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Chapter 756 - Moving Out Together

Goddess Academy, a place where divine mountains and an enormous city were interconnected. Waterfalls cascaded from the mountains above and silver radiance surged like dragons. There were ancient trees that towered into the heavens, taking root on the cliffs. As for the city district, the buildings were imposing, its streets vast. It was extremely magnificent. 

"Yi, why does that person look so familiar?" One individual stopped moving and looked towards a rear figure walking into the distance, revealing a look of contemplation. 

"You also feel like you are seeing someone you know?" Another person revealed a look of shock. Then, he cried out in alarm, "Damn it, it's him, he came back!"

This place became chaotic. A few people recognized that Shi Hao was the one doing 'business' outside the academy entrance, threatening to be able to bully low grade juniors or beat up high grade seniors. 

This group of people felt like the roots of their teeth became itchy, because they had all already guessed that he came from that shoddy mountain gate, that notorious inheritance. He was just like his dao master. 

This was especially the case when Lu Ming, senior brother Liu and a group of others went to the Supreme Being Dao Rite to visit historical remains. They were dealt with so miserably. When news came back, it drew everyone's anger. 

"Hurry up and chase after him! Don't let him get away!"

A large group of students realized the truth. With hu la sounds, they all chased after him, wishing to cut Shi Hao off and eliminate this evil together. 

Unfortunately, no matter how they tried, it was all futile. The speed of the person up ahead was too fast. While weaving left and right, he disappeared into the depths of the academy with just a few steps. 

"Daring and too unbridled! After stirring up trouble, he still dares to enter my academy. This is simply an undisguised provocation! Brothers and sisters, hurry up and look for him, do not let him get away!" A few people proposed. They all moved out together. 

In fact, there was already a large group of people who moved out during these past few days, heading towards that weed covered ruins, the Supreme Being Dao Rite, to 'invade'. 

Regretfully, that place was completely empty, and no inheritors of that sect could be seen. 

"Someone up ahead discovered signs of him." A senior brother received this report and hurriedly informed everyone. The large group of people once again chased after him in a grandiose manner. 

This was quite the sight, like rolling snowballs. More and more people showed up, all of them marching forward.

Soon after, someone's expression changed, because this fella's destination was clear, actually heading for the female students' residences. Was he deliberately bringing hatred onto himself?

"Too shameless, actually daring to barge into the female residence in broad daylight. He really is an evil disciple from that inheritance!" There were some who were resentful and angry, shouting out like this. 

There were even some people whose expressions turned strange, because they recalled the events several nights ago. Someone spread the message that the evil disciple had previously walked next to the ranked beauty, fairy Qing Yi. They seemed to have walked out from the immortal pool together. 

This news had only created a small commotion, because people didn't believe it. They only thought that this evil disciple's intentions were not pure and had bad thoughts, causing the misunderstanding. 

"Are you kidding me? He really went inside! Dammit, this fella actually barged into the female residence! Why did the formations become useless, unable to stop him?"

Someone cried out as they watched Shi Hao head for that holy land himself. Meanwhile, he was strutting about as he entered. The formations that were  set down didn't shine, and the bone texts restrained themselves. 

"Too despicable! What kind of place is he treating my Goddess Academy to be? He even dares to barge into the clear pure lands of our female students, unforgivable, this matter cannot be let off!"

This definitely seemed like the last straw. The group of youth were all stirred up, and large groups of people came. They demanded an explanation from the people standing guard here, asking them why he was allowed inside. 

"He has a special command tile from my academy that allows him to move without obstruction. He did not violate any rules." The one guarding this pure land felt rather wronged, undeserving of this criticism. 

No one believed that he received this great treasure honorably. He definitely forcibly seized it over through some despicable methods. This immediately made them all feel even more righteous indignation. 

This place became chaotic. There were now more and more people, and even the enforcement team was startled. They hurried over, claiming that they were going to clean out a 'scum'. 

Of course, the female residence was also riled up. Many girls came out to inquire about what was happening.

