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Chapter 777 - Unmatched Huang

Shi Hao's fist was heaven shocking. Golden radiance erupted in all directions, and powerful winds stirred about. A few mountain peaks were uprooted from the ground, unexpectedly pulled up, exploding in midair. 

This was just a pretty and delicate youth, yet the fist he smashed outwards possessed such domineering force!

On the other side, You Yu's body erupted with auspicious light. He slaughtered forward, bone text formed armor covering his body. Divine multicolored light covered the sun, his fist warping the void. 


This was a great collision that shocked the soul. The sound was too great, and divine symbols erupted one after another, engraving themselves in the void. Powerful divine force surged.

At this moment, it was as if the sky and earth were turning upside down! 

The void became indistinct, and the great earth split apart. Black cracks interweaved in the mountain range one after another, tearing apart quite a few mountains. The scene was extremely terrifying, shaking one down to their hearts. 

The two heroes struggled to come out on top, as if they were freeing themselves from the shackles of the world. They were like two True Dragons who broke through their shackles, coming to the present era from the Immortal Ancient era to fight an intense battle. 


Great winds moved. You Yu moved backwards. When the enormous pair of silver wings moved, pure white holy splendor and mists spread outwards, even making a few mountains in the distance tremble.

He was just too powerful! This was the result of evolution after merging with the Heaven's mandate stone. The Heaven's mandate legend made him more powerful than before!

On the other side, Shi Hao stood there unharmed. The corners of his clothes fluttered about, his gaze penetrating. His body was tall and sturdy, bone texts blazing about him. He was calm and unperturbed. 

What kind of power was this? He could actually withstand the Heaven's mandate legend!

It was dead silent, but everyone's hearts were violently beating. What a powerful youth! This declining small monastery actually produced this type of disciple. Were they going against the heavens?

Even now, many people didn't know that this was Huang!

There were many people from the Celestial Clan who felt uneasy. Just how powerful was this opponent? Not even You Yu who underwent this type of transformation could directly suppress him?

Yun Xi's beautiful face was full of shock. Her beautiful eyes flickered about as she stared at the battlefield.

The Celestial Clan's True deities' hearts all released a ge deng sound. Huang was powerful to the point where they felt a tremendous pressure. 

However, soon after, they steadied their minds as well. It was because You Yu hadn't used his Heaven's wings, Heaven's horn, and armor bestowed from above yet. Those were the true killing methods!

"Ignorant, challenging the Heaven's mandate legend. You will die without a proper burial." You Yu said softly. His voice was extremely cold without any emotions, as if he was a master looking down at people from above, one who watched as ordinary people struggled in the world. 

Immediately afterwards, he disappeared. 

He displayed his own innate divine method, dragging Shi Hao into the void cage to carry out a final great confrontation!

Darkness attacked over, cold and silent.

After his first experience, Shi Hao understood his secret. Depriving light, sound, flesh, primordial spirit, and others were just a false pretense. The true nature laid in the Spatial dao. 


Shi Hao was startled. When he supported his only heavenly passage, he felt a tremendous resistance. It was extremely difficult to overcome.

He released a light grunt. The True Primordial Record operated, the bone texts engraving within every inch of his flesh. His body's vital energy quickly climbed to the peak. His entire being began to shine.

Meanwhile, his only heavenly passage finally supported itself. It was like a divine moon, but also like a golden sun. It surrounded him within, resplendent and dazzling. 

You Yu was shocked. His innate divine ability was no longer like before, becoming quite a bit more powerful. The Heaven's mandate legend appeared; it wasn't just words. It really did increase his strength, making his Spatial dao's power increase greatly.

He never expected Shi Hao to be unharmed, continuing to produce that protective barrier. It was extremely bizarre. 

"What kind of domain is this?" He looked at that barrier of light. When his eyes opened and closed, essence radiance shot out. 

"You should make your move. Let me see just how glorious the Heaven's mandate legend really is!" Shi Hao said. The heavenly passage protected him, surrounding him like a blazing sun. Even his hair turned golden.

"Heaven's mandate is unrivaled. You can go on your way!" You Yu had absolute confidence. He released a great shout and unleashed the most terrifying attack.


The pair of dragon horns on his head shone. Two sharp blades flew outwards, hacking through the void and splitting apart heaven and earth. A draconic cry sounded, and it was as if the nine heavens and the tenth earth were shaken. 

This type of aura was too terrifying, rushing over with extreme speed. One hacked towards the space between Shi Hao's brows, while the other aimed for the waist. 

Heaven's horns!

This was the embodiment of Heaven's mandate legend, the horns bestowed by the heavens above. Its power was extremely great, able to easily tear through mountains and rivers. If it was powerful enough, in the future, it could even hack down the sun, moon and stars in an instant!

