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Chapter 792 - Immortal Palace

"It really is Origin Stone that had suffered damage after a great battle." Qi Daolin stared forward, his expression becoming more and more serious. 

The Immortal Mine was extremely spacious. There was an extremely large piece of Origin Stone material that came off from the cavern walls. There were many cracks along its surface. 

This made one's imagination roam. What kind of collision happened exactly? Even the supreme treasure made from Origin Stone was destroyed! This seemed a bit unreal. 

Origin true immortal, exists simultaneously with the world, not decaying for tens of thousands of years, yet in the end, this top grade immortal material still broke apart. It made their imaginations roam, but at the same time, they felt fear. 

"Collect it. Even though its cracked, it is still a divine precious material in the outside world. When refining secret treasures, even if a small piece is added, its quality will increase substantially." Qi Daolin said.

If this large piece that was nine feet in length was auctioned outside, it would definitely leave others completely shocked. 

Since the ancient times, not many pieces of Origin Stone had appeared!

Of course, there was no way this piece could be refined into a supreme treasure, because the cracks inside were more dense than a spiderweb. It had previously suffered an extremely powerful attack, leaving behind serious damage. 

Shi Hao directly put it into the heaven and earth pouch with any trace of politeness. 

"I have a bad feeling… The resistance is becoming stronger." Qi Daolin frowned. 

Following their advance, the various blade traces, and sword scars on the immortal material became gradually clearer. There was an enormous pressure that made even space appear blurry. 

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. This place left him feeling a bit frightened. Just what kind of forbidden existence was it that caused such changes? Just an ordinary cave they opened up was already like this, it truly was something else. 

Then, a few ancient engravings appeared on the cavern walls. They were extremely mysterious, releasing mists. There were ancient natives, and there were even all types of strange creatures they had never seen before. 

"Not good, the great dao profound mysteries contained within these patterns are even stronger."

Qi Daolin slowed down his footsteps, his face becoming serious, sweat even appearing on his forehead. Brilliant light appeared from his pupils. He circulated the Eight Ninth Heavens Art to resist it with all his strength.


There was one sculpture where a native held a sword, and at this moment, it unexpectedly erupted with sword energy that hacked outwards. 

The sword light was like a rainbow as it pierced through the void!

Shi Hao was stupefied. This… was too unusual!

Simply unimaginable. How powerful was the person that created this place, even the sculptures that were etched were this terrifying? Even Qi Daolin cold only dodge it, not deciding to take it head on.

"It's good that it is just a native holding a sword!" Qi Daolin wiped at his sweat.

Shi Hao was speechless. If it was a true immortal that was holding a magical sword, would it release immortal light? This wasn't completely impossible, since these sculptures possessed great dao true meaning. 

Soon after, dao master Qi's expression became ugly, because the sword in this sculpture was broken. The carved stone had long been damaged.

"This… is simply a war immortal sculpture. If one cultivates here, completely understand the sword traces, blade scars, and various ancient creature sculptures, it would definitely be beneficial for them throughout their life…" Shi Hao said to himself quietly. 

"Even in the Immortal Ancient era, I fear that this would still be a formidable place." Qi Daolin nodded his head seriously. 

Not even he wanted to leave, wanting to sit here in meditation and go into isolation. He wanted to comprehend the unmatched true meaning contained within these true immortal sculptures carved by the ancient people.

"Unfortunately, there isn't much time left. Based on what was recorded on the bone piece I obtained, the chance is fleeting, so we cannot stay here for a long time. Let's just see where heavenly fate takes us. If we can take this entire cave with us before leaving, then that would be truly heaven defying." Qi Daolin said. 

In the end, Qi Daolin resisted a tremendous amount of pressure and brought Shi Hao with him into the Immortal Mine's depths. To be more precise, this was an enormous ancient palace that was full of immortal energy. 

This place was too mysterious, spotlessly white and curling with mist. It was as if they entered the residence of a human immortal, a breath of air enough to make one's entire body feel relaxed, their bodies shining with a rain of light, as if they were going to ascend into the heavens. 

"What a formidable divine ancient place. Truly unimaginable!" Even dao master Qi's eyes were widened, making this assessment. 

The palace was remote and quiet, incomparably massive. Through the mists, one could see many deities consecrated above that were swirling with mysterious power. 

Meanwhile, the four walls were extremely unordinary. There were a large amount of engravings etched, from birds, flowers, fish, and insects to ancient sacrifices, and then to early natives, the sun and moon, various existences, immortal materials, and other things. 

This place was a bit special. All of the pressure disappeared, restrained within these engravings. 

"It is temporarily safe." Qi Daolin said.

"Dao master, you should hurry and look for the supreme treasure material you need. I will sit here for a bit to see if I can gain some type of insights." Shi Hao said.

"Alright. Be careful. Don't stay too far from me." Qi Daolin said. 

