital city, raging with vicious flames. 

Fire Clan, a sect founded on flames. Fire served as their insignia as well. 

Fire City was a flourishing city. Many people came and went, the streets full of traffic. 

Meanwhile, the enormous city was quite special as well. When observed from the distance, one would see a red expanse that flowed with scarlet radiance. This was a massive city created from Fire Crystal Stone. 

There were creatures from all different clans on the streets, especially during this period of time where large amounts of cultivators gathered. Foreigners occupied almost all of the great inns. 

Everyone knew why they came, but they it was hard to chase them away. These people came from great dao inheritances, so no one was willing to completely offend them. 

"Fire Country is so large. With a city so massive, will I be able to find Huo Ling'er?" Shi Hao said softly. He wanted to meet this old friend from the lower realm quite badly.

However, he felt that after the Fire Emperor of the lower realm came up, there was no way he would enter the the main Fire Country Imperial Palace. No matter how stunning he was, it would still be difficult for him to display any brilliance in the higher realms. 

It was to the extent where he was worried whether Fire Emperor and Huo Ling'er even safely arrived here. 

"Huo Ling'er? Never heard of her!"

As expected, when Shi Hao asked around, he was disappointed. No one knew about them, never hearing about this name. 

"Youngster, you already asked several times already. I can tell you with certainty that I know about all of the most stunning and powerful girls in this imperial capital. There is no such person!" An elder became impatient. 

He wasn't someone of the cultivation world, just a businessman, but he understood quite a bit about Fire Capital. 

Shi Hao didn't want to draw attention to himself because of his inquiries, which was why he could only ask these types of people. He sighed. Originally, he thought that he would be able to meet an old friend if he came here, but in the end, he was disappointed. 

He was truly worried for that father and daughter pair, wishing that nothing unexpected happened to them. 

Shi Hao remained in Fire Country Capital, not leaving, instead taking the time to understand more about this place. He was hoping to find some other clues, not willing to miss out on this chance. 

He didn't obtain any news regarding the father and daughter pair, but he found out that this city had a few exceptional experts. They were supreme experts that came from different provinces, and there were even some exceptional talents that had shown themselves. 

Shi Hao frowned. Why did even young supreme beings come to Sin Province?

Moreover, he learned that there would be genius gatherings from time to time, and they seemed to be waiting for an extremely formidable person. This made him surprised. Exceptional talents even came, all for the sake of seeing that person?!

He trembled inwardly, wondering what kind of person would appear. Could it be that this person was going to pay Fire Country a visit and appear here?

"I should go take a look as well to see just how powerful and heaven defying that person is."

Unfortunately, he was disappointed. There really was someone who might appear, but it wasn't a hundred percent certain, and no one knew when this person was going to appear either.

However, despite this being the case , the young supreme experts of Fire Country Capital City were all moved, waiting expectantly. Recently, no one left, all of them waiting here. 

It was as if they were birds looking up to the phoenix, hundred beasts welcoming a beast emperor!

Quite a few genius gatherings were held during this period. Many people conversed with each other, exchanging pointers.

"Wu, there will be a distinguished meeting tonight, sixth princess is entertaining guests. When the time comes, there will be quite a few geniuses that will appear. The qualifications are quite high, those invited all top level figures from different provinces."

There were people discussing this. This wasn't some secret, long spreading around. 

Of course, for Shi Hao, this was a piece of information he could only find out through listening to these types of conversations. That was why he carefully listened in on their discussions to understand that place. 

This was pretty much all to lead that 'phoenix' here, the emperor worshiped by hundred birds that triggered the great commotion. This type of gathering was going to held because of this. 

"I should go take a look." Shi Hao came to this conclusion.

In the evening, volcanic ashes dyed half the skies in scarlet red. It was as if raging flames were blazing above, the clouds surrounded by golden borders. 

A grand manor, the space it occupied boundless. It was located outside the imperial capital. 

At this moment, figures were everywhere. People hurried over from time to time, descending from above or entering through golden chariots. They all had imposing manners, unordinary figures.

"Out of the way!"

Someone shouted from the distance. A purple golden carriage was pulled over by auspicious beasts. Even the void was rumbling under their feet.

The identities of those invited were not ordinary, all powerful individuals from different provinces.

However, when this carriage appeared, those in front still moved out of the way, especially one golden war chariot that even stopped to the side, yielding to this carriage. 

