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Chapter 771 - Little Stone Displays His Might

At the entrance of the academy, many students rose into the air!

A large group of students followed behind Yu Lun, heading towards that shoddy dao rite. 

Meanwhile, when news spread, the academy became noisy. More and more people began to move about, following one of Celestial Clan's six heroes to see how amazing he was.

The Flood dragon beast was a divine spirited horse, white and and pure. Silver scales opened and closed, releasing a shining and brilliant holy radiance that was like moonlight. 

It carried Yu Lun with lightning speed, travelling three thousand li with a single burst. Mountains passed by as they headed into the distance like a streak of white light. 

"Not good, it's too fast! We can't keep up!"

The people were that were leading the way breathed heavily, all of them stopping. They were already fast enough, but they couldn't compare to the Flood dragon beast. They were overtaken. 

This type of mount was extremely rare, a species that was meticulously bred. It had Flood dragon blood, Hou soul, and a horse body. It was exceptionally powerful and currently at the Supreme Expert Realm. It was far more powerful than many so-called elites.

Yu Lun pulled on the reins and looked backwards.

"What a great divine beast!" The people behind him caught up, all of them sighing with admiration. They all revealed looks of jealousy, This mount was too extraordinary, being more powerful than quite a few of the people here. 

"Let's go, I don't want to waste too much time." Yu Lun said. 

This region was quite primitive. The trees were ancient, and a few demonic birds were spreading their wings, covering the sky like dark clouds. There were a few vicious beasts who were like small mountains, and they were roaring towards the sky.

However, none of these creatures posed the people here any threat. They were all elites from the academy. Many of them possessed great strength and were used to seeing these vicious creatures. 

"We've arrived. It's right here." Someone pointed forward. The mountain region was vast. Mountains towered imposingly and majestically. 

"This is the place!" Yu Lun nodded. He looked at this mountain region. If it was cleaned up, it would be a spiritual earth as well. However, currently, it was too desolate.

The bluestone steps had long been covered in weeds. Old vines and ancient trees blocked the path. Thistles and thorns could be found throughout. However, the grand mountains ahead still released strands of auspicious radiance, proving that this place was unordinary. 


With a raise of Yu Lun's hands, his palm aimed at the sky. A streak of blazing radiance erupted. A Heavenart halberd refined from the bones of a Flood dragon. Its spotlessly white body carried traces of faint gold, and a strange aura was exuding from it. 

What a powerful aura and shocking fluctuations! This definitely startled that 'great senior brother' in the mountains. This was a challenge! 

Within the mountain gate, Shi Hao was seated on a large bluestone. His eyes opened, and he took steps outwards, gazing below the mountain. His eyes were calm without any happiness or worry.

He was less than eighteen years old currently. His body was tall and slender, and black hair scattered down his shoulders. His appearance was delicate and pretty, his eyes shining as he stood there. There wasn't the slightest bit of killing energy or intimidating pressure. 

Below, everyone saw him. Quite a few individuals cried out in alarm.

"That's him! Supreme Being Dao Rite's great martial brother. He is just a single person, yet he doesn't fear great battles. He has yet to be defeated."

From the distance, many people hurried over. They all felt like they were in luck, because the great battle hadn't started yet. They finally didn't miss a great battle, looking forward to witnessing it personally. 

There were creatures from every clan, not only students from Goddess Academy. There were outstanding talents that came from Oblique Moon Ancient Cave, Divine Cliff Academy, and other places. They all came to get in on the action, coming here to spectate the battle. 

"I believe that this will likely be an evenly matched great battle. One of the Celestial Clan's six heroes, Yu Lun's name is well known. He is just too famous. As for the great martial brother, he is quite unusual as well, hard to see through."

"Aren't you rating that 'great senior brother' a bit too highly? The Celestial Clan is known to be an Emperor Clan, while Yu Lun is one of their best, much stronger than Kun Mo. Will he even use up much energy to win?"

More and more people gathered below the mountains, crowding this place. There were figures everywhere. 

It was clear that the effects of this battle were great. After all, the Celestial Clan were previously an emperor clan, and Yu Lun was representing that clan to fight. Regardless of which disciple it was here, none of them wanted to miss out.

