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Chapter 768 - Great Slaughter 

“The newest information has been released! Celestial Clan’s ninth divine mine has been collapsed! Huang unleashed a slaughter himself, breaking into their important place and killing a large group of Celestial Clan’s experts!”

The news were horrifying, and it sounded unendingly!

“Just a youth, yet he dares to do this, challenging the Celestial Clan’s dignity and knocking on their doors like this. It truly is shocking!”

The creatures of all clans found it difficult to calm down. They were all shocked, because news came unendingly, brought back from the people who returned from the prairie. Huang’s battle successes were still becoming more and more glorious!

“Celestial Clan encountered trouble, being challenged by a youngster like this. If they can’t capture him and let him leave unharmed, it would definitely harm their Emperor Clan reputation.”

Everyone was extremely nervous, their emotions rising and falling. All of Fufeng City was shaken up. The news raised heaven overflowing waves. 

Of course, they also knew that even though news traveled fast, there was still a time difference. They were still lagging behind. 

These were already confirmed battle successes, but from the looks of things, there should be a few more shocking accomplishments that already happened, or perhaps were playing out right now. 

If that information got back, it might be even more shocking. 

Shi Hao was as fast as lightning as he weaved through the air. Blazing radiance covered his body, blasting all plants and mountain rocks in his way to pieces. A terrifying ravine was created on the ground surface. 

Only when he travelled far into the distance would there be a deafening sound. It was because his speed was just too fast, far greater than the speed of sound. The air behind him exploded, erupting like thunder behind him. 

A dazzling palace situated on the grassland had auspicious energy rising in spirals around it. It was extremely imposing in style. This was one of the Celestial Clan’s dao rites within this mining region. 

Normally, there were experts overseeing this place, supervising the great ancient mines’ matters. 

During these two days, the largest divine mine had problems, losing a priceless immortal treasure, which was why all of the True deities went mad, following the great Heavenly deities in searching everywhere, so this place became empty.

Shi Hao stopped here and silently adjusted his breathing. After carefully scouting around, he erupted with blinding divine light. Blood energy roiled; he took action. 

Even though there weren't any experts overseeing this place, this was still, after all, a strategic location of the mining region, so there were still Divine Flame Realm experts stationed here. They were immediately alerted, rushing over.

“There are only you four?!” Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed. Kun Peng wings moved behind him, and like thunder, they exploded, propelling him through the skies.

These were truly strange words. He was a Supreme expert, yet he showed Divine Flame Realm experts such contempt. It immediately made those experts’ faces fall, killing intent seeping out of their bodies. 

“Those that provoke an Emperor Clan will never live for long, especially a later generation like you who believes yourself to be infallible. You are doomed to die young!” One of them coldly said. 

Those that offended the Celestial Clan, no matter what kind of geniuses they were, the celestials still dared to kill them. Their clan had Heavenly deities, guardian spirits and others that would appear to support the sky. 

“I never thought that you were --- Huang!” One of these individuals’ eyes erupted, recognizing him. He released a cold smile, and the symbols around his body became even more blinding. 

It was clear that Shi Hao’s appearance had been spread to all places. Celestial Clan had been searching for him this entire time, not willing to let him go. They wanted his precious body, wishing to extinguish his body and soul. 

“Huang, do you know that you owe my clan a life? You should just stay behind.” Another individual said with a cold voice, his eyes flourishing with radiance, and then he quickly started up this place’s formations.

“Things that bite the hand that feeds you, I saved your clan’s heavenly lady, yet you treated me in such a way. You truly have the hearts of wolves and lungs of dogs. I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt in slaughtering all of you!” Shi Hao spoke. 

Ever since he was imprisoned by the Celestial Clan, later escaping, he had always been suppressing his rage. Today, he continuously killed this clan’s Divine Flame Realm experts and destroyed their divine mines, venting out a bit of his frustration!


From the distance, shouting sounds rang through the air. Someone dropped down from midair, so exhausted he collapsed from weakness. With great fear, he shouted, “Huang appeared, it was him who stole my clan’s immortal treasure, and now, he is getting revenge, continuously destroying fourteen divine mines and unleashing a great slaughter!”

