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Chapter 759 - Fire as Dao Seed

Yue Chan stood there, the space between her brows shining brilliantly. A woman was dancing about there. Even though it was small and was just a projection, it was vivid and lifelike. 

This was quite strange. The area between her brows was actually this special!

Regardless, she was unharmed. This made Shi Hao release a breath of relief. They finally made it through this disaster.

Yue Chan's figure was tall, pure white and sparkling. It was unexpectedly just as good as before, and even her fine black hair became more brilliant. Her entire being exuded a type of life force. 

Above her head, that green moon was still changing, gradually becoming larger. The immortal projection within became more and more clear, as if it towered above the clouds. It was as if a True immortal was about to descend.


She scattered apart like an illusion, turning into a multicolored haze and merging with the green moon. In the end, the entire green moon turned into a lump of flame that surrounded Yue Chan. It was exceptionally peaceful without any blazing heat.

The Green Lunar flame changed, no longer injuring Yue Chan and instead surrounding her.

Shi Hao was shocked. This flame left behind by the True immortal unexpectedly became so gentle, turning into female clothing that covered Yue Chan's body, protecting her within.

Yue Chan was calm, her eyes bright and clear, flickering with an intelligent radiance. She completely calmed down. She chanted sacrificial language from her mouth, establishing a mysterious contractual relationship.

She then succeeded!

There seemed to be green precious clothes flickering about her body. The ancient flame became a long dress, beautiful and divine, but also a type of metallic feeling as it flickered with sparkling radiance. It gave Yue Chan a unique type of beautiful aesthetic. 

"It can even turn into battle armor?" Shi Hao was shocked. He always felt like the Green Lunar flame was a bit different. It seemed to agree especially well with Yue Chan!


Immediately afterwards, green moonlight flickered. The dress disappeared, and Yue Chan's ivory-like body appeared again. Meanwhile, that flame turned into a multicolored haze, appearing between her brows. 

A light cry sounded. It unexpectedly merged with that dancing figure, permanently becoming one with it!

"It is a bit different from the other ancient flames like the Ten thousand evil flame, Great Scarlet Sky flame, and others." Shi Hao said softly.

At this moment, the ruins became quiet. The green moon disappeared, becoming one with the engraving between Yue Chan's brows. It wouldn't appear unless summoned. 

Yue Chan stood there quietly, silently sensing and studying the changes that were taking place. A smiled gradually appeared on her face. She could feel the tremendous benefits she received. She succeeded.

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and turned around. She saw Shi Hao's eyes that were flickering brightly, currently looking at her pure white naked body. They immediately released blazing radiance. 

Her jade-like body that undulated with curves became blinding like a sun. That was actually the green moonlight's illumination, originating from the space between her brows, surrounding her entire body. 

At the same time, a long dress appeared that surrounded her body. Yue Chan immediately became dressed. Only then did she restrain the divine radiance from her forehead.

"Did you see enough?" Yue Chan's voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, as if untainted by worldly emotions. It was extremely calm and peaceful.

"No!" Shi Hao decisively replied. 

Yue Chan gathered her beautiful hair and smiled faintly. It was as if a divine moon was releasing its splendor, making her appear even more sacred and otherworldly than before, granting her a sense of spirituality. "I meant what I said, while your dao heart has to be steady as well."

Shi Hao was shocked. Then, he laughed and said, "Are you talking about that agreement?"

"Yes!" Yue Chan nodded. 

"When did you become so generous and carefree?" Shi Hao was shocked.

Yue Chan said softly, "After experiencing the great battle of three thousand provinces, even if you fail, if you calm down your heart and gradually accumulate wisdom, there will definitely be a day when you will rise up and achieve great things."

When Shi Hao heard this, the expression on his face immediately became wide. Turns out the so-called agreement was made because she thought he would definitely fail, telling him that he should earnestly comprehend the dao instead. 

"Yue Chan, I just saved you, yet you are now looking down on me so much?"

