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Chapter 781 - Announcing to the World

Qi Daolin stood above the debris, his dao robes fluttering around in the wind. Divine splendor surged, rushing into the clouds, making the entire Supreme Being Dao Rite appear sacred, no longer desolate. 

"Little Qi, you've grown up and become independent, saying how you are going to kill Heavenly deities and how you will wipe out an Emperor race." The Dao protector said with a cold voice. He wasn't a Celestial, and as for what race he was exactly, it was unknown. This was especially the case with his pair of black horns. 

You all already slaughtered into my monastery, yet you expect me to treat you all kindly? Why don't I pay City of Heaven a trip and unleash a great slaughter?" Qi Daolin said calmly, but no one treated his words as a joke.

From this dao master's way of doing things, he really could say these things, and he really had the power to make it happen.

"Dao master Qi, don't cross the line. Our clan's Dao protector came himself to discuss with you, yet you have this kind of attitude. Do you really think my Celestial Clan is weak?" That middle-aged Heavenly deity spoke. 

He was extremely unordinary, his body covered in lightning. Bone texts interweaved into a set of armor that covered his body, releasing shocking fluctuations. It was as if there were flames throbbing in his eyes. 

However, right now, his identity was just a 'dao child', in charge of supporting the Dao protector, accompanying his side. 

In reality, in the past, he really was a child that stayed by the dao protector's side, only, after the passage of endless years, he already grew up, able to look down on an area, overlooking the creatures of all clans. 

"If I really was going to cross the line, I would have unleashed a slaughter a long time ago, not giving you all any face. Who cares if they are Supreme experts, True deities, or Heavenly deities? I would have killed them all without regard for their identity."

Qi Daolin spoke in a casual manner, but in everyone's ears, it sounded like waves of thunder, extremely sinister, as if there were waves of heaven overflowing killing energy sweeping over!

"Little Qi, I am only going to ask you one thing. Can you hand this youth over?" Celestial Clan's Dao protector spoke, his body supported by a walking stick. HIs body was stooped, but there was a type of intimidating radiance when his eyes opened and closed. 

Where his eyes passed, even the void lit up. It was as if lightning streaked across. Then, he even cast his eyes over towards Shi Hao, staring at him unendingly.

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. This elder was terrifying after all! Just his gaze alone felt like heavenly blades that hacked down. It carried roiling killing energy, definitely enough to make a mountain peak collapse. 

Fortunately, Qi Daolin stood right at his side, releasing strands of holy radiance from his body, surrounding the entire monastery, preventing that killing intent from getting closer. 

"I will not!" Qi Daolin directly refused. 

"He is a disaster my clan needs to eliminate. Dao master Qi, are you purposely opposing us? In the past, the two of you did not have that great of a connection." In the distant mountain region, Heavenly deity Mo Luo stood up. He wiped off the blood flowing out from the corners of his mouth and reconnected his broken bones. He walked over from that direction, making the mountain range begin to tremble.

"Let me say this clearly. Huang is my Supreme Being Dao Rite's only inheritor, these words are not to be ignored, but instead transmitted to the rest of the world. All of you better listen closely!" Qi Daolin shouted. 

At this moment, his entire body shone, and his voice swept out like a great tsunami, sweeping through the world and ringing through all places, shaking up this heavenly region. 

Was he informing the entire world? Everyone was shocked. 

In that instant, Fire Province, Goddess Province, Kun Province, and the nearby areas' creatures all sensed something. They raised their heads towards the skies. 

It was easy to see that from this day forth, Huang's identity would be set in stone, becoming the only inheritor of Supreme Being Dao Rite, no longer being a loose cultivator. Anyone who wished to take action against him had to reconsider the consequences first. 

"You…" Heavenly deity Mo Luo's expression changed. Now that they reached this stage, the atmosphere reached a standstill. They clearly couldn't change Qi Daolin's decision. 

Many people in this mountain range became shocked. They erupted into discussion. 

This was especially the case with a few older figures, who all revealed looks of shock. They deeply understood this dao master's temperament. If one truly pissed him off, even the heavens would be overturned.

"Sigh, when one becomes old, they still can't accept it. Little Qi, why don't we go for a few rounds?" The dao protector spoke. The horns on his head shone, and his eyes flickered with divine radiance as well. 

