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Chapter 789 - Supreme Being Bloodline

"A trash inheritance, a decaying tradition, your Supreme Hall has already been wiped out by my Immortal Palace for so many years already, yet you still dare to boast so shamelessly like this!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor's voice was gloomy, his eyes cold, carrying a merciless expression as he looked at Shi Hao. He raised his right arm, and then his palm shone. With a qiang sound, a scarlet red divine sword appeared.

 His words were ruthless, enough to make any inheritor of a ruined sect seethe with anger. 

Even though Shi Hao had only recently joined this sect, becoming the disciple of this Supreme Being Dao Rite, when he heard these words, he still couldn't help but frown, feeling extremely uncomfortable inwardly. 

He stared ahead and said, "Immortal Palace seems to be quite awe-inspiring, but why was a true inheritor like you still killed by a declining dao rite's disciple like me?"


A scarlet streak of divine light rushed out, the edge incomparably sharp. Immortal Palace's inheritor slaughtered over while holding that divine sword shining with scarlet multicolored radiance. Shi Hao's words stung. 

Ever since he emerged in this world, he was known to be undefeated. He was one of the most powerful youth in the entire three thousand provinces!

However, in Origin Sky Secret Realm, he suffered a defeat. This was a stain. No matter how glorious he was his entire life, no matter how great of a realm he reached, he would always feel shame when this matter was brought up.


Shi Hao remained calm and unhurried. He raised his finger, and then an enormous streak of lightning hacked out, landing on that scarlet sword. Bone texts erupted between the two.

A phoenix sound tore through the air. Immortal Palace inheritor's scarlet precious sword shone. This was not a real object, but rather a sword core formed from the Phoenix feather sword wings. 

This type of thing was extremely sharp!

The phoenix feather wings were known to be able to cut through all living things, so how could  the divine sword produced by this type of precious technique be an ordinary object? Killing a similar level expert was no different from cutting a blade of grass.

However there were always exceptions, and Shi Hao was clearly not a blade of 'grass' that could be easily nipped!


With a raise of his hand, his palm erupted with electrical radiance. An ancient symbol emerged, surging with golden light. It then turned into a golden war spear. This was a spear of lightning!

The Lightning Emperor's precious technique was known as one of the world's most powerful divine abilities. How could it be weaker than something else?

Even if Immortal Palace was related to immortals, known to have restricted precious techniques, the Lightning Emperor's techniques could still hold them off. The most dazzling radiance erupted between the two of them. It was as if divine flames were burning.


Immortal Palace's inheritor roared angrily. Phoenix feathers appeared around him one after another, scarlet red like blood. They turned into wings, and then the scarlet precious sword in his hands flourished with even more scarlet multicolored radiance, hacking down onto Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's eyes grew deep. His aura flourished, surrounded by countless streaks of lightning. The lightning spear in his hands became incomparably dazzling, starting to flicker with the most ancient and profound patterns.


When the golden spear pierced forward, the golden spear's frame stopped the sword's edge. This place first erupted with metallic sounds that were incomparably ear-splitting, and then like lightning, rumbling sounds rang out unendingly. 

Immortal Palace inheritor's eyes were ice-cold. With a xiu sound, the divine sword ferociously hacked down on the golden battle spear's long pole, and then the blade's edge even pierced forward with extreme speed. 

Fierce, accurate, vicious!

Of course, this wasn't just an attack of weapons. It was accompanied with dense symbols that quickly spread outwards, erupting here.

Shi Hao was calm. The golden battle spear was raised. It erupted with unimaginable divine force, forcing away the scarlet precious sword and blasting Immortal Palace inheritor's arm until it was in great pain. A wave of numbness followed.


Shi Hao's speed was too great. He held the spear in one hand, brandishing it about, using the lightning spear's blade to hack diagonally forward. 

It was because his divine force was unmatched. Even when using the spear like a sword, it was still enough to hack apart someone and then make them explode.

When the spear descended, it carried endless lightning as well, covering the void densely. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor moved his sword. Bone texts interweaved, turning into a screen of light to stop the lightning spear. 


However, Shi Hao naturally swiveled the lightning spear around, returning it to its original stance. He then pierced forward. Even though scarlet multicolored light covered the sky, forming a barrier of light, it was still penetrated.

