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Chapter 788 - Confrontation Between Two Experts

It was dead silent!

Throughout the entire three thousand provinces, just how many people in the younger generation dared to challenge Immortal Palace's supreme being like this, carry this type of contempt?

The atmosphere was extremely tense. Many people were breathing heavily as they stared at these two extraordinary individuals. The great storm had arrived! An extremely hot-blooded great battle was about to start. 

Qiang qiang...

Immortal Palace's inheritor was high and mighty, unmoving as he stood there. However, hundreds to thousands of streaks of sword energy rushed forth from both sides of him. Five-colored divine multicolored light swirled about, creating a shocking scene. 

"Supreme Hall has already wasted away, not an inheritance any longer. The so-called dao rite's surviving members will be nothing more than a joke." His voice was ice cold, his expression completely ruthless. 

A wave of killing intent engulfed the air, as if a great wave was battering against the heavens. It swept through this place. He towered there at the center of it all like a deity, his entire body flourishing with sword energy. Radiance shone resplendently. 

Not far out, Yue Chan's main body felt even more uneasy, her emotions even more restless than Immortal Palace inheritor's. That youth definitely intentionally put his arms around Qing Yi. 

In reality, she did have reason to suspect that Shi Hao and Qing Yi acted so intimate just for her to see, making her look bad. It was to the extent where she even saw a hint of ridicule in the other party's pupils.

It was because when the main body and second body were close enough, they could exchange feelings. With them confronting each other like this, these effects were quite strong. 

When Shi Hao put his arms around Qing Yi like that, Yue Chan's main body clearly felt as if there was an arm around her body as well, one that was tightly holding her.

This type of experience, this type of feeling was just too terrible. It made her body immediately produce a layer of goosebumps. There had never been any man that had gotten this close to her before. 


Yue Chan's main body was surrounded by mysterious symbols, her graceful figure seething with waves of dense multicolored mist. It was hazy and holy, and there were even powerful fluctuations undulating outwards. She clenched her teeth and resisted it. 

"Wasted away?" Shi Hao laughed loudly. He stared at Immortal Palace's inheritor, and then looked at Yue Chan's main body. Without any fear, he then shook his head and said, "You all really are lacking."


Divine swords supported the heavens, releasing ear-splitting sounds. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor stood there without moving, but in that instant, several hundred streaks of sword radiance swept over like a rainbow. It was incomparably brilliant, covering the sky as it arrived. 

Shi Hao's palm shone. A simple and unadorned symbol condensed, and then it ferociously struck downwards. Bone texts covered it densely, blossoming high up in the sky. 

This was the single stalk of grass sword intent!

Bone texts formed sword energy, colliding with Immortal Palace inheritor's sword light. Zheng zheng sounds rang through the air, and multicolored brilliance erupted. When they exploded, endless shooting stars emerged. 


When the sword energy disappeared, a cough sounded. A large hand reached over from the void that was like a small mountain. It suddenly separated both sides, stopping them from continuing the battle. 

"This is Goddess Academy, and it is the place where female disciples cultivate. You all are not permitted to stir up chaos and fight." An elder appeared. It was unexpectedly a heavenly deity. 

"Change locations. I'll kill you there." Shi Hao spoke, his hair flying about. He was still acting domineeringly, looking down on the other party. 

"Since you want to die, I'll help you accomplish your goal." Immortal Palace's inheritor turned around and left. 

Only now did everyone release a breath of relief. Just now, too many people were holding their breaths, watching carefully. The atmosphere was just too heavy and tense.

Even though the sword energy just now was far away from them, it still made quite a few people feel as if they couldn't handle the power. Those two were like dragons and phoenixes among them, their divine bravery unstoppable. 

"This is so exciting! Two great experts are going to clash! A great storm will definitely move the nine heavens!"

The two young supreme beings didn't go far, directly heading for Goddess Academy's martial arena to fight a battle on the sturdy elevated stage, to carry out a life and death battle.

This triggered a huge sensation. All of the students in this academy rushed over, and there was even less of a need to talk about the guests from other clans. They all poured over. 

