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Chapter 769 - Disturbances and Attention

Great rain smashed down onto the ground, producing layers of white smoke. The thick streaks of electricity were like golden pillars that took root in the ground, supporting the heavens. 

In the end, the electrical arcs disappeared, allowing absolute darkness to once again devour this place. 

Shi Hao turned around, entering the dark world, and vanishing from this prairie. 

It was because he knew that if he didn't leave now, he would be in danger. Two great Heavenly deities entered the depths of the prairie. Even though they were still quite far, they would still eventually receive news.

The prairie would inevitably be thrown into great disorder. Celestial Clan's number one divine mine was destroyed; this was definitely no small matter. It would greatly tarnish the Emperor Clan's reputation.

Sure enough, soon after, this place erupted into an uproar. However, none of this had anything to do with Shi Hao. he already withdrew from the grassland. 

The dark clouds scattered, the dewdrops hanging from blades of grass flickering with seven-colored splendor under the sunlight. The great rain stopped.

Within Fufeng City, a place where the borders of three provinces intersected, people of all trades moved in and out. There were individuals from all different clans, making this an extremely flourishing and bustling place.

This was definitely a place where information circulated. 

Regardless of whether it was Fire Province's prairie, Goddess Province, or Kun Province, whenever there was any activity, it would immediately reach this place.

"Shocking news! During the great downpour just now, Huang took action again. He is the incarnation of the death god, reaping the heads of Celestial Clan's experts. He unleashed a bloodbath, destroying half of the Celestial Clan's divine mines!"

Along with the disappearance of the dark clouds, the world became sunny and cloudless. The grassland's battle situation was revealed to the rest of the world, leaving everyone stunned. Huang was too tyrannical, his actions decisive and forceful. 

"Celestial Clan's number one divine mine was also destroyed, and three True deities were slaughtered, their bodies and souls wiped out!"

When these news went out, all of Fufeng City was thrown into disorder. This was much more shocking than any of the news they received before. The crowd was completely alarmed, all of them stupefied. 

"Huang killed True deities? Did I hear correctly? Moreover three of them?!"

This type of news made others feel as if it wasn't realistic, almost a bit absurd. It was because this type of battle accomplishments exceeded normal reasoning. How did Huang accomplish this?

"It is completely true! Celestial Clan is currently in chaos. All of the True deities of that mining region have gathered, and their killing intent is rushing into the heavens. They are threatening to burn Huang to ashes!"

How could this type of battle success not shock the world? A few of Fufeng City's transport formations immediately lit up. This type of accomplishment was too extraordinary. The disciples of a few great clans immediately went to give their reports. 

A moment later, the results of this battle spread in all directions. Soon after, it appeared on the desks of many great sects, and a few important figures read it seriously. 

"Huang, becoming famous through a single battle. Not only did his name shake the regions surrounding Five Elements Province, it even shocked the tens of provinces here. It is impossible for him to avoid attention even if he wanted to."

"Celestial Clan really is in a difficult situation now, being treated as a joke by many great sects!"

"They've provoked a terrifying young devil king. His potential is great, and in the future, he might very well turn into their clan's nightmare."

That day, violent developments were taking place. All sides were shaken. Many people began to analyze and discuss these news, believing Huang to be formidable. This time, the Celestial Clan truly acted too passively. 

Many great sects were paying close attention to this, this place became chaotic. 

Celestial Clan had towered for so many tens of thousands of years. They had their own glorious backing, but they had many enemies as well. At this time, they naturally didn't forget to throw stones at Celestial Clan while they were down, carrying out ridicule.

"Wu, Celestial Clan really has declined, suffering such a crushing defeat at the hands of a youth. There were three True deities alone that died, while the other party is just a Supreme expert. This sect has already declined."

"Right, where is Huang? You can seek refuge from my sect, we will assist you and help you with your growth. We support you in your eradication of the celestials!"

