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Chapter 787 - Immortal Palace Versus Supreme Hall

The little rabbit ran around frantically, wishing for the world to be in chaos. It was the first one to run after Shi Hao while jolting its buttocks. 

Second Baldy screamed from behind, saying, "Kill! Time to wipe out a demon!"

Huang stirred up great chaos in Fire Province, shattering the Heaven's mandate legend, cutting down You Yu. This raised huge waves. 

A few great sects came here to investigate, sending out quite a few experts, all outstanding talents from their clans. Quite a few young heroes wanted to use this chance to personally see what Huang was like.

Goddess Academy had become their place of lodging, because Qi Daolin's vicious name had travelled far. No one dared to trespass into that small shoddy monastery. 

"Blood Sea's young master, Grassland's Golden Wolf, Sword Palace's holy lady and the others hadn't left yet. A few more extremely powerful exceptional talents came as well! It truly is unexpected."

Inside Goddess Academy, many students were discussing this. These past few days had been extremely lively. Not only did the elite disciples from all different sects come, there were a few young supreme beings that appeared as well.

Then, Immortal Palace's inheritor graced them with his presence, triggering even greater winds. This was a well known young supreme being in the higher realms. For many people, he was simply insurmountable!

"Origin Sky Secret Realm's battle, because Immortal Palace's young great one didn't use magical force and instead fought with Huang using physical strength, resulted in him suffering a loss. Did he come for Huang?"

Many people were speculating the reason for his arrival. They were incomparably excited. 

If these two encountered each other, that would definitely be a great struggle between dragons and tigers. Blood was splash high into the sky.

It was also precisely because of Immortal Palace Inheritor's arrival that Huang's reputation became even greater!

However, some secret rumors went out that toppled everything they knew, different from what the great families thought. It triggered a huge commotion.

"The Immortal Palace inheritor that has been roaming the outside world… was just a second body, not his true self!"


When news of this was leaked, this place was greatly shaken. Huge waves were stirred up. 

Soon after, the disciples of all sects immediately moved, sending the news back to their families. It was because the effects of this were too great. This was definitely world shaking news!

Everyone was stunned. They all found this hard to believe. 

The experts of different sects used all different methods to try and verify this, learning that this was leaked by 'Hidden Valley'. They were immediately stunned, because that was a mysterious inheritance. 

They knew about all types of secrets, and they often sold this intelligence to those that needed it most.

The insider information this inheritance leaked out, if one were to base it off of what they had exposed in the past, had about an eighty percent chance of being true. 

"This… is too terrifying!"

It was just the second body, yet he already had the power to reign supreme among his peers. If the main body appeared, how powerful would he be then?!

Moreover, news were released that Immortal Palace's main and second body were going to merge together. This was all for the sake of the great decisive battle of three thousand provinces. 

Everyone became stupefied, feeling chills run from their heads down to their feet. Who could compete against this type of Immortal Palace inheritor?

When all the sects received this news, all of the ancient sects those that produced powerful exceptional talents and were going to have them participate in the great battle of three thousand provinces began to carefully look into it. 

It was because Immortal Palace inheritor was someone who gave all of these great sects a huge headache. 

"Why did he come here? Is it to kill Huang?"

"His second body suffered a huge loss. Could it be that he wishes to fight against Huang now?"

Everyone became suspicious. There were many eyes that had gathered in this area, and all of them were paying close attention. They all wanted to know if Immortal Palace inheritor really was going to clash with Huang, producing the most brilliant sparks. 

In addition, quite a few people knew about Supreme Being Dao Rite's history. They stood against Immortal Palace since the ancient times, neither able to tolerate the existence of the other in this world. Great battles were inevitable between them. 

"Huang, a divine hero that rose up with great power. However, Immortal Palace's inheritor seems to be more terrifying… The battle before was just with a second body. If the two merged, how terrifying would that be?!"

Soon after, everyone felt that something wasn't right. Immortal Palace inheritor's visit to Goddess Academy this time seemed unrelated to the ripples that had been stirred. 

Many people frowned. He moved together with Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady, paying Qing Yi several visits. There were actually intense disputes that resulted, because they wanted to bring her away. 

If not for Feng Wu rushing over and the academy's elders appearing, the results would be too horrible to contemplate. 

"Going too far, actually scheming against my academy's ranked beauty. I support Huang in defeating Immortal Palace inheritor!"

