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Chapter 785 - Ten Immortals

A rain of light scattered down, and it was accompanied by flower petals, sparkling and translucent. This was a white clad male who looked divine like jade. The only flaw was that he didn't have hair, his head bare. 

His pupil was quite unique, his pupils unexpectedly a 'Śćć' symbol. They were brilliant and full of life, as if an immortal flame was burning within. However, there was a great force that seemed to be able to see through one's heart.¬†

What kind of person was this? Forget about Shi Hao, even Qi Daolin was trembling inwardly. This person was too terrifying! That type of appearance was hard to express with words, as if he transcended above the mortal world. It was accompanied by an undying aura.

He stood there with a flower in his hands, giving off an exceptional appearance. 

If it was an ordinary male that was bald and holding a flower in his hands, it would definitely make other nauseous. However, his style was unmatched, his body giving off endless great dao aura. 

"An ancient monk!" Qi Daolin's pupils shrunk. He sucked in a cold breath of air. He recalled a few rumors he had heard. 

During the Immortal Ancient era, there were cultivators like this. In the present world, it was rumored that it was precisely what Western Sect used as a reference. They obtained their damaged method, and then rose up to become a top level inheritance

When Shi Hao learned this from what Qi Daolin said to him mentally, he couldn't help but be shocked. This was… just too shocking!

This ancient monk, just what kind of cultivation realm did he reach?

After the endless passage of time, he was still alive. Could it be that he was a true -- Immortal?!

Everything they saw today was too shocking, leaving Qi Daolin and Shi Hao stupefied. A wave of chilliness ran from their heads down to their feet. They felt a great sense of reverence from within their hearts.

However, they didn't feel oppressed. That white clad ancient monk didn't take action. His eyes were calm, only giving off a type of transcendent and unmatched elegant manner. 

Before the two of them could properly react, another figure flew out from the bronze coffin that shone as brilliantly as a sun, standing in midair. 

His dao robes fluttered about, his hair thick as it scattered down his chest and back. His eyes were deep, and his body was surrounded by primordial source energy. He was high above, making one couldn't help but feel an urge to kneel down and worship. 

When one looked at him closer, this person made them feel fear. 

It was because there were suns rising within his pupils and great moons setting. There was even the terrifying scene of stars shattering and the universe withering away. It was truly shocking. 

He seemed to have stepped over the river of time and witnessed the transformations of the world, the vicissitudes of eras. 

Meanwhile, in his hand was an ancient banner. Chaotic energy pervaded the air. Upon seeing it, one would immediately feel as if it could open up heaven and earth, its might boundless!

Qi Daolin was petrified, looking a bit dumbstruck. He truly was shocked.

"Could this be heavenly lord Qing Wei?" He seemed to be talking in his sleep, his voice barely discernible. He was completely stupefied. 

There had been people who discovered a few records after unearthing some Immortal Ancient era remnants. There was an immortal like this that was known to be unmatched, sweeping through all those before him, but he died in the Immortal Ancient era. 

This daoist fit the description. In his hands was an ancient banner that could split apart heaven and earth, as well as produce primal chaos. Its magical force was boundless. 

His fine hairs stood on end, his entire body going cold. 

"It is rumored that heavenly lord Qing Wei and Scarlet Sky Lord were fellow apprentices." Qi Daolin said to himself, sounding as if he was still in a dream. Everything before him seemed inconceivable. 

Shi Hao didn't understand the Immortal Ancient era too well, but he wasn't unfamiliar with heavenly lord Qing Wei or Great Scarlet Sky. He had long heard about them, and from an enlightenment perspective, their existences possessed profound meaning. 


The bronze coffin erupted with brilliant radiance. Golden magma surged, and a young man with dishevelled hair appeared, the expression in his eyes sinister, as if a demon immortal had descended into this world. 

Qi Daolin didn't recognize this person, not knowing his origins. 

This scene made one's soul shake with indescribable fear. The only fortunate thing was that after the three great experts appeared, they didn't target the two of them. They seemed to be high above. 

It didn't end here. Figures continuously emerged, and all of them possessed world changing appearance, enough to overlook all living things. The dao auras they produced were unimaginable.

Even someone as powerful as Qi Daolin was stupefied now, almost going foolish. He raised his head and looked at these individuals. 

Kuang dang!

After who knew how much time had passed, the coffin's lid began to close on its own; no more individuals came out. Meanwhile, a row of terrifying figures had long appeared in the void. 

After counting them closely, there weren't too many or too few, totaling to ten individuals 

Regardless of whether it was the white clothed divine monk, heavenly lord Qing Wei, or the others that appeared later, they all possessed a divine aura that was difficult to describe. They didn't display pressure, but it still make others feel a sense of servitude, an urge to kowtow. 

Shi Hao propped up his chin, struggling to support his head. Qi Daolin was like this as well, because with a greater cultivation, the pressure he faced was greater as well. He was trembling slightly, resisting it with great difficulty. 

The two were too proud. Even when facing these unmatched existences, they still weren't willing to yield, doing everything they could to withstand and hold on.

"Didn't they all… die? Why did they appear again?!" Shi Hao opened his mouth with great difficulty, his voice weak like that of a mosquito. 

Qi Daolin didn't understanding either. He believed the evidence that had been unearthed from the ancient ruins. "There is something strange!"

The ten great beings never looked at them from start to finish, all staring into a certain direction, as if they could see through the earth, pierce through the void to peer into the future. 

In the end, a light weng sounded. Primal chaos surged, and ten figures rushed into the skies. 


Qi Daolin seemed to have sensed something. He grabbed Shi Hao and left this place, arriving at the surface in an instant.


