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Chapter 790 - Spoils of War

The heavens was a hazy golden, as if silt was flying everywhere within a desert. In reality, it was just the void distorting, caused by the descent of Qi Daolin's hand!

He was incredibly domineering. His true body didn't come, yet a single hand was able to crush a powerful old servant from Immortal Palace to death, turning him into bloody light that burned to ashes. It was incomparably shocking. 

Within Goddess Academy, everyone felt their fine hairs stand on end, feeling incredibly shocked. A powerful figure that was close to the domain of heavenly deity was slaughtered so easily. 


As a result, this place erupted with commotion. Qi Daolin was incomparably powerful, appearing in such a tyrannical fashion, leaving everyone with too deep of an impression. Everyone now understood his decisiveness in his previous words. 

He had said that supreme experts and Divine Flame Realm experts could appear as they wish to kill his disciple, that he wouldn't care about that at all. It was just like how several thousand years ago, two disciples were beaten up until they never appeared again. However, if any experts go too far and want to harm his disciple, then that was definitely not okay. 

At this moment, he once again pretty much declared that even if it were Immortal Palace's people that crossed the line, he would still kill them without remorse. 

This was a vicious person. That sect didn't have endless disciples. Even if it was a great sect with disciples numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands, once provoked, Qi Daolin would still sweep them clean, annihilate them with overwhelming power. 

At this moment, everyone sensed how firmly he made up his mind, as well as how severe the consequences were. 

"Old Qi is too formidable… Even though he has a notorious name, this type of domineering power, for his disciple, really is a type of good news, the best protective umbrella."

Even Goddess Academy's higher level figures sighed lightly. In a flash, thousands of years had passed. The past Qi Daolin had become more powerful. No one in the present world was willing to surround and kill him. 

The past little Qi had now risen up, able to stand on equal footing with the most powerful sect masters. No one wanted to become enemies with a lunatic, or else the entire clan would not be calm. 

When the others and younger generation figures woke up from their stupefied states, they all began to discuss among themselves. They were deeply shaken up. This really was a vicious individual, not even treating Immortal Palace as anything major. 

The large earthen hand did not disappear, once again reaching down to grab Immortal Palace's inheritor.

"Heavens, Immortal Palace's inheritor is going to be snatched up. Is he going to die as well?" A few people cried out in alarm. 

Forget about the academy's students, the individuals who came from different sects, even the academy's guardian spirit, dao protector, and academy head were shocked. If Immortal Palace's inheritor died here, the effects would be too great.

This was not something on the level of that old servant. Regardless of whether it was for the disciple himself or the inheritance's face, it would definitely stir up a storm. That ancient existence that had laid dormant since the archaic era might reawaken to stir up a bloody storm in the higher realms. 

"This… is he truly going to take action?"

"Immortal Palace's inheritor really is unlucky, too pitiful. He encountered Huang, and then he provoked this strange dao master Qi. He is going to die an untimely death!"

Quite a few people were speaking softly as they stared into the air. 

The large earthen hand grabbed Immortal Palace's inheritor as if a giant was grabbing a reptile. Regardless of whether it was size or power, the difference between the two parties was on completely different proportions. 

This was definitely a major event. Qi Daolin had a completely clear conscience regarding his vicious name. 

"Immortal Palace dares to casually touch my disciple, could it be they really don't think I can kill them?" Qi Daolin said. 

"Daolin." From the shadows, Goddess Academy's old academy head coughed, reminding him that if he killed Immortal Palace's inheritor, his own disciple might not be able to live either. 

It was because this was a type of vicious circle. If every sect was like this with the older generation figures frantically slaughtering the younger generation, no one would be better off. 

This was, unless he could kill Immortal Palace's ancient ancestor!

When he spoke like this, many people held their breath. They didn't only fear that the resulting storm would be great, the consequences irremediable, it was because Immortal Palace's inheritor hadn't reached his greatest potential. If his second body was killed like this, it would leave others feeling a bit regretful. 

Many people wanted to see if Immortal Palace inheritor at his most powerful could oppress all of his peers, becoming number one under the heavens!

However, with how powerful his second body was alone, it didn't seem like there would be much suspense at all. It would definitely be hard for his true body to meet opponents. 

"Sinners can be forgiven, but he still has to use treasures to exchange for his life."

The large hand in the void grabbed Immortal Palace's inheritor, and with a fierce shake, first, a bronze palace fell out, one that was fist-sized. This was a magical artifact made in the imitation of the sect's unmatched supreme treasure Bronze Immortal Palace. 

Then, multicolored light erupted. The immortal feather battle armor came off, feathers condensing in the void one after another. 

Next, a great halberd that was curling with auspicious energy appeared. It was covered in bone texts and the it was most unordinary. 

Apart from this, there were also various containers with priceless precious medicines within them among the treasures that came off after he was shaken. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor was sullen. Being grabbed by another like a reptile and shaken like this was the greatest humiliation of his entire life. No matter how powerful he became later on, it would be difficult to wash away this stain. 

His face was ashen, his eyes cold. He grit his teeth, enduring this humiliation. Strands of blood flowed out from his mouth. 

Everyone revealed looks of shock. Immortal Palace's inheritor was just too unlucky today, encountering this pair of master and disciple. He was definitely going to return with his head and face filthy with grime, not much dignity to speak of. 

"Youngster, this is a lesson. You humiliated my Supreme Being Bloodline, saying it's rotting and ruined. Didn't you still lose to my disciple in the end?!" Qi Daolin said coldly. 

He grabbed the three secret treasures and looked at them. He tossed the immortal feather armor to Immortal Palace's inheritor, because this was his inheritor's symbolic precious clothes. 

If someone from the Supreme Being Bloodline wore it, then it would be inappropriate. In addition, he knew that Shi Hao had a set of seemingly tattered armor that could stand off against these divine clothes. 