The lightning spear was like a golden dragon, one that raised its head and erupted with brilliance. It pierced towards the space between Immortal Palace inheritor's brows. 


At the critical moment, the scarlet feathers at both sides of Immortal Palace's inheritor rushed out one after another, landing on the lightning spear to stop this terrifying strike. 

Just like that, the two of them fought great battles, one holding a scarlet red precious sword, the other a golden lightning spear. Bone texts poured out like a tide, surging between them, producing powerful destructive force. 

Fortunately, this was Goddess Academy's sturdy and large elevated arena. Otherwise, the ground would have exploded. 

They tangled around each other like two Flood Dragons, fighting a life and death struggle. It dazzled the eyes of all of the spectators.

"Kill him!" Second Badly shouted, completely engrossed. His body was shaking as well, erupting with five-colored multicolored radiance. 

As for the little rabbit, her large red eyes had long become completely round, her attention completely concentrated on observing this battle. 

Cao Yusheng with the steamed bun like face that looked simple and honest was also watching seriously, continuously nodding his head.


Immortal Palace's inheritor flew out diagonally. A bit of blood blossomed from his shoulder. This time, everyone saw it clearly. They were all greatly shocked. Huang was just too powerful. 

He had injured Immortal Palace's inheritor under everyone's eyes. 

Everyone sighed. It seems like this time, it was the second body and not the main body or the most powerful true body. 

"You are not my opponent!" Shi Hao said coldly. With the war spear in one hand, he forced his way forward to kill Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

"Merge!" Immortal Palace's inheritor released a light shout. His entire body shone, and then his aura immediately became more powerful. Blood energy surged, as if a slumbering giant had suddenly awoken.

Everyone became shocked. Why did he suddenly become stronger?

Could it be that the true body came, just like what he had just shouted, the two… merged? However, that didn't seem too likely. How could it be this fast?!

"Damaged immortal seed!"

An elder said softly. He was one of Goddess Academy's higher level figures. He saw what it was that Immortal Palace's second body merged with, a streak of blood. It wasn't much, but it was extremely shocking. 

The true blood left behind by an Immortal Ancient existence, if one refined away the harmful substance, the remaining blood was priceless. One could use it like an immortal seed, infusing it into their body. When one reached the Divine Flame Realm, it would erupt again.

This type of immortal seed was more formidable than many flames, one of the most unordinary items.

This was just a bit of blood, not enough to be called a complete 'immortal seed', but it was still extremely terrifying. It immediately made Immortal Palace inheritor's magical force surge, his blood energy rush into the heavens. 

"How was he able to suddenly become so much more powerful?" Many people were confused. 

Shi Hao was under great pressure. His expression became serious, but he still remained fearless. He rushed forward to face him.

This place immediately swept upwards like a great sea, drowned out by shocking fluctuations. The radiance was blinding, the two like war deities as they collided. 

"Yi, Huang is avoiding its radiance, not facing it head on. Immortal Palace inheritor erupted with power, his divine valiance unstoppable after all!"

Everyone was startled, feeling extremely shocked.

Every inch of Immortal Palace inheritor's pores were surging with divine force, looking like a sun. There were phoenix feather sword wings at his sides, and an imprint was also forming in his hands, producing one of his sect's greatest techniques, the Human Immortal imprint!

After Shi Hao withdrew, the radiance around his body dimmed. He was facing pressure. 

However, Immortal Palace inheritor still didn't dare to truly refine this 'damaged seed'. He feared that he would ignite a divine flame and directly ascend. If that happened it would be extremely bad, because he wouldn't be able to participate in the great battle of three thousand provinces.

Moreover, even if he wanted to truly merge with it, he still needed time. 

Right now, he was just using this bit of blood to nourish his flesh. The true blood was still going to return to the depths of his body and be sealed back up.

As expected, as time went on, his powerful aura declined.


Shi Hao erupted with power, lightning radiance surging above his head, turning into nine heavens, crushing down layer after layer to suppress and kill Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

Everyone shivered inwardly in fear, witnessing for themselves why the Lightning Emperor's precious technique was terrifying. This was simply judgment in heaven's place, destroying all those who rebelled. The lightning radiance was too great.