"I originally thought that Huang had been acting too carefree recently, but now, I also support him. It is best if he chases Immortal Palace's inheritor away!"

In the academy, many students were discontent, feeling like Immortal Palace's inheritor acted too forcefully, actually confronting Qing Yi to disrespectfully bring this ranked beauty away. He couldn't accept this. 

Within the depths of the academy, an auspicious dao earth. 

The mountain peaks were beautiful, and silver waterfalls cascaded down from them. Pine trees rustled about, and the clouds had a tint of multicolored glow. 

Underneath the mountain, the lake was sparkling like gemstones. This was the cultivation place of Yue Chan and a few other female students.

Today, the peace was disturbed, and large amounts of people rushed over, stopping and observing what was happening. However, they could only stay in the distance and not get close to the actual scene. 

In front of the mountain, Immortal Palace's inheritor's entire body was wrapped within mists and mysterious symbols, powerful and unfathomable, difficult to see clearly. Only, the fluctuation he released made others tremble.

His eyes were extremely terrifying, silver symbols interweaving within his pupils, exceptionally intimidating. It was as if they could see through everything. 

This was an omen of the heavenly eye forming!

This type of accomplishment, forget about those here, even the older generation sect masters sighed inwardly. None of them were able to cultivate it, because the martial dao eye was unrelated to cultivation.

"Senior, I already explained that she is Yue Chan's second body. We must bring her away." Immortal Palace's inheritor said, his voice calm. There was a sense of incomparable calmness and confidence even when facing Goddess Academy's elders. 

"Come back, the two of us are originally one. We are fated to reunite." Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady spoke, her voice as pleasant as the sounds of nature. 

Her white clothes were otherworldly, her beautiful black hair fluttering about and her large eyes intelligent. Her fine nose was tall, red lips moist. She looked like the reincarnation of the moon temple's fairy, unspeakably pure and aloof. 

"I am Qing Yi, an independent person. I will not leave with you all." Qing Yi said. Her eyes were clear, peaceful and without fluctuations as she watched these two. 

If she revealed her true appearance, she would be completely the same as the female on the other side. 

There was still an elder beside her, an expert from Goddess Academy. At this moment, this person was frowning, in deep thought. 

"This won't do. Qing Yi is now my academy's disciple. We cannot verify whether what you say is true, so you cannot bring her away." The elder raised his head and said. 

Feng Wu was also here, her yellow dress fluttering about. Her aura was powerful, and the area between her brows shone. "I only know that she is Qing Yi, and she does not want to go with you all. This is already enough. Please leave."

"The reality is that she is Yue Chan's second body. No matter what, we have to bring her away!" Immortal Palace's inheritor said, his tone cold.

The reason why he did this was because he didn't want the second body to defect, exposing the secret method of dividing the self, as well as its weakness. That would be unfavorable for him. 

This ancient method definitely couldn't spread throughout the world. 

There was another point, and it was the main reason. He wanted to witness the process of Yue Chan's body merging again so he could gain a bit of experience, become even stronger. 

"Young one, this is my Goddess Academy, not the bronze palaces." An elder spoke with a calm tone. However, an unquestionable pressure began to diffuse outwards.

It was because Qing Yi was the academy's disciple. If the higher levels couldn't even protect an exceptional disciple, how could they call themselves a glorious great sect that had towered since the ancient times, one that overlooked three thousand provinces?

"Senior, she is me, I am her. I am just asking to truly become one now. Does your distinguished self have the heart to stop this?" Yue Chan's main body spoke, her voice calm and expression sincere. 

"Since you are me and I am you, why would I be against it? The strong makes things difficult for the weak. You are yourself. I am Qing Yi." On this side, Qing Yi was quiet and calm, her appearance otherworldly. A green colored imprint shone between her brows, making her appear even more extraordinary. 

"The two of us only have a few small cracks. When we merge, everything will pass." Yue Chan's main body said. 

"Senior, we really must bring this woman away. However, considering Goddess Academy's feelings, we will offer compensation." Immortal Palace's inheritor said.

The elder shook his head and said, "As long as Qing Yi is unwilling, in my Academy, it is our duty to protect our disciples. We will not allow outsiders to trouble her."

Immortal Palace's inheritor was quite decisive, turning around to leave. "I will return."

His tone was extremely cold. Even when facing a senior expert that was close to the Heavenly deity realm, he was still full of confidence, facing him calmly.

It was clear that he wasn't going to let this matter go. He would definitely invite over elders of corresponding cultivation realms to demand an 'explanation'. 