Yue Chan shook her head and said, "I feel that with your natural talents, you will definitely become a glorious figure in this world. You shouldn't divide your attention and should instead focus on cultivation."

"The reason why we are what we are is because of all types of emotions. If one did what you said and focused on cultivation while neglecting other things, they will miss out on many things along the way." Shi Hao didn't agree with her. 

Yue Chan said softly, "Those that enjoy worldly things, even if their appearances are exceptional, there will still be a day when they will return to the great earth. There should be some greater pursuit, one that transcends this mortal world."

"I am always transcending, resolutely forging ahead in my path. It doesn't conflict with the ordinary emotions and desires of normal people." Shi Hao said. Then, he became suspicious and said, "What is with you? After obtaining this rare ancient flame, you seem to be a bit aloof? It's almost as if you are about to leave this world of mortals."

"After truly obtaining the flame left behind by the True immortal, I seem to have mysteriously obtained the insights from just now. I suddenly had the feeling that worldly affairs were like smoke covering my eyes, now finally scattered. Only transcending, that is the sole path." Yue Chan said. Her head of black hair fell like silk fabric. Her entire body carried a faint white mist, making her look hazy and otherworldly, as if she didn't belong to the world of mortals. 

"Hey, Yue Chan, don't tell me you are becoming world-weary? Hurry up and turn around so you can give birth to a child. It won't be good if you continue like this!" Shi Hao really wasn't someone who would stop until he said some alarming things. 

Even though the aloof and intelligent Yue Chan was extremely calm, she was still shocked. Then, an expression appeared on her beautiful face. She was angered badly enough.

"You weren't beyond saving after all…" Shi Hao said to himself. 

"The world of mortals has a limit. The thousands of mountains and tens of thousands of lakes are fated to become nothing. They all have a day when they will become lonely and desolate, with nothing in existence. A single person is insignificant, yet there are endless desires and aspirations, all fated to become nothing. Why should one bother staying here and stop moving? There is actually only one path below our feet…" As Yue Chan spoke, she gazed into the heavens. 

"You've gone crazy. Let me pull you back." Shi Hao immediately took action on his words, grabbing one of Yue Chan's hands and roaring like a lion, "You still aren't going to wake up?!" 

Green holy radiance flashed. Yue Chan struggled free from Shi Hao's hand and gave him a look of disdain, her eyes saying 'don't try to take advantage of others with a strange face'!

"If I become number one in the end within the great battle of three thousand provinces, rising above everyone else, I will personally carry you back and have you experience the wonders of the mortal world, for example, the traditional roles of a good wife and other matters." Shi Hao laughed and said. 

"Sure, if you are able to become number one under the heavens." Yue Chan smiled and said absentmindedly.

"Then it's set in stone!" When Shi Hao saw her absent minded expression, he unexpectedly felt motivation, as well as a competitiveness. He looked forward to rising up in the great battle of three thousand provinces. 

He then asked about the Green Lunar flame's mysteries, exactly what was different after she acquired this rare precious flame.

Yue Chan told him things as they were without concealing anything. She told him that it was like gaining a moment of enlightenment. She comprehended a few things, and up ahead, it was as if there was a lighthouse shining, allowing her to see the road ahead.

Generally speaking, once one became a deity and ignited the self, the rare precious flames would leave. 

The moment one became a deity, all cultivators would gain tremendous amounts of insights, allowing one to peer into the distance in an instant, seeing the road ahead. This was a moment cultivators looked forwards to in their lives!

Meanwhile, Yue Chan hadn't turned into a deity, yet there was still a great flash of realization. 

Geniuses with great potential formed a faint connection with these rare precious flames precisely for that moment. 

"The road ahead, realization, great dao, these are the things the rare precious flame created, right? Comprehending the dao from the foundation and stepping onto one's own path?" Shi Hao said to himself.

"I'm not sure. The ancient flames are suspected to have been left behind by True immortals. If one uses it as a dao seed, as tinder, one will naturally be able to reach greater heights." Yue Chan said. 

