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Chapter 776 - Heaven's Mandate Legend

"The situation is unstable, is You Yu going to be defeated?!"

Many people widened their eyes. The situation had developed to this state, exceeding everyone's expectations. It all changed just too quickly.

Regardless of whether it was the younger generation or the older figures, they were all shocked. You Yu who didn't have any opponents for dozens of provinces actually suffered such a great loss, seemingly in great danger!

"Cough… pu!"

You Yu staggered backwards, coughing out blood again. His tall and sturdy body had many golden feathers inserted within it. Blood dripped outwards, creating an extremely shocking sight. 

How heroic was he? Ever since he started his path of cultivation, he had always defeated all in his path, rising unstoppably. There had never been anyone that exchanged over a few dozen attacks against him. He was so powerful that the younger generation felt despair. 

Yet today, he was injured so severely!

The Golden Wolf, Sword Palace's holy lady, Crack Demonic Butterfly, Blood Sea young master, Jiaotu and other exceptional talents all revealed strange expressions. The situation seemed to have suddenly changed, leaving them greatly shocked. 

The Celestial Clan were immediately dumbstruck. The younger generation's faces were snow white. Their clan's number one young expert was left in such a miserable state, simply unimaginable. In their hearts, You Yu was always unmatched. 

However, what they saw made their hearts sink, feeling a sense of defeat. The Celestial Clan's hope of resurgence -- You Yu, was going to be defeated?

Celestial Clan's Divine Flame Realm experts' eyes erupted with radiance. Fiery light surged into the heavens and killing intent pervaded the air. They were about to take action to eliminate that pretty and delicate looking youth in front of them.

A small monastery's disciple was actually so domineering!

"We cannot leave him alive!" There were True deities from the Celestial Clan who said coldly. This was what they thought inside and transmitted through their divine senses, sounding in the ears of all of their clansmen. 

This kind of result was an unbearable humiliation. They couldn't allow a youth to stand above the Celestial Clan's number one young supreme being!

However, under everyone's eyes, if they brazenly took action, the effects would be extremely negative. They would most likely be denounced by others and be kicked while they were down by a few great sects. 

"Create a disturbance, and then kill him!" Someone said softly. He wanted to incite the younger generation and make this place chaotic, and then he would secretly take action.

There were quite a few of the Celestial Clan's younger generation whose eyes were red. This was a humiliation. The unmatched hero within their hearts was going to collapse. It was hard for them to accept this. 

"Kill him!" A few people cried out, their hands carrying precious artifacts, about to rush over. 

Yun Xi's clothes fluttered about with the wind, wrapping around her perfect body and setting off wonderful curves. Meanwhile, her head of purple hair also fluttered about, her oval face sparkling white, eyes like gemstones, her nose straight and tall. She was extremely stunning. 

She found it difficult to remain calm. Even the powerful You Yu was defeated, it really was unexpected, making her moved. Celestial Clan's younger generation's glory was going to dim from this battle?

How could this shoddy small monastery produce such a powerful disciple? Her heart was rising and falling violently as she looked at You Yu, and then at that pretty and delicate youth. 

"Yun Xi, take action as well." A True deity said secretly, having her produce the secret treasure she was bestowed by the clan's higher levels.

When Yun Xi heard this, her expression went sluggish, feeling hesitation. However, the clansmen urged her again, telling her that she had to take action urgently to disturb the peace of this place.

Her fair shining face was full of hesitation. Even though she was a member of the Celestial Clan and should obey orders, and swiftly take action, this really wasn't very honorable. 

"Hurry up, there isn't enough time!" A clan elder roared.

Yun Xi's palm shone. An item appeared, surging with auspicious radiance, appearing like a lotus flower, sparkling and brilliant between her fingers. This was a sacred object bestowed by a Heavenly deity!

She knew how powerful this secret treasure was. Attacking like this would likely even kill a True deity. 

Suddenly, ripples appeared from the distance. Mysterious fluctuations appeared. A woman looked over from that direction, elegant and aloof, her white clothes fluttered about, as if a cold beauty was descending into the world of mortals. 

Yun Xi saw Qing Yi. Ripples appeared within her heart. The words that they had exchanged earlier in Goddess Academy appeared within her mind, leaving her a bit distracted. Her thoughts were complicated. Back then, that exceptional white clothed youth had voiced the unfairness Shi Hao received.