Without a doubt, as long as Shi Hao appeared, there would definitely be tens of thousands of eyes on him. He became the focal point of this region. Everyone was discussing his matters.

Meanwhile, the distant great sects were analyzing and paying close attention as well. 

There really were people who wished to rope him in, not speaking empty words, wishing to raise him up so that they could fight against the Celestial Clan one day, carrying out a great decisive battle. 

Shi Hao's battle accomplishments could be considered glorious. His status as a loose cultivator drew the interests of many sects!

Within the depths of the grasslands, within a mining region nine million li from Fufeng City, the two great Heavenly deities of the Celestial Clan were roaring with anger, shaking this entire great earth, Even the clouds in the heavens were going to collapse.

Not long ago, they mustered large forces, bringing a few True deities with them to force Fire Clan and suppress a few great clans from the lower realm, having them hand over Huang. 

This type of dignified attitude the two great Heavenly deities displayed was done clearly to stir things up, purposely threatening and oppressing the other party to force Shi Hao out.

However, how much time had passed? The other party actually brought upon them this type of disaster!

This was simply like a loud slap to their face. It was just too sharp and clear.

Half of the clan's divine mines were destroyed, and the casualty count of their experts was severe. Everything was done by Huang, and he even admitted that the 'immortal seed' was stolen by him. 

How could the two great Heavenly deities endure this? Everything they did looked like blunders. They didn't make Shi Hao submit and give in, instead suffering this type of humiliation. 

"Do the two great ones still wish to examine?" Within this mining region, there were experts within those great clans as well. There were a few who asked in an indifferent tone. 

Even though Fire Clan didn't have any taboo figures like the Old Celestial, there were still Heavenly deities in the clan and not weak to the point where they were powerless to retaliate. Now that they were bullied by others to this extent, they naturally wouldn't act politely.

One of Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities truly felt embarrassed. With a fling of his sleeves, he turned around to leave.

"Alright, all of you dao friends can leave as well, no need to stand around. Celestial Clan's two great figures were wrong." Someone spoke. 

There were quite a few inheritances that occupied great divine mines in this region, and many people came to observe what was happening. When they heard these words, they all laughed.

"What is Celestial Clan trying to do? Baselessly and wrongly accusing others. They've lost the imposing attitude an Emperor Clan should have."

"Shush, lower your voice, or else the two great Heavenly deities might go to your mining region's doors to bully your clan. When that time comes, you won't be able to cry even if you want to."

Everyone was ridiculing the Celestial Clan. There were quite a few inheritances that didn't fear them, purposely mocking them. 

Celestial Clan's two Heavenly deities didn't want to stay here a moment later. Even though they were powerful, they still couldn't unbridledly act without restraint. If they truly dared to act randomly, they would be denounced by many sects. 

Their actions were already being looked down by others, and the great sects that they were hostile towards were even more so throwing stones at them while they were down, carrying out mockery. 

"We miscalculated. This fella was actually so bold, daring to carry out a long-range raid, unleashing a slaughter right behind us. He seems to have even become stronger."

One of the Heavenly deity's faces fell. On the way back, his eyes sunk. If Shi Hao continued to grow at this speed, he would definitely become a huge disaster. 

"We have to eliminate him!" Another person said coldly. 

Celestial Clan's faces were covered in grime as they withdrew from Fire Clan and the other great sects' mining regions, returning to the outer regions of the prairie. 

Finally, these matters spread to Fufeng City. Everyone sighed with admiration. This time, the Celestial Clan truly fell head first, left battered and exhausted by a small Supreme expert.

Goddess Academy was similarly not calm. 

It was because now that such a great matter happened, all of the students in the academy heard of it, triggering quite the uproar. It was extremely noisy, with everyone discussing this passionately.

"I heard that Celestial Clan's number one genius You Yu came, that he is in our academy. I wonder if he will come out to fight a decisive battle against Huang."

Huang, this individual already proved his boldness, as well as his divine courage. All eyes were on him, leaving many female students starry eyed and male students feeling endless admiration. 

