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Chapter 773[1]

"Hurry, if we go any later, we won't make it in time. I don't want to miss out on this great battle!"

A few warships flew through the sky from Goddess Academy. There were a few mounts that were roaring as they headed quickly into the distance. 

Many people went on their way, heading towards Supreme Being Dao Rite.

"Sisters, hurry up. If that battle ends before we get there, we really will regret it!" Several young ladies with outstanding appearances were moving together, drawing many eyes. 

"Am I going crazy? Aren't those the ranked beauties? Not even they can stay calm, following along to watch the battle!" The crowd was shocked. 

Currently, Goddess Academy was in a state of great chaos. When news travelled outwards, everyone moved out, rushing towards those mountains that were now extremely barren.

In reality, not only them, even Fire Province, Kun Province, and other place's inheritances, upon receiving news, quickly started up their transport formations and hurried over.

It was to the extent where exceptional experts from great sects even further out began to move!

Celestial Clan's You Yu, a heaven warping appearance, known as their race's number one young expert, one that had been granted the title of the heavenly talent of a generation. His name shook tens of provinces, defeated all those before him. He had never been defeated before!

Moreover, these were all battle accomplishment achieved before he merged with the heaven's mandate stone. As for how powerful he was now, no one knew. 

That was why everyone looked forward to this. None of them wanted to miss out on a chance to understand more about him. The ambitious exceptional talents who were going to struggle for supremacy in the three thousand provinces battle had to learn more about him, because this was definitely a great mountain that was in their way!

"Has You Yu achieved a perfect evolution yet?" Someone said with a soft voice.

"He definitely completed a portion of the evolution, allowing him to become even stronger. Only, there is no way he can get results overnight. This is a long process, and the more time he is given, the more terrifying he would become!"

It was clear that these were outstanding individuals from great sects that were discussing. They understood some things about the heaven's mandate stone, and as such felt incomparable restraining fear towards You Yu. 

From Goddess Academy to Supreme Being Dao Rite, many cultivators could be seen along the way. They were all hurrying over, some moving through the sky, others driving war chariots. There were great ships moving through the skies as well. 

If one didn't know what was happening, one might have the misconception that Heavenly deities or even sect masters were going to carry out a great decisive battle, and that was why the cultivators from all sides' attention were grabbed. 

In reality, this was just two Supreme experts that were going to fight, yet the results were so great, drawing countless creatures who wished to personally witness this battle. 

Many cultivators ran here at top speed, breathing heavily after finally arriving here. They inwardly cried out how they were lucky not to miss this decisive battle. It hadn't started yet!

When they arrived, everyone felt a bit stupefied. There were just too many creatures here! Human, Peng, Hou, tree spirit, feather race, spirit race, and others were present. They couldn't even reach the other side of the crowd with a single glance. 

The higher peaks, as long as they offered some type of favorable terrain, they were occupied. The places that were good for spectating were all packed with figures. 

Of course, humans made up the majority, occupying more than half. It was because they were the most common species here. 

"There are actually so many people. Why are there a few elders too? Where did they come from?"

"Shush, lower your voice a bit. Those are the old fellas from the academy. Those few are at the True Deity Realm you know? A single mistake that offends them will make your life quite difficult."


Soon after, everyone discovered that more and more people were arriving, and they were all unfamiliar. They never saw them before. 

"That's the Jiaotu[2] Race. They are two provinces away, yet a group of experts came! Someone definitely sent them a message through an altar, and as a result, they quickly entered transport formations to hurry over!"

Not far off, there were a few creatures with clamshells around them, but their bodies were like those of dragons, releasing a terrifying aura. They were all extremely powerful, especially one of them that released a bit of True Dragon aura. 

"An exceptional talent! Jiaotu Race's young supreme being came!" Everyone cried out in shock, understanding that he came to observe the ins and outs of You Yu. 


Right at this moment, the void split open. A group of creatures emerged, all of their auras extraordinary. They carried divine light, and bone texts curled up around them. 

"Demonic Crack Butterfly!"

There were people who gasped, recognizing the creatures that appeared. 

They weren't that large, being a meter or two in length. Their bodies were covered in stripes and radiated brilliantly, making others feel fear. This type of demonic butterfly's vicious name was well known, and it was completely produced through slaughter. 

When pure-blooded Demonic Crack Butterflies reached maturity, a single flap of their wings would produce tens of thousands of cracks in the sky. They were extremely powerful.

More than ten demonic butterflies appeared, but one of them was extremely special. Not only was its body resplendent and curling with holy radiance, there was even a terrifying horn on its head. In addition, there were a few phoenix feathers by its rear section!

Everyone was stupefied. Was this still a Demonic Crack Butterfly?

"Mutated Demonic Butterfly, one with noble bloodline, rumored to be one of the most powerful exceptional talents. We actually saw this type of unique Demonic Crack Butterfly!"

Everyone sighed.

This race was extremely powerful. Upon receiving news of this, they definitely started up a great transport formation to come here. 

This left everyone stupefied. The great battle hadn't even truly started, yet such powerful creatures already arrived to watch. 