"Why do you have to use them as a tinder? Can't one use themselves as the dao seed?" At this moment, Shi Hao seemed to have thought of something. He became a bit unsure about the so-called igniting a divine flame. 

Yue Chan was shocked. "The rare ancient flames are left behind by the True immortals after they pass away, and can also be called immortal seeds. With them as the dao seed, it will naturally pave the way ahead, bringing transcendence and hope."

"Rather than doing it like this, I would rather use a single grain of sand, a stalk of grass, a tree, a mountain, and other tangible objects to use as reference, using the entire mountains, rivers, heaven, earth, sun, moon, and stars as my tinder. I would rather plant my dao that way." Shi Hao said. 

Yue Chan revealed a look of shock and said, "What are you trying to do then?"

"Not going to use an ancient flame and directly ignite the self. Is that not okay?" Shi Hao asked.

Yue Chan said, "Many people couldn't find rare precious flames and use other divine flames to ignite themselves, and there are even more who cannot even obtain any divine flames so they could only rely on themselves."

"Then that is to say, the most ordinary people are like me, and only they would do this?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Correct!" Yue Chan nodded.

"Why do I feel like this is the correct path then?" Shi Hao said softly. Then, he said, "Then should I acquire an ancient flame first, study it thoroughly, and then do it that way?"


A streak of heavenly lightning hacked down, directly blasting Shi Hao's flesh, making his head release smoke. His entire body was scorched black, and he flew outwards.

If it was an ordinary supreme expert, they would have definitely had both mind and spirit wiped out!Meanwhile, his hair stood on end, and when he opened his mouth, electrical arcs flowed outwards, but he didn't die. His injuries weren't severe either, just startled a bit. He raised his head in confusion, staring at the heavens. 

"Fuck! Who is blasting me with lightning?!" Shi Hao was furious. Someone actually dared to attack him. 

Yue Chan was stupefied as well. She saw clearly that the lightning was born in the void. No one took action. It came directly from the heavens. 

Shi Hao brought out the dual-pupil and carefully searched around. In the end, he didn't find anything unusual. 

"During the Immortal Ancient era, when one speaks about natural laws, discusses the dao, if there are shocking things, there would occasionally be heavenly lightning that would descend. In the present world, there is already no longer any heavenly tribulation. Just now, how could it have…" Yue Chan said to herself. There was divine multicolored light in her eyes as she looked at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao was truly depressed. He was blasted by lightning for no reason, making him quite pissed. 

"We're leaving!" He hung his head and said. This was just too embarrassing, being blasted by the heavens for no reason. It really was weird. 

Yue Chan wanted to laugh, but she endured it, treating it like nothing happened. Of course, she didn't forget to philosophically add that only by acting properly will the heavens protect us. 

Shi Hao's face went red. He didn't want to stay here a second later. 

Then, they returned to where Goddess Academy was.


A large bell was ringing. It rang throughout heaven and earth.

It's the academy's dao bell. What happened for it to be sounded?" Yue Chan revealed a look of shock. Normally, only major events would trigger this bell sound.

At the same time, bell sounds rang from the distance as well, shaking heaven and earth. It was remote and drawn out. 

"It seems to be coming from Kun Province!" Yue Chan discovered.

This place bordered on Goddess, Fire, and Kun Provinces. Its location was quite special. 

Immediately after, a larger bell resounded through the air, sounding extremely ancient. It transmitted extremely far into the distance. It came from Fire Province's direction!

"Could it be…" Even though Yue Chan was aloof and otherworldly, right now, her beautiful eyes were flourishing with radiance. It was hard for her to calm down.

"What happened?" Shi Hao asked.

Yue Chan said, "Hundred rivers gather in the ocean, the three thousand provinces great battle should be approaching. Perhaps it is about to start! It is just like how it is in legends, with ten thousand bells ringing through heaven and earth. All the large ancient sects and inheritances, upon receiving information, will deliver the message through bells!"

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