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Chapter 791 - Immortal Mine

Right when Shi Hao was going to nod his head, Qi Daolin added. "Even though he is extremely powerful and you are likely not his opponent, you… have to think of a way to kill him!"

Shi Hao immediately didn't feel like listening. His face fell, saying, "Old thing, what are you saying? I already defeated him twice, yet you still don't think I can kill him? You shouldn't underestimate me like this!"

Qi Daolin sighed and said, "If not for news travelling around recently, I wouldn't even have known about this. The one that is travelling the world is just a second body. We've underestimated him."

This was a serious problem. He deeply understood that the main body of Immortal Palace's inheritor was definitely going to be even stronger. Once they merged, their cultivation would be hard to predict.

In his opinion, Immortal Palace's inheritor even seemed to have the confidence in defeating those ancient freaks.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was rather unwilling to accept it. "How powerful could he be?"

"Powerful to a ridiculous level. It definitely won't be something as simple as adding the two bodies together, but a sudden surge in power. Once they merge, his fighting power will erupt like a volcano." Qi Daolin sighed and said. 

Not even he had anticipated that Immortal Palace would cultivate this type of ancient method in secret. It was because it was extremely difficult to do, as well as exceedingly dangerous. 

They originally thought that Immortal Palace was only testing this on Yue Chan, never expecting that their own inheritor also cultivated it. 

In this world, there were actually two who succeeded!

Shi Hao frowned and said, "Is it that scary? What kind of background does that ancient method have exactly? If I have to, I'll ask Qing Yi for it and cultivate it a bit too."

"It is more terrifying than your imagination, something created by an undying existence. However, you shouldn't try to learn it. One person into two, a single mistake and a huge issue will arise."

"Undying existence?" Shi Hao was shocked. He immediately thought of the powerful existence that had been suppressed under Five Phase Mountain in the lower realm. 

"That existence is extremely terrifying. Rumor has it that this existence is the posthumous child of an unmatched creature from the most ancient era, and perhaps related to the Kun Peng. Of course, these are all just rumors." Qi Daolin said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, great flames raged within him. He immediately asked about it.

Qi Daolin shook his head. He only heard a few rumors as well. That existence had never seen the parents, and after birth, was sealed in primal chaos for millions of years before emerging. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. It was that senior that was sealed in the lower realm after all!

"Immortal Palace has a few matchless secret techniques, but they didn't establish them, but obtained them from other inheritances. It could even be said that their hands are covered in blood…" Qi Daolin laughed coldly.

Shi Hao finally understood why the undying existence was suppressed under Five Phase Mountain, difficult to kill even after all this time.

"The technique Immortal Palace has is imperfect. That undying existence also divided into two bodies, and as long as one body dies and the other is alive, then they can be reborn. In addition, each time he dies once, he will experience a rebirth and carry out a life and death enlightenment, giving him a chance to become a bit stronger. This is the most fundamental difference between the perfect technique and the technique Immortal Palace obtained."

Separate into two bodies to cultivate, when merged again, become even more powerful. However, the undying existence's perfect technique had a life and death rebirth, allowing for further advancement. 

"That is why if you truly wish to kill that undying existence, both of his bodies must be killed at the same time, or else each time a single body is killed, it will only allow his comprehension to grow deeper, possibly becoming even stronger."

Shi Hao asked where the undying existence went. This existence definitely stood at his side, but the information he obtained was similar to the rumors, that he had long entered the depths of the uninhabited region's depths!

"This seems to be the root of everything. Could it be that everyone will eventually have to go there?" Shi Hao said softly. He felt that Willow Deity and little pagoda might be in the restricted area's depths.

And now, even Qi Daolin was going to go.

"You have to be careful about Celestial Clan's resolution. You have to know how to protect yourself when I am not here." Qi Daolin warned. 

He especially warned that with that dao protector's life nearing its end, the reason he directly fled after his defeat last time was likely so that he could truly use up the last of his energy. He might take extreme action. 

Of course, if the Celestial Clan's dao protector took action, they definitely wouldn't hold back, going as far as needed.