That white clothed young lady was smiling faintly, a green flame appearing between her brows like an imprint. It radiated brilliantly, releasing a mysterious and terrifying fluctuation. 

Apart from this, Qing Yi pulled over Feng Wu, as well as a few elders from Goddess Academy.

Yun Xi was stupefied. Was the other party standing against them, going to stop Celestial Clan from taking action?

"Elders…" Yun Xi turned around to look at her clan's deities. 

"What else is there to hesitate over? Could it be that you want to watch You Yu die in battle, our Celestial Clan humiliated?" A Divine Flame Realm experts' face revealed an ugly expression.

Suddenly, the bodies of all of the divine level experts from the Celestial Clan trembled, their expressions changing at the same time. Then, they widened their eyes, gazing towards the battlefield.

It was because at this moment, they heard a heaven shocking piece of news that exploded like thunder by their ears. That was You Yu secretly sending them a message, warning them. 

"He is Huang, Shi Hao who came from the lower realm!"

You Yu's entire body was covered in injuries and dripping with blood. The golden true feathers were unstoppable, piercing through his flesh. Some of them even nailed into his bones.

His hair was standing in anger. The other person stole their world shocking immortal treasure from their divine cave, and then continuously killed their clan's heroes. This was an undisguised provocation and humiliation!

"If it really is him, then there's nothing to be said. Don't feel any restraining fear and directly wipe him out!" There were True deities who spoke, immediately erupting with killing intent, no longer holding themselves back. They were going to take action with full force.

"No!" You Yu stopped them. He wanted to personally kill Huang, to have Shi Hao's corpse lay at his feet. He couldn't be defeated by this person. He was going to redeem his own dignity. 

"What are you saying?!" The True deity frowned inwardly, revealing discontent. They already knew that person's identity, so how could they still sit still?

"This is my battle! I do not want you all to take action. I am going to put in my all and rise with this battle!" You Yu said. If he was defeated today, what kind of face would he have left?

He was the Celestial Clan's number one expert. Even if he lost in the great battle of three thousand experts, he still couldn't be defeated under the hands of Huang who the entire Celestial Clan was against. He couldn't swallow this humiliation. 

Regardless, he had to win, cutting Shi Hao down before him, using this to truly wash away the humiliation he suffered from just now!

In addition, from the present situation, it was already enough that he revealed Shi Hao's identity to the clansmen. What followed now was only the battle between him and Huang. 

You Yu had long withdrew far enough. His body flickered with symbols, becoming incomparably dazzling, burning the Kun Peng true feathers and dissolving this great pain. 

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. If it were other supreme experts, they would have died a long time ago, let alone trying to live and neutralize it. However, You Yu was unexpectedly still holding on. 

One has to understand that those weren't true feathers but bone texts that carried Kun Peng power. They began to shine as soon as they penetrated the other party's flesh, trying to tear the other party apart.

Even powerful exceptional talents would find it difficult to live!

You Yu was too special. Even though cracks appeared in his flesh, he forcefully suppressed the injuries. A great dao divine bell sound rang from from within his body, ear-splitting and deafening. 

This was not only because his secret methods were shocking, but because there was something within his body as well that was helping him neutralize this hopeless situation, avoiding this difficult trial. 

Shi Hao walked over, pressing forward. 

You Yu took steps backwards, his figure becoming blurry and quickly disappearing from this place. He displayed the Void dao, the divine art bestowed onto him by the heavens. If he carefully hid and concealed himself, it would be difficult to find or approach him. 


Suddenly, a wave of holy light rushed out from You Yu's body.

There was a strange stone within his body that released auspicious radiance. It was scarlet red, then surging with purple energy, then spotlessly white like jade. It made this place incredibly resplendent. 

You Yu's body shone, illuminating the heavens. Vast, holy, grand, solemn, there was an extremely powerful aura. Everything originated from that strange stone. 


All of the Kun Peng true feathers that pierced into his body were forced out, fired out back into the void and turning into bone texts, becoming energy that ultimately dissipated. 

"That's… Heaven's mandate stone!"

Everyone widened their eyes. They saw that in his shining body was a strange stone that released auspicious multicolored radiance, lightning up this place until it became divine and auspicious. There was a great dao ringing through this place. 

Many people's eyes became red. This type of thing was a rare object, and every single piece could create an exceptional expert. No one could forget the archaic six great celestials' legend.

It was precisely because of the six Heaven's mandate stones that an unmatched Emperor Clan was ultimately created!

