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Chapter 783 - Resplendent End of An Age

The mountain region was extremely quiet. Qi Daolin sat on top of a large piece of bluestone, his golden dao robes fluttering about. His hair was pure white. There was an immortal and great aura to his appearance.

However, Shi Hao knew that this old man was quite despicable at times, and even he himself was a 'stolen' disciple. Whenever he thought about this, he would always feel like he was cheated. 

"Dao master, you are so powerful, you should be considered the lord of an area right? How about you just randomly give me a few magical artifacts? My requirements aren't high. Anything you used before, anything that isn't too bad that it wouldn't make that much of a difference for you if you gave away, why don't you give me a few of those?" Shi Hao said. 

Qi Daolin revealed a kind smile. "That's not a big deal at all."

When Shi Hao heard this, he hurriedly added, "Dao master, please don't give me any Heavenly deity magical artifacts. You are already a sect master level figure, so regardless, you have to give me a sect protecting treasure, right?"

Qi Daolin's smile became even more friendly as he said, "Those magical artifacts are for the poverty-stricken."

Shi Hao was shocked, but he felt like something wasn't right. Would the old man be so generous?

"What does this look like to you?" Qi Daolin unfolded his palm, his smile brilliant. Golden dao robes shone. That hand streaked across the void, making the world release weng weng sounds. 

"A concealment magical artifact?" Shi Hao was doubtful as he stared at that palm. It was because he didn't see anything.

"Magical artifacts are too insignificant. What I gift you is far more priceless and great." Qi Daolin said calmly.

"What is it?" Shi Hao asked. 

"The entire world." Qi Daolin said proudly. One hand pointed at the sky, one at the earth. "These are all yours!"

Shi Hao was completely speechless. 

He just knew that this elder had a bad reputation, or perhaps it should be said to be a horrible reputation. With how he conducts himself, it wasn't very likely that he would give Shi Hao a great treasure. Sure enough… this really did leave others feeling duped. 

Qi Daolin's figure was imposing as he said, "Such a large world, one so boundless, you can travel unhindered through the nine heavens and tenth earth. No matter what you want, go look for it yourself!"

"Old man, can you not be so serious? I'm getting goosebumps all over my body…" Shi Hao said with a soft voice.

Qi Daolin immediately yelled, "Idiot disciple, what kind of attitude is this? Did you not see how much thought this master has given into it? Others give rare items, secret treasures, bone books, yet this master gives you the whole world, allowing you to enter the nine heavens and explore the nine underworlds. However large the world is, that should be how vast your heart is, and that will also be how great your future accomplishments will be!"

Shi Hao was silent. This old man really knew how to talk. Moreover, with his secret method that made his body release divine radiance, it really was misleading, giving him a dignified appearance. 

However, he was never someone who would be mislead. The True Primordial Record within his body swirled, and he immediately became clear-headed, not being affected at all. He muttered, "Actually, I only want a single secret treasure. I can use this world to exchange with you." 

"Idiot disciple, you are angering me to death! Back then, your two senior brothers immediately gained flashes of realizations after hearing my speech, their hearts rising into the heavens, eyes brimming with tears, singing loudly how they were going to control the entire world, fight for the top, their heroic spirits were matchless! Look at how you are now? Your awareness is too low!" Qi Daolin felt dejected. 

"Is it really a flash of realization or were they so angry their eyes were full of tears? Why did they never return after they were beaten up by others later on?" Shi Hao said softly. 

"What are you saying? This is too unreasonable! Questioning your dao master, questioning your senior brothers, are you going against the sect?!" Qi Daolin glared at him. Regardless, this old matter lost him quite some face. Even this notorious dao master didn't want to bring this up. 

"Nonsense. Dao master, where did my two senior brothers go? Did you not look for them?" Shi Hao put on a look of desiring to go out and look.

"You better close your mouth. If you bring up this matter again, I will personally kick you out of the sect!" Qi Daolin glared at him. 

"I was just a bit baffled. With dao master's strength, how could the disciples he taught be so lacking? Back then, what kind of figures made those two senior brothers run, abandon the sect to never return?"

"Brat, are you looking for a beating?" Qi Daolin's eyebrows stood on end. 

Even though he knew this mischievous disciple was purposely angering him, he still said a few things about the past. "This time, you might be able to meet that person."

"What? Those two senior brother fellas are still alive? Dao master, you really are weak. If it was me, I would have just directly wiped them out!"

"You disgraceful fool who shames your seniors and ancestors, I am going to oust you!"

