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Chapter 786 - Fire As Mirror

What kind of flame was this? Even someone with a mind as tough as Shi Hao felt a bit stupefied right now. 

This was too strange. The fiery light was calm, continuously changing in front of him. There were symbols within the flame that looked like they were cast from metal, flickering with radiance as if they had real substance.

"It's starting again!" Shi Hao's pupils were like blades as he stared forward nervously. 

Its transformations were clearer and clearer each time, appearing more and more real, even to the point of having life. 

At this moment, the sphere of fire turned into a tree again, its trunk like a dragon that stretched into the heavens. Branches hung downwards one after another like divine chains of order, releasing hualala sounds. 

"It's even more like the Willow Deity now!"

The Lightning Emperor's technique appeared next. Lightning covered it densely, forming a human figure that towered into the heavens above. This figure produced a technique that wouldn't fade after tens of thousands of years, incomparably mysterious. 

"Turns out it could also be like this!"

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. This flame wasn't displaying the true technique, but rather deducing things, and then expounding into a transcendent concept. It left him greatly shaken. 

It was like a mirror, illuminating unmatched techniques!

In that instant, Shi Hao seemed to have seen how he was lacking. As he watched the techniques and dao through this flame's 'illumination', he discovered that they had a few flaws.

"Using flame as a mirror." Shi Hao's eyes became brilliant. 

He calmed himself down, and just like that, he observed those techniques and dao, observing the scenes produced by that flame. It produced a reflection, displaying the weaknesses of his own dao path. 

"If I continue like this, even if I am not the Lightning Emperor, nor the Kun Peng, perhaps I might be able to display the greatest power only they can display one day, right?"

No matter what precious technique it was, the one that created it would always display its greatest power, because that was what was most suitable for them. It was extremely difficult for later generation individuals to harmonize with them to a perfect state. 

Strong winds blew about. The underground world was greatly stirred up. Qi Daolin returned. Not only did he operate the Eight ninth heavens art, he even operated a magical wheel as he descended to this place. 

A wave of unspeakable heat that made one feel pain attacked his entire body. Regardless of whether it was flesh or soul, everything was about to burn into ashes. 

This place flourished with brilliance. Shi Hao's eyes were in great pain, and his divine will felt like it was cut by a heavenly blade. He was about to go unconscious, feeling as if he had fallen into the most cruel underworld. 

He cried out loudly that things were bad. This flame was erupting, about to display its might. He might suffer a disaster because of this.

However, the eternal darkness he anticipated didn't arrive. He was still alive, still standing there. That flame disappeared. He reached out his arm, realizing that it wasn't damaged. 

"How formidable. This flame is enough to burn an unmatched taboo existence to death." Qi Daolin's expression was complicated, revealing endless shock. He began to search about here. 

When that flame became calm again, becoming gentle and holy, it was like an ancient lamp that would never go out, accompanied by the heavens and observing the great dao. However, once it erupted, it became incomparably terrifying. 

Qi Daolin deeply understood that even if the Old Celestial came at his golden age, he would most likely still nurse a grievance. This flame made of symbols was just too strange. 

"Where did it go?" Qi Daolin asked. 

Shi Hao shook his head. Just now, the light was so resplendent he thought that he had been burned to ashes, so he wasn't able to see where the mysterious flame flew off to at all.

Qi Daolin frowned. His divine senses were extremely powerful, but in that instant, he completely lost track of that mysterious flame's aura, as if it disappeared into thin air.

This was quite strange, as if that flame had spread out so thinly that it disappeared off the face of the earth. 

"It couldn't have entered your body, right?" Qi Daolin was confused. However, when he raised Shi Hao and looked around, he didn't see any traces of it.

Shi Hao observed himself, but he similarly didn't feel anything.

"It really is weird. Where did it go?" The master and disciple looked around. 

"Did it enter the copper coffin?" Shi Hao asked.

"Impossible. I was in that direction just now." Qi Daolin shook his head. He was standing between the copper coffin and fiery light, so that streak of fire definitely didn't approach the nine dragon skeletons or ancient coffin.

They looked all around the underground world, but didn't notice anything. 

"Yi, it moved." Shi Hao was shocked. He saw the copper coffin move and the nine skeletons shine. A faint bright mist pervaded the air, releasing a shocking wave of fluctuations. 

Then, the void became blurry, caving in. This place began to distort. 

"Set out on a journey!" Qi Daolin's gaze pierced out like electricity, staring in that direction, but he didn't move. 

It was because this change might be extremely dangerous. Back then, his master was seriously injured precisely because he chased after the Three World Coffin, which also ultimately led to his downfall.


The fluctuations that were released were extremely intense. The void split apart, and like a great golden sun, it smashed apart. The nine dragon skeletons and Three World Coffin immediately disappeared from this place. 

"Ten streaks of immortal light appeared, it is unknown what will happen. I should return and closely observe the changes to this world." Qi Daolin said with a serious expression.

