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Chapter 760 - Setting Out

"All sects will consult with each other, and ten thousand bells will sound. The distinguished meeting is about to start, the world about to become glorious… the fight between young supreme beings is about to commence. Hundred rivers will converge, tens of thousands will compete. It is about to arrive!"

On the grassland, an elder was leaning on a walking stick while pulling along a golden wolf. He released a long and drawn out sigh. 

"It won't be long before this day will finally arrive. The Immortal Ancient era's natural luck that had been left behind until this day, perhaps this might be the last opportunity."

By the edge of the large lake, a boulder that had existed for a long time shook off the dust covering it, saying these words. 


That day, long and drawn out bell sounds tore through the thousands of mountains and tens of thousands of waters, reaching from the mountains to flourishing great cities, from the arid great deserts to the boundless ocean shores. The world under the heavens was shaken up.

Many people knew that the battle of the higher realms' geniuses was about to begin. A time of great glory was about to descend. 

This was the result of tens of thousands of sects conversing with each other, the greatest gathering of great sects. They all participated in this matter, and their sects' great bells sounded. It was the same as informing the entire world. 

From that day forth, everyone could begin to look forward to the great competition. 

The dao bells were long and drawn out as they resounded through heaven and earth, reminding geniuses in isolation that they needed to make their preparations. They couldn't miss out on this great battle and opportunity that the entire world was keeping their eyes on. 

Goddess Academy was naturally bustling with activity as well. 

Many people cried out in alarm, and sounds of discussion could be heard everywhere. 

"You should go back. If there is something, I will look for you." Shi Hao said, and then he didn't enter the academy. Otherwise, he might be surrounded from all sides. 

The moment Yue Chan glanced backwards, her beauty was unmatched. She turned back into Qing Yi, waved towards Shi Hao, and then entered the academy. 

The two could be considered to both be facing trials and tribulations together, so there wasn't much thanks that needed to be said between them. 

From that day forth, all young supreme beings under the heavens all began to make preparations. The road ahead would definitely be difficult. Shi Hao needed to carefully think about how he was going to win in the great battle. 

"You returned. From your dejected and depressed looks, you definitely failed." Outside the mountain gate, Qi Daolin opened his eyes and gave him a look.

"Succeeded, but gave it to someone else." Shi Hao didn't hide this, saying it as it was.

Qi Daolin's mouth opened. What exactly was this youngster thinking? He even gave the Green Lunar flame away. Was this extreme generosity or stupidity?

"You idiot, for the sake of a woman, you even gifted away a world shaking ancient flame. What do you treat it as? That is one of the world's greatest treasures, known as an immortal seed! How many sect masters have looked for them throughout the eras yet were unable to find any?!"

Qi Daolin battered him with criticism. 

Shi Hao retorted. "Who am I? Do I need to chase after a girl?"

"Once the three thousand provinces' genius great battle begins, you will definitely suffer greatly. Forget about those 'number ones' that are sealed under ice mountain restrictions, even the young geniuses of the present world will all find rare precious flames. When they enter, they will ignite their divine flames and become a deity. How will you deal with them then?"

"What is there to be scared of? I already said that those 'historical number ones' are my food. When the time comes, all the girls will be brought back to warm the bed!" Shi Hao boasted shamelessly.

"You have to find an ancient flame, or in other words, an 'immortal seed'. Otherwise, you won't have the slightest bit of chance. You won't even enter the top hundred names." Qi Daolin was extremely serious.

He seriously warned that only those that had perfect 'immortal seeds' could undergo the most thorough evolution, becoming perfect. Only then would they have a level road ahead. 

"It seems like I need to seize the Great Scarlet Sky flame for you." It could be seen that Qi Daolin had great hopes for him, not hesitating to add fuel to his 'notorious reputation'. 

Shi Hao refused. He made a solemn vow that there was no need for this, saying that he would still rise up.

He really wanted to talk about the nine dragon skeletons and bronze coffin matters, as well as the mysterious flame, but he feared that the elder would become so stirred up he would open the coffin without fearing the consequences. He felt that he should wait a bit longer. 

"Go cultivate the Eight ninth heavens art!" Qi Daolin shouted, feeling upset that Shi Hao didn't meet his expectations. He didn't want to see him act so careless, so he had him run around with the great mountain.

"Dao master, why don't you teach me your techniques? Carrying the mountain on my back and running all day, when others see this, it's just too humiliating!" Shi Hao grumbled, feeling extremely discontent. 

"You haven't met the requirements yet. Only when your flesh, bone texts, and spirit all become one with no distinctions between will it be enough." Qi Daolin spoke with a downcast face, and then he blasted Shi Hao flying. He also grabbed a large mountain with a single movement, tossing it onto his back. 