In the distance, many people were watching this closely. Even though they couldn't hear what these people were saying, they still received news that they wanted to bring Qing Yi away. 

"What right does he have to act so domineering? Immortal Palace really is something! Wasn't he even killed once by Huang?!" 

"Right? When Supreme Hall was at its most glorious, weren't you all avoiding its radiance? Now all of you are pretending you are the ruler of the world? Who do you think you are?"

Many people were discontent, loudly discussing this matter. 

Of course, there were a few cultivators outside currently lodging at Goddess Academy who were partial to Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

"No matter what, I will bring away Qing Yi!" When Immortal Palace's inheritor left, he said this coldly. 

Many people heard these words, immediately making quite a few people in the academy angry. This place became noisy, boiling with voices. 

Of course, there were a few cultivators from other great sects that stood by his side, all of them nodding in admiration towards his power, not fearing anything in his way.

In reality, Immortal Palace's inheritor was actually feeling quite anxious, finding it momentarily difficult to control his mood. It was because he was the second body, and soon after, he had to merge with the main body. It made him a bit nervous. 

"You really think you are worth anything, bringing away whoever you want?!" Right at this moment, a bright and clear voice sounded. A youth descended from the skies, a pair of lightning wings behind him. He was fast to the extreme. 

"Huang! He is Huang!" Many people cried out in alarm.

In the past few days, Huang's name was just too widespread, shaking all areas. He dared to challenge the Celestial Clan, drawing eyes from all directions. He was one of the most dazzling young supreme beings in the present age.

Moreover, he was the only one that made Immortal Palace's second body suffer a great loss. Now that he appeared here, it triggered a huge sensation, making people excited. 

"Supreme Being Dao Rite's great senior brother has arrived! Things are going to become lively now!"

Even now, many people didn't forget the 'great senior brother' events, and they also remembered that he was the freak that passed Goddess Academy's heavenly staircase. 

The two heavenly talents faced each other. This place immediately erupted with commotion. 

"It's you!" Immortal Palace's inheritor raised his head, looking at Shi Hao who floated in the air. His eyes were cold, the silver symbols in his pupils surging and interweaving terrifying radiance. 

"It's me. Even someone like you dares to act so domineering here, talking nonsense about bringing Qing Yi away?!" Shi Hao shouted. His black hair was rich, his face delicate and handsome, his skin shining. He exuded a type of insurmountable confidence. Powerful divine might rippled outwards!

When these words left his mouth, this place completely erupted, becoming even more bustling with noise. 

"Huang is so forceful, unexpectedly not fearing Immortal Palace's inheritor. This is an undisguised challenge, almost contempt!"

Many people were excited and stirred up, but there were also others that showed disdain. This place became extremely noisy.

This type of greatness naturally produced a commotion. Everyone in the academy was startled, and the people staying at this academy temporarily were shocked as well, quickly hurrying over. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor replied with an ice-cold voice, saying, "You came at the perfect time. I was looking for you! Supreme Hall has long been wiped out, so what does the so-called Dao Rite want to stir up? Simply unsightly! Today, I want to bring away Qing Yi. What are you going to do about it?!"

Qing Yi rose into the air, flying towards this direction. She had icy skin and jade bones, her beautiful hair pitch black as it hung down to her waist, smooth like satin.

Her long dress fluttered about. Qing Yi was like a fairy that skipped on water. She arrived, her beautiful figure releasing brilliance. Dark eyebrows rested on her sparkling white face. Her eyes were intelligent, her style unmatched. 

She was calm and unperturbed, a faint smile resting on her lips. She was stunning, making even the sun in the sky even appear as if it were losing  color. 

Shi Hao walked forward, naturally reaching out his arms and wrapping them around Qing Yi's waist, standing next to her. 

Qing Yi was originally going to move out of the way, but in the end, she unexpectedly stopped. The two of them stood shoulder to shoulder like that, not moving. 

Shi Hao's eyes flourished with brilliance, overlooking Immortal Palace's inheritor. "Even after being defeated, you are still acting so fiercely? If you aren't willing to give up, today, for Qing Yi's sake, I will kill you!"

His black hair that fell down to his waist fluttered about. His eyes were bright and resplendent, exuding a type of domineeringness, not putting Immortal Palace's inheritor in his eyes at all!

How many people dared to act like this, treating Immortal Palace's inheritor so casually? Everyone was shaken up!

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