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Chapter 778 - Attention From All Sides 

Huang, a name full of bewitching power!

Now that his identity was leaked, there was a hubbub of voices. Everyone was shocked, and shouts of clamoring rushed into the clouds.

"How could it be him? The disciple of a small shoddy monastery was actually Huang?!"

This was truly shocking news. The uproar that resulted was deafening. Many people felt their blood flow quicker. Their eyes widened as they stared at the pretty and delicate youth in front of them. 

From ordinary cultivators to Supreme experts, then to deities, men, women, old, and young were all deeply shaken. This really was shocking. A great stream of heat surged within them.

"Heavens, he's Huang! We finally met him! He actually has this type of methods, heaven defying after all!"

Many people cried out loudly, feeling that this was inconceivable. 

The news were too shocking. The truth came too suddenly! No one was prepared inwardly. After suddenly discovering this result, they all felt that this was hard to take in. 

Huang rose up in Five Elements Province, fighting a great battle against the exceptional talents of all clans, his name shaking dozens of provinces. Later on, there were gratitudes and grudges with Celestial Clan, and it was rumored that many sect masters even traveled there, as a result producing an unstable situation within the City of Heaven. 

Now, he came here, his identity exposed, and naturally became the focal point of everyone's attention. Everyone began to discuss, their eyes widening as if they were looking at a monster. 

"Killed Underworld Child, Sun God Vine, cooked Purple Golden True Hou, defeated Immortal Palace's inheritor, killed a War King… one after another, his battle accomplishments are too splendid!"

"Now, he defeated You Yu, killing Celestial Clan's number one young supreme being. It truly is divine valiance!"

Many youngsters' eyes burned with passion, their bloods surging. Their eyes carried reverence as they looked towards that youth. For them, this was the most exceptional expert in their generation. 

"Didn't I say before? He is so handsome, his temperament so outstanding like an immortal. How could he be the scum that those people are talking about? He was just temporarily staying within the declining small monastery. He is Huang!"

The eyes of a few female students from Goddess Academy shone. They clenched their pretty fists, their expression greatly stirred up. Earlier, they had a dispute with others precisely because of this. 

"Too powerful. He is Huang! Even the Heaven's mandate legend was toppled by him. Heaven warping divine being!"

Many people became extremely excited, and some of them felt a bit of reverence, others fear. When they saw the powerful youth on the battlefield, they found it difficult to calm down. 

If we were to talk about who was the most depressed at this moment, it would be the Celestial Clan. At this moment, it was as if they had set foot in an endless abyss, the world spinning around them as everything before them turned black. 

This result left them shocked. They were filled with shame. It was actually like this, with even You Yu defeated, almost directly dying miserably on the spot. 

The divine level experts were all shining, flames burning and killing intent surging into the heavens. Just now, they actually attacked thin air, unable to surpass that youth in speed. They could only watch as his blade descended. 

"Ah…" there were deities that roared, their head of hair dancing about chaotically. They felt incomparable fear and released unending killing intent, making the leaves of tens of thousands of trees fall. 

Someone carried You Yu, quickly helping him treat his injuries, stopping the lightning bone texts from corroding his body and preventing his death. 

You Yu lost half his body, and blood was flowing everywhere. His face was extremely pale. He was an exceptional young expert, his aura originally devouring mountains and rivers, able to overlook the outstanding talents of all sects, yet in the end, he suffered such a great defeat, dropping to this state.

For the Celestial Clan's younger generation, the mental blow was great. That blade simply hacked down on their confidence, destroying the pride of an Emperor Clan, cutting down the archaic brilliance!

The exceptional talent of an Emperor Clan, one that merged with the Heaven's mandate stone and even established the Heaven's mandate legend was someone that already became the most powerful. However, he was still cut down. How terrifying was this?

You Yu wasn't a normal person. He was already the one that could best represent the Celestial Clan. At his peak state, he was cut down by another in a clean and tidy manner. This type of mental blow was too great.

This was a blow that hit their clan where it hurt the most, destroying a type of conviction!

"Ah… this can't be true!" A few youngster cried out loudly, unable to accept this reality. 

Many people looked in that direction, feeling a bit of sympathy for the Celestial Clan. They could have provoked anyone, yet they ended up encountering this kind of monster. This battle was about to defeat the dao hearts of their clan's entire younger generation!

Within the Celestial Clan, Yun Xi was shocked. She never thought that this would actually be Huang, that youth who came from the lower realm -- Shi Hao. Her wonderful body trembled, her heart in chaos. 