The ten figures began to split apart inch by inch in the heavens, turning into ten streaks of incomparably brilliant light that seemed to illuminate both past and present. It was world shocking. 

"What is going on?" Shi Hao was astonished. His heart was trembling greatly.

"They aren't living people." Qi Daolin spoke as he stared high into the sky. 

They weren't made of true flesh, all light. Their brilliance shocked the heavens. Not even heavenly lord Qing Wei's ancient banner was real, but just a sphere of light that merged with him. 

"This fucking… are they ancient reincarnations or people?!" Qi Daolin's teeth were clenched. When he thought about how he almost made a fool out of himself, his gaze became like divine spears and his hair danced crazily about. 

In the end, ten streaks of light directly headed in the same direction, quickly disappearing into the limits of the horizon. 

"That direction is…" Qi Daolin's expression changed. Compared to when he first saw those individuals, his emotions seemed to be fluctuating even more greatly. 

Dao master, what's wrong?" Shi Hao asked.

"That direction is the boundless uninhabited region!" Qi Daolin's expression was incredibly serious. He took a deep breath, feeling a great headache. His temples were even sore. 

What was going to happen? No one could say for sure.

"Are they still alive?" Shi Hao asked.

"Impossible!" Qi Daolin shook his head. He began to carefully think to himself. The ten figures just were not living creatures, nor did they have wills. 

The two of them stood there quietly, looking into the distance. None of them could have anticipated these types of changes. Why did these things happen?

"We might have sped up some process. I don't know if it is good or bad. Perhaps something might happen in these next few days. Everyone has said that the Three World Coffin was mysterious, that it carried tremendous cause and effect. It seems like they aren't wrong!" Qi Daolin sighed, his brows tightly locking together. 

Then, they returned underground to inspect the copper coffin. They didn't say anything for a long time. 

"Is there anything else inside the coffin? There can't only be ten streaks of light." After a long time had passed, Shi Hao spoke. 

"There are. At the very least, the ones that I saw before haven't come out." Qi Daolin nodded.

They stared at the ancient coffin, not willing to act recklessly. 

Suddenly, from the distance, a sphere of light appeared in the dark space. It swayed about as it arrived, approaching this place. 

"That's it!" Shi Hao was excited. He saw that mysterious flame again. 

It was only the size of a fist, extremely special. It was formed from pure symbols and not like a divine flame. It carried an ancient aura, full of dao rhythm. 

Qi Daolin's eyes became deep as he looked at this flame. Even someone as powerful as him was frowning, unexpectedly unable to see through it. 

"Is this the chaotic flame?" Shi Hao asked with a soft voice.

"It is not!" Qi Daolin shook his head. He had never seen that chaotic flame, but from what he knew based on bone books, this was definitely not it. 

"Immortal flame?"

This dao master Qi with extensive knowledge, and a notorious reputation, who had stolen from hundred clans felt a headache. He unexpectedly couldn't see through this flame, feeling that it was more strange the more looked at it, unable to understand its existence. 

"Fire Province's state, could it be related to it?" Shi Hao asked with a soft voice.

When Qi Daolin heard this, his mind jumped. FIre Province was vast and boundless, a rough estimate of its size still reaching several tens of millions of li, perhaps even greater. A single flame underground leading to an entire province releasing mysterious flames from time to time?

"Use the Immortal Ancient Sacrificial language to try and communicate with it, have it follow you." 

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately took action.

However, that flame was extremely calm, bright and clear as it suspended in the air, facing them without displaying any changes. 

Shi Hao's mouth and tongue became dry from talking too much, wasting four hours of time here like this. In the end, his throat almost discharged smoke, yet that flame never budged an inch. 

This made him so angry he truly wanted to grab it over in one go. 

"Dao master, it's not working. I think you should still take action, using the Eight ninth heavens art to collect it and then give it to me." Shi Hao urged Qi Daolin to take action. 

Qi Daolin looked at the flame not too far away, and after observing it for a bit, he nodded. He felt that this flame was extremely strange and worth taking action to investigate a bit. 

However, as soon as he moved, bone texts erupted. That flame seemed to have sensed something. Its aura immediately poured over, fast to the extreme.

The entire world immediately became resplendent, its radiance increasing more than ten thousand times of what it was before, making others' eyes become blind. Qi Daolin was horrified. He immediately shouted that things were not good!

This flame was too sinister, terrifying to the extreme. It could definitely burn a giant to death.

His body shone, about to bring Shi Hao with it away. However, he discovered that this flame arrived with incomparable speed, separating the master and disciple. 

The only thing that made him feel a bit relieved was that this flame came for him, not burning Shi Hao. 

Without thinking about anything else, Qi Daolin rushed into the heavens, leaving this underground world.

The blazing fiery light became dim. This flame recovered its previous appearance, becoming soft, suspending itself in front of Shi Hao. 

"That old man really ran fast, he… left me here!" Shi Hao grinded his teeth in anger. 

The fist sized sphere of flame was transforming. It began to change in size, first turning into a small tree that was less than a meter tall. It was completely made of symbols, strange and mysterious.

Shi Hao's eyes immediately widened. This little tree, why did it… look so similar to the Willow Deity?

In that instant, this flame changed, turning into streaks of lightning covering the void. These were also made of symbols. 

"It is imitating the Lightning Emperor's technique?" His mind jumped.

Then, this flame changed again, forming a bird that moved its wings. When it dove down, it turned into a fish, swimming a circle in the void around him.

"Kun Peng!" Shi Hao's expression continuously changed. This flame could sense the methods he studied, the unmatched precious techniques he had touched upon. Was it imitating them, or was it trying to communicate with him?

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