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Chapter 782 - World in Movement

Dao master Qi had a notorious reputation. If he really wanted to get revenge, then his power would really be hard to stop. 

Supreme Being Dao Rite didn't have too many disciples, only the two of them. Qi Daolin wasn't scared of others getting revenge on them at all, and that was why he dared to speak so openly.

Weeds covered this monastery, the foundations were cracked, and debris laid everywhere, but with these two individuals' brilliance, it instead made this place appear holy and different. 

"Huang became Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor! Now that Qi Daolin informed the world, the number of people who will scheme against Huang will not be that many anymore, right?"

"At least not openly, right?"

The cultivators of all sects discussed. They were extremely excited. Just now, the great battle made their blood boil. The Celestial Clan's dao protector was defeated; the effects of this were tremendous.

Huang became a well known person, becoming the disciple of the notorious Qi Daolin! News of this would definitely spread to many great sects, and it was unknown if this action will make him a 'bad cultivator'.

Celestial Clan felt the most dejected. Many of their faces were ash-colored. The mental blow of this was too great! Their Heavenly deities were not a match, and the Dao protector had two of his horns hacked off.

How could this glorious Emperor Clan endure this?!

Everyone lowered their hands, tightly clenching their fists. This was a tremendous humiliation, but what could they do? Would the Old Celestial take action? However, he was going to enter the boundless uninhabited region soon.

At the same time, a few people felt regret. Back then, if they didn't covet Shi Hao's precious techniques and developed a good relationship with him, that would be a completely different scene.

It was too late to say anything now!

"Huang, a youth, made my clan's Heavenly deity suffer a disaster and the Dao protector great one injured. Young outstanding talents were killed. It truly is an extraordinary shame and humiliation!"

A few people were in grief and indignation, feeling great regret for their past deeds. This result was just too terrible. 

Only, no matter how much anger their eyes and heart held, they still had to lower their heads. Otherwise, that Qi Daolin definitely wouldn't act kindly. A single mishap and they might just be wiped out. 

Yun Xi stood on top of the mountain peak, the long dress that reached the ground fluttering in the wind. Her pure white pupils were a bit sad, her eyes extremely dreamlike, as if there was a haze covering them. Her beautiful hair danced about. Her entire being was calm without any fluctuations as she stared absent-mindedly. 

"It's not too bad…" Yun Xi struggled to produce a smile on her face. Today, her actions had overstepped what was 'acceptable'. She didn't act out of consideration for the Celestial Clan, but instead, instead siding with their enemy. 

"Don't return to City of Heaven." Shi Hao said. He didn't want the Celestial Clan to make things difficult for her. 

Yun Xi shook her head. Her grandfather and loved ones were still there, so how could she not go back? An in the end, she was still a member of the Celestial Clan, so no matter what, she still couldn't betray the clan. 

"You don't have to worry, nothing bad will happen. The Old Celestial and others are all quite good to me, and they will understand my action. In addition, right now, the number of people with Heaven's mandate stones isn't that great anymore." Yun Xi didn't continue speaking after this. 

You Yu was half crippled, so now, she had become the Celestial Clan's most powerful genius. The Celestial Clan wouldn't destroy their own future and would only guide her, try to make her feel a sense of belonging to the sect. 

"Why don't I cut down the other one too?" Shi Hao said. He looked through the entire clan to find the other person with the Heaven's mandate stone. 

"Don't!" Yun Xi was given a fright.

"As long as you are alive, and I am still at the prime of my life, the Celestial Clan won't dare to act blindly without thinking. They wouldn't go over the line." Qi Daolin interrupted, saying to Shi Hao. 

Yun Xi gave him one last look, her eyes carrying disappointment. Her sparkling white and moving face felt a bit of sorrow. Her eyes were shrouded by a bit of watery mist. She really didn't want things to end up like how they did, it was just that too many things had happened. 

She waved her hands before quickly departing. 

The Celestial Clan departed, not daring to say anything else. If they did dare to say any fierce words, not a single one of them would be able to get away.

Things ended like this. This great storm came to an conclusion!

It could be said that this time, the Celestial Clan's losses were huge. Their divine mines were destroyed, the higher level figures defeated, True deities, and young Supreme experts were even killed by Shi Hao. It was just too shocking.

'In the end, it is a former Emperor Clan. It doesn't have the might of the previous years." Everyone sighed with admiration.

"Their glory was left behind in the archaic era, no longer an Emperor Clan in this era."

Everyone left one after another. There were figures everywhere on this mountain region. This place gradually recovered its peace.

Then, news went out. All provinces were shaken!

Some great sects received news as quickly as possible, leaving them completely shocked. The youth Huang actually provoked such a great storm, even dragging the notorious Qi Daolin in. 

The Celestial Clan was greatly defeated. It could even be said that they lost all face they had. 

"This Huang really is something, killed Underworld Child, then killed Sun God Vine, and even defeated Feather Race's exceptional talent. He had even killed the Child of Lightning. Today, he even defeated the Heaven's mandate legend; how glorious of battle accomplishments are these?"

All sides were shaken. The cultivators of all great sects were discussing. 

Huang's name immediately resounded through tens to hundreds of provinces, drawing the attention of all areas. 

"He was the one that caused this disturbance?" Within an incomparably large ancient copper palace that looked like an enormous mountain, a youth sat there. When his eyes opened and closed, they fired two streaks of cold lightning.

This was Immortal Palace, one of the higher realms' most ancient and mysterious inheritances!

When Immortal Palace's inheritor received the report, his eyes were deep and his aura terrifying. He was now quite a bit more powerful than that when he was the 'young great one' in Origin Sky Secret Realm.

