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Chapter 767 - Massacring the Celestial Race

Shi Hao broke through, feeling more powerful than he had ever been before. The radiance that seeped out from his eyes was like sharp swords. When they swept through cliffs, zheng zheng sounds would ring through the air, the cutting edges slicing off a piece of the stone wall!


Enormous boulders tumbled downwards, smoke and dust surged into the air!

At the same time, blood energy surged within his body. It continuously struggled about, unexpectedly changing shape. In the end, with an ao sound, his physical body released a cry, one that sounded like the roar of a True Dragon. 

This was not something he released from his mouth, but rather a reaction of his fleshly shell. His flesh was resonating, his bones moving about to release this draconic cry!

Meanwhile, a streak of bloody light surged from his skull like smoke, rushing upwards. It ultimately formed a True Dragon that dispersed the clouds and overlooked the world!

"This is…" Even Qi Daolin was given a fright, his eyes becoming deep as he stared at Shi Hao, wishing to see through this.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao's black hair scattered about, his body shining inch after inch. A wave of exceptionally shocking fluctuations dispersed from his body. Meanwhile, the True Dragon made of blood energy rose to the air, releasing endless draconic cries. 

At this moment, the heavens swayed and earth shook!

The areas around the shoddy mountain gate rumbled and trembled. Mountain peaks were shaking as well, as if they were going to collapse.

"Supreme Expert Realm, blood energy into the heavens is already shocking enough, but it can even form a True Dragon, forming above the head and overlooking all eight directions. Just how many people had produced this irregular phenomenon since the ancient times?!"

This was the reason why Qi Daolin was shocked. Of those that accomplished this, if they weren't body refining ancient ancestors, then they were eccentrics that devoured heaven and earth wondrous fruits. 

He never thought that Shi Hao would also be able to reach this step!

Soon after, the blood-colored True Dragon swooped down, revolving around Shi Hao and tightly binding around him. Then, it entered his body, making the surface of his body even more brilliant like that of gemstones or Immortal gold. 

"Excellent!" Qi Daolin nodded. Being able to obtain this type of praise was an unprecedented thing. Those that understood him all knew that this notorious dao master rarely praised others. 

"Dao master, I want to take a look around the outside world." Shi Hao said. 

"Go then. There's no need to feel any misgivings about anything." Qi Daolin nodded and revealed a warm smile. 

The outside world was in great commotion!

Celestial Clan's experts had arrived because after obtaining the warning, and learning that a wondrous stone that was being nurtured by heaven and earth was found within Fire Province's ores, the higher levels were also shocked.

Source energy revolved around it, nurturing an immortal seed. This type of supreme treasure, rarely seen since the ancient past, was something that would make any great sect's eyes red with greed. There were naturally Heavenly deities that came out of isolation, moreover more than one. They quickly hurried over.

Unfortunately, they were too late. When they hurried over, they learned that the divine object had already been lost. They immediately went crazy. 

In just two days of time, there were Heavenly deity roars that shook the moon. After leaving You Yu and Yun Xi with Goddess Academy, they rushed to Fire Province's prairie, almost overturning that entire place. They erupted with thunderous fury!

This was a loss that was impossible to quantify, one that was difficult for even the Celestial Clan to endure. That type of 'immortal seed' contained too great of a natural opportunity. It was just too important for a clan. 

"Celestial Clan actually moved out two Heavenly deities at once to Fire Province. What kind of divine material exactly is it that appeared for them to go mad like this?"

Fufeng City, a city adjacent to Goddess Academy and on the border of Fire Province. Many people were discussing this right now. 

Shi Hao arrived in this place, silent and keeping a low profile. He listened to the disturbances that had taken place in the past two days.

There really was a huge disturbance. Two great Heavenly deities were losing their minds as they screamed through the prairie, startling great sects from all sides. Everyone speculated that they had lost a formidable object. 

"Could it be that they excavated Immortal gold and had it stolen away by someone?"

Someone came to this conclusion, and then there were immediately people who were shocked. Soon after, their heart blood surged. Once that type of thing appeared, there would definitely be huge disturbances. There would be a battle between sect masters.

Even in the Immortal Ancient era, these were still exceptional precious materials, extremely rare throughout the world. If one wished to become an immortal they must have a corresponding weapon formed from immortal materials. 

There was even less of a need to talk about this current era. Those 'heavenly materials' had long dried up, being almost impossible to find even just a single piece.

Fufeng City was noisy with commotion. There were people of all trades and races. Everyone was hopeful, their eyes full of passion, wishing to see that type of amazing treasure. 

"Celestial Clan hasn't leaked out who it was that stole the precious material?" Shi Hao asked the creatures in the city. 