It was unknown if these changes were good or bad. It was hard to predict its effects and results. 

Before leaving, Qi Daolin carried out another inspection on Shi Hao, and after ascertaining that the flame was no longer there, he left. "If you can't obtain it, then I have to go seize the Great Scarlet Sky flame."

That flame was a well known ancient flame. From what was excavated from ancient ruins, it was extremely shocking. The past Great Scarlet Sky Heavenly Lord weaved through the nine heavens and tenth earth, a figure that was terrifying to the extreme. 

"No need!" Shi Hao shook his head. The first reason was that he didn't want to walk the path another took, and the second was because he didn't want Qi Daolin to risk the danger. It was because that flame was what Goddess Academy was using as a bargaining chip with Divine Cliff Academy. 

Multicolored light flashed. They disappeared from this place and arrived at the surface. Then, they returned to that quiet monastery. 

During the following two days, Qi Daolin observed the sky, but from time to time, he would vanish, hurrying to various places to see if any strange things were taking place in the higher realms. He was quite nervous.

It was because the ten streaks of immortal light rushed out from the copper coffin, and entered the boundless uninhabited region's direction. There was no way this didn't change anything.

"Haha…"A great laughter sounded. 

When Qi Daolin disappeared again, guests arrived at the mountain gate.

Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. He went out to greet them, finding that it was unexpectedly Second Baldy Kong Qiuji.

Of course, now, this peacock was no longer some baldy. When he moved out, his five-colored feathers were brilliant, as if undying immortal gold moved across the sky. It was brilliant and dazzling. 

"How come you came?" After arriving in the higher realms, Shi Hao missed those of the lower realms quite badly. Those that entered the higher realms and knew the inner details weren't that many.

"You stirred up such a great disorder, even if I didn't want to know about it, I would still find out. News of the Heaven's mandate legend's defeat, chopping You Yu at the waist have already spread through the young disciples of many great sects. How can I not know?"

Second Baldy was quite handsome in appearance, wearing a set of five-colored feather clothes. He turned into a youthful appearance, appearing much younger and with more character than before. Those that didn't know about him would think that he was the noble son of some esteemed sect. 

"Come, come, come, we won't call it a day until we get drunk!"

When old friends reunited, there were naturally many things to talk about. Shi Hao wanted to learn about the higher realms, while Second Baldly wanted to know about what happened in the lower realms. The two of them talked for a long time.

Soon after, Shi Hao sensed that there were all types of auras outside the mountain gate. They were all powerful. He discovered several hundred divine wills roaming about nearby. 

"Who are they?" Shi Hao frowned.

"Naturally the experts of various sects. You cut down You Yu, these news stirred up a huge storm. After they learned that Huang was here, many people wanted to come here to take a look. You've already become a celebrity!" Second Baldy chucked, putting on a rather vulgar appearance before adding with a soft voice, "There are no lack of beauties among them…"

"Are there beauties in the Peacock Race?"

"Get lost! That's my backyard! You even dare to set your eyes on Peacock Clan's beauties? Be careful that I don't report it to the divine lord and have you crippled!"

The two spouted nonsense and randomly bickered. The outside, however, was not calm at all. 

Soon after, a sincere and honest looking little fatty arrived in front of the mountain gate. He had a steam bun like face, his large eyes pure like crystals. He had a rather bashful appearance. 

"What family's kid is this? You can tell he's naive and feeble-minded with just a look. Wouldn't even know it if he was sold off." Second Baldy immediately became amused upon seeing him. 

Shi Hao revealed a strange expression, and then he said, "I reckon that he has the ability to even sell you off."

He didn't think this little fatty as someone pure. In Origin Sky Secret Realm this fella had a black heart and black hands, directly trapping exceptional talents. However, he still gave off the feeling of being harmless. 

It was precisely Cao Yusheng. This fella also came.

"Come over and drink with us." Shi Hao called him over.

"This fatty is extremely formidable?" Second Baldy was suspicious.

The little fatty laughed bashfully and said, "I am just a small Supreme expert, haven't even grown up yet."

"Less nonsense. You have the higher realms' third killing formation engraved in your body and can release chaotic sword energy, able to easily trap and kill exceptional talents, yet you still dare to spout this kind of bullshit!" Shi Hao directly exposed him. This damn fatty had even conned him and Grandpa Fifteen. 

Second Baldy was immediately shocked. He widened his eyes and said, "Motherfucker, the third killing formation is engraved in his body? My clan doesn't even have this! Damn fatty, you are definitely one of those freaks that have been hibernating until now, right?"

"Right, he is precisely a freak, saying how he was going to enter some ruins to find the second killing formation and also engrave that in his body." Right at this moment, a palm sized snow-white little rabbit jumped over, her eyes like gemstones as she cried out. 

In addition, its mouth had a stalk of medicine that was shining and releasing a clear fragrance. 

Shi Hao's eyes immediately became round. He angrily said, "Rabbit, you dare steal my soon-to-be holy medicine!"

