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Chapter 758 - Immortal Projection

Ten feet, nine feet, eight feet...

The green moon descended, appearing like a colored glaze sphere that illuminated the world. It radiated resplendent splendor as it slowly approached the two individuals below. 

At this moment, Shi Hao became serious, no longer playing around. There was even less of a need to talk about Yue Chan. 

At first, they could feel a sense of warmth, but later on, there was a burning pain that tore at their flesh and bones. Right now, it felt as if one's blood was burning and spilling out from their pores!

Yue Chan's body was originally spotlessly white like ivory, but currently, there was a faint layer of blood energy that was quickly spreading, burning like innate essence.

This was extremely dangerous, with a single mishap resulting in becoming a lump of flame, one that would leave nothing but ashes behind!

It was because this was the Green Lunar flame, one that powerful individuals knew about since the ancient times! It was rumored to be an exceptional ancient flame that was left behind by a True immortal, something not even the Heavenly deities of the ancient past could stop. It was unknown just how many of them were burned to death by these flames.

One couldn't forcefully face it head on, as it was impossible to resist. One had to communicate with it and establish a stable and contractual relationship, or else they would undoubtedly die.

Yue Chan was divine and perfect. Her lips were rosy, releasing symbols. She was chanting the Immortal Ancient sacrificial language and resonating with that Green Lunar flame to become one with it. 

Unfortunately, even though she was enduring and not going against it, she still used up a large amount of her innate essence. It seeped out along with her blood energy out from her pores, burning up in the void. 

It was because the Green Lunar flame was too terrifying. Even though it didn't release its heavenly might, the light it normally released already reached a nearly unbearable level. 

Yue Chan's spotlessly white body had a layer of sweat in the beginning, but it quickly evaporated as well into white mist, burning together with her essence blood. 

Her situation was not looking well, tottering and on the verge of collapse. It was just too strenuous. If she continued like this, she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. 

Shi Hao frowned. His body shone and released a wave of innate essence. They turned into chains, entering Yue Chan's pure white body to help replenish her true source. 

Yue Chan's figure stabilized. Her eyes regained their brilliance, and her tongue began to move. Symbols left her mouth one after another, interacting with that flame. 

"En, is it about to succeed?" Shi Hao revealed a look of joy. He saw that the green moon had become quite a bit gentler, and the temperature also decreased. The flame seemed like it could sense the strain Yue Chan was facing. 

The green moon descended, now less than five feet from Yue Chan's head. This distance was just too close! Meanwhile, she was not injured further by this, and on the contrary, her condition improved much better.

Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh. One truly couldn't compare themselves to another. The first ancient flame he saw was precisely the Green Lunar flame, yet he was almost drowned in fiery light, forcing him to leave. 

Yet now, Yue Chan was about to succeed! If news of this got out, it would definitely shake the world under the heavens!

One has to understand that this type of ancient flame was related to true flames. It was the most precious and rarely seen type. If one used it to achieve divinity, it would display the most shocking transformation, granting one limitless potential.

Four feet, three feet, two feet...

The green moon approached, becoming more and more gentle and peaceful. Everything seemed to have already been settled and on the verge of succeeding.


Suddenly, Yue Chan's body trembled. When the green moon was only a foot away from her, the flame produced a sudden change. There was a void figure that could vaguely be seen, and then it began to flourish with brilliance again. 

"Not good!"

Without any hesitation, Shi Hao's entire body surged. He used his innate essence to form tens of thousands of strands of auspicious energy, sending them into her body and doing everything he could to assist her.

In addition, he continuously chanted the sacrificial language as well to communicate with the flame. 

The green lunar splendor was brilliant. It poured outwards, wrapping Yue Chan within and releasing a heart shaking aura. Even Shi Hao, who wasn't directly involved, felt that it was terrifying. 

If this type of radiance erupted, it was enough to turn a Heavenly deity into ashes!

At this moment, Yue Chan was completely unmoving; only her mouth was releasing sound. The green lunar splendor surrounded her body. She looked extremely calm and peaceful without joy or worry. 