Shi Hao immediately sat down. There were many etchings in the stone walls, all of them having their great dao auras restrained. He cleared his mind, preparing himself as if he was going to enter large worlds one after another.

Soon after, something Shi Hao was completely unaware of happened that left Qi Daolin shocked. He turned around to look at Shi Hao, revealing a look of surprise. 

Behind Shi Hao's head appeared a ring of light. It then condensed, becoming auspicious and brilliant like a mirror. It made him seem like a cultivator that looked just like an ancient monk, but also like a divine lord.

The divine ring behind him swirled unexpectedly reflecting these diagrams one after another. The blade traces, hatchet marks, natives, sun and moon, and all types of creatures; it seemed to be imitating all of these ancient diagrams. 

"This brat, he had this type of ability?" Qi Daolin immediately voiced his shock, because he felt like the diagrams reflected off the divine disk were the same as what appeared on the stone walls. They contained a large amount of great dao true meaning. 

"Dao master, what are you saying?" Shi Hao was was confused, raising his head to look at Qi Daolin. 

When he spoke, the mirror behind him disappeared. He was completely unaware of its existence. 

Qi Daolin was shocked, and then he said, "No matter, you continue, don't worry about me. Don't be distract. You should just cultivate like before."

As a result, soon after, when Shi Hao began to think and comprehend, that symbol disk emerged behind his head again, looking like a precious mirror. It reflected the various ancient diagrams in the cavern, illuminating their great dao.

Qi Daolin's pupils rapidly shrunk, staring at that mirror like divine disk. He seemed to have realized something, but he didn't open his mouth.

Soon after, he turned around to leave, fearing that he would run out of time. He needed to act quickly, so he rushed towards the deities that were consecrated all the way in front of him. 

Soon after, Shi Hao looked over all of these ancient sculptures once. Meanwhile, the mysterious light that appeared behind him seemed to be able to illuminate the heavens, reflecting all of the diagrams. 

After attempting to comprehend these things for the first time, he discovered that the great dao here were too difficult, impossible to understand in a short amount of time. He walked forward to see what kind of good things Qi Daolin obtained.

Only, the light mirror behind his head never disappeared, continuing to shine there. 

Dao master Qi stood there, feeling extremely shocked. He looked at the items being consecrated one after another.

"This is…" Shi Hao was shocked as well. 

They were deities. What was being worshiped were unexpectedly various immortal treasures that flowed with hazy radiance. They were covered in mists. The scene was shocking! 

"No wonder it is called an Immortal Mine, it was unexpectedly like this!" Dao master Qi sighed and said. 

This row of items, every single one of them shook the past and present. Any one of them would make the eyes of sect masters of the higher realms go red, slaughtering each other and fighting a bloody battle over them.

"Heaven Fault Stone, World Stone, Origin Stone…" With just a random look, one would see four or five supreme treasure materials that were only recorded in bone books and difficult to find in the real world. 

Shi Hao was shocked as well. They were all rough cores for supreme treasures, any random one of them of priceless value!

Qi Daolin was moved. His great sleeve moved, about to take them all, but light and shadow ruptured, and like fizzing energy, they disappeared, turning into nothing. There was now nothing left. 

"What? An illusion? They were taken by someone already!" Veins popped on his forehead. This was too much of a pity. 

It was clear that even in the Immortal Ancient era, this place was a sacred palace that provided all types of unmatched immortal materials. 

"Over here!" Shi Hao pointed. There were a few materials on the other side that similarly made one's eyes go red.

"Void Gold, Five Phase Gold, Great Luo Immortal Gold…" It was as if there were flames jumping about within Qi Daolin's eyes. His mind was rising and falling greatly, finding it hard to control himself. 

His great sleeve move, but as a result, it was just like how it was just now, fizzing into nothingness. Only when his hand left did they reappear.

"Despicable!" Qi Daolin released a low roar. 

Even Shi Hao felt incomparably regretful. He entered the precious mountain, but he couldn't obtain anything. There was nothing worse than this. It made the master and disciple feel extremely frustrated. 

"True Dragon horn, Phoenix beak…"

The master and disciple were about to go crazy. The treasures they saw were unimaginable, all of them things that had appeared only in legend. What was unfortunate was that Qi Daolin failed to obtain any of it. 

"Don't tell me that this place is completely empty! If that is the case, I should just tear this entire place down!" Dao master Qi was furious. He walked forward, directly staring at the highest, most central point. The items that were consecrated there were the most rare and precious. 

When the pure white mists were brushed away, there were no illusions there. It was quite different from other places. 

"There is a stone." Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised.

Qi Daolin was moved as well. There was unexpectedly something at the highest point. Would they be able to obtain it? He quickly flung his sleeve out to collect it. 

Soon after, his face fell. He obtained it, but after studying it, he deduced that it wasn't any supreme treasure, just a fist sized black stone material. 

"This is a rocky covering. A precious material was previously wrapped around by this black rock and worshiped at the highest central point, but… it disappeared!"