"What a pity, once the Heaven's mandate stone starts to merge with a person, even if one seizes it, it won't merge with the body of another. It has already chosen its owner."

"However, after polishing it, it should still be a divine object."

You Yu underwent a shocking transformation. His injuries closed, his bones connected, healing the injuries created by the Kun Peng true feathers. In addition, every inch of skin and bone was shining. 

Everyone sighed with astonishment. This strange stone really was an item of natural luck.

Heaven's mandate stone, its name wasn't randomly given, but instead had a deep meaning. Those that obtained it would receive something similar to the heavens' acknowledgement, representing the heaven's mandate. 

Having a Heaven's mandate stone was equal to having several lives. As long as it was still there, one could quickly recover. Additionally, it had true meaning contained within, as well as strange matter that would allow one to undergo a perfect evolution. 

The value of this item was unimaginable!

The mountains were clamoring with noise. Many people shouted outwards, the noise trembling the sky. 

Not only was it because the Heaven's mandate stone was precious, but also because the two were about to fight again.

"Just a stone, what is so special about it?" Shi Hao said calmly. He pressed forward, his hair naturally scattering down on his chest and back. His eyes were bright, full of confidence. 

"Your ignorance will be your end." You Yu said coldly. His voice was low like thunder, echoing throughout this mountain region.;

His body shone, recovering its peak state. Auspicious energy surged; he was clearly different. 

"Yi, something isn't right, You Yu he… underwent some type of transformation!" Even Celestial Clan's people revealed looks of shock, let alone the others. 

"All of you, back off. Don't take action." At this moment, Celestial Clan's True deities revealed strange looks, having Yun Xi and the clan's young disciples not to act rashly. It was because they felt something. Their eyes were burning with radiance, revealing a hint of expectation. 

On another mountain peak, the green flame between Qing Yi's brows faded as well, recovering its tranquility. Her beautiful eyes were clear as she stared at the pair of young supreme beings on the battlefield. 


Something shocking happened. Silver radiance erupted from You Yu's back, rushing into the heavens like a volcano, shocking everyone. It scattered all of the nearby clouds.

A pair of silver wings appeared behind him. They were incredibly large and swirling with holy radiance. They were incredibly magnificent, the pure white splendor they scattered down like countless stars that arranged themselves in the sky.

"Heaven's wings!" A Divine Flame Realm expert from Celestial Clan said with a trembling voice. 


You Yu's body roared like a tsunami. That was his blood moving, unexpectedly producing this type of power, leaving some people so shaken they couldn't stand still. 


A pair of dragon horns appeared above his head. 

"Heaven's horns!" A True deity from Celestial Clan was moved. His body was lightly trembling. 


Immediately afterwards, armor appeared piece by piece on You Yu's body. They sparkled with brilliance, condensed from symbols, not tangible matter. 

"Divine armor bestowed by the heavens, it formed! He advanced to this type of state!" Many of Celestial Clan's elders trembled, feeling incomparably excited.

Then, they seemed to have calmed down, no longer feeling anxiety or worry. They backed off to watch the battle.

"This is the rumored… Heaven's mandate legend?" The cultivators of every clan didn't understand. Soon after, they woke up, remembering the Celestial Clan's legend. 

Obtaining the heaven's mandate stone and merging with it was equivalent to obtaining the heaven's acknowledgement, and the geniuses that had talent could evolve a step further, undergoing a few changes. Their abilities would increase greatly.

If one could obtain Heaven's wings, Heaven's horn, and wear divine armor, they would be able to dominate the rest of the world!

These changes were known as -- Heaven's mandate legend. 

Since the ancient times, the number of those that could carry out the Heaven's mandate legend were few and far between. However, they were all exceedingly powerful!

"Accept death!" You Yu rushed over. The armor covering him released divine radiance. He quickly rushed over, slaughtering towards the great enemy before him. 

"No matter how powerful you are, you are only recreating the archaic six celestials' glory. What does that amount to? I am going to suppress you!" Shi Hao said. His face was calm, his eyes deep without a trace of fluctuation. 

He was just too calm, content and without fear. He was full of self-confidence!

Everyone was greatly shaken. Even someone that displayed Heaven's mandate legend appeared, yet he still acted so carefree. What kind of freak was he exactly?

Shi Hao stood in his original place, unmoving like a mountain. In the end, he directly brandished his fist, sending golden radiance flying everywhere, trembling the heavens!

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