The earth quaked and mountains shook. Shi Hao left into the distance with the great mountain on his back. Even though he was extremely discontent, he couldn't contradict this elder in front of his face. He truly feared that this infamous old man might kick him out due to a foul mood.

The great bells of sects all over the three thousand province sounded. From this day forth, all geniuses would move out in preparation of joining the great battle. 

During these final days of preparation, some people sat quietly in meditation, some refined precious artifacts, while others came out of isolation to exchange pointers with others, using this to adjust their own vital energies.

Goddess Academy was well know, a place almost everyone in the higher realms knew about. They naturally had many dealings with other great sects, so in the following days, there were many guests that arrived.

"Yi, Nine-Headed Snake Clan, Yin Yang Academy, Oblique Moon Ancient Cave, and Holy Feather Clan's elites have arrived!" There were students that cried in surprise. These were all great sects or enormous clans. 

During these days, all sects' outstanding disciples came and went, discussing the dao with each other and exchanging pointers. They were all adjusting their condition.

In addition, because they were bordering the Fire Province, a chaotic place where divine materials emerged, the young disciples of various sects were sent over to protect the mines. It was a mix of fish and dragons. There were many geniuses, with visitors coming from everywhere. 

"You all don't know this, but the Academy might have Emperor Clans that will come to pay a visit, wishing to see our Human Immortal engravings. They bring with them bone books with similarly shocking value in exchange."

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air, feeling that a great storm was about to arrive.

The geniuses of the sects under the heavens all moved out. A great storm stirred about, and all of them were preparing for battle. One could imagine how unordinary the gathering soon after will be. Great battles will go on without end. It was definitely going to be a world shocking event.

"Right, did that little shoddy monastery's fella appear? With so many elites from great sects coming to visit, if we oppress him together, we will definitely beat him so bad he'll be looking for his own teeth all over the floor!"

"That good-for-nothing withered away as soon as we appeared and never dared to appear again. A group of senior brothers from the academy looked for him many times, yet they never found a clue. He already ran away a long time ago, no longer here."

When they brought up Shi Hao, they couldn't help but feel discontent. As a prestigious sect, they carried a type of live high and look down attitude. They felt great contempt for that notorious inheritance. 

Of course, these people still felt restraining fear in their hearts, because even though that place's name wasn't great, the people that came out from it were quite unordinary. 

"Did you guys hear? A mountain deity has appeared on the grassland. It runs extremely quickly, and many people chased after it, yet they all failed, unable to capture it."

"Wu, I've heard about it. Perhaps it might contain a mountain treasure! Shall we go and take a look too?"


In the past few days, Shi Hao suffered without being able to complain, forced by Qi Daolin to carry the mountain on his back. This mountain had a seal stuck on it that made it ten times heavier. 

"What exactly is the 'dao seed'?" He was thinking about his own path while running frantically. Now that he was close to the Divine Flame Realm, he needed to cross the crucial step.

During these past few days, he was always bitterly cultivating in Fire Province's savanna, because this place was extremely vast. He ran while carrying the great mountain with no obstacles in his way. 

It was also precisely because of this that he was able to think about other matters. 

"Yi, our luck really is good. Look, that divine mountain appeared again!" A group of people appeared on the horizon. They looked at the moving enormous mountain, all of them revealing looks of shock.

"It doesn't seem quite right. This shouldn't be some expert's magical treasure, right? For example, an earth overturning imprint that turned into a mountain form, running about crazily." Some people were doubtful. 

On the mountain, ancient trees towered into the skies. There were symbols flickering about as well. The atmosphere was extremely unordinary.

"If it truly is a precious artifact, it is an ownerless object. It developed intelligence, and that's why it's running about crazily."

Everyone discussed this among themselves as they quickly chased after it. They were going to observe it in more detail, because many of them were curious.

"Yi, it's going berserk, going to smash into a mountain ridge!"

Right at this moment, someone cried out in alarm.

There were mountains on the savanna as well, for example, there was a mountain ridge before them. That enormous peak was still running crazily, smashing its way over.

In reality, Shi Hao had become distracted. He was thinking about how to plant his dao, how he was going to rise up when achieving divinity and step onto his own path. 

The result of this was that he smashed into the mountain ridge ahead of him while carrying the enormous mountain. The earth quaked and mountains shook, causing him to be buried underneath.

With a hu la sound, Goddess Academy's people surrounded it. They were all excited as they stared at the great mountain covered in smoke and dust.

"Cough…" Shi Hao coughed. He climbed out with his head and face covered with grime. He complained inwardly about his bad luck. 

His appearance left everyone shocked! They looked like they had seen a ghost, not understanding why he was here.