Shi Hao was extremely nervous. If an accident happened, then the result wouldn't be merely a failure to obtain the flame, but rather destruction of both mind and body, turning into nothingness!

He didn't know how to help her right now. He didn't dare rashly take action out of fear of affecting that lunar brilliance.

Suddenly, Shi Hao's expression froze. He saw a figure within the green moon, an elegant and tall woman that stood within the moonlight. It was as if a True immortal had reincarnated!

"This is… goddess Qing Yue?" Shi Hao was shocked, finding it hard to believe. How could this kind of figure appear?

He had previously asked Qi Daolin, inquiring if anything strange would happen upon facing these rare ancient flames. Back then, he received the reply that he didn't need to worry, that it had long become unrelated to the past True immortal.

However, how did a human figure appear before his eyes? This ancient flame was not normal!

Suddenly, Yue Chan released a light groan. She was enduring tremendous pain! Her body was trembling, almost unable to hold on any longer.

"Yue Chan!"

Shi Hao's expression changed. The green lunar splendor closed in on the surface of her body, making contact. The temperature was so high it would make deities shudder in fear. 

"How could this be? Didn't it restrain its heat, becoming peaceful? Why did it become so terrifying now?!" Shi Hao clenched his fists tightly.

"I can't hold on. This might be a failure." Yue Chan spoke. This most terrifying temperature was enough to burn any deity into ashes, let alone a supreme expert. 

While speaking these words, her body already became blurry. Her vitality was severely damaged. 

This was a sudden transformation. When moonlight approached her body earlier, it didn't injure her, but now, it became like a wild horse that threw off its reins as it rushed into her flesh to set her aflame.


Shi Hao shouted loudly. He chanted the sacrificial language, communicating with the green moon to guide it over. He wanted to stop this disaster. 

"I never expected there would be this kind of conclusion…" Yue Chan felt regret. She had already endured tremendous pain, and her spotlessly white body was badly burned. It was hard for her to hold on.

For her to be able to speak right now was already something purely done out of her powerful willpower. Otherwise, she would have long collapsed.

"I am still here! I won't let you die!" Shi Hao used his divine senses to incite the flame, adopting the most severe methods. He was inciting this flame, hoping for it to come over so that Yue Chan could struggle free. 


A streak of light descended, one that was incomparably hot. It blasted Shi Hao flying, and it also turned his entire body scorched black. There was an intense feeling of pain.

He was horrified. That was just a streak of multicolored light, yet it already left him like this, so one could well imagine what kind of disaster Yue Chan was currently facing. She was on the verge of turning into scattered ashes. 

"What kind of True immortal aura does a rotten flame like you have? What are you bothering a young girl like this for? If you have the guts, then come at me!" Shi Hao gave up on the ancient sacrificial language.

It was because he knew that this flame was strange. The moonlight unexpectedly had an immortal projection. It was not quite the same as other rare precious flames. 

A kengqiang sounded. He put on that tattered armor, because it came from the uninhabited region, seemingly having some kind of extraordinary background.

At this moment, Shi Hao couldn't be bothered with so much. Even though the ancient flame couldn't be resisted and only communicated with to establish a connection, now that it was useless, he could only use force.


He no longer worried about his own safety as he directly grabbed Yue Chan's indistinct figure to get her out.

Seeing him risk his life to save her, Yue Chan opened her mouth. With an incomparably weak voice, she said, "Don't give your life away… hurry and leave!"


Shi Hao shouted, using his arm to shake off the flames and scatter the moonlight. He wanted to pull Yue Chan out and free her from this disastrous situation. 

Yue Chan's figure was blurry, already suffering severe damage. Her eyes had long grew dim. However, when she saw Shi Hao try to save her at this moment, there was still a bit of brilliance. She said quietly, "You should hurry and leave, don't be foolish…"

This was the flame of a True immortal. Forget about a supreme expert, even if a group of the most powerful deities were here, they would only die. They weren't its opponent at all.


