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Chapter 775 - This Old One is Huang

Bone texts covered this place densely. Tribulation lightning poured down from the heavens like starry streams, drowning You Yu within. This was completely a punishment from heaven. 

"Heaven's imprint!"

You Yu shouted loudly. He had a bad feeling, activating the Celestial Clan's restricted precious technique again. His hands merged together, producing endless symbols. They erupted outwards, pouring out like a great sea with him at the center.


This place was covered in a boundless expanse, and nothing could be seen any longer. Everything was covered in bone texts. 

Below, there were a few great mountains that melted like ice and snow, quickly crumbling apart before disappearing, turning into ashes under the two great precious techniques. 

The backs of everyone watching this battle felt ice-cold. They couldn't help but take steps backwards. Many of them were trembling with fear. What kind of heavenly might is this? They were all Supreme experts, yet how many of them could take on these attacks?


This place trembled. The void became blurry, deforming severely. It wa as if everything was going to explode. 

When the curtain of light disappeared, You Yu's hair scattered about, his eyes ice-cold as he stared forward. His hand was dripping with blood, the same hand that an injury appeared on before.

After experiencing this great collision, that injury split apart again, unable to heal. Bright red radiance erupted, a sinister demonic force within the blood. 

Shi Hao was calm, his body perfectly fine, but inwardly shocked. This was the first time he displayed the precious technique recorded on the bone piece, and currently it was still incomplete, unable to display its true power.

If it was completely restored, it would be called Heaven's hand.

When he was borrowing Celestial Clan's immortal melody for comprehending the dao, even though it made the imprints of this precious technique appear again within his flesh, there were still a few bone texts that were indistinct, not completely comprehended. He needed time. 

"What a pity, it is still lacking a bit. Otherwise, it would have already blasted You Yu's body apart!"

Shi Hao admitted that he had underestimated this individual before. He was worthy of being an exceptional talent of the Celestial Clan. After merging with the Heaven's mandate stone, he became a terrifying enemy.

In reality, You Yu was quite shocked. This was just a shoddy small monastery, so how could this type of inheritor appear?!

In the distance, the Celestial Clan found it difficult to calm down. Heaven's imprint was known as the most powerful 'heaven art', and now that You Yu underwent a perfect transformation, his cultivation became quite a bit stronger, this type of overlaying effect was definitely enough to overlook normal exceptional talents!

However, this obscure and unknown youth before him was unexpectedly so difficult to deal with. His right hand was dripping with blood, the injury difficult to heal. This was just too shocking. 

Everything was quiet. This result exceeded the predictions of every cultivator here. The inheritor of this shoddy monastery was powerful to a ridiculous degree. Not even the number one young supreme being of an Emperor Clan could suppress him. 

"Enough. It will end here!" You Yu said. His aura surged, erupting with the most shocking divine force fluctuations, making the earth below split apart and the distant mountain peaks crack. The heavens began to distort. His aura was extremely powerful, and in an instant, it was as if an enormous prehistoric beast, a True Dragon was waking, about to throw the world into chaos. 

Everyone's hearts trembled, their souls shaking as well. 

However, in that instant, this type of terrifying aura disappeared, coming quickly but leaving quickly as well. 

At the same time, You Yu disappeared from this world, his figure becoming blurry and completely disappearing. 

What was going on? Everyone was stupefied as they looked around for him. 

"You Yu is an exceptional talent. This is his precious technique, and now, he is displaying it!" Someone knew the truth.

The cultivators from various sects were shaken. This type of precious technique was extremely special, unexpectedly allowing him to disappear from heaven and earth. It was so powerful that not even the deities could discover his whereabouts.

Moreover, this was just a fraction of his precious technique. There was definitely thunderous might!

Many people trembled inwardly. This type of divine ability was impossible to defend against. If You Yu used this to deliver a killing blow, who could defend against him?