Qi Daolin was furious. He roared towards the sky. They weren't even able to see what it was that was consecrated at the highest point, only leaving behind a stone skin. It left one feeling regretful. 

"It was likely used up by an Immortal Ancient individual. This place is clearly a sacred precious palace." Shi Hao said. 

Qi Daolin quickly took action, continuously waving his sleeves towards the illusions. With a hong sound, there were finally three or four precious materials that produced some type of reaction, releasing great dao rumbling sound.

Only, these divine materials were all sealed. Even though the power had declined after the passage endless time, the seals cracked, it was still difficult to move them. This truly left them shocked. 


Suddenly, a strange cry sounded that made one's soul tremble. There was a powerful wave of threat approaching, one that had woken up from within the ancient palace. 

"Break open for me!" Qi Daolin roared, using the Eight Ninth Heavens Art. A spray of blood was released from his mouth as well, burning into light. Together with his own unmatched technique, he gathered the greatest strength to attack the seal of a precious material.


He reached out his hand, and then he grabbed Shi Hao before quickly rushing out from this palace, not even turning his head around.


This sound rang out unendingly, the roar utterly terrifying. 

Following a chi sound, the master and disciple rushed out from the Immortal Mine, escaping danger by a hair's breadth. The ancient mine surged with auspicious energy, erupting with immortal light that was incomparably divine. 

When everyone turned around, they discovered that the great mountain the Immortal Mine was located at began to sink, on the verge of entering the great earth. In addition, a single human figure appeared by the cave entrance, unexpectedly flickering with seven colored multicolored brilliance, currently staring at them. 

"A piece of seven-colored Immortal Gold!" Qi Daolin cried out with shock. It was too late for regrets. He truly shouldn't have ran. He originally thought that it was some freak, never expecting that it was a supreme treasure core. 

"Dao master, don't feel regret. That Immortal Gold seems to have developed intelligence. Look at how she's in human form, like a woman."

"So what if it's in human form?" Qi Daolin was furious. It was because compared to the item in his hands, the difference in radiance was too great. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He felt that the Immortal Gold was definitely extremely unordinary, and that Qi Daolin might not necessarily be able to deal with it. However, for some reason, she didn't walk out from the ancient cave. 

And it was clear that if they wanted to bring away the great mountain and Immortal Mine, it was no longer possible.

Sure enough, it was just like how it was recorded in the bone book, the opportunity fleeting. That great mountain was surrounded by chaotic energy, sinking into the earth, thus disappearing with a trace. 

It could move, only reappearing after thousands to ten thousands of years later. 

"Dao master, what did you get?" Shi Hao looked towards his hand.

Qi Daolin frowned. He didn't recognize this material. It was grayish without much radiance. If it was tossed into a mound of dirt, others probably would ignore it.

However, soon after, he no longer felt dejected, instead revealing pleasant surprise. It was because no matter how much force he exerted, he couldn't damage this material in the slightest. 

"Immortal material!" He daringly came to this conclusion.

This material was a heavenly material that wasn't exactly metal or stone. It was incredibly sturdy, the size of a person's heads. It was enough to create a secret treasure. 

"Dao master, our harvest this time was great!" Shi Hao was envious. The Immortal Mine had existed since the ancient times. How many people wanted to go inside to obtain supreme treasures, but failed?

The reason why Qi Daolin could succeed was because he had already waited for several thousand years to seize this short opportunity. That was why he successfully obtained the precious material. 

Despite this being the case, if news got out, it would still be enough to shake the higher realms. It was immortal material! It would make the eyes of all great sects red. How many pieces had appeared since the ancient times?!

"Youngster, your benefits aren't less than mine." Qi Daolin revealed a look of shock and spoke after giving him a look. 

"What kind of benefits did I obtain?" Shi Hao grumbled. 

"Don't worry, it might show itself soon after. Also, let me remind you now that in the future, if you ever encounter any places with great dao profound mysteries, you have to stop and carefully study it. Even if you can't immediately comprehend it, you still have to take the time to study it meticulously." Qi Daolin warned repeatedly.

It was finally time for them to separate. Shi Hao seemed to have thought of something. "Dao master, Supreme Hall might be carried on the back of a large tortoise, coming up from the lower realm."

"Wu, I know. A silver phoenix was the first one to see it, but in the end, Immortal Palace's inheritor and a few other old servants began to chase after it." Qi Daolin nodded.

Shi Hao was stunned, but he felt relieved again. These were things even a few exceptional talents knew about. Back then, they chased after the silver-haired women together, so how could Qi Daolin not be aware? He definitely looked into this matter more closely than anyone else. 

"I will definitely make the inheritance reappear!" Qi Daolin's entire body shone, his eyes resolute, burning with incomparable passion. Then, he tore apart the void and directly left!

Shi Hao then went on his way as well, departing from Fire Province, Goddess Province, this area. He also continued his journey.

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