"Don't do that! Dao master, you have to have a generous spirit. You were just talking about how your heart needs to be as large as the world, and that's how great your future accomplishments will be!" Shi Hao acted cockily.

"I would never bully others." Qi Daolin said through clenched teeth. 

Soon after, Shi Hao learned that even though they said that it was a group of people that came to attack Supreme Being Dao Rite, it was actually someone else that secretly took action, defeating those two senior brothers. 

That person later on joined the great decisive battle of the three thousand provinces and became number one under heaven!

"An ancient freak… He might have been sealed until this world. You are saying that I might meet him?" Shi Hao rubbed his chin, feeling quite startled.

He felt that there were too many experts in this great decisive battle. With his current undefeated battle record, he still might encounter unimaginably powerful enemies. There would definitely be bloody struggles. 

"Dao master, look, I even defeated the Heaven's mandate legend. You should reconsider things. How far up can I rank now?" Shi Hao said.

Qi Daolin sighed, surprisingly becoming serious. In a deadly earnest tone, he said, "I learned about a few more matters. Try to strive for the top twenty… if you really can't, then do your best to enter the top thirty."

When Shi Hao heard this, his face immediately fell. Last time, he asked him to fight for the top ten, and that if it really couldn't be helped, top twenty. Now, why did this all get pushed back by another ten?

"Old man, what are you trying to say? Aren't you underestimating me too much?" He was quite unsatisfied.

Qi Daolin sighed softly, his expression serious as he said, "It is because I obtained a few secret rumors. Those individuals are truly formidable."

"What rumors?" Shi Hao asked.

"The pile of bone books I gave you, the most stunning geniuses that were recorded, the few that tried to enter the Divine Flame Realm through different paths, did you read them all?"

"Yes!" Shi Hao nodded. Those people were all defeated, and the results were quite miserable, dead or crippled. Those ancient, most stunning unmatched heavenly talents truly were pitiful. 

"Recently, I learned that there are some that didn't die, living within a few forbidden ice caves." Qi Daolin said with a solemn and serious tone. "This means that there are even more ancient monsters, and they are all extremely terrifying!"

Shi Hao was stunned. When he read those bone books seriously, he still felt regret. These heavenly talents that had left a dazzling mark in history had long fallen, unable to compete in this world again, it was too regretful. 

However, now, there were some that might still be alive!

"Why do I feel like the pressure has increased several times? Dao master, you aren't purposely exaggerating things, right?" Shi Hao really felt that this battle was becoming more and more difficult, making him feel quite uneasy. 

Ever since he emerged in this world, he had yet to be defeated!

"For the sake of not crushing your self-confidence, I already spoke quite tactfully. You… don't worry about it too much. The road of life is still long. Your experience is too shallow. After all, they are all freaks that have matured. As long as you grow up, rising up in the future is enough." Qi Daolin said. 

The more Shi Hao listened, the more upset he felt. He shot the old man a sidelong glance. This was still tactful? It was simply jabbing at his nose. 

"Stars will dazzle the skies, all of the most powerful freaks of the ancient times will emerge. Who exactly will it be that rises up to become the great golden sun, shining in the heavens alone and overlooking these stars?" Qi Daolin said to himself. 

"Me of course!" Shi Hao pointed at himself. 

Qi Daolin shook his head and said, "I say Thirty, so you should forget about it and properly establish your foundation. It is enough as long as you work hard to survive."

At the start, Shi Hao didn't understanding the significance of top thirty, but later on, he realized, and then he directly clenched his teeth. This old man was so tasteless, deciding that he would reach thirtieth at most, giving him this small nickname.

"Actually looking down on me so much. When I enter the natural luck battlefield, I'll blast them flying one by one. The freaks that block my path, if they aren't human form, I will cook all of them. Human ones, if they are men, I will suppress and kill, women I will bring back to warm the bed!" Shi Hao said noisily, voicing his great ambition. 

"Having ambitions and dreams is always a good thing, but after you enter the 'Immortal Ancient', it is best if you wake up from your dream a bit earlier. Nothing is more important than being alive." Qi Daolin said with a sigh, seriously warning him that this wasn't a joke, but rather a serious thing. 

It was because there were too many brilliant stars in this world, and the most powerful freaks of the ancient past would emerge.

"Why are they all coming out together? Are they in a rush to reincarnate?" Shi Hao cursed. 

"Didn't I already say that this was the last opportunity? Only when that True Immortal Flower blossoms can one enter 'Immortal Ancient'. The number of times it has blossomed will reach three thousand. The final streak of great dao will be completely burned up, about to wither away." Qi Daolin said.