However, there were also a few people who became excited, for example, the Golden Wolf, Demonic Crack Butterfly, Jiaotu, Blood Sea young master, and others. They finally saw the divine ability bestowed by the heavens onto the Celestial Clan's exceptional talent!

The reason why these young outstanding talents came was precisely to learn more and observe carefully. They now saw You Yu's precious technique. 

Apart from them, the Celestial Clan were also excited and moved. They finally witnessed their clan's young supreme being display his might. This battle was most likely going to conclude.

Even though these people hadn't seen it before, they knew how terrifying You Yu's precious technique was. That was the unmatched technique most suited to him!

Yun Xi's purple clothes fluttered about, her appearance extremely beautiful, her figure impressive. Right now, her face was calm as she quietly watched the battlefield. 

On the other side, Yue Chan was elegant and outstanding, her expression quiet and peaceful. There wasn't a trace of worry. 

Shi Hao was unmoving like a mountain. While standing in the void, he overlooked the mountains and rivers, saying, "You Yu, this is your methods? To hide in the darkness?"

"I am looking down on you from the heavens. Everything should end here!" You Yu's voice sounded, but it was unknown which direction it came from.


Suddenly, a shocking fluctuation erupted in the void. Shi Hao felt sharp pain from his eyes. There were unexpectedly strange symbols used on his body.

"Heaven's judgment -- depriving light!"

You Yu's voice sounded, cold and ruthless, as if he was going to wipe out everything. It was as if he was high up above and carrying out a terrifying ruling. 

Shi Hao's eyes were in sharp pain. The radiance before his eyes retreated, and endless darkness surged over. He blasted his fist outwards, striking towards the source of the voice. However, he didn't make contact with anything. 


On the contrary, a ferocious magical imprint struck over, fierce and domineering, blasting towards the back of his head. It was incomparably terrifying; bone texts poured out like a sea. 

Even though everything before Shi Hao's eyes was black, unable to see anything else, there was no way he would be easily struck like that. He quickly moved out of the way.

"Heaven's judgment -- depriving sound!" You Yu's cold voice sounded again. A strange magical law appeared, surrounding this heaven and earth.

Shi Hao discovered that all sounds disappeared. The entire world was quiet and deathly still. His ears went deaf. 

"Do you have any final words?"

Within this dark and cold world, Shi Hao could only hear You Yu's words. His senses couldn't capture any other sounds or scenery. 

This type of precious technique was extremely strange. It unexpectedly deprived one of their five senses!

"Heaven's judgment -- depriving flesh!" You Yu's voice sounded again. This was a killing blow. The true danger arrived, surrounding him. Bone texts were everywhere. 


Even though Shi Hao couldn't see or hear, he felt a sense of danger from deep inside. Symbols appeared on the surface of his body. His hands formed imprints, ready to face the attack at any moment.


It was as if a divine hammer struck down on every inch of Shi Hao's flesh. Those symbols were everywhere, attacking his flesh from all angles to pulverize him into bloody paste.

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. Even with his body protecting bone texts surging and his hands forming fist imprints, bombarding outwards, he still wasn't able to defend himself. 

The other party's precious technique was extremely special. There were no holes, and everything was used on a single person to wipe him out. 

This was different from the past!

Shi Hao seemed to have felt an enormous demonic disk appear in the air, swirling here to crush his flesh. It was terrifying to the extreme. 

In reality, there really was a demonic disk like this formed from bone texts, depriving Shi Hao of his flesh, displaying the terrifying nature of this precious technique. 


Shi Hao roared loudly. Heavenly calamity lightning appeared again, appearing everywhere, attacking all sides indiscriminately. This was originally a wide range forbidden great divine ability.

"Your struggle is futile! This is the world's ruling, seizing light and sound, erasing your flesh to wipe you out." You Yu said coldly. 

It was unknown where he was. It was as if he was an otherworldly deith that overlooked a forlorn mortal. 


Heavenly calamity lightning erupted, blasting apart the demonic disk, making the bone texts dim quite a bit. It was no longer able to truly destroy Shi Hao's flesh. 

