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Chapter 772 - Unstable Situation

A multitude of people gathered in this mountain region. Figures could be seen everywhere. Many people arrived, and right now, all of them were shaken. 

Countless people were shouting loudly, verbally expressing their agitation.

This type of noise and loud uproar resounded through the entire mountain range. Their voices were just too loud, rushing into the clouds. It was because the battle just now was too shocking.

In midair, there were still some electrical arcs that didn't scatter. Meanwhile, drops of blood splattered on the ground, extremely red and striking. It was truly a ghastly sight. 

Not only the scene of Yu Lun's death, but the power of the final spear left a deep impression in everyone's minds as well. It would be hard for them to forget this scene even after many years. 

A single spear shocked the sky, piercing through one of the six heroes, killing him in midair. A rain of blood scattered down. 

How shocking was this?

The youth on the mountain didn't take a single step. He didn't descend from the mountain, nor did he risk his life or unleash a slaughter. The battle was ended just like this!

Divine valiance!

A few people were trembling, not willing to admit this, but they still couldn't help but roar outwards. Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor was extraordinary, terrifying to the point of making others feel great reverence. 

The mountain region was in a great uproar. Goddess Academy's students and the disciples of other sects couldn't remain calm. They all erupted with noise.


A loud and clear sound rang through the air. It was as if metal had been struck. 

On the mountain, a scarlet bone piece dropped.

This was something left behind after Yu Lun split apart. It was half a foot long and brilliant red. Its bone texts receded.

Shi Hao's pupils contracted. This item made one feel anxious. He felt rather shaken up; this was not an ordinary item. 

"Heavenly deity symbol seal!" In the end, he realized what this was. This was a secret treasure, definitely a terrifying killing weapon. If it displayed its true power, it would likely even put true deities in danger.

Yu Lun was too arrogant, weaving the Heavenart halberd and rushing through the sky at him, wishing to cut Shi Hao down in front of his mount. He didn't have the chance to even use this symbol seal. 

Shi Hao picked it up and carefully inspected it. 

It was bright red like jade and the size of a palm. Symbols were layered on top of each other densely, engraved within the gemstone-like scarlet bone. A mysterious aura was seeping out from it. 

Yu Lun was not simple at all, being doted on by a Heavenly deity and thus given this type of powerful symbol seal. If an ordinary person encountered this, they would definitely die while nursing grievances. 

Shi Hao wasn't scared of this, however, because he still had the Protection symbol on him, and he believed that it would be able to hold it off. However, it would have most likely damaged the bone texts of that talisman, leaving him in quite a difficult situation. 

"You really are unlucky, not even able to activate it, dying all because of your own arrogance." Shi Hao said to himself. He put away this scarlet symbols seal.

"It ended just like that?" 

Even after a long time had passed, many people still didn't dare believe it. Such a powerful individual like Yu Lun came, becoming one with his mount and releasing holy light that overflowed into the sky, displaying such stunning power, yet in the end, he was killed by a single spear!

In front of the mountain gate, the golden armor on the youth disappeared, restoring a softness and peacefulness. He looked elegant and otherworldly, making it hard to imagine that he had just released a world shaking strike. 

This type of style left everyone with too deep of an expression. When he moved, he was like a resplendent war god that overlooked everyone, but when he was quiet, he was graceful and spirited. 

"Two of the six heroes died so quickly, both of them killed in an instant, this… is just too shocking, something that will shake all sides!" 

Someone spoke, their faces changing.

At this moment, everyone became clear-headed. Even though this battle ended, the effects and consequences of it had just begun. It was currently brewing, about to create a huge storm.

How could the Celestial Clan be willing to accept this? They lost two inheritors just like that, two of their clan's most outstanding talents. Everyone knew that there was no way for there to be any good relations left between the two parties. 

This was especially the case with how unfavorable it was for the Celestial Clan. Huang's appearance had left their head and face covered with grime. Under this type of state, they were most likely going to go mad.

"The former Emperor Clan had so many things happen to them in succession recently. I believe that they will definitely be furious!"