“What?!” This dao rite’s people were shocked, only now understanding what had happened. 

“You came late. I already personally arrived. This place is my current target.” Shi Hao said as he looked at that person. There was still a fish that escaped the net, running here to deliver a message. 

It was clear that what was happening now was something Fufeng City was completely unaware of. There would inevitably be some delay.


The prairie erupted, earth and trees rushing several dozen meters into the air like a great wave, extending out from beneath Shi Hao’s feet and engulfing the palace. This was his power. 

He was just a Supreme expert, yet he looked down on deities, powerful to the extreme.

“Kill him!” Roars sounded. The experts in this place all took action.

Shi Hao remained completely fearless as he slaughtered forward. 

A battle unfolded again. The earth erupted, and divine radiance illuminate everything. It was as if a great sun rose from beneath the earth. Blazing heat and horror coexisted as it displayed the greatest power.

Shi Hao hurried over here, so he naturally had confidence. In the end, this place was turned into ruins, the gold and jade decorated palace collapsed. Divine blood shone all over the ground, forming a ghastly sight. 

Shi Hao left, heading into the distance towards his next target!

This was a day of massacre. Shi Hao carried out a long-range raid, fighting from one place to another. The blood of the Celestial Clan flowed, raising huge waves and shaking this entire grassland. 

Even Fufeng City that was not too far out received news, so the various areas the Celestial Clan controlled were naturally aware as well. They quickly rushed to offer support and encircle Shi Hao. They gave the order to eliminate Huang!

“Capture and kill him, only leave behind a strand of soul will. Do not spare any costs to make him stay behind!” A True deity seethed in anger as he roared, shaking the mining region.

The events this time were too severe. A youngster was slaughtering in all directions, continuously wiping out the Celestial Clan’s strongholds. This was a type of contempt and humiliation against them. If they couldn’t capture him, what face would they have left?

Celestial Clan only had several dozen well known divine mines left, yet a third of them were destroyed in a single day, with even their dao rite in the grassland razed to the ground, the people within completely massacred. This was a shame they had never suffered before. 

“Kill him, find him even if you have to dig three feet underground!”

The True deities that obtained the news searched everywhere, moving at top speed to provide assistance and search for Shi Hao’s whereabouts. 

However, what was shocking was that Huang never fled, still moving about, avoiding the True deities’ encirclement and annihilation as he looked for opportunities to take action.


A streak of lightning tore through the pitch-black heavens. It was especially blinding.

The dark clouds were like the bottom of a black pot, as if they were going to crush the surface of the ground. Rain descended with pili pala sounds as well. The world immediately became hazy.

Shi Hao raised his head, and with a soft voice, he said, “The heavens are helping me!”


Lightning flourished, streaking across the sky like an enormous silver snake. Great rain poured downwards, creating great rivers along the grassland. 

Only the appearance of lightning could tear apart the darkness, exposing the surrounding scenery. Otherwise, it was like a dark night, pitch-black as rain poured crazily. 

Shi Hao disappeared. He was like a terrifying spirit within this curtain of rain. He was attacking while moving about!

Then, he appeared in the vicinity of various Celestial Clan divine mines, moving about and taking action, killing the experts here!

The order to kill Huang was issued, yet it achieved opposite results. They weren’t able to find Shi Hao, but instead suffered a long-range raid from him, having divine mines collapsed in succession. The Celestial Clan’s losses were severe. 

“All of you stay still, stop the search!” There were True deities whose eyes were red and their hair standing on end. Endless killing intent seeped out from their bodies. This was a day of great shame. 

Today was a day that would definitely be engraved in their memories. It was just a trifling Supreme expert, yet he slaughtered them until they were so passive. Divine Flame Realm experts died one after another; it was a humiliation and disaster, truly difficult to endure.

The great rain poured down. Shi Hao moved forward, arriving in the largest ancient mine, as well as the mining region he had previously stolen from. He raised his head and looked towards the sky.