An elder shook his head and said, "They are just saying that a despicable human stole the heavenly treasure and that they would make that individual regret it. If that person doesn't hand it over, they would definitely make him wish he was dead rather than alive."

When Shi Hao heard this, he couldn't help but sneer.

Ever since he left the Celestial Clan, he hadn't heard news of Huang being Shi Hao. They never unmasked his identity, so it was easy to see that they were still scheming against him. 

The reason they didn't unmask his identity was because they feared that other great sects would learn that not only did he have the Lightning Emperor's technique, but also came from the lower realm with the Kun Peng technique. Celestial Clan wanted everything for themselves, wishing that they could capture him before others from the higher realms learned about this. 

"Great news, the whereabouts of the treasure stealer seems to be exposed!"

Suddenly, a shouting voice sounded through Fufeng City. Someone brought over the latest news from the depths of Fire Province. 

"Under the fury of two great Heavenly deities, they displayed forbidden secret methods. From the clues they found, they separately followed them, targeting a few inheritances. It is likely that they might take heavy action!"

Shi Hao was shocked. Did Celestial Clan go stupid or crazy? He clearly exposed himself while leaving, telling them who he was, so why did they end up taking their anger out on others?

"Which inheritances are they doubting and suppressing?" Someone asked. 

"It is rumored that the two great Heavenly deities first visited the Peacock Clan's divine mines. They originally forcefully entered, but they ultimately stopped, not entering conflict. Later on, they went to a few comparatively weaker inheritances."

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately startled. Celestial Clan had previously tried to trouble the Peacock Clan, are they seizing the opportunity to stir something up? It was because Peacock Divine Lord had previously protected him in the City of Heaven. 

Fortunately, the Peacock Clan were naturally powerful, an illustrious and well known distinguished race in the higher realms. Even if Celestial Clan used to be an Emperor Clan, they still couldn't lightly provoke them. 

Those two Heavenly deities backed off. They likely realized that this clan was not something they could casually provoke in the present world. 

However, the following news made Shi Hao furious. He immediately understood Celestial Clan's intentions. 

"It really sounds weird, but the two Heavenly deities decided that Fire Clan and the other clans were suspicious, personally entering their ancient mines to demand an explanation."

"Aren't those Sin Province's inheritances? They all seemed to have come from the lower realm."

There was a Fire Clan and other clans in the higher realms, but they all came from the lower realm. How could Shi Hao not make these connections? He immediately thought of Huo Ling'er and the others!

This meant that a few of those great clans in the lower realm had foundations in the higher realms as well? He was greatly moved. Only today did he hear a bit of information about them. He found it difficult to calm down. 

At the same time, Shi Hao clenched his fists tightly, feeling great fury deep inside. A wave of great anger stirred within him!

With things already reaching this state, it was already clear that Celestial Clan was doing this on purpose. This was a threat and warning. They were linking him together with Fire Clan and the others, forcing him to appear and hand over the 'immortal seed' he stole. 

"There are news from deep within Fire Province. Two great Heavenly deities really did hurry to those regions, moreover acting extremely harshly, forcing those inheritances and deeming them suspicious."

The two great Heavenly deities were incredibly domineering, threatening that if those sects couldn't give them an explanation, they didn't mind unleashing a great slaughter and massacring everyone!

When Shi Hao obtained news of this, his eyes became ice cold. He was seething with anger. Soon after, he left Fufeng City for Fire Province, entering the prairie. 

Then, he arrived in Celestial Clan's mines. He immediately released biting cold killing intent. Blood energy roiled, spreading outwards.l 

"Celestial Clan, I have returned. I am here to unleash a massacre!"

Shi Hao said softly. The place he entered first was a mid-scale mine. There were Divine Flame Realm experts overseeing this place, but no True deities. 

His body shone like it was surrounded by raging flames, engulfing the heavens. From the distance, it was as if a war god had descended in this world. Golden flames swept into the skies, and rumbling noises resounded through this place.

"Who is it?"

The experts here sensed something, being alerted. They immediately rushed over.

There were two Divine Flame Realm experts here in total. When they saw Shi Hao, they were shocked, because they recognized him. Wasn't this Huang? He even revealed his real appearance without hiding anything!

"You still dare to appear?"

"Haha, you really are courting death, sending yourself to us!"

The two of them laughed, feeling alarmed and happy. They actually ran into Huang! If they caught him, they would definitely be rewarded for their great contributions.

However, soon after, they began to shiver inwardly. If Huang dared to come here, then that meant he had the confidence, not fearing them. They couldn't help but tremble and become vigilant. 