He dared to barge into Celestial Clan's important locations alone and massacre deities. What kind of boldness was this? Just how terrifying was his fighting prowess?

For the younger generation, this was a king among those their age, a war god that was worth looking up to. They felt reverence, and there were even some who began to worship him. 

Shi Hao arrived. His appearance created a huge uproar. That fella from the small shoddy mountain gate came down the mountain again?!

Many people were stupefied. He actually came here.

None of them knew that this notorious fella who threatened to beat up seniors and bully juniors, was the focal point of their discussions, the true Huang. 

"He entered the academy, is he… provoking us?" A group of people were shocked. This fella really was daring. 

Shi Hao was quite calm. He wanted to look for Yue Chan. When he entered that garden region, he saw a few familiar people from the distance. Yun Xi, You Yu, Feng Wu, and the others were all there. 

On the green grass next to the lake, the outstanding talents of great sects were seated on the ground, currently discussing the dao. Meanwhile, Yue Chan was playing a jade zither, the music pleasant to listen to. It made the surrounding flora shine, the flower buds quickly grow and blossom with multicolored radiance. It also drew a few birds that began to dance about., 

When the musical piece finished, everyone sighed in admiration. 

Then, everyone began to discuss freely amongst themselves.

"Younger sister Yun Xi truly is beautiful and aloof." Yue Chan had a smile on her face. She then shifted the topic of discussion saying, "The Huang everyone is talking about in the outside world seems to be related to younger sister. I heard that he had escorted you for several hundreds of thousands of li, fighting the War Clan with his life on the line. Is this true?"

There were rumors of this traveling about in the outside world, but Celestial Clan strictly denied it, berating others for creating false rumors. 

Everyone's expressions froze. Regardless of whether it was Divine Cliff Academy's most powerful disciple Mu Zixiao, Zuo Xiaodi, or Goddess Academy's Feng Wu, or the other great sects' outstanding talents, they all revealed looks of shock. It was because few people dared to directly ask the Celestial Clan this in front of their faces.

Yun Xi sighed softly and looked towards Yue Chan. 


Shi Hao saw this scene from the distance. He decided not to walk over and turned around to leave. He didn't want to get involved. 

As if there was some type of emotions exchanged, Yue Chan and Yun Xi gave this direction a look, seeing his rear figure.

"Yi, why are you leaving? Could it be that you are scared?"

At the entrance of the academy, many people saw him walk out. They revealed looks of surprise.

In reality, quite a few people went to send the message, warning experts that the Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor took the initiative to visit them. 

Shi Hao released a sneer, not minding it. He knew that his true identity would soon be exposed. When the time came, would these people still carry this type of expression?

"The Celestial Clan's six heroes have arrived. Originally I still wanted to see them clash with this person. If he leaves like this, wouldn't we miss out on a spectacular battle? Though it won't be as exciting as Huang."

"The six heroes all arrived one after another. There were a few heroes that previously said they were going to pay that mountain a visit to demand an explanation."

Shi Hao was surprised. After inquiring about this, he revealed a faint smile and said, "Is that so? I'll be waiting for them at Supreme Being Dao Rite. I will wipe out whoever dares to challenge my mountain gate!"

After speaking, he weaved his large sleeves and then quickly left, disappearing into the distance.

This place became silent. Only when there were no sign of him left did many people cry out in alarm. That small shoddy mountain gate's individual really was arrogant, actually daring to say this out loud. It was just too domineering!

"Go, hurry and inform those individuals. Didn't they want an explanation? Supreme Being Dao Rite's 'great senior brother' already said that he is waiting for them to challenge him!"

It was clear that this place wouldn't be calm again. Quite a huge commotion was raised. 

Along the way, Shi Hao's expression calmed down. He said to himself, "If the six heroes don't come, then that's that. If they do dare to come, the Celestial Clan's hearts will most likely suffer great pain!"

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