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Chapter 784 - Three World Coffin

Fire Province, a place vast and boundless. 

Depths of the grassland, master and disciple descended from the skies. 

"You have to stay calm. You definitely cannot lose control." Shi Hao was still scared that he would be too agitated, directly opening up the bronze coffin. Doing this might cause great dangers. 

"Lead the way!" Qi Daolin's words were concise, his expression serious. His golden dao robes fluttered about, the eight ninth heaven art automatically operating. 

The two were like arrows that left bowstrings, entering the depths of the earth, disappearing into the boundless darkness in the blink of an eye. They displayed earth movement techniques, sinking down into the earth. 

It was extremely quiet underground and incomparably spacious. This was the  enormous cave Shi Hao moved the Three World Coffin to, and it was unknown just how many li it was deep underground. It was so dark one couldn't even see their own fingers if they held them in front of their faces. 

As soon as they approached, even someone as powerful as Qi Daolin's fine hairs stood on end, his hair and beard all moving. His dao robes began to flutter about, and he erupted with resplendent divine radiance.

There was a formless field produced in the surroundings, protecting Shi Hao and himself inside. He stared ahead. 

The underground world was brightly lit. There were nine sparkling skeletons laying on the earth in disarray. There was an enormous copper coffin covered in green rust. It was quiet and still. 

"It truly is… Three World Coffin!" Qi Daolin reached out a trembling hand, walking forward step by step to touch it. His face was full of excitement. 

"Calm down!" Shi Hao reminded. His mind was a mess; he didn't end up harming this dao master, right?

Qi Daolin stood there, covered in layers of symbols, illuminating this underground world. Everything could be clearly seen.

The nine dragon skeletons were spotlessly white, the copper coffin ancient and filled with traces of age. The two together formed a rather strange scene.

An ancient sacrificial voice could vaguely be heard, but there also seemed to be endless shouts of slaughter that rushed over like ocean waves. 

Shi Hao was shocked. When he came before in the past, it wasn't like this. Why were there this type of irregular reaction before they even made contact with the bronze coffin?

"Different people produces different scenes." Qi Daolin spoke. Even though his emotions were rising and falling, he didn't lose reasoning because of agitation. Someone with such profound cultivation wouldn't make such rudimentary mistakes.

Where was that mysterious flame? Shi Hao looked around, but he didn't see it. 

"Master, back then, for the sake of pursuing the Three World Coffin, you ended up throwing your life away as well, causing Supreme Hall to fall. Today, I've seen it too." Qi Daolin spoke.

This was the first time he spoke these words himself, talking about what exactly happened!

Shi Hao wasn't shocked. He had long anticipated that Supreme Being Dao Rite's dao master was precisely Supreme Hall's last inheritor. This inheritance stood against Immortal Palace since the ancient times. 

"Master, you said before that the copper coffin is extremely important, originating from the immortal ancient era, bringing out important news, that it might be related to our inheritance. That was why you were always searching for it, wishing to open it. Today, I am standing before it, yet I do not know how to fulfill your dream." Qi Daolin said. 

Shi Hao felt his blood run cold. He hurriedly said, "Dao master, don't act rashly! You are missing your master after seeing this! You can pay homage to the deceased and see if the coffin really as traces of the old dao master, but must not put yourself in danger!"

How powerful was Supreme Being Dao Rite's master in the past? Yet because of opening this coffin, he was greatly injured, and that was why he was later on killed after being attacked by Immortal Palace's ancient existence and some others. 

"I naturally understand." Qi Daolin nodded. He was not going to blindly act rashly.

As Qi Daolin got closer, the bronze coffin began to shine, becoming translucent like jade. It was different from before, appearing extremely mysterious, releasing an undying and powerful aura!

"The more powerful the one that approaches it, the retaliation they face would be greater?" Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. Perhaps only by surpassing a critical point would one not fear this wave of brilliance. 

Qi Daolin was greatly shaken. Even someone like him began to shake as he approached the copper coffin. He felt as if his primordial spirit was approaching a heavenly blade, actually encountering the danger of being hacked open.

"How formidable! Worthy of being the Three World Coffin, one of the sacred objects that had been passed down since the immortal ancient era." Qi Daolin said. 


Bone texts interweaved around Qi Daolin's entire body. He displayed the eight ninth heaven art, overlaying the precious techniques, merging them. His aura immediately became incomparably great!

Above his head, great stars flickered one after another, linking up into an expanse. Stellar rivers rippled outwards, as if a world was opening. In his surroundings, there were heavenly dragons rising into the sky, their bodies stretching across the dome of heaven. There were phoenix cries, creating a scarlet red expanse, Pengs spreading their wings, golden light in tens of thousand streaks…

Shi Hao was shaken. This type of power was indeed terrifying. Displaying these techniques like this was definitely greater than just simply adding the techniques together!

However, the bronze coffin was unordinary as well. The rust all disappeared, and the entire thing became like a gemstone, sparkling and transparent, releasing an undying radiance that left Qi Daolin shaken.

"Am I going to suffer a disaster? I'm going to be blasted to pieces by the shockwaves!" Shi Hao said to himself. He felt like guiding the old man here was a mistake. It was just too chaotic. 

"Don't worry, I know what to do and won't follow the path to my own doom." Qi Daolin transmitted sound mentally. He was clearly under a tremendous amount of pressure, unexpectedly breathing deeply. 

The greater one's strength, the more formidable the suppression of the Three World Coffin would be.

He walked forward step by step. The bone texts around his entire body ignited, the eight ninth heaven art displayed to its peak, and only then could he get closer and enter the larger coffin. Then, he reached out his hand to touch the smaller coffin.