"He is… that little shoddy monastery's person!" Someone cried out in alarm, recognizing him.

"You're right, it was precisely him who was boasting shamelessly, doing business at my academy's entrance, saying he could beat up higher grade seniors for a fee and bully lower grade juniors!" Someone cried out strangely.

"It's actually that degenerate!" 

"He was carrying a mountain while running around, is there something wrong with his head?"

When the group of people awoke, they were all a bit puzzled, but there was also mockery in their alarm. 

"Who is a degenerate?" Shi Hao was pissed off to begin with from being forced to carry the mountain. When he saw this group of people, his face darkened even further. He directly rushed up.

"Your inheritance is notorious and ridiculed by the entire world, not appearing for several thousand years, yet you even dare to provoke my Goddess Academy? Today, we will show you your place!"

None of these people were weak, all fierce individuals of the higher grade, or else they wouldn't dare to try and subdue the mountain deity. Now that they saw him take the initiative to attack them, they were naturally all angered. 

Unfortunately, they truly didn't know about Shi Hao, not understanding his sect's doctrine. Otherwise, they definitely wouldn't have been willing to rush over.

One has to understand that Shi Hao had even killed exceptional talents before.

As soon as they exchanged blows, someone was slapped flying like nothing. His entire body was covered in cracks and dripping with blood. Fortunately, Shi Hao still didn't take his life. 

This result made everyone's expressions change. They swarmed over, all of their precious artifacts shining. Bone texts appeared in large amounts. 

What left them fearful was that this person was just too terrifying! He broke their bone artifacts with his bare hands. With kengqiang sounds, a large pile of precious artifacts were crushed, and everyone was even more so struck until blood sprayed out from their mouths, flying outwards. 

"You are from the Celestial Clan?" Shi Hao saw a youth. 

"Correct, I am the descendant of an Emperor Clan." That person stood up, shouting loudly after thinking that Shi Hao felt fear.


Without saying another word, he kicked outwards, blasting him until his mouthful of teeth flew out. He then added another kick, sending him flying into the air until he disappeared. 

The group of people looked completely stupefied. They then dispersed in confusion. This fella was a devil king! There was no way to fight against him.

The elites of various sects were gathering at Goddess Academy, and even Feng Wu came out from isolation. She was discussing techniques and dao in the palace. 

"This one should be brother Kun Mo, one of Celestial Clan's six heroes?" Someone spoke, politely cupping fists towards this individual. 

Those nearby were all shocked. There were even people from the Celestial Clan that came to pay their respects. It really was bustling with activity. 

"I do not deserve your praise." Kun Mo said humbly. In reality, he was no longer within the six heroes because of the heaven's mandate stone matter. Now that Yun Xi and the others were being raised up, he was squeezed out.

"I heard that some changes happened to the Celestial Clan not too long ago, and many giants arrived. Was there such an event?" Someone asked. 

"There was!" Kun Mo nodded, but he wasn't willing to speak too much. It was because the matters back then were messy and complicated. It was difficult to say clearly.

"Wu, rumor has it that the young devil king Huang stirred up quite the chaos there. I wonder if that is true or false."

When these words were spoken, everyone revealed looks of shock. They all gazed over out of interest. 

"Correct, he has appeared. Only, he does not live up to his reputation, just a trifling younger generation who isn't much at all. If not for someone pleading for leniency, my clan's heroes would have directly killed him." Mo Kun said. 

"That can't be… Huang's name shakes dozens of provinces, a young hero that is terrifying to the extreme. In Origin Sky Secret Realm, he fought against experts from all different places and has an illustrious reputation. How could he be so unsightly?" Someone became doubtful. 

"It was just others' bragging on purpose. What does he amount to? If you all truly meet him, you'll understand if you just fight him. It was just a few great sects adding fuel to the fire, purposely creating his demonic reputation. He was disciplined by my sect until he was completely obedient and submissive." Kun Mo said coldly. 

Everyone became shocked, not believing this too much. It was because they heard a few secret rumors. 

"I heard that Celestial Clan lusted after his precious technique and as a result bit the hand that fed them." Right at this moment, Qing Yi spoke. Her expression was quiet and indifferent, her eyes clear.

"Just a rumor. This is slandering my clan! You'll understand if you just ask around in Devil or Heaven Province." Kun Mo said. Then, he added, "My clan's number one expert You Yu, as well the later risen up heavenly talent Yun Xi will be looking around in Fire Province's ancient mines soon. If you all don't believe me, you can ask them."

In reality, Celestial Clan was extremely dishonorable. Kun Mo didn't want to speak too much on this issue, and as such changed the topic.

"Is that so? Then I'm looking forward to it." Qing Yi spoke, or in other words, Yue Chan did. She seemed to be implying something. 

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