The world was covered in boundless radiance. Each time a layer of heaven descended, this place would rumble with noise. It was as if heaven and earth were about to shatter. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor tried to resist this power, but his hair flew about in disorder. He suffered a great pressure.


Accompanied by lightning radiance, Shi Hao flung the lightning spear outwards. In the distance, blood erupted. The place where Immortal Palace's inheritor stood erupted with a thunderstorm. His shoulder was pierced through. 

The spear immediately exploded. If not for the fact that he immediately produced the immortal feather battle armor to protect himself, his entire arm would have come off.

Despite this being the case, his shoulder was still badly mangled, dripping with blood. Lightning radiance tore about viciously.

"Ah…" Immortal Palace's inheritor roared loudly. The armor covered his body, and in his hands appeared a Void Battle Halberd. It immediately tore through the void, slaughtering over. 

Without saying a world, Shi Hao produced the pill furnace, using it to defend against the other party's domineering great halberd.

Immortal Palace inheritor's eyes were cold. The great battle was incredibly fierce, he already knew that this time, the second body couldn't deal with his opponent. Only the main body could do anything.

Of course, if they merged and the true body descended, he had confidence that there wasn't a single youth who was his opponent! 

Shi Hao used his actions to prove this. His magical force surged. Immortal Palace's second body wasn't a threat. He was able to occupy superiority, able to cut this person down.


A lightning sword appeared in Shi Hao's palms. It took in and sent out golden radiance. He pointed it forward. 

"Huh?" Suddenly, his heart trembled. He felt a wave of fear, quickly retreating.

Immortal Palace's inheritor was also shocked. He felt as if great power had been infused into his body. If he released an attack, he could easily wipe out his enemy. 

"Great one, hurry and take action, kill him!" In the dark, someone transmitted to him. 

It was precisely an old servant, one that was loyal and devoted. Right now, he carried cold intent, not hesitating to provide assistance like this, secretly infusing magical force into Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

Everything was for the sake of killing Huang!

This was Goddess Academy, and there was a heavenly deity here. He immediately sensed that something wasn't right. His eyes erupted with radiance.

The old servant's eyes became cold. He clenched his teeth, persevering on to eliminate Shi Hao. 

However, in the end, he still backed off, resisting this impulse. If he exposed himself, with Qi Daolin's vicious nature, Immortal Palace would definitely lose their inheritor. 

Only now did the agitation within Shi Hao's heart fade. He said softly, "Almost forced me to use the protection symbol. It really is strange. Someone wanted to secretly harm me!"


He turned into a heaven shocking rainbow, merging with lightning. With the lightning sword in hand, he quickly rushed over, piercing towards the space between Immortal Palace's brows. 

This strike had his essence energy infused. It was also his last strike. His strength erupted, pushing him to the peak. This battle was going to end here!

The pill furnace and war halberd both shone, clashing intensely.

Meanwhile, Immortal Palace's inheritor himself erupted as well. Bone texts flourished to block this strike. 

Shi Hao's mind was clear, as if he had transcended. His body, lightning, and sword all merged together, producing an attack at the very peak. It was unstoppable!


Immortal Palace's inheritor released an angry roar. The immortal feather armor released kengqiang sounds and brilliant radiance. 


Biting cold sword intent attacked over. The golden lightning sword pierced through the magical imprint he produced, releasing a streak of divine rainbow, completely erupting on his body.

Everyone was shocked. They were all incomparably nervous as they watched this scene. 

It had to be said that the immortal feather battle armor was a rare treasure that possessed shocking defensive power. It stopped the blazing golden light.

Everyone sighed. This heaven shocking sword's power was wasted!

Of course, there were some that released a breath of relief, feeling fortunate for Immortal Palace's inheritor. 


Just as everyone felt as if this sword wouldn't be able to show any effects, the space between Immortal Palace inheritor's brows split open, producing a glaring redness. His pupils shrunk. An angry roar sounded. He did everything he could to defend himself, and he quickly backed up as well.

His forehead split apart, blood pouring outwards. There was no armor covering that area.