Shi Hao's head of hair began to shine as it scattered downwards. His eyes shone like golden lamps. The two deities discovered with shock that there was no craftiness to be seen. Shi Hao instead directly rushed at them.


The two gave each other a look, and then they produced precious artifacts to attack Shi Hao at the same time. Bone texts interweaved densely, immediately covering the grassland. They wanted to suppress him with their higher cultivation realms!


Something shocking happened. When Shi Hao sent a fist smashing over, it penetrated the precious artifacts, blasting them apart in the void. Brilliant light shone resplently. 

"What? This is a Divine Flame magical artifact, yet he was able to break it bare-handedly!"

The two's expressions immediately changed. At the same time, the other magical artifact was shattered as well, turning into an expanse of golden light that flew in all directions. 

"Magical force immunity, the rumors were true!" 

The two of them finally understood. The magical artifacts were being restricted, their powerful might decreased. That was why they shattered so quickly. 

Individuals at their level had previously received news that Shi Hao was immune to magical force for a short period of time. Only when they experienced it for themselves did they realize how terrifying it was.

Shi Hao rushed over, bringing with him overflowing flames. He seemed to be walking out from raging flames as he charged murderously at the two great experts.

The two were furious, and at the same time, they felt that this was a bit ridiculous. This was just a Supreme expert, yet he dared to attack deities like them? Even though Huang was a heaven warping genius, his cultivation realm still wasn't high enough. 

"Not good, why is his magical force immunity so long? Could it be that he successfully refined the Golden Bodhi fruit?"

The two were horrified. They were calculating the time, only taking action when they felt like Shi Hao's ability should be disappearing. However, they were still restricted, their magical force disappearing without any hope of returning. 


The face of one of the Divine Flame Realm experts immediately froze. Shi Hao's fist smashed through his body, making him quickly break apart and then explode. 

A blast of blood exploded. One expert lost his life.

The other individual's face immediately became pale, immediately turning around to run. Was this still a Supreme expert? A deity was unexpectedly killed so easily!

"Where do you think you are going? Isn't the Celestial Clan oppressing everyone with their might? Today, I've come, and I am going to unleash a massacre in this place!" Shi Hao roared. His speed was just too fast, directly catching up.


Together with an angry roar and an expanse of bone texts, the Divine Flame Realm expert retaliated, but he still couldn't escape his fate of destruction. He was blasted to pieces, his blood dying the grassland red, thus dying.

Only then did Shi Hao's Magical immunity's time come up, slowly fading away. 

A tremendous sound rang through the air. The entire divine mine was collapsed by Shi Hao, caving in and being destroyed.

Immediately afterwards, he rushed into the distance. There was another divine mine up ahead. When his unique ability appeared again, he decisively took action.

"Who are you?" Someone shouted loudly.

"He's Huang! Don't let him get away!" It was still two Divine Flame Realm experts. 

"Correct, I am Huang, as well the one that will kill you all!" Shi Hao shouted. He rushed forward, erupting with heaven overflowing radiance as he took action viciously.


A rain of blood scattered outwards. This battle was without any suspense. Both deities were quickly killed. In addition, the entire ancient mine was collapsed, buried under rubble. 


"Heavens, great news, the one that stole Celestial Clan's immortal material appeared. You guys would never believe who the one that appeared is. It's actually -- Huang!"

It was because the distance wasn't that far from Fufeng City, which was why news immediately reached this place. It immediately produced a huge sensation.

"Huang took action again, unleashing a huge slaughter, continuously destroying eight of the Celestial Clan's divine mines and still going! He is unstoppable, continuously killing more than ten Divine Flame Realm experts!"

When these news traveled outwards, Fufeng City began to boil with commotion. This was definitely explosive news. It was just too shocking!

After all these years, even if there were some great sects that didn't get along with the Celestial Clan, they still didn't dare to act out against them like this, because a great war between clans would happen. Now, there was someone that dared to shatter this pattern.

Huang had appeared again, and his actions were incredibly fierce!

This was without a doubt a type of contempt for the Celestial Clan. By daring to do this, it was the same as challenging the dignity of this clan. 

At the same time, it was a ruthless mockery towards those two Heavenly deities. Huang was telling that everything was his doing, that they were stupid, finding trouble for the wrong people!

The two Heavenly deities' 'rashness' would definitely be denounced by others and be turned into a laughingstock. 

Of course, the most important thing was Huang's power, actually daring to massacre the Celestial Clan's important places. This would inevitably stir up great chaos in Fire Province, as well as spread to the rest of the higher realms, shaking all great sects.

"Good! I long thought that the Celestial Clan was unsightly!"

"Kill! Things should be done just like this!"

There were many people who were stirred on, becoming fired up as well. 

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