In this place, there was a small azure lake. Ancient trees shone, and fine residences rested below the cliffs within pine trees. It was indescribably secluded and refined. 

Shi Hao's trip proceeded smoothly, not being obstructed along the way. He began to curse silently, wondering if it was precisely this command tile that enabled Qi Daolin to almost steal away the academy head's great-great-granddaughter.

Even though he was aware that there was some kind of disturbance behind him, he didn't mind it too much. Soon after, he arrived at the spiritual mountain Yue Chan resided in. This place was curling with strands of auspicious energy. It was auspicious and peaceful. 

"It is about time to leave." He secretly sent out this message.

Yue Chan appeared under multicolored mists, her fine black hair fluttering about and her eyes like stars. She had a cold aura and snow white skin, her long dress fluttering about in the wind. As she stood on the spiritual mountain, there was an indescribable outstandingness and holiness to her. 

"Wife, you've gotten prettier!" Shi Hao sighed with amazement.

If it was anyone else, when faced with this divine beauty, they would definitely act extremely carefully, not willing to be rude, perhaps even feel ashamed of their inferiority. However, Shi Hao clearly didn't belong to this group.

Yue Chan's face was calm. She looked elegant and exceptional, not berating him or arguing with him. It was because she deeply understood this fella's natural disposition, that all of that was useless. 

"Fifteen years since we met, it truly makes one long to meet again." Shi Hao walked forward, sizing up the girl in front of him.

"What are you randomly spouting now."

"A single day not seen is like three autumns passed. Five days are naturally equivalent to fifteen years." Shi Hao walked over, his face not red and his heart not jumping. He opened up his arms, and then with a laugh, said, "To celebrate our reunion, let's warmly embrace each other!"

Yue Chan backed up, her appearance exceedingly splendid. Waves rippled within her eyes, displaying a world overturning style. She said, "Behave yourself a bit. Don't act so carelessly."

The two stood on the spiritual mountain, purple energy curling about them. The corners of their clothes fluttered about, both of them giving off a great style and aura.

Of course, this was on the premise that one didn't look at Shi Hao's 'lowly smile', or else it would easily shatter this type of scene. Meanwhile, he seemed completely unaware of this. 

The two of them discussed how they were going to collect the Green Lunar flame. They walked side by side while seriously discussing this.

Unknowingly when, Shi Hao grabbed Yue Chan's open hands, and with an earnest expression, he said, "I wish you success, recreating the Immortal Ancient era Qing Yue's graceful bearing."

Yue Chan felt a bit helpless. If it was a bystander, who would dare blaspheme against her? Her entire body was shining and exuding a holy aura. She had tried to avoid this fella's hands a long time ago, but this fella's accomplishments in the Kun Peng technique and Earth withdrawal technique were so great that even though he didn't get his arms around her small waist, he still grabbed her jade hand. 

"Yi, isn't that junior sister Qing Yi walking together with a man? Who is he?" A few female student saw Yue Chan and Shi Hao walking together.

The two had already rose into the air. Auspicious multicolored light surged as they went on their way. From the distance, they really were like a pair of True immortals descending into this world, moving along with the wind.

"From the side, he looks quite a bit like that genius who surpassed the heavenly staircase, only, his face seems a bit off." A young lady blinked her large eyes, letting her imagination run wild.

At the same time, the disturbance reached this place. The enforcement troop led a group of people into the peaceful cliff to search for the evil disciple. 

"What? Qing Yi left with someone? Not good, that is the notorious evil disciple! How could she have left with him? Hurry and rescue her." After understanding the situation, many people cried out. 

"Nonsense, that senior brother is not an evil disciple. He looks quite like the heaven warping genius that passed the heavenly staircase. Are you all just jealous and envious, purposely framing him?" There were female students who reproached them for being unfair. 

"How could that be?!" The group of people cried out strangely, and then they looked at each other. 

A few people felt a strange feeling. Could it be that they were wrong? Was that the person that appeared only once on the heavenly staircase, and then he mysteriously disappeared, the one that was picked up by a snow covered inheritance?