Earlier, You Yu had secretly transmitted a message, informing the clan's divine level experts that the one he was fighting was Huang. However, the younger generation, including Yun Xi, were not aware of this. 

At this moment, the great battle ended. Huang's identity was now truly revealed. Only now did Yun Xi understand. She couldn't help but tremble as she looked at the youth in front of her. 

Rising up in the lower realm, laughing and mischievous as he went on his journey, angering man and god alike. He previously showed the power of a devil king, yet was also berated as a rascal. He had even left sorrowfully like a hero to kill seven deities in a final desperate effort…

This youth had always acted straightforwardly, forging ahead, relying on himself to slaughter his way into the higher realms, establishing the name Huang that dazzled all eyes and startled all great sects. 

Yun Xi was speechless, her beautiful appearance full of complex emotions. Shi Hao had escorted her for hundreds of thousands of li, paying the cost of blood to do so, yet he became a prisoner of the Celestial Clan. Now, he was actually here, the two of them encountering each other in this type of situation. Shi Hao was ridiculously powerful, cutting down the Celestial Clan's exceptional heavenly talent You Yu, making tremendous waves rise and fall within Yun Xi's mind…

In the distance, Qing Yi had a faint smile on her face. She wore white clothes, her beautiful hair gentle and supple, her eyes clear, appearing peaceful and otherworldly. She looked calmly at the figure on the battlefield. 

She knew that this youth definitely had powerful methods and wouldn't be defeated. Even if he encountered the Heaven's mandate legend, he could still protect himself. It was because she understood this fella too well. As expected, this was the case. 

"Junior sister Qing Yi, could it be that you already knew that he was Huang?" Feng Wu asked.

"Just guessed a few things correctly." Qing Yi said with a smile.

"What a pity… He originally successfully ascended the heavenly staircase and was about to enter my Goddess Academy, yet something unexpected happened." An elder was beating his chest and stamping his feet in anger, feeling incomparable regret. He understood all of the inside details. 

However, what could they say? He was seized by that notorious fella, so how could they hope to get this person back?!

"What? He is Huang, the one that ascended my Goddess Academy's Heavenly staircase?" When a few students heard this, they were all shaken up. They began to reveal a dumbstruck expression. 

"This great senior brother…" Many people were speechless. They had previously showed him disdain, wanting to muster large forces to suppress this dishonorable fella. How could they have known that his identity was so great? The so-called small shoddy monastery's disciple was just a cover. He truly couldn't be provoked!

"He passed Goddess Academy's Heavenly staircase?!" When the cultivators of all sects heard this, another uproar was created. This place was extremely noisy.

It was because Goddess Academy was too well known. Their greatest test had naturally drawn the interests of a few other sects, and they had previously learned about it in detail. Who didn't understand the difficulty of the Heavenly staircase? During these endless years, no one could make it through this trial.

"Correct, it is because he is Huang, and that is why he is so powerful. Being able to succeed is still within reason!"

Following their shock, they all became relieved again. It was only because this person was Huang; it was already enough.

From a certain perspective, everyone acknowledged him, believing that Huang could rank at the very top of the young outstanding talents in the higher realms. 

In that instant, everyone looked over towards that figure. 

Above the mountain region, Shi Hao stood there with the strange stone in his hands. It was full of different colors, releasing a dazzling rain of light that rushed into the clouds, surrounding this place. It was spotlessly white like jade, then scarlet red like the sunset glow, then purple energy surged.

Heaven's mandate stone; it was only the size of a fist, but the fluctuations it released were extremely terrifying. It was as if great waves were surging, making the ancient trees in this mountain region rise and fall, sway back and forth. 

Moreover, its radiance was just too brilliant. When it was scarlet, it would dye the entire heavens red, when it was purple, it was as if purple energy rose from the east, as if great clouds were falling downwards. 

Holy energy pervaded the air. Brilliance was released in tens of thousands of streaks, erupting from within Shi Hao's palm.

Needless to say, this was an exceptional divine object!

Shi Hao had without a doubt become the center of attention, becoming the focal point of all sect's experts. 

"Huang, temperament despicable, methods cruel. Targeting and offending my Celestial Clan again and again. Today, we cannot tolerate you remaining alive in this world!"

A cold voice sounded. It was precisely Celestial Clan's experts. Divine flames leapt, burning ferociously. Waves of killing energy pervaded the air as well. 

Everyone's hearts jumped. They knew that what had to happen was going to happen. 

Huang and the Celestial Clan were like water and fire. Everyone here knew about this. How could there be any kindness left?

Right now, the Celestial Clan was angered from head to toe, fury and killing intent rushing into the heavens. Just now, they didn't rashly take action and just coldly watched.