It was to the extent where a great commotion was even stirred in the open markets outside the academy. When everyone obtained news of this, they quickly hurried over to watch the battle. 

"Who is going to win? Is the one that came Immortal Palace inheritor's main or second body, or is it the true body after they merge?"

"I don't know. We have just arrived as well. None of us expected that such a great blood stirring battle would happen so suddenly."

Many people were excited, but quite a few people were stupefied. It was because this all happened too suddenly. A great battle that carried extraordinary significance was about to start.

Immortal Palace was facing off against Supreme Hall; this was definitely a shocking event. Its importance was too great.

These two ancient inheritances had stood against each other since the ancient times, and both of them were ridiculously powerful, exceeding the imagination of the people in this world. This was a battle that had continued for countless eras. 

Soon after, endless people gathered around the martial arena's surroundings, figures everywhere. The ones that came later had nowhere to stand, as this place was already completely packed.

Many people had no choice but to fly high into the sky or stand in the distance.

"Huang is extremely powerful, never suffering a defeat since emerging in this world. Is he going to continue his legend?"

There were people who didn't agree, saying, "You all don't know, but Immortal Palace only had his second body roam the world, yet it already established such a great reputation. Once his true body appears, who can compete against him? He will definitely rule the world and overlook all his peers."

More and more people came, all of them holding different opinions on this matter, hoping for different things. Their opinions were entirely different, and as a result, two great camps were formed. 

"Immortal Palace's inheritor will definitely be defeated!" A silver-haired little girl that whose large eyes were flickering like rubies spoke. She was extremely lively as she screamed here, drawing quite a bit of attention. 

Everyone was shocked at how tender and beautiful she was, but there were still quite a few people who spoke out, refuting this.

The little rabbit didn't back down at all, directly opposing them.

"He had been killed by Huang before."

"What does a little girl understand? Immortal Palace's inheritor will definitely become unrivaled under the heavens."

The Lunar Jade Hare then said, "He was killed by Huang before."

"That is because he was just the second body, his main body not descending."

"He was killed by Huang before."

"If his true body personally came, who can suppress him? His fighting prowess is definitely unmatched!"

"He was killed by Huang before."


This simply became a vicious cycle. Those that supported Immortal Palace's inheritor crumbled apart. No matter what they said, this girl only had that sentence. 

"He was killed by Huang before."

The little rabbit didn't seem to ever get tired. Her large eyes were shining red. Many people became speechless. This sentence simply became a great killing weapon. 

On the martial arena, Yue Chan's main body's waist was feeling a slight pain, and then a wave of numbness. Her black eyebrows jumped, her beautiful eyes widening greatly. She truly wanted to cry out and brandish her sword outwards. 

She was simply angered to the extreme. It was quite clear that fella was opposing her, yet Qing Yi didn't oppose this. 

Yue Chan's main body was elegant and pure, bright and exceptional. Normally, she was high up above all else, and forget about others using their arms and legs to blaspheme against her, they couldn't even come close. Those that spoke to her were refined as well. This type of embarrassing thing had never happened before. 

Then, her body trembled. She couldn't take it anymore. Her beautiful eyes widened angrily, staring at the other party.

"Huang, don't cross the line!" Her voice was trembling slightly as she berated outwards. It was because the other party went a step further, truly daring. 

She felt the fine hairs on her snow white neck rustle about, her entire body feeling as if there were small bugs crawling about. This scoundrel was completely unrestrained, unexpectedly using these methods to deal with her. 

Shi Hao laughed. He had Qing Yi leave and watch from the side. He pointed at the two in front of him. "Why don't the two of you come at me together?"

It took Yue Chan's main body quite some time to calm down. Outsiders didn't know, but she was actually extremely furious. A hint of resentment and humiliation would flash through her pupils from time to time, making her quite a bit different from her ordinarily calm and holy appearance. Those who watched attentively were shocked.


Sword radiance overflowed into the heavens. Immortal Palace's inheritor rushed into the heavens, rushing murderously at Shi Hao. All of the sword energy at both sides of him turned entirely red.

At this moment, the sword energy changed, becoming exceptionally sharp like wings!