"I have my own ways of protecting myself," said Shi Hao. He had two Realm Shattering Symbols now, so he didn't have to worry. He just had to calmly wait for the great competition to start. When he came out again, it might be a completely different scene. 

He had previously heard that each time this incomparable battle of geniuses started, the shortest length would be a year, the longest unexpectedly lasting a hundred years before the people within came out.

During the longest time, there had even been someone who defied the heavens, directly reaching heavenly deity level.

"Wu, work hard then. Enter that 'Immortal Ancient'. Aside from the greatest natural luck, there are exceptional divine fruits, immortal treasures, and other things, any one of them will be greatly beneficial for the rest of your life. For example, the 'heavenly deity' fruit, once you eat it, heh!" 

Qi Daolin's eyes were brilliant, but he felt quite regretful as well that he couldn't go inside himself. Otherwise, he would definitely clean out those 'saint wood', 'heavenly deity fruits', 'immortal core' and other things.

There were too many divine objects inside, things that all large sects longed after. This was also why they were so focused on nurturing and encouraging disciples to participate. Even if they couldn't become number one, as long as they could come out alive, they would obtain unimaginably great harvests. 

"What do I have to be mindful of, for example, the various dangers?" Shi Hao asked, seeking guidance. 

"There are many dangers, and it is different each time." Qi Daolin said. Then, he reminded that even though the Celestial Clan was defeated, he couldn't look down on them. 

Shi Hao muttered to himself about how that clan had declined. Their so-called exceptional talent You Yu, if not for merging with the Heaven's Mandate Stone recently, there was no way he would become so powerful, fighting with him for such a long time. 

"I knew you were being careless. The Celestial Clan is not simple. Previously in history, there was a youngster who merged with three Heaven's Mandate Stones, known as Three Stone Heavenly Monarch." Qi Daolin shook his head. 

"What? Merged with three pieces of Heaven's Mandate Stone? Did his natural aptitude defy the heavens?" Shi Hao was shocked. There were six great celestials in the archaic era, but that was still only six Heaven's Mandate Stones.

There was someone who unexpectedly merged with three pieces of Heaven's Mandate Stone alone. 

"His aptitude was only normal, not an exceptional talent. Before he merged with them, he was obscure and unknown," Qi Daolin said, and then he added seriously, "However, after undergoing three perfect transformations, no matter how lacking his aptitude was, he still became unimaginably powerful."

"Is he still alive?" Shi Hao frowned. 

"Rumor has it that his whereabouts were lost after he explored some Immortal Ancient ruins." Qi Daolin said. 

Then, he said, "The hundred rivers gathering into the sea has long begun filtering people out, registering names. You haven't paid too much attention to it, while I don't have much time left now either. You should think of a way yourself."

Shi Hao was speechless. 

This old man was too irresponsible, right? Shi Hao cursed silently. Didn't they say that a few great sects could directly select and send people over, not needing to go through complicated procedures?

"Just muddle your way in with any random inheritance. It's not that strict." Qi Daolin patted his shoulder. 

Then, he warned Shi Hao about a few other problems that had to be paid attention to. "It's time for me to leave,and  make a trip to Fire Province's Immortal Mines, see if I can obtain some natural opportunity."

"Immortal Mine?!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

He knew that there were many divine mines in Fire Province that produced all types of treasures. There was one that was known to be an Immortal Mine, but there hadn't been many throughout history that could enter. It was extremely dangerous. 

"The reason why I placed the dao rite here is precisely because I was paying close attention to that ancient mine. I've waited for many years already. This time, there might be a brief period of opportunity, a fleeting chance."

Qi Daolin had previously stolen from hundreds of clans, and he had plundered a bone fragment that had a few secret rumors recorded on it. Through it, he was able to discover omens of the Immortal Mine's emergence.

After waiting for so many years, he finally obtained some clues. 

"Dao master, bring me with you to gain some knowledge and experience."

"Fine!" Qi Daolin agreed rather cheerfully.

Fire Province wasn't made up entirely of grasslands. There were different types of terrain within the innermost depths. 

This was a desert where not even a blade of grass grew. There was sand everywhere. 