"There's no way we recognized the wrong one. Bring junior sister Qing Yi back first!" Someone shouted, but they were already starting to feel discouraged. 

Of course, even more people were indignant. They all directed their anger towards the shoddy monastery -- Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

"Regardless, this sect has revived. Today, we are going to surround and capture this person!"

Resentment needed to be vented, and conflicting views needed distractions. A group of people began to gather together, deciding that they were going to go on a punitive expedition in those ruins. 

Fire Province, the great prairie.

This was the pure land of roaming bandits, as well as the playground of criminals. 

Because there were many rare and precious divine materials  as well as ancient mines here, the great sects of higher realms all stationed people here to excavate the heavenly materials, sending people here from their respective clans. 

This place was full of crime, and blood often flowed. Conflicts over ores and divine materials happened often.

"I heard that there is an immortal mine that shocked both past and present here with seven-colored Immortal gold here?" Shi Hao asked. 

Yue Chan nodded. That immortal mine was extremely strange and even more terrifying, a mine that accumulated unmatched materials like seven-colored Immortal gold. However, no one could extract it. 

Rumor has it that since ancient times, there were many sect masters who had overlooked the world that died within it alone, and from then, few people dared to look around within it. 

"Feng Wu needs that type of supreme precious material badly, but Goddess Academy could only look through other means." Yue Chan said. 

"Then I won't go after it. However, when I do have time, I should pay those great sects' divine caves a visit to collect some interest." Shi Hao said quietly.

He had long heard that the geniuses of all different sects would be sent over here for self improvement in this place of crime, to protect the ore mines, and for other matters. It could be considered quite bustling with activity. 

Comparatively speaking, the Fire Province's grassland he had traveled through was just a small corner. Compared to Fire Province's vast and boundless divine earth, it was extremely insignificant. 

"This is the place!" Shi Hao pointed out. There weren't any obstructions or unexpected events. They arrived at their destination. 

The enormous canyon was extremely peaceful and incomparably deep. It was shrouded in darkness, as if an enormous prehistoric beast opened its mouth that could devour the heavens was before them. 

"This is the place?" Yue Chan was moved. This underground abyss was too vast, the area covering over ten thousand li.

Comparatively speaking, this region was quite barren, because there weren't any well known divine mines, and traces of wildlife were sparse as well. However, this also meant that they didn't have to worry about being disturbed. 

The two descended at the same time into the abyss depths, rushing downwards. Soon after, they reached the very bottom. Then, with Shi Hao leading the way, they passed through a great crack in the earth to those ruins.

"These are… Immortal Ancient era's historical remains?" Yue Chan was shocked.

This was not a pitch-black place, because there were still symbols left over that flickered with light, making this place look hazy and somewhat mysterious. 

"The past has become dust, how many glorious eras of prosperity have been buried under time?" Yue Chan said to herself.

Shi Hao nodded. However, now was not the time to be reminiscing. The three thousand province great battle was approaching, so they needed to earnestly make preparations to participate in the greatest state possible. Both him and Yue Chan walked through the debris in search of that flame. 

Time flowed on. An hour had already passed, and unwittingly, the two individuals felt a type of softness. A hazy radiance scattered downwards. 

"Why is the moonlight tonight so gentle…" When he spoke up to this point, Shi Hao raised his head with shock. Meanwhile, Yue Chan was also astonished, raising her head as well. 

Above them was a green moon that was incomparably beautiful. It carried a faint flame like multicolored mist. The lunar essence was like water as it scattered down with unspeakable pureness.

"Green Lunar flame!" Shi Hao cried out. 

It was because this was the underground world, so how could there be a moon? This was clearly an ancient flame!

Yue Chan was also stirred up, finding it difficult to remain calm. Her beautiful face was full of joy. Her large eyes were even more so filled with shocking radiance. With a trembling voice, she said, "Precisely it!"

At that moment, both of them felt a scorching heat. The moonlight in the sky scattered down, making the clothes on their bodies quickly burn, turning them into ashes. 

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