Shi Hao's eyes were deep. The bone texts within his body rumbled. This time, he didn't use any world changing precious technique, insteads circulating the True Primordial Record. He also used the things he comprehended at the Spiritual Transformation Realm. 

His flesh was sparkling. Thousands to tens of thousands streaks of divine light condensed, forming countless furnaces. Every single one of them was extremely small, and after gathering, they began to flow like blood. 


Shi Hao's hands merged into an imprint. Through the True Primordial Record, he displayed all of the methods he comprehended before. As his blood energy surged, an enormous furnace appeared in front of him. 

This was the result of the primordial symbols condensing. There was a bit of blood energy as well that carried boundless fluctuations. With a kuang dang sound, the furnace's lid was opened, and the two sharp blades were collected. 

Divine flame erupted, heaven and earth swayed.


Shi Hao released a loud shout. Not only did he refine the blades of light, he also stirred on the divine furnace, crushing down towards the heavenly horn on You Yu's head, taking the initiative to attack. 


Heaven's horns displayed their might. Countless blades of light hacked outwards like resplendent starlight. It illuminated this place.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao became indistinct as well. Kengqiang sounds rang unendingly within his body. Immediately after, it was no longer a furnace. There were dao bells, heavenly swords, cauldrons, pagodas, and others. They all took form, rushing forward.

It wasn't just one, but many of them covering this place. All types of magical artifacts appeared, numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands. They were all condensed from bone texts, and right now, they confronted the Heaven's horns. 

This was a great confrontation. The two of them shone, divine radiance rushed into the skies. They rushed forward as well to carry out an intense close combat struggle.

In that instant, they exchanged over a hundred attacks.

"Don't you understand the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, as well as the reincarnation divine ability? Why not use them? I'll take them all on!" You Yu coldly said. 

"I fear that you won't be able to!" Shi Hao said. He didn't want to use them all. Displaying one of them to a realm of perfection was already enough.


You Yu went mad. He used his greatest power, and at this moment, his heavenly armor shone, his entire being seemingly becoming unbreakable. He collided intensely with Shi Hao, causing dang dang sounds to ring through the air. 

Moreover, not only did the horns on his head shine, his hands merged as well, producing one of the Celestial Clan's greatest precious techniques, Heaven's imprint!

Heaven and earth erupted, holy light shot out endlessly. There were symbols everywhere within this void cage. Bone texts and natural laws interweaved; it was incomparably terrifying. 

If one didn't have Shi Hao's single heavenly passage and took his place, they would undoubtedly suffer greatly, being directly suppressed. 

It was because You Yu was the controller of this void cage. It was just like he said. From a certain perspective, he was the lord of this place. 

You Yu's hair flew about chaotically, the holy light on his body becoming more and more rich. His armor released kengqiang sounds, giving Shi Hao a tremendous pressure. The other party's divine armor was too formidable and difficult to break through. 

The two were like True Dragons as they tangled about, viciously tearing at each other. In the blink of an eye, two hundred moves passed. Shi Hao had long used his forbidden precious techniques!

"Kill!" You Yu shouted loudly. His eyes released blazing radiance, appearing a bit ruthless. He used a vicious move to quickly end this battle.

In that instant, his figure appeared everywhere!

Heaven's wings moved about, creating cracks everywhere in the void. Everything was about to be shattered. A pair of silver wings hacked at Shi Hao's flesh like two blades; it was terrifying to the extreme. 

This was the first time Shi Hao was shocked. The space between his thumb and forefinger split open, and blood flowed out. These Heaven's wings were powerful to a ridiculous level.

If not for his flesh reaching the pinnacle, he might have been hacked into two!

You Yu's eyes rapidly shrunk. If it was any other exceptional expert, they would have been hacked through. How could this person take this head on?!

It was because this was not a normal pair of wings, but rather one formed from natural law imprints. They contained the great dao of the Heaven's mandate stone, absolutely invincible!

Shi Hao said coldly, "I've already experienced the Heaven's mandate legend from start to finish. Do you have any other tricks to show me?"

It was an intense battle. The two's great battle had already reached five hundred exchanges.

You Yu's eyes were ice cold. What was the other person trying to say? He was arrogant to an insolent degree. You Yu's armor released kengqiang sounds, and the Heaven's wings moved, about to split the void as he attacked Shi Hao. 


Endless golden flames surged from Shi Hao's body. Like a resurrected demonic god, his Kun Peng technique was raised to its limit. His own vital energy surged, the exhaustion incomparably great. 

On his back, an enormous pair of wings appeared, the golden true feathers carrying black stripes. It swayed gently, unexpectedly producing strands of chaotic energy.

These were the Kun Peng wings. After arriving in the higher realms, Shi Hao didn't truly use its unmatched divine might yet. In the lower realm, they had swept through all enemies, its divine might unmatched!