"Celestial Clan is just too unlucky. Being challenged by Huang is one thing, but now this 'great senior brother' then appeared, killing two of their inheritors…"

Everyone revealed strange expressions. The Celestial Clan truly didn't have enough luck recently.

Meanwhile, there were people who sighed softly. In the end, this clan was no longer an Emperor Clan, losing their former glory, unable to oppress the world any longer.

Soon after, news spread everywhere. 

"What? Yu Lun died?!"

When people within Goddess Academy learned of this, they were stupefied. How much time had passed since that white clothed heroic talent left? He died… so quickly.

Not long ago, he was still boasting about having people warming up the wine, for them to await his return, claiming that he was going to behead that small monastery's inheritor. However, in the end, his own head was left behind in that place. 

"Impossible!" When the Celestial Clan received news of this, they widened their eyes one after another, suddenly standing up to glare angrily at the one reporting these news. 

It wasn't just Yu Lun, another hero died as well, nailed to death by a flying spear and exploding in midair. When news of this spread, Goddess Academy erupted into commotion. All sects were shocked.

This was huge news. Those that came from different sects to exchange pointers and discuss the dao were all discussing this matter. 

The Celestial Clan were the only one stupefied, unable to accept this!

"Hurry and inform senior brother You Yu. Tell him not to go with Feng Wu to the immortal engravings!" Someone shouted loudly.

Goddess Academy was full of noise. When people in all directions learned of what happened, great disorder ensued. 

In front of the grass covered monastery gate, Shi Hao overlooked everyone. He said to himself, "It seems like the Celestial Clan's higher level figures will feel quite distressed. The six heroes are no longer whole, dying prematurely."

Everyone's hearts were wildly beating. Before, everyone was shouting to beat up this shoddy monastery, and it was said to have a notorious reputation in the higher realms, but now, this kind of person appeared. 

Everyone felt that there was going to be a violent development here!

Apart from the Celestial Clan, there might be people from other great sects who would come here.

"I feel like… he isn't like a lunatic. He seems rather handsome and intelligent. Why does he have such a bad name?"

There were female students who discussed in a soft voice. 

"Others from the sect were spreading bad rumors about him. In reality, this person isn't that evil."


Depths of the Fire Province prairie. 

Pure white unicorns were drinking water. After the great rain, the ruins of Celestial Clan's divine mines became lakes. There were fragments of divine materials mixed within that released brilliant radiance. 

A True deity looked at the auspicious beast in the distance and thought of something. His mind was shaken, and then he reported to Heavenly deity Mo Luo. 

"Great one, there is a Heavenly deity level unicorn on Fire Province's prairie that commands all types of wild horses and beast mounts."

"What are you trying to say?" Mo Luo asked indifferently. 

"Rumor has it that that Heavenly deity not only produced the hooves of the heavenly horse, it even produced a spiritual jade horn that could sense many strange creatures. If great one asks for its help, we might be able to obtain some clues."

When Mo Luo heard this, he couldn't help but be stunned. He nodded, and then asked, "What other figures are there in this grassland that are worth paying a visit?"

"There is also an old wolf, also a Heavenly deity. It leads countless grassland wolves, enough to cover any place. If we can ask it for help, we might truly be able to find Huang." Another person said.

Only, the heavenly wolf's temper was quite strange, and his nature savage as well as irritable. Normally, it wouldn't show others too much respect, and it was also hard to track down.

"Alright, the two of us should separately pay them each a visit. No matter what price we have to pay, we must find that youth. We cannot tolerate him living for even a day longer!" Mo Luo said coldly. 

It was clear that even the two Heavenly deities were a bit shaken up. Since the dao protector was going to make that type of choice, it only meant one thing, and that was that he saw a bad future. That was why he was going to use the last of his life to eliminate Shi Hao. 

He was just a youth, was he really that terrifying? For a taboo existence to be unable to sleep peacefully at night and feel fear, this naturally made Mo Luo and the others feel uneasy. 

The two great Heavenly deities took action, first visiting Single Horn Sacred Mountain, then entering Wolf Cavern to ask these two races for assistance. 