Then, he picked up the void halberd. At this moment, forget about the others, even many older generation figures' eyes began to burn with desire. This thing was too heaven defying.

With this halberd, one could easily hack apart the void, and immediately flee into the distance. It was a priceless treasure.

"This precious halberd isn't bad, without much Immortal Palace's imprints on it. It's not your item, so it'll serve as my disciple's spoil of war." He directly tossed it to Shi Hao. 

This old thing… he really wasn't polite, a notorious individual after all. The things he favored he directly took, it really made others'... eyes red. 

Shi Hao was extremely excited. After arriving in the higher realms, he always wanted this halberd, never expecting it to end up in his hands today. This would, without a doubt, increase his fighting prowess greatly. 

After fighting several great battles with Immortal Palace's inheritor, if not for the pill furnace, he would have definitely been hacked apart. This precious halberd was too formidable, able to shatter the void. Not even deities could take it on. 

The most important thing was that with this halberd, heavenly deities couldn't top him any longer, unless they arrived secretly like Qi Daolin and sealed the void beforehand, immediately grabbing outwards.

"You can take this lousy copper palace back too!" Qi Daolin grabbed that copper palace and fiercely tossed it towards Immortal Palace's inheritor, sucking him inside. Then, he smashed apart the void, swatting him into the distance.

"So many precious medicines!"

When Shi Hao saw this, his heart immediately jumped crazily. Those containers all floated over, and there was no lack of exceptional items that were refined from holy medicines. There was even a precious pill that had divine medicine ingredients. 

He put them all away decisively. His spoils were truly plentiful with this victory. Forget about everything else, just these precious medicines alone were already priceless. 

QI Daolin didn't stay here. His large hand became blurry, disappearing from this place. 

Only when he left did everyone stir up an uproar. A few people swallowed their saliva as they looked at Shi Hao, incredibly jealous of his spoils.

Shi Hao raised his head and looked towards Yue Chan's main body. Even though he reacted quickly, he was still too slow. She used a Region Shattering Symbol, disappearing from this place. 

It was clear that Qi Daolin wouldn't care about these 'small matters' between Shi Hao and others at his level. 

He wanted to use the void halberd and a few precious symbols to chase after her, but he was stopped by Qing Yi, because she knew that the chances of success wasn't high. 

This battle stirred up great commotion. News spread to every sect.

It was clear that in the eyes of many great sects, the threat Shi Hao posed was sharply increasing.

Of course, they didn't take Immortal Palace's inheritor lightly either, believing him to be even more dangerous. It was because he was definitely going to merge with the main body. His true body was definitely going to appear during the great battle of three thousand provinces.

Second Baldy left. After learning that Shi Hao was alright, he felt reassured, deciding to return to his sect.

The little snow white rabbit made an agreement with Shi Hao, that in the greatest clash of the higher realm's geniuses, they could form an alliance and fight for the natural luck together. She then hopped away. 

The little fatty also laughed in a simple and honest manner, waving his hand before leaving.

The night was calm. Under the moonlight, Shi Hao and Qing Yi walked together. 

"I am going to leave. With the hundred rivers converging into a sea, the great battle is about to start." Qing Yi said softly. She didn't plan to compete in Goddess Academy, instead search for a different place. 

Shi Hao offered to go with her.

Qing Yi shook her head, not agreeing to this. She had to visit a mysterious dao earth first and cultivate alone for a few days.

Shi Hao knew that she was most likely thinking about how to settle things with her main body. Everything was going to be carried out in the great battle that was about to happen. 

"Alright then, we'll meet again in the great competition. Watch how I will defeat all powerful enemies. When the time comes, I'll invite you to eat all types of good things." Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Qing Yi was speechless. She knew that he was talking about roasting all types of powerful creatures. 

Under the moonlight, the two moved shoulder to shoulder, walking all the way into the distance. It was extremely harmonious and peaceful, just like a pair of daoist immortal companions. 

There were people from Goddess Academy who saw this, but no one disturbed them.

Qing Yi silently departed, while Shi Hao returned to Supreme Being Dao Rite as well.

"I am going to leave." As soon as he returned, Shi Hao heard Qi Daolin say. 

"Old man, you are too vulgar. Are you trying to copy Qing Yi?" Shi Hao muttered. Qing Yi had said this not too long ago, and this old fella unexpectedly said the same thing.

"Disgraceful thing, what are you randomly spouting? You think I have the time to waste on watching you?" Qi Daolin glared.

Shi Hao immediately became serious, no longer cracking jokes, quickly fixing his expression to listen to him speak. 

"Ten streaks of immortal light flew out from the Three World Coffin. A few problems arose in the boundless uninhabited depths. I am going to look around." He said with a frown.

During these past few days, he made many discreet inquiries, and as a result, obtained some information. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. "Those that enter all die, you… are going to take the risk?"

"There are places of death, but also a few places of life that are being occupied by some sects. I am not going to take any risks." Qi Daolin said.

Shi Hao calmed down. This old man had lived for so long, the other sects unable to eliminate him, so he definitely had life saving measures, not sending himself to death due to stupidity. 

Only, his brows quickly locked together again. He had just obtained a notorious supporter, but this person was going to leave soon. This was not some good thing. 

"Before leaving, I have a few things I want to tell you, and then we'll pay an important place in Fire Province a visit. Afterwards, I am going to disappear for a long time, so you have to be careful."

When Shi Hao heard this, he nodded. He was also going to leave to look for the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly. He was then going to participate in the battle!

"Remember, after the great battle starts, get rid of Immortal Palace's bastard for me. Don't make the Supreme Being Bloodline lose face!" Qi Daolin said extremely serious, his eyes widening!

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