He was so angry he ran after it. These past few days, he opened up a medicinal field in the most sacred place of this mountain gate, planting a few spiritual medicines inside. There was even a soon-to-be holy medicine in there. 

As a result, this rabbit had unknowingly when muddled its way in, and like a radish, nibbled it a few times, almost eating it completely. 

Second Baldy's eyes immediately widened. This was a soon-to-be holy medicine we were talking about!

When it saw Shi Hao throw itself over, the snow white little rabbit screamed out, "In Origin Sky Secret Realm, you were still trying to steal my stalk of holy medicine! So stingy!"

It was precisely the Lunar Jade Hare. She was supposedly the race's supreme being's younger sister, but many people suspected that this was the supreme being herself. 

Shi Hao was embarrassed. In the end, he stopped. After all, this rabbit, Cao Yusheng, and himself had fought many enemies together, so they could be said to have experienced trials and tribulations together.

The palm sized snow white rabbit turned into an extremely tender little girl who was pretty like a porcelain doll. This was especially the case with her pair of eyes that were red like gemstones. Second Baldy's eyes were about to pop out from staring at her. 

These people sat in the mountain region, roasting vicious beasts and drinking wine. Of course, this little rabbit said that it wouldn't eat meat in a glorified manner, devouring Shi Hao's medicinal garden into a terrible state. 

Fortunately, he left the wondrous medicine and several stalks of holy medicine with Grandpa Fifteen, or else the losses would be too severe. 

Of course, the little rabbit said she ate only vegetables, after a few cups of alcohol entered its stomach, it directly became completely drunk, directly grabbing at the fragrant roasted meat on the open fire, eating it until its mouth was dripping with oil. 

Second Baldly revealed a fake smile, taking the initiative to worm his way into being friends with her, preparing a toast. In the end, with a peng sound, he was directly sent into the clouds by the little rabbit's legs.

"I fucking swear… this rabbit's legs are too powerful!" Second Baldly grinded his teeth. If not for entering the Divine Flame Realm a long time ago, he might have directly went unconscious. 

Towards this, the little fatty Cao Yusheng understood deeply. He spoke out with sympathy, "When she has nothing to do, she always runs to Great Peng Mountain. Other rabbits kick eagles, she kicks great golden-winged Pengs every day. Towards this, Peng Lord even began to complain, personally paying Lunar Jade Rabbit's clan elder a visit."

"Nonsense, I only go a few months out of the year to protect the mountain and tend to the Pengs." The little girl corrected.

"Motherfucking freaks!" Second Baldy discovered that the fatty and large, ruby eyed little girl couldn't be looked at like normal people at all.

"By the way, the limelight on you is too great! This isn't some good thing, especially after dao master Qi said that all supreme experts and Divine Flame Realm experts can come challenge you. Quite a few people have now become restless."

"Who else dares to come?"

These individuals drank while chatting carefreely. This issue was raised.

"There will always be those that will hate. From what I know, someone might pay you a visit while carrying a great killing weapon. There are even various exceptional talents from the Divine Flame Realm coming." The little fatty said. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. This world's Divine Flame Realm exceptional talents were few in number, because almost everyone did everything they could to suppress their cultivation realms so that they could obtain the great natural luck in the great decisive battle of three thousand provinces. 

"They really are shameless." Second Baldy said, revealing a serious expression.

"No harm, the gathering of hundred rivers is about to start. After I come back from participating in it, who knows, I might already be at the Heavenly Deity Realm." Shi Hao laughed and said. 

"Be a bit more careful, someone truly vicious might come."

"Is that so?" Shi Hao was moved when he heard this. 

"Immortal Palace's inheritor has come, and there is also the holy lady from Heaven Mending Sect." The little fatty said rather mysteriously while looking at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao turned around and said, "You seem to know quite a bit."

"I just happened to see it by chance. Recently, quite a few people arrived in Goddess Academy, all cultivators from different sects. Out of fear towards dao master Qi's ferocious might, none of them dares to directly barge into this place, temporarily entering Goddess Academy. Immortal Palace's inheritor and Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady Yue Chan seems quite interested in a young lady named Qing Yi." The little fatty said in a rather wilky manner.

"Damn fatty, you know quite a bit huh?" Shi Hao was shocked. He felt like this fatty might have seen through Yue Chan's second body problem.

"I also heard that Immortal Palace's inheritor appeared in Goddess Academy, seemingly wishing to bring away a female disciple." Second Baldly said. He had also visited that place, later on hurrying over here from the academy. 

"Courting death!" Shi Hao sprung to his feet. Only now did he understand why Qing Yi hadn't appeared during these past few days. Turns out she was stuck inside the academy.

"Hey, what are you thinking of doing? Killing Immortal Palace's inheritor?" The little rabbit jumped up with excitement.

"Going to Goddess Academy!" Shi Hao said. He took the initiative to fly outwards. 

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