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Chapter 795 - Sin and Glory

"Even though there are many sinning clans, they are still divided into primary and secondary sinners."

Since the ancient times, it had long been accepted that Stone Clan, Fire Clan, and others, a total of thirty clans, were the main descendants of sinners!

This was the secret this elder spoke about. 

Stone Clan was just one of them, a clan that could not be forgiven. There seemed to be a pair of eyes staring at it.

"They always say blood of sinners, could it be that they can tell somehow?" Shi Hao asked. 

He had heard about this term quite a while ago, and it had always left him feeling a bit uneasy. He voiced his doubt. How was this defined?

This small stone village was extremely barren, only having one or two hundred residents. They wore old and tattered beast skin clothes that were quite primitive, not like the descendents of an ancient country at all.

The old man sighed deeply and said, "It truly can be verified through a few sacred objects. When tested, these people's foreheads would display specks of light. The blood of sinners gathers in the foreheads of powerful individuals, sacred light blazing like a torch. Meanwhile, those with the greatest sinner's blood would even display some patterns on their foreheads, their radiance surging into the sky."

When Shi Hao heard this, he was quite shocked. 

"Where can these sacred objects be found?" He asked. He wanted to personally experience what was it was like.

"It really isn't some sacred object, something all clans have. After Stone Clan was wiped out, there is an enormous rock within the ancient country capital ruins alone. It is right in front of that capital city, and one can test themselves through it. It shouldn't have been taken away by anyone." The elder said.

It was because for most people, it wasn't some secret treasure, not useful in any way. 

When the old man was talking about these things, his eyes seemed to become absent minded, lost in sorrow.

Shi Hao stopped in this village for some time, earnestly asking quite a few questions. He left behind a pile of precious items before ultimately leaving, directly heading for those ruins.

"Is he my Stone Clan's youth? How much I wish for a star to rise again, a powerful expert that illuminates past and present, intimidates all those under the heavens, one who can wash away my clan's humiliation!" The old man muttered. His eyes were full of tears, and in the end, he cried with grief as he thought back to the ancient country's past glory. 

Soon after, Shi Hao returned to those ruins. Sure enough, there was an enormous rock at the front of the city. It was clearly different, giving off an ancient feeling. There were mottled bloody streaks along its surface. 

They were not scattered on this rock, but rather a type of innate bloody spots. 

Shi Hao was a bit skeptical. He reached his hand over. 

He did just as the elder said, stirring on his blood energy slightly before calmly waiting.

In that instant, the blood within his body surged, rumbling like lightning. It surged like a great river. Then, his forehead bone immediately condensed an ancient and mysterious symbol that shone with incomparable brilliance.

This was not the patterns the elder spoke of, but rather a symbol. It was as if stellar streams were swirling, complex, strange, mysterious, and absolutely dazzling.

Moreover, that radiance continued to increase, as if it would never exhaust. In the end, with a chi sound, it rushed into the heavens, illuminating the sky, scattering the clouds!

"Heavens, what is that?"

In the distance, people cried out in shock as they stared into the heavens with disbelief. 

A streak of light tore through the domain of heaven, illuminating this entire region. It was strange and unfathomable, abnormal and mysterious. There was unexpectedly a strange type of fluctuation rippling outwards. 

"That is… the condensation of sinner's blood, it actually scattered the clouds! Completely unprecedented!"

This scene shocked everyone. Many great sects in Sin Province immediately noticed it. 

"How can there be a sinner's blood symbol so powerful, the beam of light piercing the heavens? This had never happened before!"

Cries of alarm sounded from all different places. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was stupefied as well. He heard a desolate sound from beside his years, unknown if it came from that enormous stone or the symbol on his forehead. 

"We… are not the descendants of sinners, our ancestors' accomplishments were matchless… they have always been fighting at the very forefront, still continuing to this day, creating glory through the price of blood and bones!"

This voice was sorrowful, mournful, and ancient. When Shi Hao heard this, he felt an urge to shed tears.

Shi Hao didn't move. He felt a wave of emotions building up in his chest. He stood there, becoming one with that enormous rock. The symbol on his forehead became even more resplendent. 

"We are not sinners… the blood that flows within us not impure… that is glory, a record of our accomplishments!"

That voice was grand, ringing by Shi Hao's ears, making his heart tremble.