The master and disciple pair had waited for close to six days, about to lose patience. Then, an abnormality happened. Cracks appeared on the ground in the distance, releasing dazzling immortal light.

In addition, with the passage of time, great dao rumbling sounds rang through the air, becoming clearer and clearer. 

Shi Hao gasped. Meanwhile, Qi Daolin had long took action staring in that area with brilliant eyes. It was as if they were blazing torches. His entire body was covered in bone texts. 


The ground surface split apart. A large mountain rose from the earth, surrounded by primal chaos mists. It was incomparably massive and imposing. 

About halfway up the mountain, there was an ancient cave that released auspicious multicolored light. Immortal mists pervaded the air, creating a shocking scenery. Deafening great dao sounds rumbled, pouring out like a sea. 

"Waited for such a long time, but the day has really come!" Qi Daolin no longer remained clam. He looked extremely moved, releasing dazzling symbols. He brought Shi Hao with him, directly rushing over. 

This was an ancient mine. As soon as they entered, there was a wave of holy aura that made Qi Daolin tremble greatly.

"Immortal dao aura?!"

If this was the case, he might as well just make this place into an immortal cave no matter the cost!

However, soon after, his hopes were crushed. He sensed a wave of frightening aura. This was not some good place. There were unknown dangers!

"This… is not natural. It was created by someone!" Shi Hao said. 

They called it an ancient mine, but it was more correct to call it a cave dwelling. When they walked inside, it was unexpectedly like a palace hall. Moreover, there were hatchet carvings and sword traces. It was quite clear that these were man made. 

"Something doesn't seem right. These sword traces, blade marks… were left behind by exceptional experts!" Qi Daolin was alarmed. Someone as powerful as him, at his cultivation realm, who didn't feel moved by the things of the outside world, even changed his expression after arriving here. 

"These were… left behind by an unmatched forbidden existence!"

His pupils rapidly shrunk. He stared at the cave walls, becoming more shocked the longer he looked at it. It was because there were indescribable great dao auras within every trace, incomparably profound and mysterious. 

One has to understand that these were not deliberately left behind by others, not for the sake of passing down anything. They were just ordinary blade marks, sword traces, left behind from opening up this cave dwelling.

Despite this being the case, they could still display great dao profound mysteries, simply unimaginable. Just how terrifying was that person?!

Qi Daolin realized that this was not left behind by a single person, because there were traces of at least five or six different types of weapons. They were all left by matchless experts who were powerful to a heart shaking degree. 

"This is Origin Stone?" Qi Daolin finally recognized the source of the cave's stone walls. It was simply earth-shattering, leaving him so shocked his eyes opened widely.

This was too luxurious! This was unexpectedly Origin Stone!

The so-called Origin Stone was born in primal chaos, tough to an unimaginable level. Its price was similar to World Stone, a natural supreme treasure core. 

"Is there still natural reason in this world? Using this type of supreme treasure to open up a cave, they should be hacked by heavenly lightning!" Qi Daolin said angrily. This was too much of a waste! How could they use it like this?

Origin was often associated with true immortal. This was immortal dao precious material. Origin true immortals only existed in that past era.

Was this a cave from the Immortal Ancient era? When they realized this, both the master and disciple were shocked. 

Qi Daolin wanted to explore it, but as soon as he touched the traces on the stone walls, he was immediately greatly shaken, quickly backing up. His expression was a bit unpleasant. 

It was clear that the traces left behind by those matchless experts were too terrifying. They contained unmatched great dao force.

He didn't continue testing it out, because there wasn't much time left. He couldn't stay here for too long. He brought Shi Hao with him, directly rushing inwards.

Soon after, they understood a few things, because there were quite a few cracks on the cavern walls. They were created by magical force, damage brought about by the confrontation of supreme treasures.

"I understand now. This is a fragment of a piece of Origin Stone. It was originally a supreme treasure, but after others fought intensely, it was shattered, and as a result used to refine a cave." Qi Daolin said. 

Otherwise, no one would be so extravagant!

Despite this being the case, it also displayed how extraordinary this place was. Several matchless experts carved their way in, turning it into an ancient mine, this place… left others hopeful, surrounded by a haze of mystery. 

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