"Heaven's judgment -- depriving primordial spirit!" You Yu shouted. This time, he was serious and cold, using even more terrifying methods to push his precious techniques to the limit.

With a weng sound, the space between Shi Hao's brows experienced great pain. His primordial spirit was unexpectedly going to be pulled out from his skull, separating from the flesh. 

This was an extremely serious matter. Once the two separated, he would definitely be in great danger. His flesh would definitely be thoroughly destroyed by the other party, and while separated from the shell, the primordial spirit was like a plant without roots. 

What kind of strange divine ability was this?

Shi Hao faced this technique. Even now, he was unable to make sense of this matter. The other party seemed to be invisible, and precious techniques came from all directions, all targeted at his body. It was difficult for him to free himself. 

Meanwhile, he wanted to attack the other party, yet he couldn't find a target. This left him in an extremely defensive state.


Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood, because depriving light, sound, and flesh were still ongoing. Together with the depriving primordial spirit, dealing with all of it left him quite drained. 

Shi Hao's flesh was crushed by the demonic disk and being viciously grinded. His primordial spirit was wrapped around by a divine chain and pulled on. A divine ruling to execute him was going to be carried out. 

"Why can't I injure him?" Shi Hao asked himself. He was injured, blood trickling out from his body, but it wasn't so bad as to injure his core. 

A formless screen of light appeared. His only heavenly passage vaguely formed. 

However, this first heavenly passage wasn't completely opened, because it felt a wave of pressure. He had to break past that void pressure in order to truly appear.

In that instant, a streak of light flew past his mind. He now completely understood. The so-called depriving light, sound, flesh, primordial spirit and others were all illusions that misguided him.

The other's true precious technique was related to space!

This flash of comprehension made Shi Hao understand that he had entered a void cage. All of the so-called attacks from the other party were just words to misguide him. The true precious technique was the spatial dao!

This really was extraordinary. If one couldn't wake up from this, they would definitely die without understanding why. It was just too misleading, and even powerful exceptional talents wouldn't be able to understand.

Upon understanding what was happening, Shi Hao entered a state of comprehension. He knew that to break through this method, the most effective method was to break through this cage with his most powerful divine ability.


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, displaying his unmatched precious technique -- reincarnation!

At this moment, not only did this display a power of time, there was also a domineering divine force. It was a fist condensed with the power of time. His fist erupted with tens of thousands of streaks of radiance as it blasted towards the heavens. 


You Yu coughed out blood. He revealed a look of shock. The other party actually understood the secret of his precious technique, breaking through his imprisonment, shaking up his core precious technique. 

The void trembled, making him suffer damage as well. His body swayed, blood flowing from his mouth and dying his clothes red. 

The void was broken through, and cracks appeared. The spacial cage became unstable, Shi Hao immediately recovered his sight, sound was restored to his ears, and his primordial spirit stabilized. Everything was restored. 

"You actually saw through it!" You Yu wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. His powerful body shone, erupting with terrifying energy. His power could rapidly increase. 

"This is the spatial cage I opened. As long as I will it, I can trap you for an eternity. In this place, I am the law. You can forget about leaving!" You Yu said coldly. 

The crowd was nowhere in sight. This place was isolated from the outside world!

You Yu rose into the air and looked down at Shi Hao from above. "Under the effects of the Void dao, I am the lord, while you are just a prisoner. This is my world!"

Shi Hao remained calm, saying, "Since that's what you believe, I will defeat you in this very world."

He wasn't in a hurry to tear apart this space, instead preparing to fight. 

"Void binding, depriving senses!" You Yu shouted, once again displaying the powerful and strange innate precious technique to imprison Shi Hao.

Only, this time, Shi Hao was prepared. He remained fearless, slowly opening his only heavenly passage. Even though it endured a tremendous pressure, he still succeeded. 

As such, those strange and bizzare forces couldn't approach him. 