He had to take action, because he didn't have much life left. During these later years, he had seen a terrifying scene, developing a premonition that Shi Hao would become a disaster for Celestial Clan.

"No problem!" Qi Daolin's reply was extremely straightforward, but in the end, he gave the Dao protector a look and said, "Your blood energy has dried up. Can you even fight?"

"It's no matter. Recently, I would occasionally take a drop of undying divine liquid that allows me to hold onto my remaining breath for a few years. Carrying out a fight is no issue." The Dao protector said. He rushed into the havens, immediately arriving in the sky above.

Everyone became shocked. He looked incredibly old, so they never expected him to be so fast, so fast that everyone's eyes immediately lost sight of him in a daze. 

Qi Daolin was calm and unperturbed. With a shua sound, he also appeared in the heavens, approaching outer space. 

Meanwhile, in the mountain region, the eyes of the Celestial Clan all began to burn fiercely. They stared at Shi Hao, killing intent pervading the air. Many people were about to take action.

This was true for Mo Luo as well. His eyes flashed with a vicious glint. If he took action without regarding all else now, completely eliminating this disaster, would Qi Daolin really go mad?

He exchanged a look with the other Heavenly deity. They exchanged a short conversation. 

"He is a lunatic, notorious, willing to do anything."

"How about this, let's seize the Heaven's mandate stone back first." Mo Luo said. If couldn't just do nothing. 

Mo Luo stared coldly at Shi Hao from the distance while releasing heavenly might. Even though he didn't take action, his primordial spirit shone like sharp blades, releasing a terrifying rain of light.

He felt a wave of urgency. Even though he couldn't kill Shi Hao, he could secretly leave behind a seed within his heart. Once it took root, it would destroy his dao heart, hindering his rise to greatness!

If he was careful enough, then he might be able to conceal it from Qi Daolin. That was why he wasn't in a rush to seize the Heaven's mandate stone, instead deciding to carry out this vicious attack. 

Then, the divine radiance between his brows receded, and he secretly used a method to condense a divine will seed, preparing to display this ancient method. This method was called 'Seed Devil art'!

This type of method was the most secretive, difficult to detect. It was something he accidentally stumbled upon as well. 

However, as soon as the devil seed just began to fire out, before it even approached, Shi Hao sensed something. The bone texts recorded within the True Primordial Record flickered, quickly surfacing.


In addition, an enormous palm descended from the heavens above, covering everything. The entire mountain range was surrounded, crushing Mo Luo below. It was difficult to avoid.

"What?" He was shocked. Even this type of hidden method was detected.

"Who do you think this old one is? I've stolen from a hundred clans and understand the Seed Devil art as well. You dare to display your skills before a real expert?" Qi Daolin's voice was cold. That palm erupted with bone texts, incomparably terrifying. 


Even someone as powerful as Mo Luo could only scream miserably. He couldn't take on this blow. The magical artifacts he took out were all shattered. Then, his flesh also began to crumble apart inch by inch. Blood covered the heavens. 

"Stop!" The Dao protector shouted. Resplendent radiance surged to stop Qi Daolin. 

"You all dare to display such a vicious attack in my territory. Simply courting death!" Qi Daolin remained unmoved, still slapping downwards. 

Mo Luo's entire body was covered in blood, and his powerful flesh exploded, his bones shattering. It was simply impossible for him to resist the power of this enormous hand. His blood dyed the mountain regions red. 

In the end, there was only a primordial spirit that hadn't disappeared. 

"Great one, save me!" Mo Luo shouted loudly. He was terrified to the extreme. 

"It was your own sin!" Qi Daolin said coldly. However, he still let him off, saying, "I'll leave you with your primordial spirit, let you cultivate for several dozen years and find a suitable body. When the time comes, I'll let my disciple kill you as a type of self improvement."

The experts of every clan were ranting and raving in fear. This was too powerful! Was this dao master Qi? The one that had been chased by every sect? Now, he looked like he was going to stir up a great storm! No one could stop him.

In the heavens, the dao protector's face fell. "Little Qi, you've crossed the line. Let me see just how strong you've gotten over these past few years!"

At this moment, his blood energy overflowed into the heavens, shaking the three provinces. It was unknown just how many great sects' experts raised their heads, looking towards this direction. 

At his side, the void split apart, extending who knew how many li and even reaching outer space. The entire world seemed like it was going to shatter. 