In the distance, many people were startled. This light beam of sinner's blood was too resplendent, leaving them with a feeling of disbelief. 

"What kind of person is it, to have such rich sinner's blood? Did a true ancient great vicious being return?!" Someone muttered softly, narrowing their eyes. Light shot out from their pupils.

"This will definitely startle all sects and spread to every province!"

In the heavens, a symbol was illuminated. There was someone, who, through countless distance away, through their sect's clan guarding mirror, saw that it was the character 'Sin'. 

A complete 'Sin' character appeared, making the existence who was holding the mirror suck in a cold breath of air!

"Sinner's blood into character, we have to find this person!"

There were immediately ancient existences that released a shout, coming to this conclusion. 

Sin Province, the inheritances adjacent to Stone Country's ruins could see it with their own eyes. There was an ancient symbol in the skies that released brilliant radiance. It shone like a sun.

Many people were shocked. They began to discuss among themselves, but they didn't dare approach out of fear of bringing a disaster upon themselves.

At the ends of the great earth, a pair of grandfather and grandson were passing by. They sensed something, gazing over towards this side. 

"Grandfather, is that the character 'Sin'?"

"It is. There is actually someone like this, sinner's blood condensing and illuminating the skies, producing this character. In the past, even those great vicious individuals only produced some dao patterns."

"But grandpa, you told me that before, this character wasn't 'Sin', but instead represented a type of glory!"

"That is true. What a pity, now, it is the character for sin. Its original meaning already no longer exists."

"The two left into the distance, disappearing into the limits of the horizon.

Shi Hao's hand was trembling. He touched that enormous rock covered in tears of blood. That sorrowful voice was still sounding by his ears. 

"We… are not people with the blood of sinners, our ancestors… are still fighting, sealing off heaven and earth, cutting off their own paths of retreat, still fighting a bloody battle, defending desolate borders.."

These mournful words seemed to be transmitted from a world separated from this one. It was crying out, howling with grief. It possessed a type of glory, but also a type of sadness. 

For some unknown reason, Shi Hao discovered that his body was trembling. His mood was resonating in response as well. Unknowingly when, his face had become covered with tears. 

In the end, his hand left the enormous stone, and the symbol on his forehead vanished. The sinner's blood radiance faded from the skies, disappearing. 

He touched his cheeks. His tears were still there, so everything that had happened just now was real. He had been influenced by a wave of emotions. 

However, he didn't hesitate at all. He decisively took out the void halberd, and with a chi sound, hacked open the void. With one hand holding the halberd, he leapt inside. 

The void space closed, returning peace to this place.

Soon after, a figure shot over like lightning, shaking the heavens as it quickly approached. With a rumbling sound, it descended into these ruins. It was unexpectedly a heavenly deity.

He was the closest expert to this place, the first one to hurry over. 

Then, several figures tore through the skies, descending while exerting a great pressure.

Soon after, there was even someone that was surrounded by chaotic energy that descended from beyond the heavens. He overlooked this place, not speaking for a long time.

"Blood of sinners formed, light emerging from the forehead, engraving itself in the heavens. Those that don't know might even think that their ancestors have returned." Only after a long time did an ancient voice sound here. There were no fluctuations in this voice, no emotions to speak of. 

They left, not staying here.

Then, other groups of people came one after another, paying this place a visit. 

"The blood of sinners burned away everything. The light that was released from the forehead bone has ignited all, we cannot sense anything."

It was just a 'Sin' character that illuminated the heavens, a type of irregular scene, yet it startled all sides!

There was no way Shi Hao could have knowing that his actions just now would trigger such commotion. An enormous undercurrent was surging. A few people were scouting about, wishing to find him!

By now, he had long left that place. He was standing on a short mountain, currently lost in his thoughts. 

Only after who knew how much time had passed did he snap back to reality. He said to himself, "A descendant of sinner's blood, I am not!" 

He could feel that type of emotion even now, resonating with him. His ancestors were not sinners, but instead the founders of glory. Even now, they were fighting at the front lines, hot blood flowing from their bodies. 

This wave of emotion, this surge of war intent gave Shi Hao a type of comprehension, a realization of truth. He improved a step further. 

"Am I about to reach the great circle of the Supreme Expert Realm?"

Shi Hao's eyes were brilliant. He was already at its doorstep before, reaching it soon. Now, with his emotions fluctuating intensely, he was unexpectedly about to directly break through.