Wild grass grew everywhere here. Ancient trees towered about. 

However, not even this type of abandoned scene could hide the great mountains' majesticness. Strand after strand of auspicious energy rose in spirals, surging from between the great peaks, cliffs, and piles of debris. 

That mountain was extremely quiet. Only half of the decorated archway remained, showing traces of humans residing here in the past, that an inheritance used to exist. 

Celestial Clan's experts had hurried over a long time ago. They stood together while gazing towards the great mountain ahead. They stared at the mountain gate, none of their expressions kind.

"Where is You Yu? Which one is he? I've heard about how extraordinary he is in his generation for a long time already. What does he look like exactly?"

Many people were curious, looking towards that place. However, they didn't see him, unable to recognize which one of them he was.

"Yi, where is You Yu? He doesn't seem to be in this group." There were some that became suspicious.

"Who is that woman? Why is she so beautiful? Just too stunning!" Quite a few people cried out when they saw Celestial Clan's Yun Xi. 

She drew a lot of attention, because she was extraordinary, unable to avoid attention even if she wanted to. Her figure was tall and wonderful, her purple hair soft and glowing like satin as it scattered down to her waist. 

Her skin was soft and tender, snow white and fine, her eyes were like clear autumn waters, and her eyelashes long and lips red. There was an extraordinary style. Even though she didn't have a smile on her face, her appearance still moved hearts. 

"That's Celestial Clan's exceptional young lady named Yun Xi. It is rumored that she came from the lower realm, and now that she merged with the heaven's mandate stone, she has become the most resplendent pearl of the sect."

There were people who understood the inner details, saying this softly.

When everyone heard this, they sighed. Celestial Clan's pearl, one that merged with the heaven's mandate stone; outsiders can just forget about it. There was no way they would allow her to marry outside the clan.

This was especially the case when there was a powerful supreme being youth like You Yu. If the clan considered the importance of a powerful bloodline, they would most likely try to match these two together. 


Heavenly wolves howled towards the mood. A golden vortex appeared from the horizon, snapping apart ancient trees and sending enormous rocks flying. The scene was terrifying to the extreme.

That place was chaotic, destroying the mountain region. There was a terrifying aura that was brought along. In the end, a gold figure appeared, a blonde youth with eagle like eyes appeared. His aura was shocking. 

"Fire Province prairie's Golden Wolf, an exceptional talent!" Someone shivered inwardly.


In another direction, purple energy appeared from the east. An extremely cool and elegant woman with a divine sword on her back walked out from the void. She hurried over to this place through a Region shattering symbol. 

This left everyone shocked. Region shattering symbol was in between Space shattering symbol and Realm shattering symbol in efficiency. It was extremely precious, able to allow transportation through provinces.

Who is this? For the sake of observing this battle, she actually used up such a precious symbol!

"She is Sword Palace's holy lady, known for her brilliant sword. She is undefeated through ten provinces!"

There were just too many people who came, so there were naturally people who had broader experiences, recognizing this woman. It made quite a few people cry out with alarm after hearing this. 

Then, a scarlet haired youth appeared that looked to be in his early twenties. He had a pair of blood wings on his back, and scarlet multicolored radiance erupted from his entire body. There was a terrifying bloody baleful aura. 


This person was intimidating from the first glance, as if he came from hell. It made the fine hairs of everyone here stand on end, and a layer of goosebumps appeared on their skin. 

"This is the young master of Blood Sea. There are at least a hundred provinces between them and Goddess Province. Why did he end up coming?" An elder said with a low voice. 

"Fire Province has many divine materials, as well as ancient flames. He most likely came for self improvement and just happened to be around for this great confrontation." Another elder said. 

Then, they stared at the people by their side, telling them to remember that these were all geniuses. They were destined to shine brilliantly in the great battle of three thousand provinces that was to come. 

"Those that came to understand You Yu better, regarding him as a rival, are naturally all powerful enough themselves as well!"

Golden Wolf, Jiaotu, Crack Demonic Butterfly, Sword Palace holy lady, Blood Sea young master… these heaven warping experts, if not exceptional talents, were young supreme beings of their clan. They were extremely powerful and towered in their respective areas, extremely stunning figures. Everyone could tell with a single glance that they were different. 

Apart from this, there was also Divine Cliff Academy's Mu Zixiao and Zuo Xiaodi, Goddess Academy's Feng Wu, Qing Yi, and others. This was a gathering of outstanding talents and geniuses. 

"What? You Yu is over there!"

Unknowingly when, only then did everyone discover with shock that the mountain gate was a bit different. There was a terrifying aura spreading outwards, as well as a powerful fluctuations diffusing. 

Only now did everyone realize that there was a figure within the overgrown grass that had appeared at an unknown time. He stood within the ruins.

This was precisely You Yu, his figure straight. Purple hair scattered down from his head as his back faced everyone. He was gazing into the small shoddy mountain gate, giving others a mighty and insurmountable feeling, powerful to the extreme.

"Come out to fight!" You Yu said, his voice possessing a type of magnetism, a bit of coldness, but even more so a terrifying penetrative force. 