At this moment, he was no longer aged, to the extent where his flesh was shining and his body was straight. The black hair on his head fell down, immediately recovering his youthful years. His vitality was extremely rich.

"Amusing, it seems like immortal divine liquid really has displayed its effects. Perfect opportunity to test out my Eight ninth heavens art's power." Qi Daolin said calmly, not fearing the Dao protector of a clan at all. 

Qi Daolin stood in outer space, golden robes fluttering about. He had one hand behind his back, but all around him, endless mist had surged and divine radiance illuminated the world. 

He displayed the Eight ninth heavens art, and the eight most powerful precious techniques he grasped were displayed at the same time, merging together and releasing a great dao sound so loud even the deaf could hear. 

Symbols filled the boundless world. Lightning rushed into the heavens, a True Phoenix roared while carrying flames, a Peng spread its wings, a Heavenly Dragon roared, stars linked up together, forming ripples. Terrifying dao light spread into the distance. 

The Eight ninth heavens art was activated. It carried terrifying energy, merging several precious techniques, allowing their power to layer over each other. It produced all types of shocking scenes!


In the end, the dao protector coughed out large amounts of blood, his entire body flying outwards. All of the most powerful divine abilities were scattered, and he was seriously injured.

Ka cha!

At the crucial moment, he used a life substitution method, using the two horns in his place. In the end, the horns both broke apart, bringing blood with them as they fell. 

The Dao protector quickly headed into the distance, not turning around again!

It wasn't that the Dao protector wasn't strong enough, but rather that the Eight ninth heavens art was too powerful. Moreover, both of them used their most powerful methods to confront each other, so one side was definitely going to lose.

In this type of confrontation, one exchange equalled a thousand. 

"I want to see who still dares to call me little Qi." Qi Daolin descended in front of the mountain gate, saying this to himself.

Shi Hao cursed silently. This old man really was petty. He reckoned that the main reason this dao master displayed his might very well be because the Celestial Clan's Dao protector called him little Qi.

If that Dao protector knew this, he would definitely cough out blood. If he knew this before, he definitely wouldn't have brought about a disaster like this onto himself. 

This mountain region was dead silent. 

Everyone was completely stunned. Qi Daolin defeated the Dao protector of an Emperor Clan? This was definitely a heaven shocking matter!

The old figures all sensed that a great change was happening. The notorious Heavenly deity Qi Daolin, today, was now one of the most powerful sect masters, becoming a giant. 

Meanwhile, his age was far less than those others. This was a huge advantage!


This place erupted with noise

Celestial Clan was alarmed. That Heavenly deity and other disciples' faces all turned white. 

This meant that only the Old Celestial could suppress Qi Daolin, or else there would be no hope at all. However, how much longer will the Old Celestial be alive for?

Qi Daolin had white hair and beard, but his blood energy was actually at his peak. Comparatively speaking, he had just risen up, having more than enough time. He could still live for endless years!

If he wanted to become young, that could be completed in an instant, turning into a robust youth. 

"The Eight ninth heavens art is still quite lacking, not comparable to the Six Dao Reincarnations. I need to improve it." He said to himself with a frown.

Then, Qi Daolin suddenly raised his head. He swept his eyes over all directions. "Today, I am informing the world that Huang is my Supreme Being bloodline's inheritor!"

He spoke seriously. This was clearly for Shi Hao's protection to prevent others from continuously plotting against him. 

"However, I will permit any Supreme expert to come kill him!"

The following sentence left everyone stunned.

"Divine Flame Realm is fine as well! Attack him as you please." Qi Daolin then added. 

When Shi Hao heard this, his eyebrows pinched together. What was this old man trying to say? Was he trying to make the entire world Shi Hao's enemy?

"However, if Heavenly deities tries to harm my disciple with no regard of their own identities, then don't blame this one for being impolite. I will wipe out your sect's dao fate, behad all of your disciples!" Qi Daolin's voice was incomparably great, resounding through heaven and earth. 

Now that things reached this state, everyone understood. 

Qi Daolin wouldn't bother with the struggle between the younger generation, just like how when his two disciples were attacked from all sides thousands of years ago.

However, if Heavenly deities targeted his disciples with no regard for their own identities, then he would definitely pay them a visit and unleash a great slaughter. 

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