A formless sword intent that was unstoppable hacked forward, leaving him seriously injured!

Moreover, the sword intent was surging, about to pierce into his skull and wipe out his primordial spirit.


A streak of blazing radiance wrapped around him, making Immortal Palace's inheritor shift outwards. He avoided this disaster. 

Shi Hao was angered. "Who is it that is interfering with our fight?"

He was about to kill his opponent, yet in the end, someone interfered, destroying the battle situation.

"Youngster, hot-tempered child, your anger is too great, lacking wisdom and self-cultivation." An old servant appeared. Resplendent radiance appeared in his surroundings. He stood there, looking at Shi Hao coldly. 

Shi Hao understood that the one who helped Immortal Palace's inheritor previously, the one that wanted to harm him to death before was this old servant. He immediately berated, "Old thing, do you still have any face left? Are you going to take action in your master's place?" 

He didn't feel fear. If Goddess Academy's experts didn't want to involve themselves, he didn't mind using a realm shattering symbol to leave.

"You are too vigorous. This isn't good, easily cause you to die young." Immortal Palace's old servant released cold intent, his eyes chilly. "Don't you know that my family's great one is letting you display power? Yet you don't know what's good for yourself, acting so viciously."

"Truly don't want face. It is clearly Immortal Palace's person that lost, yet you still refuse to admit it like this!" The little rabbit cried out, her silver hair soft, large ruby like eyes round. She was furious.

"Right? What is this?" Second Baldy also cried out.

"Clearly lost." The little fatty also muttered. 

The old servant smiled indifferently, not paying them any attention, instead looking at Shi Hao and saying, "My clan's great one only let his second body come out. If the main body came, could you stop him? If the true body came, then killing you is as easy as a turn of the hand! Do you even understand this? Not understanding how to exercise restraint, still vainly trying to make my clan's great one your enemy!"

"Old thing with no sense of shame, do you even have any more face to lose? Have the main body drag his ass out here! I will similarly kill him!" Shi hao roared angrily.

"You have to know that even Supreme Hall was wiped out, not being our Immortal Palace's opponent. Just a trifling Supreme Being Dao Rite, it's better if you keep a lower profile. Otherwise, you all will truly wither away, forever be eliminated from this world." The old servant said indifferently. 

In addition, he released a formless pressure down on Shi Hao, trying to make him make a fool of himself.

Of course, he didn't dare kill Shi Hao, because he knew that Qi Daolin was a lunatic. If he acted beyond what was appropriate, in the future, Immortal Palace might lose two or three generations of people. 

Meanwhile, he borrowed Immortal Palace inheritor's Void Halberd, cutting open the void to bring him away. He didn't want to remain here. 

"Just a slave, yet you dare act like a great one in front of my Supreme Being Bloodline? Despicable thing with no face or sense of shame! Even secretly taking action against my disciple, are you not scared that I will directly slaughter three generations of your Immortal Palace?!"

The void split apart, and a blurry expanse emerged. A large hand reached over, and with a peng sound, it grabbed that old servant, frightening him so bad his face immediately became miserably white like snow. His body began to convulse. 

Everyone was shaken up. It was clear that Qi Daolin came, taking action through the void. 

A string of events took place in such a short period of time. No one could have predicted this, all of them shocked. 

Immortal Palace's old servant had profound accomplishments, about to touch upon the heavenly deity realm, but right now, he was like a little chicken, grabbed by that large earthen hand. He was so frightened by that terrifying might that his entire body was shivering.

"Dao master Qi… this… is a misunderstanding, I… just wanted to bring my Immortal Palace's inheritor away!" He cried out loudly. 

"Misunderstanding my ass!" Qi Daolin released a cold snort. That large hand slowly closed, and then with a cold voice, he continued, "Even a slave like you dares to act like this?!"


Bloody light flashed. Everyone trembled inwardly. An expert that was close to heavenly deity level was crushed by that large hand just like that. It was just like crushing an ant to death. 

"Just a slave from Immortal Palace, yet you dare to randomly take action and bark like a dog at my Supreme Being Bloodline. Not understanding the difference between life and death!" Qi Daolin said. His voice was incomparably loud, shaking heaven and earth. 

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