When they were in a rush to take action before, that was because they worried that You Yu might be defeated. Now that everything had settled, taking action sooner or later was the same. 

They weren't able to rescue You Yu, only able to watch as he was hacked at the waist, losing the Heaven's mandate stone. The Celestial Clan's younger generation experts felt great pain inwardly, feeling incomparably furious. 

"Still throwing mud at my body, do you all still want any face? So hypocritical. Can you even give me an example of how I've treated you all unfairly?!"

That youth was incomparably calm. His only heavenly passage shone, enveloping him like a golden sun. His entire being was resplendent and powerful, as if he was a war immortal. 

"You sneaked into my City of Heaven, innate nature despicable, desiring my clan's supreme treasure,the Flying Immortal stone, and then afterwards, you even slandered my clan. Now, you came to Fire Province, cruelly slaughtering my clan's experts and destroying our divine mines! Your conducts and deeds anger man and god alike, devoid of all humanity. You deserve the wrath of heaven!" A deity said coldly.

On the mountains, there were too many cultivators from all different sects. There were figures everywhere, and they were all speaking softly.

Recently, these matters had stirred up a huge hubbub of activity. Many people had heard about it. 

"I heard that Celestial Clan was scheming against his precious techniques." 

"This time, Huang truly was fierce, unleashing a slaughter alone, destroying Celestial Clan's divine mines. His methods are shocking."

There were some who devaluated, while others showed support. There were too many creatures, so there was no way they all thought the same thing. However, there was no way paper could wrap around fire. As for what the truth really was, it would be revealed sooner or later. 

"Ridiculous. I saved your clan's heavenly woman, but I was imprisoned within your City of Heaven, locked way in the black prison all because your clan plotted after my precious techniques. Is there anything more shameless than this, a clan that kicks their benefactors in the teeth?!" Shi Hao loudly berated.

From a few experts' perspective, there was no need for arguments, only action mattered. However, Shi Hao believed that by denouncing and saying this to the Celestial Clan's face, even if it wasn't the truth and fake, it would still make people think and from there on discuss this matter. In the end, the Celestial Clan's face would be covered in grime, badly burned from head to toe. 

In the distance, Yun Xi lowered her head, her face red, feeling extremely uncomfortable inside. 

Shi Hao continued, "The divine mines were destroyed by me. I was just collecting a bit of interest from you. However, your Celestial Clan truly is declining, called an Emperor race in vain. Your so-called experts are all like dogs and chickens, and even your so-called young supreme being is so lacking, unable to take a single blow!"

When these words sounded, the Celestial Clan's faces fell ashen. They were simply going to explode from anger, so furious their bodies were shaking. 

Everyone even more so erupted into commotion. This powerful youth truly wasn't polite, daring to say anything, poking at the Celestial Clan where it hurt. Where were they even supposed to keep their faces? They were truly humiliated to no end!

Moreover, it was difficult to refute any of this.

It was because who didn't know about Huang stirring up chaos in Fire Province, turning the grassland upside down, making the Celestial Clan suffer great losses? Even Heavenly deities were startled, hurrying over to save the scene. 

As for the Celestial Clan's young heroes being greatly defeated, that was even harder to retort. Everyone saw it with their own eyes just now. 

Right now, Huang was taking the lid off of scars, it truly was vicious, making them feel even worse than killing them. Their clan felt a severe sense of defeat, and an even greater sense of humiliation.

In fact, these simple words Shi Hao spoke possessed even more destructive force than those battles, the destructions of the divine mines, as well as the defeat of You Yu!

The eyes of many people from the Celestial Clan went red, finding this difficult to endure. They wanted to go crazy and roar towards the sky!

Sometimes, a few words from the mouth would be more destructive than the full powered strike of a sect master. It would make a sect feel defeated and humiliated. Right now, many people from the Celestial Clan were trembling and clenching their fists tightly. 

"Little monster, your mouth is full of nonsense. Slandering my clan, forget about everything else, just from your baseless destruction of my clan's divine mines, and slaughtering my clansmen, we cannot tolerate you living another day in this world!" Someone roared. 

"Yun Xi, take out your Heavenly deity magical artifact and kill him!" A higher level figure said to her secretly, telling her to take action. 

Yun Xi's body trembled. She suddenly raised her head.

"This is my clan's humiliation. If someone of your generation can kill him, we can preserve a bit of face. That voice said coldly.

Yun Xi was shaken. In the end, she raised her head and looked towards that youth.

At the same time, Shi Hao sensed something as well, turning towards this direction. 

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