As his lips and teeth shone, symbols surged one after another, lightning up and entering the dark clouds and curtain of rain above. 

“You… came!” The spiritual senses of True deities were sharp, immediately sensing the fluctuations of bone texts. They quickly rushed out.

There were three great True deities here just in case, fearing that he would be extremely daring and attack their most important divine mine. At this moment, killing intent overflowed into the heavens. 

“You truly are daring. Just a youth, yet you continuously killed my clan’s experts, in the end still daring to come here. I admire your bravery!” A True deity said through gnashing teeth. His eyes were completely bloodshot, as if he was a vicious beast that was about to feast on man. 

“If someone shows me a foot of respect, I will return a zhang. You all wish to kill me and obtain my precious techniques, so today, I brought myself here for you all to kill!” Shi Hao’s voice was extremely cold. “However, if you aren’t able to kill me, then i will send all of you on your way!”

“He’s mad!” A True deity was so furious he began to laugh, showing callousness, as well as mockery. Even though he had been so angered form the previous news that he began to tremble, right now, he really began to laugh. 

It was because no matter how stunning he was, there was no way he could fight against True deities who were two entire cultivation realms higher than him. This would lead to inevitable death. 

"Fine, Huang, a descendant of the lower realm bearing the blood of sinners, come! Let me see what kind of ability you have for you to dare act with such insolence!” Another True deity shouted loudly before rushing over murderously. 

Shi Hao didn’t move out of the way, walking forward. In the end, he raised his head again. Great rain poured downwards, and dark clouds roiled, about to press down onto the ground.

“Lightning move the nine heavens!”

Right at this moment, his lips moved slightly. Bone texts immediately rushed into the heavens. He was chanting incantations, displaying an ancient and strange precious technique. 

“What kind of aura is this?” At this moment, even the True deities were a bit startled. When they looked towards the heavens, they immediately turned around, avoiding the dark dangers.


Unfortunately, it was already too late. From the dark clouds, a streak of lightning hacked down like a long river, rumbling as it descended. It didn’t hack downwards, but instead poured down in torrents!

The three great True deities all felt fear. This was not normal lightning that cultivators could display, but instead stimulated heavenly might! 

This kind of lightning contained more than a billion volts, perhaps even several billion, over ten billion. It was far greater than what creatures at the Divine Flame Realm could display, and it exceeded what they could defend against. 


A True deity cried out miserably, his body trembling violently. Even though he was a deity, it still wasn’t enough. Under this strike, his entire body was charred black, becoming badly mangled. 

However, he was still a deity in the end, not dying under the first strike. His eyes erupted with radiance; he wanted to flee.

Meanwhile, the other two were even more shocked until their souls were terrified. They wished to immediately disappear into the limits of the horizon. 

However, there was already no time. This was just the first wave of heavenly might; there was still more waiting above. With a honglong sound, lightning poured down from the dark clouds, descending streak after streak, connecting the heavens above with the earth below. 

From the distance, rain poured down between the pitch-black world, and streak after streak of thick lightning radiance that seemed to support the heavens descended, linking up heaven and earth as it occupied this entire place. 

This was an incredible scene!

This was the Lightning Emperor’s precious technique, one that was known as an immortal dao divine ability. Under special conditions, it could display unfathomable heavenly might that exceeded the limit of what a cultivator could produce alone.

Of course, the conditions were quite harsh, so it couldn’t be used every time. After all, it was difficult to encounter such a great storm where dark clouds covered the vast grassland. Only with these type of conditions would the boundless lightning acquire such great power. 

The clouds and rain one produced alone were not enough. Only this type of boundless heaven and earth lightning clouds would work. 


Even Heavenly deities couldn’t withstand this type of heavenly might. They couldn’t help but release miserable cries. This was not what one normally understood as lightning, but instead the heavenly tribulation incited by the Lightning Emperor’s incantation.

“No! How could it be like this?!”

The three great True deities were suffering a tragedy too horrible to endure. They were hacked until their flesh separated and white bones split apart, scorched completely black. In the end, they all fell. 

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