Qi Daolin was greatly shaken up, coughing out a large mouthful of blood. However, he still didn't let go, stubbornly and resolutely deciding to open the coffin.

"Dao master, don't force yourself! If you want to look inside, I'll help you open it. Doing this is too dangerous!" Shi Hao shouted from the back. 

"People at different cultivation realms will see different things." Qi Daolin firmly shook his head. Only those at the peak could explore the true secrets. 

His body swayed as if he might fall at any moment. However, he still reached out his hand, lifting a corner!

At this moment, immortal dao precious sound erupted, originating from that crack, shaking Qi Daolin until his entire body staggered. With a wa sound, blood sprayed out from his mouth again.

"Old man, hurry and stop! Do you really want me to immediately become the dao master?" Shi Hao shouted loudly.


Qi Daolin's entire body flew outwards, repelled by a tremendous wave of pressure. He was blasted into the depths of the earth, producing a deep human shaped hole.

Shi Hao was shocked. He quickly entered the hole to chase after him. 

He unexpectedly rushed out a hundred li before he found Qi Daolin! The final area was collapsed, burying him under earth and stone. There was bloody foam all around his mouth; his state was quite miserable. 

His golden dao robes were torn. If not for the eight ninth heavens art protecting his body, he would have most likely split into pieces!

'How formidable, what a terrifying Three World Coffin. Worthy of being a supreme treasure that has existed since the ancient times!" Qi Daolin said with a sigh. 

Then, his eyes lit up again, unexpectedly not appearing dejected, instead excited and stirred up. "I sensed the aura master left behind. There is an imprint inside. Is this a sign left behind for me? I am going to get to the bottom of this!"

"Dao master, don't take any more risks! It will put your life in danger!" Shi Hao urged.

"Do you think this dao master Qi's eyes and eyelashes are empty? How could I send myself to my death? Don't worry, I know how far to go." Qi Daolinsaid. He turned into a streak of light, and then he appeared once again before the bronze coffin. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He followed along. This was the first time he realized how long the path of cultivation was. At the very least, he couldn't see the end of it right now. Who dared to say that they were at the very top? Even this old man was injured here. 

Qi Daolin's body shone. The eight ninth heavens art swirled again. He closed in on the copper cauldron. It began to shine with incomparable brilliance, as if it turned into spotlessly white jade.

"Open!" Qi Daolin roared. The heavenly art was displayed to its limit, simply having the power to break through the protection the great world itself. It finally made the coffin's lid open up a bit again.

"Master's warning sign!" He felt a wave of horror. He sensed a ruined fragmented imprint, leaving him shocked and trembling. 

In the distance, Shi Hao was shocked as well. Back then, just how powerful was the master of Supreme Hall, unexpectedly leaving behind an imprint within the Three World Coffin. His cultivation could be considered to have shaken the past and present!

However, Qi Daolin was blasted flying again, blood frantically spraying outwards. The higher one's cultivation, the greater the impact they would receive. 

However, he wasn't discouraged, returning again and again, persistently trying to open the copper coffin. He wanted to what exactly was in the damaged imprint the old supreme being left him. 

On the sixth try, he finally succeeded, sensing a piece of fragmented divine will. 

"Coming, they're coming…" There were only these short words. They turned into divine senses symbols before entering Qi Daolin's head. It made him feel a type of horror, shock, and despair.

In the distance, Shi Hao could also feel this type of emotional fluctuations. He also saw the ancient words the short divine senses produced. His expression immediately changed, his heart shaking in fear. 

An old supreme being with great accomplishments, rarely encountered enemies since the ancient times, this was definitely an unmatched taboo existence. His cultivation was greater than Qi Daolin's; someone like this unexpectedly left behind this type of divine awareness. 

He was in fear, trembling, feeling terror and despair. What did this signify?

Shi Hao began to shiver inwardly. This damaged imprint that was left behind, what exactly was it telling his descendant?

Qi Daolin was trembling from head to toe. That supreme being, even though he only helped him establish a foundation, never leaving behind any methods for him, was still the most important person in his heart, as well as the undefeated legend in his eyes. However, right now, even the old supreme being was trembling, this… was unimaginable!

He backed up, continuously backing up. Blood flowed from the corners of his lips. He left the copper coffin and sat down on the ground to silently think.

"Perhaps only by capturing the ancient existence that had always been slumbering since the archaic era can we learn about everything." Shi Hao said with a frown. 

It was because the old supreme being had fought against Immortal palace before. Perhaps he said some things then, but that sect just never spoke about it. 

Only after a long time had passed did Qi Daolin open his eyes. His injuries were a bit better as well. He circulated the eight ninth heavens art before saying, "One final try."


The nine dragon skeletons shone. The bronze ancient coffin burned like a golden sun, releasing undying brilliance, sparkling to the point of being almost transparent!


Qi Daolin was shaken up until he took steps backward, coughing out blood with each step. However, the bronze coffin produced a strange change, opening up on its own. In the end, a small half of the lid opened up. 

Not only was Shi Hao stupefied, evne Qi Daolin was stunned. He was just giving it one last try, yet this kind of change was produced. He really was about to open up the coffin.

A rain of light surged, holy and untainted, surging from within that coffin.

Suddenly, a figure… rushed out, standing in midair!

Forget about Shi Hao, Qi Daolin even felt his fine hairs stand on end, chills running through his body and his scalp even turning numb. A layer of goosebumps covered his body. This was too sudden, a sudden change in events.

The copper coffin that had remained still for tens of thousands of years, someone actually rushed out from within it!

Brilliance shot out in tens of thousands of streaks, illuminating the past and present. This person seemed to be standing tall above the river of time. 

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