"You are that lunatic?" Yu Lun raised the Heavenart halberd alone, pointing it towards the mountain top. He wore silver battle clothes, the metallic luster shining and releasing auspicious multicolored radiance. 

It had to be said that he really was handsome. His head of purple hair fell down, his skin fine white like jade. His sharp eyebrows were pointing downwards, his starry eyes brilliant. His appearance really was exceptional.

White robes fluttered about. He sat on top of a pure white Flood dragon beast that released holy radiance, matching his appearance well. Divine and powerful, as if a white battle god descended!

This type of young expert with such a handsome appearance, with the Heavenart halberd in hand, was truly majestic and had an awe-inspiring presence. It made many of the female students' eyes release brilliance. 

"Truly is dashing! The powerful fluctuations he releases alone are enough to prove his exceptional cultivation. Worthy of being one of an Emperor Clan's six heroes!"

"Huang, his name has shaken the grassland and shocked this region, but I feel like Yu Lun is extremely handsome as well, an outstanding hero!"

"Stop acting so starry-eyed already. There is no way he is as strong as Huang."

Many people were discussing in a soft voice, especially a few young ladies, their attention seized by his heroic appearance. 

However, everyone also noticed the youth on top of the mountain. He was too calm, standing there and looking downwards. His eyes were deep, as if he had already transcended.

"Didn't they say that he was notorious, that we was extremely savage? How could he look so handsome and outstanding, exuding a type of elegant bearing?"

This was the first time many of them saw Shi Hao, especially those female students. They all felt shocked; this was the despicable 'great senior brother' that was being talked about recently?

"I am talking to you. Did you hear me?" Yu Lun released a short scoff.

Shi Hao continued to look downwards. With a calm voice, he replied, "If you want to challenge me, then just come up."

"You think you are someone deserving of a challenge? I came here to take your head! There are already people warming up the wine, so after taking your head, I will go back to drink!" Yu Lun said. His voice was thunderous, resounding through this mountain region.

"How imposing! There is a type of ancient heroic bearing!" A few people sighed in admiration. This type of confidence and great spirit made him appear extremely heroic.

"Hand over your life!" Yu Lun shouted. He stirred on his mount, and while holding the Heavenart halberd, he turned into a streak of white light before rushing up the mountain. 

The Flood dragon beast seemed to be walking on wind. It was extremely strong, able to easily tear apart great mountains and trample ancient peaks. It could enter li fire magma or Nine Underworld Yin Earth as if it was just walking on normal ground.


The Flood dragon beast didn't step on the ground but instead treaded on the void, its hooves releasing thunderous rumbling sounds. Its speed was just too fast, quickly rushing to the mountain gate.


Yu Lun shouted loudly. The silver battle clothes shone and the mount roared. One man, one mount, divine light overflowed into the heavens. With the Heavenart halberd in his hands, it was as if a white-robed war god had descended into this world!

At this moment, everyone became shocked. The aura he released was just too powerful! It roiled outwards, making many people's hearts palpitate. They couldn't help but shudder.

This was one of the Celestial Clan's most outstanding youth? They were worthy of their Emperor Clan reputation. It was just too powerful. 

Yu Lun's state was extremely great. At this moment, his vitality climbed to the peak, displaying his most powerful state. Bone texts interweaved around the surface of his body, blazing resplendently like pure-white divine flames. 

Moreover, he displayed the most powerful divine abilities and precious techniques, raising his body's fighting prowess to the limit. He was going to decide life and death with a single move, not giving himself any path of retreat!

This was his conviction, believing that he could kill this powerful enemy, that there was no way he would be defeated. That was why he wanted to win brilliantly, achieving victory in a brilliant fashion. He was going to cut his enemy down in one move!

Shi Hao nodded. This person was unique after all, worthy of being known as a young outstanding talent. Under normal circumstances, they would definitely fight for a while.

Only, this person was too arrogant, actually wishing to decide life and death with a single move in order to remove his head. All of his divine abilities and fighting strength merged together to display the most powerful strike.

"Since that is the case, I will do as you wish." Shi Hao calmly said. 

"Die!" Yu Lun shouted loudly. His entire body was silvery white as he borrowed the strength of the Flood dragon beast, and the beast borrowed strength from him, becoming one. They erupted with the most shocking and terrifying fluctuations. Holy radiance overflowed into the heavens. 