Within the dao rite, there were enormous rocks that were blasted apart. Debris rushed into the air, forming a terrifying domain that was extremely frightening.

Everyone was shocked. You Yu was actually treating this with such seriousness, not acting with any bit of carelessness. Was he going to go all out to fight this declining inheritance's disciple?

Even though they knew that this 'great senior brother' was formidable, to the extent where he could be said to be extraordinary, yet everyone still believed that You Yu was stronger.

Only, the current scene made everyone serious. They looked in that direction. This… could this be a great battle between tigers and dragons?

"Don't tell me that this 'great senior brother' is so outstanding that even You Yu has to stake it all, needing to take action with full power? This… is a bit absurd!"

"It really is a bit inconceivable. How could he be so strong?" 

There were others that mocked, saying, "What do you all understand? This is what You Yu is used to doing, a lion that goes all out in hunting a rabbit. He would never underestimate an enemy or act careless."

When people heard this, many of them couldn't help but feel relieved. You Yu truly had the manner of a lion. Comparatively speaking, everyone was more willing to believe that this 'great senior brother' was the weaker one. 

Clear footsteps sounded. An elegant and handsome youth appeared. Many people were seeing this 'great senior brother' for the first time. They couldn't help but be shocked, because he was too young!

Compared to a few exceptional talents, this was a youngster that wasn't even eighteen yet, still a bit tender. His eyes were too pure, clear like crystal.

Only, no one dared to look down on him. To kill Celestial Clan's Yu Lun with a single spear, no matter what, the word terrifying was definitely associated with him!

"Over here!" Shi Hao spoke. He took a step outwards, and then he immediately disappeared, landing on a distant mountaintop, not willing to destroy Supreme Being Dao Rite while fighting a great battle.


You Yu followed, and he also took action. He wasn't willing to waste any time. His palm shone, releasing five streaks of divine multicolored light. Every single one turned into a mountain ridge. 

At this moment, even the void was restricted. Only five mountain ridges descended from the heavens, releasing different divine multicolored light. They shone brilliantly. 

This was the Five mountain imprint, a great divine ability that originated from Western Sect. Everyone was shocked; they never expected him to know this method. 

This type of divine ability required the understanding of the profound mysteries of the earth element, as well as a fixed amount of understanding towards the natural laws of space. Only then would the five great mountains that could kill deities be produced. 

Forget about a single person, even if it were ten thousand cultivators, when the five great mountains descended, they would all be suppressed and killed, crushed into ashes. 


A muffled sound rang through the air. Divine light rushed into the heavens. The five great mountains smashed apart. Supreme Being Dao Rite's youth towered there, only raising a single fist towards the sky. 

How terrifying! This was what everyone thought inwardly.

They all knew that he was strong, but they never expected him to be so formidable and domineering. When others broke through the Five mountain imprint, they all had to use bone texts and secret methods to deal with it, while he was completely different, allowing the divine mountains to crush down, in the end blasting them apart with a single fist: simple, direct, tyrannical!


Ten thousand beasts roared, their voices shaking heaven and earth. Many cultivators were so shocked their souls began to tremble. That was a tremendous pressure that was difficult to defend against.

You Yu took action. He was brandishing his fist, and in the end, the heavens above and earth below became covered in brilliance. There were beast figures everywhere, covering the sky and hiding the sun. The aura was powerful to an unimaginable degree.

"Ten thousand beast fist!"

Even a few elders were greatly moved. The secret method You Yu understood was extraordinary. This was Beast Sea's extreme art, known as an unmatched fist method!

At this moment, ten thousand beasts roared through heaven and earth, among them not only including creatures like Pixiu, White Tiger, Yazi, but also True Dragon, Qilin, and other existences that were terrifying to the extreme. 

In the heavens above and earth below, there were vicious beasts everywhere. They were all roaring and releasing divine might as they threw themselves over murderously. 

When ten thousand beasts moved, there was naturally a heaven collapsing and earth rending effect. It shook this entire battlefield, affecting everyone's hearts.

However what was completely unexpected was that Shi Hao continued to stand there, fearless as he faced the attacks of ten thousand beasts, facing his opponents' fist divine ability.

You Yu's eyes erupted with divine radiance. He narrowed his eyes. He originally prepared these long distance attacks for Huang, because he knew about the Magical force immunity. 

He was just using this 'great senior brother' as a practice target, but he never expected that it couldn't do anything to him!

After a flurry of attacks, the other party was drowned in symbols! 

Then, like a demonic god, You Yu rushed over, easily tearing apart a great mountain and tossing the two halves of the great peak aside. He grabbed towards Shi Hao who was dodging in midair. 

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. What kind of divine might was this? Tearing apart a great peak was as easy as ripping apart a scarecrow! It was a bit too shocking.


Heaven collapsed and earth split. The entire void began to tremble intensely. Both individuals produced a fist imprint, erupting with world shocking radiance!


"It has just started, yet someone is already bleeding!"

Everyone was shocked. This was an incredibly intense struggle. Was life and death going to be decided so soon?!

1. no title

2. Ninth son of the dragon. Suan Ni is 4th, Bi'an is 7th

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