Shi Hao didn't bother speaking too much to her. His arm penetrated the barrier of light, dragged her out with one movement, and then he quickly retreated.

However, that green moon followed, continuing to scatter its green holy splendor around Yue Chan, not retreating at all. It was about to completely refine her flesh.

At this moment, Shi Hao's arm was under intense pain, feeling as if his bones had been burned through. At the very least, his flesh was withering away. 

However, if anyone else were here, they would definitely be shocked. What was this shoddy looking armor? It unexpectedly stopped the fire's power, not allowing it to immediately burn him away.

"The flame left behind by a True immortal… cannot be contended against…" Yue Chan's eyes carried radiance as she looked at Shi Hao. It seemed like she wanted to say something, but only this sentence came out in the end. She forcefully pushed him away.

At this moment, even her soul was being set aflame. Forget about her fine skin and sparkling bones, even her life was already reaching its limit. 

Meanwhile, this was because the green moon hadn't truly gone berserk yet, the result of only scattering down moonlight. Otherwise, she would have directly been burned into ashes!

"What are you trying to do? Do you need to slowly torment someone if you wanted them dead?!" Shi Hao berated the green moon. Then, he fiercely swung outwards. The armor struggled free from his arm and quickly covered Yue Chan's body.

Then, he displayed divine abilities, directly sending Yue Chan out. He himself also quickly evaded. 

Even though the armor was covered in holes, it still had some uses.

After Yue Chan's blurry figure was surrounded, it was temporarily separated form the green moon. Meanwhile, all of the dangers immediately shifted over to Shi Hao. The green divine moon seemed to have become angered.


A streak of fiery light descended, blasting Shi Hao flying. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely been burned into ashes. He was blasted into the ruin's depths. His entire body was in intense pain, and great flames raged about him.

Shi Hao grimaced. He was able to block this strike.

"Motherfucker!" Shi Hao cursed. He went for a gamble to save Yue Chan, yet he still failed in the end. 

That green moon wrapped around her, following her relentlessly. This time, it was even more complete, surrounding her head. Both of them linked up together.

In addition, keng qiang sounds rang out continuously. That tattered armor was blasted loose, separating from Yue Chan's indistinct figure and falling out. It couldn't protect her.

Shi Hao decisively brought out the pill furnace, deciding he was going to risk it all. Otherwise, Yue Chan wouldn't have any chance left and would have both her body and spirit wiped out. 

"You… don't come over!" These were the last words Yue Chan's willpower could squeeze out.

Her emotions were complex as she watched Shi Hao in the distance. She raised her indistinct arm and gently waved. 

"Absolute nonsense. You are my wife, so I naturally have to save you!" Shi Hao tossed out the pill furnace to releasing the lightning with immortal dao aura as well as that yellow earth. He was using everything he had. 

Moreover, he rushed over himself to guide the green moon away.

Yue Chan opened her mouth, but she couldn't utter any words. Her divine senses weren't working as she wished.


A streak of light scattered downwards, divine and matchless. It smashed Shi Hao flying.

Unexpectedly, he wasn't killed, nor was he even injured. This moonlight was quite special, only pushing him away. 

Meanwhile, the green moon became resplendent, and that female immortal projection became a bit clearer. It seemed to have almost released a sigh. 

Moreover, the fiery light that surrounded Yue Chan no longer throbbed, instead immediately becoming gentle. Everything immediately changed in reverse.

Yue Chan's weak aura became stronger. Her blurry body reappeared, and like a phoenix undergoing rebirth while bathed in flames, an exhuberant wave of vitality swept outwards. 

Within that gentle sphere of brilliance, a spotlessly white and sparkling immortal body gradually appeared. Yue Chan reappeared, her body reconstructed. She was reborn. 

"This is…" Shi Hao was shocked.

The space between Yue Chan's brows was shining. The imprint that was suspected to be 'immortal dao divine projection' formed a void figure. It was as if a girl was dancing about, unexpectedly communicating with the woman within the green moon. 

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