His speed became even faster. When he arrived, following a weng sound, the void trembled. Sword radiance swept out in hundreds to thousands of streaks, rushing out together. The temperature of this place immediately plummeted. 

This was a biting cold killing intent, and even more an extremely powerful sword intent. 

Shi Hao's eyes widened greatly. He also erupted with sword energy. Stalk after stalk of grass appeared in the void, suspending there, appearing incomparably green. They also released unending killing intent.

When one reached his level of cultivation realm, no matter what precious technique he used, they would all be substantially different. There was even less of a need to talk about this mysterious grass character sword intent. 


The two experts clashed. Resounding noises trembled the heavens. Apart from the zheng zheng cries of swords, there was also an extremely powerful clash of magical force that erupted with incomparable fluctuations. 

When the two individuals passed by each other both of them revealed looks of shock. 

In that instant, Immortal Palace's inheritor circled back around. Like a divine bird, he swooped over again. This time, everyone saw this clearly, and they couldn't help but feel shock. The sword energy at his sides turned into wings.

The sword energy was extremely terrifying.

Hundreds to thousands of streaks of sword energy turned into scarlet red feathers. It was as if a phoenix was spreading its wings, bright red and glistening. They shone resplendently, releasing a pressure that made others feel like they were suffocating. 

"Phoenix feather sword wings!"

Someone cried out loudly. This was one of Immortal Palace's secret methods that was not leaked outwards. It was extremely difficult to cultivate and absolutely terrifying. 

When this type of sword wings formed, not only would one's speed be increased substantially, one's fighting strength would shoot up as well, making them difficult to withstand. The main thing was that its edge was too sharp, able to hack through everything in their way. 

Shi Hao was shocked as well. It had only been a short time since they last met, yet Immortal Palace's inheritor learned another restricted precious technique.

A pair of lightning wings appeared on Shi Hao's back. They looked like they were cast from gold, absolutely resplendent. They moved as well, bringing him over. A strand of chaotic energy could vaguely be seen between the wings as well.

Others couldn't see through it, but Yue Chan's main body trembled inwardly. She knew that this was Shi Hao, and so she understood that he was using the Kun Peng wings, hiding it within lightning. 

The phoenix feather sword wings were facing off against the Kun Peng wings!

This moment seemed to have frozen for eternity. The two clashed violently, the keng qiang sounds earsplitting. 

The feathered wings crossed, sword energy surged into the heavens. Magical force swept out like an ocean. The sky was drowned out by rays of light. Everyone could only vaguely see two figures continuously colliding, their divine wings blasting each other in confrontation.


In the end, both individuals backed up.

Immortal Palace inheritor's eyes were ice cold. No one noticed it, but he wiped out a drop of blood from his neck. He almost had his head removed.

Shi Hao's body shone with golden brilliance. Layers after layers of golden feathers appeared around the outside of his body, all of them formed from lightning. They swirled about him, releasing a powerful aura. 

"Huang is so powerful!" Someone said with a low voice. 

Everyone could see that even though his age wasn't great, he unexpectedly reached this level. His power was clear to see. Not even the illustrious Immortal Palace inheritor could do anything to him.

Immortal Palace's inheritor found it difficult to calm down. These phoenix feathers and sword wings, even though had only initially formed, no one was more clear than him on how terrifying they were. They were known to be able to hack through everything. 

Unfortunately, when these wings clashed with the other party's, not only did Shi Hao's wings stop his, they even successfully counterattacked, almost severing his neck. 

This was just too terrifying, making him frown. Previously, the unmatched him had never encountered any great enemies. This youth was too difficult to deal with.

He already understood that after Huang's cultivation realm rose, his magical force increased, already catching up. There was no weaknesses to take advantage of now. 

Could it be that he could only merge with the main body in order to forcefully suppress this youth? He believed confidently that as long as they produced the true body, he would become unmatched again.

"So Immortal Palace's inheritor only amounts to this much. If this is all you are capable of, then I'll just send you on your way." Shi Hao said powerfully. 

Everyone trembled inwardly. The battle had just started, yet Huang already said that he was going to kill Immortal Palace's young great one?

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