"Huh?!" You Yu was shocked. Under his Void dao, there was still someone who could unexpectedly produce their own domain. It made his heart jump crazily.

"It's you!" He immediately realized with a start. He had his suspicions to begin with, but he was now even more certain. It was because he knew that Huang had this type of method. 

"Correct. This old one is Huang. We met before!" Shi Hao said. 

When You Yu heard this, he couldn't help but release a loud roar, erupting with all of his potential. There was even a wave of anger!

"I was looking for you!" He roared.

Huang, the one that destroyed the Celestial Clan's divine mines, killed the clan's experts, making them feel great pressure, and turning them into the laughingstock of all clans. The most important thing was that Huang stole the immortal treasure. He couldn't be let off. 

In addition, Shi Hao even represented a small shoddy monastery, slaughtering the Celestial Clan's most powerful disciples, tarnishing the Celestial Clan's prestige, almost turning them into a joke.

"I will kill you!" You Yu roared. No matter what, this battle had to be carried out to the end. It was unavoidable. 

"Since you know who I am, then I will join you in a battle!"

Shi Hao's body shone. The Kun Peng technique appeared. He hadn't used the full power of this precious technique in a long time, always suppressing it to avoid exposing himself. Now, he unleashed it.

"Kill!" Both individuals shouted loudly.

This battle was extremely shocking. The void cage trembled, and both individuals fought until they were crazy, fought until divine blood surged.

"Hou!" You Yu roared. His hair was completely disheveled. Not only did he use his Void dao, he even displayed the Celestial Clan's greatest precious technique -- Heaven's imprint.

The two clashed viciously, exchanging long over four to five hundred moves.

Shi Hao became more valiant the longer he fought. In the end, he erupted, using his only heavenly passage to protect himself. He displayed the Kun Peng technique to its limit, fighting to his heart's content, his entire body free from worries. 

"It's been so long since I've been able to put my all into a fight. The Kun Peng technique has been slumbering for too long. Doesn't your Celestial Clan want it? I will let you see it right here!" Shi Hao shouted.

This time, he began to display his might, no longer hesitating. His body and bone texts merged, becoming one with his spirit. His fighting strength immediately increased a level.

In that instant, the pressure You Yu faced multiplied!

"Kun Peng shattering all methods!"

Shi Hao roared, his entire body becoming resplendent. Brilliant golden feathers appeared around his body, and there were black stripes as well that released heart shaking power.

These were obviously not true feathers and just formed from bone texts. 


He released a loud shout. All of his divine feathers shone, releasing an undying aura. Then, they completely exploded. The so-called destroying all techniques were actually like this! It made You Yu feel fear.

These were Kun Peng true feathers, numbering in the thousands to ten thousands. They turned into heavenly arrows that penetrated heaven and earth, rushing over with extreme speed, covering everything in that area.

"Void dao!" You Yu shouted, wishing to disturb this atack with spatial natural laws and restrict it. 

In addition, his hands merged together, forming Heaven's imprint to protect himself, destroying a few true feathers. They released a great power.

However, this was a reflection of Shi Hao's precious technique evolved to the limit. His methods were extraordinary, condensing his most terrifying fighting strength. Calling it a strike at the very peak was already more or less accurate. 

The Void dao could only restrict it, and Heaven's imprint couldn't destroy all of them.


Kun Peng true feathers blasted through space, piercing heaven and earth, covering everything densely as they arrived. In the end, many of them entered You Yu's body, piercing through him. Blood splashed high into the air. 


You Yu released a loud roar. His entire body trembled. This cage became unstable, directly torn apart by the remaining fluctuations of the Kun Peng technique. Both of them appeared in the outside world. 

Everyone was shocked. The two had disappeared just now, yet they reappeared. You Yu's entire body was covered in blood. This… was too abrupt.

"What happened?"

"Why does Celestial Clan's number one young supreme being have so many golden divine feathers impaled into his body?"

Everyone was shocked, all of them stunned. 

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