Shi Hao was shocked, realizing that if he wanted to enter that natural luck world, that flower had to blossom. Only then would a path open. 

The flower would only blossom one last time, and then it would eternally wilt. There were no more opportunities after this era. 

"Moreover, someone has already speculated that with the blossom of this True Immortal Flower, our era might very likely come to an end as well. The future is endless, but the end of this age will arrive." Qi Daolin was extremely calm as his eyes stared into the distant horizon.

"What? End of an age?" Shi Hao was greatly shocked. 

"It might not be the end of an age, but there are taboo existences that had previously joined hands, using up a lot of magical force and time to carry out a deduction. The road ahead is boundless, the future unseeable, which is why everyone wants to strive to pass it. It is only possible through transcendence!"

Shi Hao was completely shocked. He didn't say anything for a long time.

Only after a while had passed did Qi Daolin say with a smile, "Scared now?"

"What is there to be scared of?" Shi Hao was full of confidence. He looked at Qi Daolin and said, "Even though time is endless, the future boundless, one's life should still be lived greatly! Dao master, you are so powerful, so if I act like a devil king, seize the holy ladies of every sect and open the imperial chambers one after another, there should be no problem, right?"

The smile on Qi Daolin's face immediately froze. He then reached out a large hand to slap him, saying, "Idiot disciple, what are you thinking about? I thought you had high fighting spirit, yet you are tell me that you will open up bridal chambers one after another? I was mistaken about you!"

Shi Hao covered his head and snuck away like a rate, beaten until he cried out in pain. He screamed, "This is the majestic dream of my life! You have your own dignity, so I won't have any hope in you anymore! It seems like I can only rely on myself!" 

In the end, Shi Hao was beaten up miserably to the point where he truly couldn't take it any longer. He compromised saying, "Stop hitting me! As for my ideals, I'll think about them later and do it on my own! Right now, there is another matter that I promise you will be interested in!"

Qi Daolin remained unmoved, continuing to beat him. 

"Dao master, do you not want to know where your master went? Don't come begging me after!" Shi Hao cried out with resentment.

Qi Daolin immediately froze. His hand was raised right there, unmoving. His eyes became deep as he stared at Shi Hao, his gaze making him shiver inwardly. 

"Speak… what do you know?" Qi Daolin's voice was trembling, and even his body was shaking slightly.

When Shi Hao saw this, he immediately became calm and unruffled. He first flattened out his clothes, and then with a cough, he cleared his throat. Then… he suffered another slap!

"Damn old man, if you dare to treat me with disrespect, I won't say anything even if I die!" He threatened. 

"Good disciple, this master was wrong. You should speak." Qi Daolin's voice became gentle as he spoke.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, feeling a bit fearful. "Forget it, I'll talk about it. Everything is for my own ideals, going there to seize opportunities and increase my strength." He comforted himself.

He looked at Qi Daolin and said, "After I say this, you must not become stirred up emotionally. If you can't control yourself and run out acting randomly, I'll have to carry on your legacy, quickly becoming Supreme Being Dao Rite's dao master."

"Little bastard, you dare curse me?" Qi Daolin's face darkened.

"Calm down, you have to be calm." Shi Hao said. THen, he waited for a long time to allow Qi Daolin to calm down his mood. Only when he was about to be hit again did he say, "I saw the Three World Copper Coffin, the nine dragons pulling it, stopping in an ancient place."

"What?!" With a teng sound, Qi Daolin's entire body erupted with endless symbols. A wave of terrifying aura rushed through the dome of heaven, tearing apart the skies and shaking the mountain region.

"Stay calm! You cannot act randomly!" Shi Hao said. He truly feared that after this old man was agitated, he would directly run over to open the cauldron.

"Hurry up and talk! What really happened?!" Qi Daolin felt a sense of urgency. 

Shi Hao didn't hide anything, saying everything one after another. When he spoke about how he wanted to slow cook the nine dragons' bones to cook a pot of dragon marrow soup but failed, he didn't forget to curse and express remorse.

"Aiyou, I'm dying of pain!" Shi Hao cried out in torment.

"You little bastard, you won't die from a beating! Daring to eat anything, even daring to stew them?!"

The pitiable Shi Hao suffered another beating, leaving him utterly furious. He complained to the old man, saying he won't bring him there. 

In the end, after this unique pair of master and disciple quarreled noisily, they headed for Fire Province's prairie to open up the Three World Coffin. 

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