It was clear that regardless of whether it was the golden war chariot or beast bone precious carriage, both of their backgrounds were unordinary, but despite this being the case, they weren't willing to start a conflict.

Shi Hao also arrived. Even though he never lowered his head, he wouldn't rudely and impetuously start fights for no reason. He similarly moved to the side with a few others.

Only a single green ancient war chariot didn't leave, continuing to head forward. As a result, roars sounded from the rear, and several auspicious beasts leapt into the air, carrying mists with it as it directly leapt over this carriage.


Smoke and dust rose into the air. Several auspicious beasts pulled the purple golden carriage, descending onto the ground and stirring up a lot of smoke and dust. In smashed into that green war carriage as well, and only after doing this did it head for that manor. 

A laughter like the sound of silver bells sounded from within the purple golden carriage, extremely brash and ostentatious. 

The people within the green war carriage were furious, wishing to take action, but they were stopped by someone, advised with a low voice, "Brother, do not be quick to anger, do you know who she is? You cannot provoke her."

"Her background is shocking, and she might be related to the legendary individual who is passing by." Someone said with a soft voice. 

In the end, this attracted many gasps. Many people felt shocked. They were like birds looking up to the phoenix, welcoming this type of mysterious and powerful unmatched young expert, and this girl was related to him?

Many people entered the manor one after another. When it was Shi Hao's turn, he didn't have an invitation, but he wasn't stopped, still allowed inside. 

These were troubled times. The geniuses of all provinces had appeared, and quite a few of them were well known figures of their provinces. Not even the princess of Fire Clan dared to carelessly offend them. 

Who knew if a freak would jump out? If they were forcefully stopped then, a single mistake would cause blood to flow.

The manor was extremely large with layers upon layers of courtyards. It was extremely grand, and everything shone within the dark night, radiating brilliantly. It was as if the bejeweled jade palace fell into the mortal world. 

"Yi, isn't that the powerful supreme expert of the Luan Clan? His reputation is brilliant in his clan, long ranking in the top twenty. He unexpectedly came."

"What does that count as? Look, there are even people from the Zhuyan Clan here, actually accepting that invitation even with their violent tempers. Heavens, Lei Gongzui gave me a look, could it be that he heard me talking about him?" This person ran away with a sou sound. 

"What? You are that genius from Demon Province? It truly is a pleasure to meet you here."

"Wu, that person seems to be from Wild Province, his name is quite well known within his Province, one of their ten great supreme experts!"

There were many creatures within the courtyard. They looked at each other, releasing exclaims of admiration from time to time. It was because a few well-known people appeared from each province, causing the people here to be shocked. 

"So many experts, all heroes from different clans. This trip was truly not made in vain!" Someone said with a sigh. 

There were people who were discussing the well known figures in the provinces under the heavens, talking about who was the strongest. 

"Let me make a ranking, the younger generation's top ten experts. Hear me out and tell me if it makes sense…"

Shi Hao was also interested, however when his nose had a whiff of medicinal fragrance, his heart was moved. He quickly moved forward, and soon after, he arrived in a medicinal field. 

"How could this be?!" Even the mind of someone as powerful as Shi Hao went taut, immediately becoming stunned. 

There was a great formation protecting this place. There were symbols that formed a light barrier over the medicinal field. Meanwhile, multicolored light shone brilliantly inside, auspicious splendor releasing in the tens of thousands of streaks, forming an unique spiritual essence scenery. 

Quite a few people had gathered here in discussion. 

"Wu, I heard that this gathering was held precisely because some extraordinary figure wished to see Fire Clan's medicinal field, and that was precisely why it was held here." 

"This is… holy medicine, how can there be more than ten of them?!" Someone said with a trembling voice. 

There were too many holy medicines here, simply inconceivable. 

"There were previously several hundred spiritual medicines, but in the end, large amounts died, only these dozen or so survived. They then all mutated, evolving to become holy medicines." Someone said. 

"What? There was something like this? These medicines had this kind of background?!"

"Rumor has it that someone brought them up from the lower realm." A cultivator who understood the inner details said. 

Not far out, when Shi Hao heard this, he was greatly shaken up. He knew that he had obtained clues regarding Fire Emperor and Huo Ling'er. These were most likely brought up by them. 

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