If there was someone here, they would definitely be greatly shocked. 

Even though the two of them had similar appearances, there was an intrinsic difference. This person was too terrifying. When his eyes opened and closed, golden and silver symbols would continuously appear, as if they could penetrate the void.

Strand after strand of great dao aura pervaded the air from his body.

"Great one, there is no need to be angry. He is definitely not your opponent." An old servant said. There was a pair of golden wings on his back, and his aura was shocking. This was a top level deity, yet he was only a servant in Immortal Palace. 

"Have the second body come back. He walked the world in my place and abandoned cultivation, in the end even losing light for my face." This youth calmly said. 

"Great one wishes to…?" The old servant's expression changed. The main body was going to kill the second body and then produce an even more powerful second body?

"I know that your relationship with him isn't bad, but there is no need to worry. I don't have time left, so I won't waste my primordial energy to create another body." This youth said indifferently. 

He stood up and gazed into the chaotic energy surrounding the bronze immortal palace. "Hundred rivers gather into the sea, the great battle of three thousand provinces is about to start. I have to reach my strongest state!"

The old servant's heart trembled. He knew what the youth was going to do. 

"Great one is not going to wait any longer, going to merge the two bodies now?"

"Correct. The main body and second body will return together. I am going to enter the 'Immortal Ancient' with the most powerful state and rise above all others!" The youth said indifferently. He gave off a type of confidence that there were no others greater than him. 

If others heard this information, they would definitely be petrified, finding this difficult to believe.

The Immortal Palace inheritor who was so powerful in the outside world was actually just a comparatively weaker second body, not the real body. This was just terrifying without end. 

"There are perhaps many who had the misconception that I cannot reign undefeated under the heavens, to the extent where they believe there are many who can match me, let alone the ancient freaks. I am going to give them all a pleasant surprise!" Immortal Palace inheritor coldly said.

"Great one has a heaven warping character, rarely seen since ancient times. You will definitely be able to sweep through all enemies!" The elder spoke. The golden wings behind him moved, and strands of dao energy pervaded the air. He was extremely powerful, but he could only be a servant here. 

Chaotic energy surrounded the bronze immortal palace, and there were strands of heaven and earth source energy condensing. The scene was astonishing; this was a place that seized the natural luck of heaven and earth. 

If there were normal people here, then they would definitely be shocked. 

Meanwhile, this was a place even great sect masters wanted to come to. Even if they could only stay here in this ancient palace to comprehend for a few days, they would be happy to do so. There were ancient descendant engravings here, the Human Immortal inheritance!

"Perhaps many people all believe that with those ancient freaks coming out, I won't even be able to rank in the top ten or even top twenty, ha!" The youth said to himself, his face carrying a sneer. 

"Great one's natural aptitudes are great, far greater than their imaginations. When the time comes, everyone will be greatly shocked." The old servant said.

He wasn't blindly praising, but instead truly believing that this youth was too powerful. Even if it was just this main body that went out, it would be enough to topple an area. 

Meanwhile, soon after, the main body and second body would merge. How powerful would they become then? It was impossible to predict!

In reality, the only ones that could have guessed that he didn't display his most powerful state was perhaps only Heaven Mending Sect, because Yue Chan's main body also obtained Immortal Palace's methods. 

In another ancient land where purple energy swirled about, there were large mountains that had existed since the ancient times. At this moment, a violent quake rumbled. And a million jin enormous rock was kicked out from the base of a mountain, entering the clouds before disappearing without a trace. 


An unbridled great laughter sounded, one that shook the heavenly dome. A male walked out with large steps from an ancient cave, his head covered in blood-colored hair, the space between his brows a vertical eye. He was rather brash and flamboyant, raising his head to look into the heavens.

"I finally came out! That old man has made me go dormant for twenty years, each time making me undergo life and death refinement, battles, and blood struggles against individuals with higher cultivation realms. Today, I am free, hahaha…"

"I cultivated the Great Heaven Burning art to a level no one at my age has ever accomplished before -- the Ninth Great Heaven stage. I can now go out to kill. Let me think, who should I slaughter?"

This scarlet-haired male said to himself, his eyes terrifying. There was a type of sinister aura around his body.

"Wu, I should remove that Immortal Palace inheritor's head, because others are too weak. Or maybe I should find a few other hibernating individuals in those hidden inheritances." 

At this time, an old man descended. Divine splendor illuminated the skies. However, he was quite polite to this youth. This was clearly a servant.

"Good timing, tell me what fellas there are that are formidable? I have to slaughter at least two or three of them!"

Similar things were happening in other mysterious ancient provinces. The geniuses that were hibernating emerged, triggering great irregular scenes. 

A great commotion was taking place by a golden lake.

Within the underwater manor, holy radiance rushed into the heavens, shaking this heavenly domain and startling many great sects in that province. Many people were stupefied, gazing over towards this place. 

A woman revived from within the water, soaring into the air and erupting with tens of thousands of streaks of golden light. Her head of golden hair danced about, and even her pupils were golden. She overlooked the mountains, rivers, and creatures. 

Her aura was extremely powerful, but she clearly hadn't ignited her divine flame yet. However, she was definitely terrifying.

"This inheritance hadn't produced anyone for so many tens of thousands of years. Everyone thought that they had withered away. None of us expected that this extreme water manor's primal chaos formation would open, and this golden haired heavenly lady would appear!"

There were powerful individuals sighing here. They were all deeply moved. 

Apart from this, there were strange events taking place in other great sects as well. The great battle of three thousand provinces is about to start, the ones that had been hibernating are starting to come out!

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