He didn't continue with it, because a single mistake and he would directly enter the Divine Flame Realm. 

Once one entered the great circle of the Supreme Expert Realm, there would only be a paper thin line before breaking through into the Divine Flame Realm. 

He already thought things out, preparing to wait a few days to obtain a type of heaven and earth natural luck, and use that to cleanse himself before reaching the consummate level, making himself even stronger. 

This was a plan he had already decided on a long time ago. He didn't deviate from its course just because of this flash of realization. 

Regardless, before entering the 'Immortal Ancient', he had to reach the consummate level of the Supreme Expert Realm, increasing his strength by another level. Only then can he calmly face all of his opponents!

'Who dares to call me the descendent of sinners again? What sin?!" Shi Hao didn't accept this.

After calming down, he decided to pay Fire Country a visit. Huo Ling'er should be there. He didn't know how she was now. 

Heaven Province, a place far, far away from Sin Province. There were several hundred provinces between them.

However, the things that happened today still spread to this place, stirring up the higher levels. 

In reality, the appearance of the condensed 'Sin' character that illuminated the skies startled many great sects. It wasn't just them. 

However, only this clan had a feeling that they knew who this person was!

"Stone Clan ruins, it should be that youngster, right?" A heavenly deity said with ice-cold eyes. 

Recently, they had been tossed and turned about by a small supreme expert, losing all face. You Yu was cut down, the dao protector defeated, treated by great inheritances as a laughingstock. 

Even under these circumstances, they still didn't leak out Shi Hao's true identity, because they were still unwilling, wishing to capture him to obtain the Kun Peng technique and others  for themselves. 

"Let me make a divination to see where he is!" The dao protector appeared. A small part of the broken horns on his head had just regrown, not completely recovered yet. His withered face was even more pale.

"Great one!" There were heavenly deities that cried out, feeling incomparably worried. If this elder did this, then he would likely use up the last of his life. 

"Great one, you must not! Qi Daolin is a lunatic! Even if we can find that youngster, the gains would still not make up for the losses!" Heavenly deity Mo Luo advised. 

"Qi Daolin entered the boundless uninhabited region. The things I am going to do will not leave any traces. It is heaven's will to end this youngster's life prematurely." The dao protector said calmly. 

Everyone became shocked. They looked at each other in dismay. 

"Prepare a quiet room. I am going to carry out the plan. The Kun Peng technique and others will be seized, and the disaster will be sent on his way." The dao protector's eyes were cold, his broken horns flickering with cold light.

Soon after, this place became quiet. All of the heavenly deities retreated, waiting silently.

TIme passed by. They were extremely nervous inwardly. They wanted to obtain the unmatched techniques and kill that disaster, but they feared that Qi Daolin would learn about it too. 

"Now that the dao protector is taking action, there is no way he can continue living. Even though he is stunning, he will still wither away prematurely!"

"Even if he dies, that's fine. Otherwise, even though he is still young, he always makes me feel uneasy!" 

Several heavenly deities spoke softly as they quietly waited. 

Suddenly, they felt the void split apart and a passage open up. Then, it was as if a heavy object fell out.

"Did the great one succeed? Did he capture that little monster?" They simply couldn't believe it.

Celestial Clan's higher levels all stood up, feeling pleasantly surprised. 

They felt like someone had been dropped onto the ground. Did they truly… succeed?


A cough sounded. The symbols within the quiet room faded, and they could now sense things clearly again. 

As a result, several people's expressions changed. They all rushed over.

"Great one!" They cried out loudly. 

The dao protector was laid on the ground, coughing large mouthfuls of blood. His mouth was covered with bloody traces. He didn't bring back that person, but instead fell on the ground himself. 

"What happened?" Heavenly deity Mo Luo was greatly alarmed. He quickly rushed over to help treat his injuries.

Only, the blood surging from the dao protector's mouth didn't stop, continuously pouring outwards.

"The divination will not appear…" He had a look of bewilderment on his face, and even more a type of shock as he muttered, "When I gazed into the future, there was an expanse of primal chaos. When he turns around, behind him is an expanse of nothingness."

"Great one, you… what are you saying?!"

"Your esteemed self is talking about… that little monster?!"

"Yes, him." Blood poured out endlessly from his mouth. He was withering away. With great shock, he said, "He… doesn't seem to belong in this set of history!"

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