When the wings behind him formed from bone texts struck each other, the great divine bell of time sounded, erupting with endless symbols. Strands of chaotic energy pervaded the air as well.


Immediately afterwards, these Kun Peng wings moved, hacking forward in an incomparably berserk manner. It made many cracks appear in this void cage, about to blast it apart. 


You Yu moved his Heaven's wings. Silvery-white holy light overflowed into the heavens. It was as if endless starlight fell, gathering together to meet the Kun Peng wings. His eyes carried a burning flame, as well as a type of madness.

This battle might be close to its end. Let's see who is stronger then!


You Yu was stunned, and all of the confidence and excitement froze on his face. His Heaven's wings snapped. The Kun Peng wings that were accompanied by strands of mist hacked through his enormous silver wings, releasing an ear-splitting sound. 


He roared angrily, his head of hair standing on end. His entire body shone, and the heavenly armor rang with zheng zheng sounds. He ferociously charged at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao released a loud shout, standing there without moving. However, the enormous golden wings made of bone texts descended, as if they were hacking down from the clouds and heavens above. 


The unbreakable divine armor revealed cracks after being struck by the Kun Peng wings. It immediately dimmed. 

"What heavenly armor? It's just condensed from bone texts. How can it be unbreakable?" Shi Hao said softly. His body was surrounded by the single heavenly passage, making it seem as if he was standing within a great golden sun. His hair was golden, and the Kun Peng wings behind him were even more resplendent.


You Yu coughed out large mouthfuls of blood before flying outwards. 


You Yu shouted loudly. The armor on his body all came off, turning into piece after piece of bone fragments. They then shone, igniting, and then rushing towards Shi Hao. They were going to explode here.

Shi Hao's pupils contracted. The golden symbols restrained, and then waves of black mists appeared. A great black colored fish emerged, raising a black sea that swept high into the sky, drowning out everything in front.

 He himself moved to the side, dodging outwards. 

This was the other form of the Kun Peng technique. 

Those armor fragments exploded, disappearing, but they were unable to affect the black sea too greatly. It was as if they entered a swamp, only able to create some waves at most. 

All of this was created from bone texts, but it wasn't much different from the real thing.


You Yu roared, using all of his power to ignite his bone texts, forming Heaven's imprint. He also resonated with the void, carrying out the final, most powerful strike.


Shi Hao was fast to the extreme. He displayed the Kun Peng technique again, sparing no effort in this attack. Even he felt that the consumption was too great. The golden feathers slammed down from above as if they were descending from above the clouds. 


You Yu's entire body was covered in blood. His flesh was in tatters as he flew outwards.

Shi Hao followed behind him, restraining the wings formed from bone texts. His fist slammed outwards. Golden light that could blast through the sun and moon immediately pierced through You Yu, making his entire body fly back. Blood splashed high into the air. 

Moreover, this void cage exploded. They fell into the real world. 

Everyone was shocked. They all saw this scene. Shi Hao's fists already blasted You Yu's body half rotten, blood splashing high into the air. 

"Even Heaven's mandate legend… was defeated?!" Everyone was shaken. Many people released a cry of horror.

You Yu's eyes were cold. There was a secret treasure within his body that shone, flying outwards and releasing Heavenly deity might.


However, Shi Hao was fearless. He produced a piece of yellow earth, and with a peng sound, it infected its surface, making that magical artifact's radiance grow dim. 

"Kill him!" Celestial Clan's True deity secretly shouted. They had to take action now, or else You Yu would be in danger.

Meanwhile, Yun Xi and the other people received the order. Divine Flame Realm figures naturally took action as well, rushing forward. 

Shi Hao's divine senses were sharp. He quickly retreated, fast to an inconceivable degree. At the same time, his hand shone, producing a blade. It was incredibly large, stretching several hundred zhang.

With a slight movement, the mountains and rivers lost color, the sun and moon became dim!

"We can't stop him, he's too fast!" Celestial Clan's experts shouted loudly as they watched with widened eyes. 

It was because that was a blade formed from lightning. No matter how fast everyone was, how could they be faster than lightning?!

Shi Hao brandished the lightning blade from several hundred meters out. With a pu sound, You Yu was hacked into two. Blood splashed outwards. The blade radiance restrained, and then it turned into a lightning snake, grabbing a strange stone before rapidly moving backwards into Shi Hao's palm. 

"Huang…" You Yu cried out loudly, color quickly fading from his face, becoming miserably pale. He was hacked at the waist, and he lost his Heaven's mandate stone. This was the same as being crippled!

"What? He is Huang?!"

When the cultivators from all different sects heard this, they were all shocked.

The mountain region found it difficult to calm down. This entire place was boiling with commotion!

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