As Yu Lun shouted, that great halberd already descended, lightning up the world. It was as if a divine sun was going to explode!

With a qiang sound, a golden spear appeared in Shi Hao's right hand, and his body shone as well, curling with electrical arcs that were incredibly blinding. It was as if he wore a layer of golden armor. 

The war spear rested in his hands, his eyes deep. Following a loud shout, he took action as well!

Regardless of whether it was the golden armor or the battle spear, they were all condensed from lightning, turning into tangible objects. The armor covered his body, while the spear appeared in his hands. 


In that instant, the golden battle spear flung the Heavenart halberd aside, and with a pu sound, pierced through Yu Lun's chest, going straight through him. Blood splashed high into the air!

The world seemed to have become quiet, freezing on this scene. Everyone widened their eyes as they stared forward, not daring to believe what they were seeing. All of them were shocked!

How powerful was Yu Lun? His aura already reached the limit, merging with his mount and erupting with endless holy light. He displayed his most powerful attack, yet everything came to a sudden standstill. 

This was like a war tune that had built up to its climax, resounding through the skies and shaking everyone's hearts, but when it reached its critical point, the instrument directly broke, ending all sounds!

It was too abrupt. The world became peaceful. Time seemed to have froze on this scene.

It was just one strike, yet that youth in the monastery penetrated Yu Lun, killing one of the Emperor Clan's most outstanding heroes in a clean and efficient manner. His style was incomparable!

Everyone widened their mouths, staring at the mountain top where the monastery gate was. 

A youth stood there while facing the wind, his golden armor shining and his head of black hair scattering about. His eyes were brilliant, the war spear in his hands nailing Yu Lun into the void!

Yu Lun's eyes were opened extremely wide. Blood flowed out from his mouth. He opened his mouth, wishing to say something. 

He was truly unwilling to accept this. How could this be? He was one of the Emperor Clan's most powerful inheritors, so how could he lose to the inheritor of a shoddy monastery?

"Could it be him?!" At this moment, he strangely became clear headed. Just now, the other party completely ignored his bone texts and pierced through all protection, ending him with one strike!

This type of methods, wasn't he Huang? Rumors had it that he possessed a moment of magical immunity. 

He wanted to open his mouth, wishing to say something. He also used the remaining bone texts to stir an ancient treasure, carrying out a final counterattack to change the situation before death.

However, everything was too late.


Shi Hao's arm moved. His entire body erupted with golden brilliance that rushed into the skies. The golden war spear shook, blasting Yu Lun into pieces, killing him on the spot.

Everyone was shaken. What kind of power was this? Just a single spear, yet it killed one of the Celestial Clan's most powerful inheritors!

At this moment, everyone couldn't help but feel shaken, their hearts trembling. This youth was too overbearing, his golden armor brilliant and blinding. Divine might flowed out from his figure, giving him a type of world ruling heroicness!

A long roar sounded from the distance. A figure quickly closed in with killing intent.

This is… another one of the Celestial Clan's six heroes. He came to rush to the rescue!" Another person recognized his identity.

It was clear that after this person received the news, he immediately hurried over, fearing that something unexpected would happen to Yu Lun. However, it was still a step too late.

His killing intent surged as he hurried over.


Right at this moment, Shi Hao took action. His entire body erupted with blazing radiance. It was as if golden divine flames were burning, engulfing the skies. He fiercely moved the battle spear in his hands. 

This was a spear condensed from the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. The symbols were extremely powerful, its might able to shock the world.

Apart from this, he even infused the Kun Peng's symbols. It could be said that this was a combination of two great precious techniques that made this golden spear. It tore through the sky.


In just a split second, as if a streak of divine light shot down from outer space, it penetrated everything, piercing through the body of the Celestial Clan youth that came.

Then, the spear exploded. Golden light surged, shaking heaven and earth. That person directly exploded, blasted apart by the flying spear in midair!

Everyone was stupefied. What kind of divine might was this? In front of the mountain gate, that youth attacked like this, unexpectedly taking the life of another powerful hero from the Celestial Clan. 

After a moment of silence, this place erupted with noise. 

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