The grassland wolves were an extremely terrifying power, because there were just too many of them. They ranged from the lowest level wild wolves to the Supreme Expert Realm, Divine Flame Realm, and then the True Deity Realm and others. There were wolves at all levels.

This was an enormous community that no one was willing to provoke. 

"Great one, the unicorns are spiritual, and the wolf race also discovered some clues. If we link them up together, we really might be able to find Huang!" After just half a day, there were Divine Flame Realm experts that came to make the report. 

"Where is the target?" 

Over a hundred great cracks appeared in the two great Heavenly deities' surroundings. Their expressions were serious!

"Not in the depths of the grasslands. We need to withdraw backwards!"

The wolf race is extremely terrifying; there were just too many of them. They had previously discovered Shi Hao's traces, pointing in the general direction. Even though it wasn't too precise, it was still more or less accurate. 

Meanwhile, after the divine horn of the unicorn ascertained this, it should be correct. 

Celestial Clan gradually withdrew backwards, casting out a wide net to capture Shi Hao. They had to complete everything before the dao protector arrived, or else the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate. 

The unstable weather was already starting to turn away from Fire Province towards Goddess Academy.

Within Goddess Academy, You Yu was startled. His eyes became cold as he stared at his clansmen. He didn't say anything for a long time. 

"We previously tried to stop Yu Lun, but he didn't listen to our advice!" Someone said, feeling a bit of fear. 

"Idiot, disgrace, it is one thing if he went and killed that person, but he was actually greatly defeated, tarnishing my clan's reputation!" You Yu's voice was ice-cold. 

Earlier, he told the clansmen that the clan was currently in troubled times, and that they shouldn't act rashly to avoid bringing them more inconveniences. 

In the end, this type of thing actually happened!

"Don't blame them, the main thing is that so-called 'great senior brother' is too insolent. Yu Lun was at the prime of his youth, so how could he tolerate him crippling my clan's expert? He naturally had to go and demand an explanation." An elder spoke. 

"I originally wanted to fight against Huang, but now, I have to head for a shoddy little monastery." You Yu said. He had a head of purple hair, his build tall and sturdy. His eyes were like divine lamps, sparkling with brilliance, giving him an imposing appearance. 

He now had no choice but to take action, or else what kind of face would the Celestial Clan have left? If their current generation couldn't even suppress the disciple of a small shoddy monastery, then they weren't deserving of being called some Emperor Clan. 

Now that the humiliation had already been done, only by sweeping through that monastery with their current generation's people could they redeem their dignity. 

Otherwise, if they could only rely on their clan's True deities and others to take action, the Celestial Clan would only appear even more unsightly. 

Only, with You Yu now taking action, how could there not be people following him? After all, him and Yun Xi were too special, merging with heaven's mandate stones. They were where the hope of the clan laid. 

Once news went out, Goddess Academy erupted into commotion. 

The number one youth of the Celestial Clan was going to move, paying Supreme Being Dao Rite a visit to challenge 'great senior brother'!

Not only that, but the other heroes of the Celestial Clan took action as well, moving out together towards that shoddy mountain gate. 

The effects of this were too great. What kind of person was You Yu? He was an exceptional talent, and then he merged with the heaven's mandate stone. He even had the blood of an Emperor race flowing within him. This was enough for him to suppress all of his peers!

"Major news, You Yu is going to take action, leaving to suppress and kill 'great senior brother'!"

This was huge news, like a storm that swept through all of Goddess Academy.

This wasn't all of it. A few students immediately used transport formations to report to their own families that this level of young supreme beings were going to fight, that this was definitely a fight worth watching.

This was especially the case with a few larger clans. With the battle of three thousand provinces about to start, they definitely wanted to learn more about the outstanding individuals who were going to fight over the natural luck. 

Normally, where would they get such an opportunity?

It was clear that there would be exceptional talents who would come here, as well as other young supreme beings arriving. They were going to witness this battle for themselves!

"Celestial Clan in Fire Province will likely receive the news as well. I wonder what kind of reaction they will show?" Someone said softly. 

Unbeknownst to them, that side was currently returning, bringing the storm to Goddess Academy!

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